January 1889

January 2 1889. The Liverpool Courier
Continuing their holiday tour the 3 rd Lanark traveled out from Manchester and opposed Everton at Anfield enclosure yesterday. A thick of enveloped the ground, which the recent frost had rendered hard and extremely dangerous. It was nearly half-an-hour past the advertised time when Milward on behalf of the homesters placed his foot to the ball, and within a couple of minutes from the start Marshall had scored for the visiting team. The restart was followed by another attack, but although danger threatened the home quarters were cleared, and Farmer and Watson, took in the ball from midfield, and gave Brown a spendid chance on the left of goal which to the disappointment of the home supporters ended in failure, the ball being shot barely a couple of feet outside the post. Undismayed by this abortive attempt the Evertonians ranged themselves in front of the Lanark citadel, and during a hot melee Davies headed in only to find Downie not-out consummate skill. For some time afterwards Everton continued to have the best of the play, Milward at this time being one of the most conspicuous of the players. At length the siege was raised, and on a return to the lower ground Jas Oswald sorley tested the defensive powers of Joliffe who, however kicked away and averted a second disaster. With the ball again in midfield, Farmer took a free kick for hands and in close following Milward and Watson were conspicuous in good play. The visiting centre and right relieved admirably where upon Chadwick and Brown inaugurated a reversal of positions, and Dobson having beaten Marshall Chadwick and Milward rushed up. Downie momentarily repelled the attack, which however was renewed, and a moment later Milward equalised amidst the enthusiastic plaudits of the crowd there being at this time about 6,000 persons present. Desultory play ensued, during which the players were partially obscured by the fog. Watson made a temporary raid, which being repelled the Volunteers were again skirmishing vigorously on the lower ground. At length Ross missed his kick and taking full advantage of the centre setups Oswald rushed up and beat Joliffe for the second time. Closely following the re-start Chadwick sent in a neat shot, which Rae repelled. Again the sphere was brought up, only however, to be shot outside. The Scottish right-Marshall and John Oswald-now contributed neat passing play, the result of which was that the home lines were again beleagued. With relief at hand the ball was again traveled upfield, when Brown essayed a shot which was headed safety away. Soon afterwards Ross was favored with a free kick, and from a resulting corner Everton were within an ace of scoring. From now to half-time the play was of a fairly even character, and when the official whistle was blown for change of ends, the score stood, 3 rd Lanark 2 goals, Everton 1 goal. James Oswald having resumed, the ball for a time was gyrating dangerous near the visitor's posts. At last the sphere came bounding through the fog to misfield false criss of ‘'goal'' having previously been raised. Again nothing could be seen of the players until from a free kick the play was momentarily located in the centre of the field. Everton were now having much the best of the game, the Visitors indeed not having crossed the dividing line since the change of ends. A dark mass was now seen surging through the fog, which at this time was so dense that neither goal could be seen; but although a footing in the home half was gained, the raid was quickly repulsed and a moment later a tremendous shout revealed the fact that Everton had scored a second gaol and qeualised the score. Now that the teams were on equal terms the play became more vigorous even than before. Suddenly the misty canopy was raised and the 3 rd Lanark were occupying the higher ground. Joliffe having kicked out in front of goal, Holt made a thoroughly antistic run, and, aided by Davies and Watson on the right the visitors quarters again became the venue of play. Brown centred to Davies who headed in grandly where upon Downie fisted out in admirable style and for a time more even play prevailed. For a moment the sphere was at the Everton corner, and danger being cleared, Holt contributed an additional fine piece of play. Still the men of the Lanark pressed on, and after a grand dribble James Oswald shot across the goalmouth,, and thus a grand of advantage was lost. Johnson however, returned with the ball, but fell on the frozen ground. Just when success seemed to be within reach. The Evertonians, and especially Joliffe, were having an anxious time of it until the tension was eased by means of a kick from the front of goal. Davies now made a clinking run down the right, which was responded to by a most brilliant run by Johnson on the right which culminated in a free kick for Lanark in front of goal. Nothing accured, however, but although a moment later Downie was sorley tried, his charge remained intact. A grand passing movement on the part of James Oswald, Johnson, and Hannah towards the close of the game jeopardized the home goal, which however, was promptly relieved and as the whistle was shortly, afterwards blown a well contested and most amicable game was brought to a close, the result being a draw of two goals each. Teams; Everton:- Joliffe goals Ross (captain) and Dobson, backs, Weir, Holt, and Farmer. Hal-backs Watson Davies Milward Chadwick, and Brown forwards. 3 rd Lanark:- Downie, goal, Fairweather, and Rae,, backs,, McFarlane, Ferguson, and Thompson, half-backs, Oswald (t), Oseald (John), Hannan, Marshall, and Johnson, forwards.

January 3 1889. The Liverpool Courier
The third match of the latter's English holiday tour was played on the Anfield enclosure yesterday. The weather was again very foggy, and of course greatly millicated against accuracy of play. The visitors were strongly represented, whilst the homesters also had a full eleven for the occasion of the two previous matches of the tour, the scotchmen had won one (Preston North End), and lost one 9Bolton Wanderers) whilst on New Year's day, Everton played drawn game with the 3 rd Lanark R.V. thus the fixture proved to be an interesting one, and when the team. Faced there would be about 2,500 persons present. Millward kicked off on behalf of Everton, whose forwards were pulled up by Downes, and the Scotch van dashed down to the Everton goal. A throw-in accrued to the visitors near the corner and the home citadel was seriously menaced till relief came through the ball being shot over the line by H.Gourlay, Neat passing by Chadwick and Angus was spoiled by Russell, and Camburslang again assumed an aggressive attitude, but again failure attended the shot at goal. A free kick to Everton in the centre was taken by Ross, Davies and Watson were prominent on the right but were promptly robbed by Russell, who dribbled down the centre. Ross was passed, and the Everton goal looked like being captured. The Latter, however, rushed back, and after some brilliant tackling secured the ball, and the home forwards were again swarming round the scotch goal, Milward here compelled Downs to handle. The Cambuslang custodian threw sharply out, but Angus secured the ball and shot outside the posts. From the kick out of goal, the ‘'Scots'' claimed a free kick in the Everton half and this being granted them, hot play ensued round the home posts. The fog here became very dense and it was with difficulty that the movements of the players could be followed. Cambuslang, however, forced a couple of corner, the first of which went outside whilst the second was headed away by Sugg. Angus dribbled well on the Everton left but kicked too far ahead and Fryers got the ball away. Joliffe was forced to handle at the other end. The venue of play, however, was quickly removed to the upper ground, and Angus shot in capital style, the ball just passing outside the posts. Everton were having by far the best of the game and expert for an occasional breakaway by the visitors forwards were pinned within their own quarters. After several unsuccessful attacks on the Scotch goal. Chadwick shot the sphere past Downs this feat being greeted with encouraging cheers by the home partners. Ross foiled several attempts to score by the Cambuslang right wing, who now became troublesome, and after a run down by the home forwards the some was equalised. From the centre kick, Chadwick, Angus and Farmer showed good points for Everton but they were met by the sterling defence of the Scotch backs, who kicked and tackled capitally. A combined run by the Everton left brought dangerous the visitors goal, but the latter put the leather over the line. Everton still pressed, but a long kick by Gournley took hostilities to the home citadel, where a corner kick was conceded the visitors this proved futile, as did a quick shot by Buchanan. A run down the field by the Everton forwards, met with no better success, but a few minutes later loud cheers proclaimed the fact that Milward had placed the homesters ahead- doing the trick from a pass by Watson. Cambuslang next showed dangerous tackles, Sugg kicking out of goal. The Visitors, however, returned, but half-time was called with the score:- Everton two goals, Camsbuslang 1 goal. Caldon re-started the ball on behalf of Cambuslang, but Davies securing possession of the sphere, rushed down the field. Unfortunately, however, he kicked two far ahead, and the ball rolled harmlessly over the line. A free kick accurued to the Scotchmen from ‘'hands'' off Holt, and the ball being well placed, hot play ensued in the home half, Joliffe having to hit away a shot from the foot of Prendeleitch. Dobson further removed the danger, and the Everton forwards crossed the half-way line. They were driven back however, and Play again raged in the Everton quarters. Holt attempted to clear, but was prevented by Hendry holding him round the back. Farmer, however, was successful in clearing, and the forward rank of Everton menaced the Cambuslang goal. A corner resulted, from which Everton had extremely hard line in not scoring, Downes clearing in the nick of time. Play was suspended owing to a slight accident to Davis who however, resumed a few minutes later. Play was still down at the Cambuslang goal, but no impression could be made on the Scotch defence. Low and Prindsleith ran nicely along the Cambuslang left wing the latter sending in a swift shot which Ross repelled in capital style Angus replied on behalf of Everton, but nothing accrued. An attack by the homesters was cleared by means of a free kick. Dobson replied by a huge punt, but the visitors were not to be stalled off, and the left wing again broke away. This was followed by extremely neat passing by the Cambuslang forwards, Ross meeting them in grand style. Low returned but shot yards wide of the posts. Undaunted by this the Scots returned, and looked like equaslising being prevented however, by the defence of Ross Joliffe, and Dobson. The latter took a free kick for the home team, who attacked the Cambuslang goal strongly, the ball being shot over the line. Milward was next seen dashing down the centre with the ball at his toes. Downs robbing him in the nick of time. Everton, however, kept up the pressure, and a free kick was awarded them in the Cambuslang half. Ross took the kick and sent the ball through the visitors posts. The homesters claimed for a goal, but as the ball had not touched any of the players during its flight the point were disallowed. Cambuslang next assumed an aggressive attitude and siege was laid to the home goal. In their attempt to score they were fouled by Ross and Joliffe and the home van were next attacking in hot style. Gourlay relieved, but Dobson returned the ball with a nicely judged kick. A free kick to Everton right in front of the Cambuslanf ‘'sticks'' was taken by Dobson, this being followed by a couple of corners, both of which were got safely away. Holt tried a long shot from the centre right off the touch line Downs relieving in good style. The whistle now blew for a cessation of hostilities Everton having won by two goals to one. Teams; Cambuslang:- Dunn, goal, Downs, and Foyets, backs, Hendry, Gourlay (j), and Russell, half-backs, Low, Prendeleith Caldow, Groulay (h), and Buchanan forwards. Everton:- Joliffe goals, Dobson, and Ross (captain), Holt, Sugg, and Farmer half-backs, Watson, Milward, Angus, Davis, and Chadwick, forwards

January 5 1888. The Liverpool Courier
Everton were most unfortunate in meeting Accrington in the League fixture minus Farmer and Holt, the former of whom oddly missed his train so that the team had to make the journay with only ten men. A useful recruit, however, was picked up on the way in the person of Parkinson, of Bell's Temperance, a promising Youth, who played a capital game, and was party the means of Everton's scoring the only goal. Turning to the game, the play during the first half was of a grand character, Chadwick, Ross, Parkinson, Brown, and Watson for Everton and Brand (who dribbled magnificently) Howarth and Lofthouse for the ‘'Reds'' all deserving credit for their heroics efforts. Watson scored for Everton and from hands of Ross Accrington equalised the score, at the interval standing one goal each. The second half,, was also well contested, the Accringtonians, in particular, playing grandly, Dobson and Ross put in some fine back play for the Evertonians, notwithstanding which Accrington scored twice Howarth successfully with a long shot Everton failed to get on even terms, and were defeated by three goals to one. The match between the Reserves of Everton and Bootle did not produce edifying display, but was on the contrary voted one of the worst games ever played at the Anfield enclosure,, Certainly Everton were inadequately represented, and although the Bootle second string is not so strong as it was a season ago, a fair chance was presented of lowering the colours of the rival club after a lot of scrambling play each side scored a goal, and as in the last of the games between the senior teams the match remained drawn.

January 7 1889. The Liverpool Courier
The return League contest between the above clubs took on the Anfield ground on Saturday. An Attendance of fully 6,000 spectators testified to the immense popularity of the engagement. A good deal of curiosity was evinced as to the composition of the Rovers teams owing to their having to play off their Lancashire Cup tie but when the players put in an appearance it was noticed that the Rovers were fully repreented. The recent frost had made the ground somewhat dangerous for the players. At the time of starting the ground was enveloped in very thick fog. At 2-20 Southworth having been successful in the spin of the coin, Milward kicked off and immediately the Rovers became aggressive. Joliffe having to clear from Townsley. A long punt by Ross gave Everton relief. Angus and Chadwick forced the play on the left the ball going outside. From the kick out J.Southworth ran up the centre ‘'Hands'' against Holt gave the Rovers a chance, Dobson heading clear. Brown and Watson with a grand passing run caused Forbes to concede a corner. The ball was nicely cleared by Almond after to had struck the upright, Milward was noticeable with a fine shot, which McCowan fisted out. A grand run by Whitaker put the Rovers on the aggressive Weir kicking clear. The Rovers left still pressed, until Farmer passed to the left, and from a pass by Angus, Brown kicked outside. From the kick-out the home forwards got well in the Rovers quarters, where Milward shot in, McCowan clearing. The ball was met by Watson, who scored 15 minutes from the start. The spectators greeted this success with turmeniuos applause. The Rovers left forced play, Dobson heading clear. From a throw in by Douglas the Rovers took a foul in the goalmouth. Ross working the ball clear with some fine tackling. Whittaker and Townley ran up the left, J.southworth missing a grand chance by kicking outside. A throw by Farmer enabled Chadwick to break away, Forbes robbing him as a dangerous moment. Half-time Everton 1; Rovers 0. After the usual interval Southworth put the sphere in motion, the fog being heavier than before. Townley immediately put in a screw shot which Joliffe cleared. The Rovers took a couple of corners that were well cleared by the Everton defence. A good bit of passing by the Everton forwards removed the venue to the other end, where Southworth kicked clear. Watson now forced his way up the right . farmer relieving him and passing to Watson, who put in a stringing shot, which McCowan again cleared. Everton kept up a persistent attack, McCowan stopping shots from Angus and Milward. By good passing the Rovers again paid Joliffe a visit, a good shot from Douglas going over the bar. From midfield Milward had a magnificent forward movement Watson finishing with a grand shot. Which was well charged by Southworth in a marvelous manner. The Rovers attack on the left, Ross and Weir clearing their lines with some fine kicking. Chadwick got possession in the Rovers quarters and passing to Angus he again shot in, Southworth clearing. The Rovers getting into line again Everton were pressed, Ross kicking clear. Chadwick spinted up the left and passing across the goalmouth, Forbes kicked out. Turner renewed the attack the ball going over the bar. The Rovers rights was broke away but could not break through the Everton defence. The home team brought the ball into midfield, when the official whistles sound. Result Everton 1 ; Rovers o.

Previous to the engagement of the match it was decided that owing to the condition of the ground and fog that whatever the result might be match to deferred a draw and count accordingly. Teams; Blackburn Rovers:- McCowan,, goal Southworth, and Forbes backs, Douglas, Almond, and Forrest half-backs, Douglas, Watson Southworth (j) (captain), Whittaker, and Townley, forwards. Everton:- Joliffe, goal, Ross (captain) and Dobson backs, Farmer, Holt and Weir, half-backs, Angus, Chadwick, Milward, Watson, and Brown forwards.

January 7 1889. The Liverpool Courier
Played at Southport on Saturday before a good attendance of spectators. A dense fog extended the field, so that it was with the utmost difficulty that either the players or the ball could be distinguished. In addition to this, owing to the recent from,, the ground was rendered very hard and slippery making it dangerous and uncomfortable for the players and preventing them from giving an good exhibition as they otherwise would have done. A start was effected about 3-30 by the home team kicking off. Everton having the slight wind at once assumed the aggressive and experienced hard lines on several occasions. About ten minutes from the commencement Smith scored for the Old Boys with a spendid screw shot and his effect was greeted with a loud shout of approval from the Old Boys supporters. This reverse seemed to awaken the Evertonians somewhat and they went to work with renewed vigour but the defensive tactics of the Old Boys back division nullified their efforts, and several corners fell to the visitors, but nothing resulted there from, and half-time arrived with the score:- Old Boys 1 goal, Everton nil. In the second half the visitors assumed the offensive, and a smart dribble on the part of their forwards ended in a goal being scored after the kick off. The game was contested on the most even terms until with three minutes of time when Dutton the centre-forward for the Old Boys shot another goal. The Evertonians on the plea of off-side disputed this, but the referee allowed the point. Everton then left the field. Final result Old Boys 2 goals, Everton 1 Reserves 1 goal.

EVERTON 2 STOKE 1 (game 17)
Janauary 14 1889. The Liverpool Courier
The return league contest took place at Everton on Saturday, fully 7,000 spectators present. At 2-40 the teams took up their position on the field. Stoke started with 10 men, Ross having won the toss, Wilson kicked off against the wind. From a long return by Farmer the Everton forwards forced Rowley to clear. Again the Everton right worked the leather into the Stoke quarters, Rowley having to fist out a hot shot from Chadwick. By neat passing Lawton and McSkimming removed the play to midfield. Holt returned, and again Rowley saved from Watson. At this point the Stoke eleventh man joined his team. A grand run by Chadwick and Angus forced the Stoke captain to concede a corner, the place kick was nicely put, Underwood clear. The visiting right forced their way, Ross stooping the rush with some fine tackling. From a throw in by Farmer Chadwick struck the upright the ball going outside. Hands against Stoke gave the home team a grand opportunity, from a pass by Holt, Ross shot through; a claim off offside against Milward was sustained and no goal conceded. A combined run by the Stoke forwards caused the Everton defence some trouble, Ross heading clear. The home right wing put in a spendid run, Davies compelling Rowley to concede another corner, and from a pass by Watson, Milward scored a well-earned goal. From midfield Watson dribbed up the centre, Farmer intercepting the pass and again Milward and Chadwick called upon Rowley to save. The Stoke left removed the danger Joliffe having to clear from Lawton. Weir was now prominent with some fine half-backs play, and passing to Milward he in turn put in a regular daisy cutter, which Rowley kicked clear. Davies was now cheered for a magnificent run down the right Clare robbing him at a dangerous moment. Edge and Milarvie in a fine run up the left , Ross kicking out to clear. Half time Everton 1; Stoke nil.

After the usual interval Milward kicked off, Rowley received a magnificent reception from the spectators on taking his place in the goal-mouth. His display in goal is undoubtedly the finest that has been seen at Anfield enclosure this season. Weir was immediately called upon to stop McSkimming, who had worked his way down the left. A couple of fouls now fell to Everton Ross having hard lines with a stinging shot. Lawton and McSkimming put in a most determined rush. Ross kicked out and Angus took up the attack, and passing to Davies he headed through. From the centre of the field Wilson forced the play down Ross receiving a nasty kick, which accussitated his working for a little time. From a throw in Chadwick received from Holt, and again Rowley fisted clear. The home van would not be denied. Rowley saving shots from Chadwick and Milward. From a goal kick Lawton removed the venue with a strong run. Farmer removed the danger with a timely kick. Weir now left the field having received an injury. The Stoke forwards played much better, but could not break through the fine defence of the home backs. Edge gave Dobson some trouble, Joliffe clearing from Milarvie. After a spendid run by Ross Angus passed to Milward who kicked over the bar. Another visit was paid to the Everton citadel, where Angus gave a foul for ‘'Hands'' After a warm tussle in the goal mouth McSkimming secured the first point for Stoke. Joliffe in saving from Ramsley conceded a corner, Milward kicking clear. Watson broke away, Chadwick missing a fine opportunity by kicking outside. From the throw in Watson put in a splendid run, Milward missing a good chance by dallying in the goal mouth. Again Everton pressed, but could not score. Even play followed Chadwick pit in a fine screw, which Rowley saved, and a well though game ended in favour of Everton by 2 goals to 1.

Teams Stoke:- Rowley (w) goal, Clare (t) (captain) and Underwood (a) backs, Ramsley (r) Shutt (g), and Smith (e) half-backs Lawton (g), McSkimmer (r), Hogg (a) Milarvie (r), and Wilson (j) forwards. Umpire Lockett. Everton:- Joliffe (c), Ross (captain), and Dobson backs, Farmer, Holt and Weir half-backs Angus, Chadwcik, Watson Davies, and Milward, forwards. Umpire Mr Berry referee Mr Fitzroy Norris (Bolton).

January 21 1889. The Liverpool Courier
In glorious football weather this important return fixture took place on the Everton enclosure. For a long time previous to the start the roads leading to the ground were lined with ardent supporters of the home side. At the time of commencing hostilities there would be fully 15,000 spectators present. The champion League team were strongly represented the only absentee being Fred Dewhurst the Preston captain. The home organisation was minus Weir and Smalley their places being filled by Joliffe of the Reserves and Kelso of Newcastle West End. At 2-45 the teams put in an appearance the visitors receiving a very cordial reception. Ross having won the toss Goodall kicked off down the hill, and immediately Thompson raced down Farmer relieved and passing to Angus, he passed to Watson who shot in Trainor saved in a marvellous manner two minutes from the start Everton having hard lines in not scoring. Ross and Drummond broke away down to left, Dobson heading clear. From a throw in by Kelso, milward raced down the centre. Howarth kicked clear. Hands against Dobson gave North End a chance Joliffe fisting out a warm one from Gordon. Preston now took a corner Graham heading over the bar. The home right removed the play to the other end, Angus missing a good chance in the goal mouth. The Everton right forced Holmes to kick out. Kelso threw in, Trainor again saving a good shot from Davies. From midfield the Preston van raced down, Farmer relieving Gordon of a dangerous moment. From a corner kick the Preston men showed some neat passing in front of the home upright, Russell kicking over. Again Preston came dangerously near, a shot from Thompson going outside. The game was stopped for a few minutes owing to an injury to Farmer. From the goal kick the visiting forwards caused the Everton backs some trouble. Ross clearing with a long punt. A grand run by Davies forced Holmes to concede a corner, Trainor fisting out in grand style. Jimmy Ross was now conspicuous with a spendid run Dobson robbing him on the touch line. Kelso now placed his wing in position, Davies put in a superb run, Russell taking clear. The Preston left removed the venue, Ross striking the Everton crossbar with a terrific shot. Gordon ran down the right Farmer robbing him, and passing to Chadwick he shot in, Trainor giving a corner which proved abortive. Russell took a free kick for a foul against Holt. Half-time Everton 0, Preston North End 0.

After the usual rest Milward put the ball in motion, and after even play in midfield Gordon ran up, and passing to Drummond he shot behind. Again Preston came to the front, Kelso saving in the nick of time. The Everton patrons were now treated to a fine bit of passing by Kelso Watson, and Davies which caused Graham to concede another corner which proved abortive. Again the Preston forwards with good passing brought the ball up the field and from a pass by Goodall, immediately Jimmy Ross scored with a low shot. The Everton forwards broke away in line, and looked like scoring until Russell tripped Milward for which he was penalised, from the free kick , Trainor stooped two shots from Kelso and Chadwick. Goodall removed the danger with a fine run, and, passing to Drummond, he had a grand opening Joliffe kicking clear. Holmes with a long kick put Gordon in possession, who shot behind. Angus and Chadwick came away with a fine passing run, Howarth with an excellent bit of kicking removed the danger. Goodall again rushed up the centre and after passing his opponents he lowered the home citadel a second time. Dobson being at fault from the restart, Milward pressed, Russell proving a stumbling block. The Everton left were now prominently, a shot from Chadwick going outside. Holt was now cheered for a fine defence, his pass to Davies going over the line. Kelso throw in, and again Gordon was first. Ross kicking over, Robertson threw in Farmer again holding the Preston right in check. Hands against Preston looked dangerous, Kelso again cleared, Milward made off, Howarth kicking clear. Again Chadwick broke away, and passing to Davies he lost a good opportunity by being to slow on the ball, Robertson kicking clear. Short passing put the Preston forwards on the aggressive Ross finishing a spendid movement with a fine shot which the home custodian cleared. The offical whistle sounded leaving the North End victors by 2 goals to nil. Teams Preston North End, Trainor, goal, Holmes,and Howarth backs, Robinson, Russell, and Graham, half-backs, Gordon Drummond, Goodall, Ross (Jimmy) and Thompson, forwards. Everton:- Joliffe goal, Dobson and Ross (captain), Kelso, Holt, and Farmer half-backs, Davies Watson Milward, Chadwcik, and Angus, forwards.

January 21 1889. The Liverpool Courier
No details

January 23, 1889. The Lancaster Gazette
Played on Saturday at Everton, before 14,000 spectators. After a little even play, Trainer saved well, and at the other end Ross stopped a couple of breaks away of Gordon. Everton came up again, but Chadwick shot wide. Long ex-changes by the backs were now the rule, and Trainer gave a corner, but half time arrived with no score. Play slowed down considerably on resuming, but North End had the best of some rather tame play. Ross, jun., by a quick movement, eluded Dobson and shot a goal, on resuming the home team attacked, Holt successfully tackling, and Trainer, saving well. Play again was tame in home half, but after indifferent hooting by Russell and Gordon, Goodall came away in his old style, although hampered scored a second goal. A splendid effort. Play was generally in favour of the visitors, but the grand defence could not again be broken. Score Preston 2, Everton 0

JANUARY 28 1889. THE Liverpool Courier
The Everton team journeyed to Wolverhampton on Saturday to play the first League fixture with the Wanderers. Smalley was in the team for the first time for some weeks. There was a good attendance between 200 and 3000. Milward kicked off, and Ross was called upon to clear a foul by Farmer which gave the Wanderers a chance, but Holt headed the ball away,, and White kicked behind the posts. Baugh was cheered for a fine return and a warm scrimmage took place in front of the Everton goal, and the Wanderers rushed the leather past Smalley. White and Hunter raced past Ross, but Holt was in the way and pulled them up finely. The Everton forwards had not yet found their feet, and the home team were having the best of it. Lowder kicked outside, when Angus had a chance, and from the throw in Baugh give the leather to the forwards, and Wood shot the leather past Smalley for the second time. Baugh, a grand back, was in good form, and gave his forwards lots of work which they did in first class style. Angus and Chadwick broke away but could not but pass the home backs, the peculiar formation of the ground telling against them. Milward initiated a fine passing movement taken up by Chadwick, and Angus. The strong wind told against their efforts and the ‘‘Wolves'' was in the visitors half, an off-side goal being scored. The Everton forwards broke away in line, and Davies tested Rose for the first time and found him all there. The referee give an unfair decision against Everton, and spoiled what shaped to be a dangerous move. Brodie made a fine dribble down the centre, and tried a daisy cutter, but Smalley cleared in grand style, only to see Knight return with a high shot out of his reach. Again the home forwards, aided by the hill, were too good, and after Smalley had quickly thrown out several times, Wood shot it pass him for the fourth time. Ross now gave the first corner, which was futile and half-time arrived with the score- Wanderers 4 goals Everton nil.

In the second half, the Wanderers kicked off, and Everton now having the wind and hill showed very different play to the last half, and Ross was quickly called upon to save. Stevenson over ran the leather but soon recovered possession and Everton gained their first corner which was abortive. The Wanderers retaliated, and Smalley had to fist out. Milward tried a long shot, and Rose just kept it out, but keeping up the pressure, Everton gained a corner, but the sphere was kicked behind. The Wolves changed the venue, and after a scrimmage Brodie scored the fifth goal,. Everton forwards took up the attack and after pretty passing Watson tried a long shot, which went wide. Brodie initiated a pretty movement, and the Wolves had hard lines, the ball just going outside. The crowd were evidently delighted with the show of the Wolves. The visitors tried hard to retrieve the fortunes of the day without success. Hunter raced up the right, and tried a shot which just missed its mark. Again the home right wing were running up in grand style, But George Dobson who was throughout had played a grand game robbed them. Brodie ran and passed in spendid form. Ross proved a stumbling block, and Holt gave the leather to Davies, who was spoiled by Lowder. Again the Wolves were swarming in front, but shot behind. The game continued to be in favour of the home team, the visitors forwards being weak. Lowder and Allen being too many for them. Dobson was tried at half, Holt going back, but the charge did not make very much difference final score Wolvers 5 goals; Everton nil.

Teams Wolverhampton Wanderers:- Rose, goals, Baugh, and Flectcher, backs, Allen, Lowder, and Hunter, half-backs, White, Brodie, Wood, Knight,and Wykes forwards. Everton:- Smalley goal Dobson (g) and Ross (captain) backs, Stevenson (g), Holt, and Farmer, half-backs, Davies (j), Watson, Milward, Chadwick, and Angus, forwards.

January 28 1889. The Liverpool Courier.
Fully 3,000 spectators welcomed the reserves forces of Northwich and Everton, who tried conclusion on the Anfield enclosure on Saturday. The home reserves were well represented, Bobby Jones receiving a very cordial reception on coming on the field. At 3-5 the teams faced each other, and Pollock being successful in the spin of the coin,, Beaman kicked off against the wind. The opening incidents were in favour of the Cheshire men, until Chadwick cleared his lines with a good punt. The brothers Brown broke away and forced a corner, which was well, placed, by Weir, the ball dropping nicely between the posts. Briscoe headed through five minutes from the start. This early reverse roused the visiting team, who broke down the left, and from a pass by Upton, Joliffe was called upon to save from Bowyer. From a throw in by Fayer, Keys dribbled up the right and passing to Taylor he in turn gave to Brown who headed through. A claim of off-side was raised but the referee decided in favour of the home club. Todd passing on the Northwich left brought the play into the Everton quarters, where a couple of corners were taken, nothing tangible resulting. From midfield Taylor put in a spendid run and again W .Brown got possession of the sphere, and from the touch line he put in a capital screw across the goal mouth, Briscoe increasing the lead with another fine header. Rowbottom and Hubbard raced down the right,, Pollock kicking clear; and again the Home left was busy. Winstanley gave a foul for ‘'hands'' the free kick passing between untouched. Everton still pressed, and after some fine passing in the Northwich goal mouth, Harper was again defeated by Briscoe but a claim for offside was sustained. Another good run by Rowbottom caused Pollock some trouble, the ball going outside. Williams threw in to Beaman who tried a shot that went wide. Weir brought relief, and again Harper was called upon to clear. Sand give his wing men a grand opening, which was spoilt by erractic shooting on the part of Hubbard. Chadwicl robbed the Cheshire left, and passing to Taylor he ran up and scored with a rattling shot, the ball passing over Harper' s hands. Score at half-time Everton Reserves 4 goals Northwich Victoria nil.

After the usual rest the teams changed ends. Taylor put the ball in motion. After a brief visit to the lower goal the visitors left rushed down, Chadwick and Pollock clearing in grand style. Everton raised the siege, and after a grand struggle another goal was scored out of a scrimmage. From the centre Northwich assumed the aggressive. Joliffe conceded another, which was kicked behind. Bob Brown removed the venue with a spendid run. Everton obtained a free kick for''hands'' Harper saving a good shot from Taylor. Play was now confined to the home quarters, a shot from Rowbottom going outside. Taylor and Brown removed the play to the other end, where another corner was taken Brown's final effort just missing the mark. A faulty kick by Fryre let in Beaman who forced Joliffe to clear. Keys and Briscoe pressed on the right and from a pass by Taylor Brown shot through a plea for off side was again sustained. The Everton forwards again came to the front from Keys going over, a good passing run by the Northwich van looked like scoring Chadwick kicked clear. The Everton forwards came again in line, Briscoe spoiling a good opening by rather selfish play. Bowyer and Upton got the better of Pollock a low shot from Hubbard going outside. Williams took a free kick, Upton missing a spendid opening by kicking over. Sands threw in Fryre kicking clear at a dangerous moment. From the kick out R.Brown dribbled down the centre Harper saving from Briscoe. Everton would not be denied, Harper fisting out from Brown and Taylor. A long kick Fryre enabled Keys to pass to R.Brown, who scored a very fine goal. The Northwich men made a good attempt at the other end and but could not break through the fine defense of Chadwick and Joliffe. Final Result, Everton 6 goals Northwich Victoria nil. Teams Northwich Victoria swifts, Harper goal, Molyneus,, and Dugs backs, Wilhams, Winstansley and Sands, half-backs, Rowbottom, Hubbard, Bowyer, Upton, and Beaman forwards. Everton Reserves:- Joilffe goal, Pollock (captain), and Chadwick (a) backs, Weir (c), Jones (r),, and Fayer, half-backs, Brown (w) Brown (r), Briscoe (w), Keys (j), and Taylor (a), forwards.