May 1901

May 1, 1901. Aberdeen Journal
The visit of the famous Everton football team to Aberdeen was looked forward to with keen interest by local football enthusiasts, and when the players stepped on the field at Pittodrie Park last night they received a warm reception from the large crowd of spectators who lined the ropes. The Aberdeen officials are to be congratulated on having been able to bring the team north, as it is only too seldom that a really first class club is to be seen in any of the local football fields. The teams were Everton; Muir; Balmer, and Eccles; Wolstenholme, Booth, and Abbott; Taylor, McDonald; Proudfoot, Settle and Turner. Aberdeen; Ritchie; Douglas, and J. Mackie; Thomson, Sangster, and Brown; Fullerton, Davidson, C. Mackie, Shiach and Massey. Mr. J. Philp was referee. Aberdeen won the toss and Everton kick-off in fine style, and were soon surrounding the home goal, but J. Mackie cleared splendidly. End to end play followed, the beautiful passing of the Everton forwards, being much admired by the spectators. Aberdeen continued to show up well against their more experienced opponents and the game was not many minutes old when Brown, accepting a neat pass from the left wing, banged the ball into the net. Flushed with this early success, the homesters played with great dash, and Shish amid loud applause, scored a second goal for Aberdeen. This was the means of waking up the visitors who now gave some really first-class play. Getting possession of the ball about midfield, the forwards by grand passing tactics, get in front of Ritchie, and McDonald shot strongly into the net. Almost immediately afterwards in the midst of a scrimmage, the ball was got through a second time by Everton. Half-time; Aberdeen 2, Everton 2. The second half opened quietly, Aberdeen, however, were the first to get into close quarters, but Mackie, with an open goal in front of him, sent the ball high over the crossbar. Settle the integrationist, is a very nimble player, but he was somewhat chagrined by the way brown and Thomson so often robbed him of the ball. Fullerton, Aberdeen's outside right, was given several glorious chances, but his shooting near goal left much to be desired. Nothing being at stake, Everton took matters somewhat easy, and several times Aberdeen almost scored. A fine rush by the Everton forwards compelled Aberdeen to grant a corner. The ball was crossed beautifully to Turner, and it was ultimately headed into the net. During the latter part of the game Everton pressed but the home defence prevailed. An interesting game ended in a win for Everton by a single point. Scorers;- Everton; 3, Aberdeen 2.

May 3 1901. The Liverpool Courier
The Everton Football Club returned from their tour of Scotland on Wednesday. They played four matches, of which they won two, drew one and lost one, The results were as follows, Hamilton Academicaly 1; Everton nil, Everton 2 goals Third Lanark nil Everton 2 goals Falkirk 2, Everton 3 goals, Aberdeen 2.

Bert Sharp
Nottingham Evening Post - Saturday 04 May 1901
Bert Sharp of the defunet Hereford Thistle, who with his brother joined the Villa and tehn went to Everton from whence he was transferred to Southampton last year, has severed his connection with the latter and has gone to fulfil his cricket engagement with Mr. Stanning at Leyland.

May 4, 1901. The Falkirk Mail.
On Monday evening Everton visited Falkirk and played a friendly at Brockville Park before about 1,500 spectators. The following were the teams:- Everton;- Muir, goal; Wolstenholmes and Balmer, backs; Boyle, Booth, and Abbott, half-backs; Taylor, Sharp (Burrbuch Juniors), McDonald, Bone and Knox (Burnback Athletic), forwards. Falkirk;- Thomson, goal; Smith and Reid, backs; Hill (Gairdoch Juniors), Morton and Scott, half-backs; Silcock, Webster, Young (A), Burt and Kemp, forwards. Referee; Mr. Neilson, Thornlieback. Falkirk had the wind in their favour in the first half and at the opening made a good show, Burt having a pretty run at the outset. Equal play followed and than Everton forced a corner, which was unproductive. Burt beat Balmer close in and tipped to Young, who drove the ball hard into the far corner of the net, thus scoring the first goal, in twenty minutes. Everton forwards played strongly, following upon this, but the Falkirk halves, were in splendid order and robbed them of the leather time and again. Silcock got clear away on the right and with a rapid shot brought Muir out. The Everton man, however was safe. At the other end McDonald, after executing some tricky work, gave Thomson a difficult shot to dispose of. When hard pressed by the left wing, Hill had to give a corner, but nothing serious resulted. Several swift shots came in the way of the Falkirk custodian, but he proved equal to the shot, he fell, however, after starving off disaster and with an empty goal Sharp had no difficulty in getting the equaliser, a gentle header doing the trick. At half-time the score was one each. Falkirk had easily the best of their league opponents after the resumption, but had hard lines at goal. Young had a rare shot, followed by another from Burt, but they both failed to scored. Compensation came a few minutes later, when Webster netted the ball from a scrimmage. This was a quarter of an hour from the finish. The "Light Blues" put more vigour into their play, but were well held by the Falkirk defence, and the "Bairns" forwards, playing in dashing style, almost added to their score. The Everton men put on the pressure towards the finish, and just before the referee blew indicating time, Taylor equalised the score from a corner.
• Thank to Tony Onslow for this cutting he got from Scotland

T Corran
Edinburgh Evening News - Wednesday 08 May 1901
Portsmouth have signed on T Corrin from the Everton Combination team, and they have retain Stringfellow, the centre half. NEW PLAYERS FOR SOUTHAMPTON.—

Edinburgh Evening News - Thursday 09 May 1901
Joseph Turner (outside left) and McDonald (half-back);, both of Everton, have signed for Southampton.

Falkirk Herald - Saturday 11 May 1901
Two of the Everton directors have been visiting matches in the district this last week to see if there was any talent they could pick up.  They were being guided around by Danny Kirkwood, who used to play for E.S.  They would have no objection to have the services of Young, of Falkirk.  A centre is apparently what they are most anxious for, as Turnbull and Leishman were under observation on Wednesday. 

Falkirk Herald - Saturday 18 May 1901
I understand that the arrangements have been completed this week for the transferring Young of Falkirk to Everton. The fact that the officials of the Liverpool club were inquiring after Young made Everton hurry up, and the terms offered Falkirk were too tempting to refuse. St Mirren had a League transfer on Young and they have received $30 for it. Falkirk figure was said to be $100. It is one of the best strokes of business that has come Falkirk's way in many a year.

May 20 1901. The Liverpool Mercury
The report and balance sheet of the Everton Football Club Company, Limited, to be presented to the annual meeting of shareholders on Monday the 3 rd June, has been issued, and state that the directors recommend the payment of a dividend at the rate of 5 per cent, per annum on called up capital. The income and expenditure account shows that the total receipts from all sources during the year ended the 30 th April has been £10486 13s. 7d, including £8069 14s. 2d, gate recepts, £1304, 10s. 8d, proceeds of matches played away, and £600 bonuses received for players transferred. The principal items on the otherside are- players wages' and bonuses £6340, 12s. 8d; paid visiting clubs £193 8s. 5d; travelling expenses £637 7s. 10d; advertising etc; £325 8s.3d; gate expenses and checkers, £300 16s. 2d; training expenses and trainers wages; £307 13s. Leaving a balance to profit and loss account of £1008 18s. 5d. The profit and loss account shows that £506 14s. 9d; had been written off for depreciation and that there is a balance of £5793 1s; 2d, carried forward. The property and assets of the company are set down at £7924 17s. 2d; including £2215 12s. 11d; cash in North and South Wales Banks, and £34 2s; 6d; cash in hands.

St Mirren Recived $100
Dundee Evening Telegraph - Tuesday 21 May 1901
St. Mirren have received a further £100 from Everton for the transfer of Young, their late centre forward.