July 1889

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 20 July 1889

  • Brandon fairly misled Everton
  • North End have entered no defence in the action Everton F.C. v. Gordon.
  • Will Gordon go to Everton after all?
  • How many of the Everton and Bootle men will run in the White Star Line open race next Thursday?
  • Is Doyle playing with the Wanderers or Everton?
  • Is Hannah of Renton going to Everton or Notts County?
  • The Everton Committee say they went to keep it a secret, you know, as to the new men they have got, but before this time last season Ross’s advent was made known from the housetops.

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 27 July 1889
So the Everton versus Gordon case has been settled out of court.  The well-known forward has escaped the terrors of appearing before the Vice-Chancellor’s Court, and the Everton Club have gracefully foregone the questionable pleasure of taking part in and perhaps losing a lawsuit, with an addendum in the shape of paying their own and their opponent’s costs.  The line of defence which was to be adopted on behalf of Preston had evidently had some effect out Everton way the other week when an attempt was made on behalf of the Liverpool Club to have the venue removed from the Vice Chancellor’s Court to the County Court.  In this they were not successful.  They, therefore showed their wisdom in sending over to Preston last Saturday, and settling the dispute without aid of law.  Mr. Holden and one of the Everton committee saw Mr. Sudell at the North End Bowling Club during the afternoon of the day named and agreed to withdraw from the case, both sides to pay their own costs.  All’s well that ends well.

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 27 July 1889

  • Everton have cried peccavi!
  • Doyle has signed for Everton.  Legal proceedings follow.

July 27, 1889. The Blackburn Standard and Weekly Express
After considerable negations the Everton have secured the following well-known players for the team to play in the coming season –Andrew Hannan (Renton), Daniel Doyle (Bolton Wanderers), backs; Groves (celtic) and Brady (Renton), forwards.