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May 1, 1956. The Liverpool Echo
Ranger’s Notes
In saying that it is a disappointing to thousands of Liverpool folk that the final of the Liverpool Senior Cup has again failed to provide a “Liverton” finale to the season, no reflection meant upon Tranmere Rovers, whom I am sure will give Everton a good fight. A meeting between Liverpool and Everton would have ensured a big crowd and an exciting game if arranged when both could field first teams. While the attendance tomorrow will not be so big under the existing circumstances, it should still be a very good 0ne. Though Everton must be favorites they may have a tougher job than they expect. Tranmere present holders of the cup –which is one of the finest of all football trophies usually, contrive to, put up a good show in cup games and nothing would please then more than to best the strong side which Everton will put in the field. There will be a big contingent of Tranmere supporters at Goodison o cheer their team on and loyal Evertonians will also be there in good strength for a last view of the Blues before they set off on their American and Canadian tour. This game promises to provide a good finale to the season. Everton; O’Neill; Moore, Tansey; Birch, Jones, Lello; McNamara, Donovan, Harris (J), Fielding, Harris (B).

May 3, 1956. The Liverpool Daily Post
Everton 2, Tranmere Rovers 1
At Goodison Park last might before a crowd of 11,000, Everton won the Liverpool Senior Cup beating Tranmere Rovers (the holders) 2-1, Everton fielded a First Division team and Tranmere their normal league side. The home side did not have things all their own way and were obviously troubled by Tranmere’s speed to the ball. Some of the football provided by the visitors was far above that expected from a Third Division side. They dominated the early play, but apart from a shot by Jones (D), which O’Neill pulled down under the angle, they did not look dangerous. After thirty-three minutes, Everton were awarded a penalty when Donovan was pulled down running onto a Fielding pass, and Jones (T) scored from the spot. This appeared rather a harsh decision but a minute later Rovers found themselves further behind when Harris (J) scored from a centre by McNamara.
Good Goalkeeping
Nine minutes after the interval Stephens reduced the arrears followed a heading exchange with Jones (D). it was at this stage that Tranmere were at their best, and only good anticipation by goalkeeper O’Neill and bad luck with shots which went inches wide, preventing them getting on level terms. Apart from individual efforts by Harris (B) Everton did not cause the Rovers’ defence much trouble until the last ten minutes when Fielding and Harris (B) had hard luck with shots that struck the woodwork. Tranmere could be well satisfied with their showing, Bell and Millington were outstanding in defence and they had a clever forward in Williams (T), while centre forward Jones was a great trier and gave his namesake in the Everton defence some anxious moments.

May 3, 1956. The Liverpool Echo
Everton have signed Ian Smith left half back of Chorley, the Lancashire Combination side. Smith is 18-years-old, stands 5ft 9ins and scales 11st. He is a native of Everton, near Chorley, and a number of First Division clubs have shown a keen interest in him.

May 3, 1956. The Liverpool Echo
Narrow Win For Everton
By beating Tranmere Rovers 2-1 last night at Goodison Park, Everton won the Liverpool Senior Cup, but as the store suggests they did not have things all their own way and there were times in the second half, which it looked as if Tranmere might at least force a draw. Prior to Everton’s two goals in the this third and thirty fourth minutes there had not been a great deal to choose between the sides and many thought the penalty award when Donovan came to earth as he was running on to a through pass a rather harsh decision, Jones scored from the spot. Worse was to follow for the Rovers for when Millington who had a grand game ran to meet a McNamara centre he found the ball going over his head and Jimmy Harris was left with no one to beat but Payne which he did quite easily. The visitors were rather unfortunate to find themselves two down at the interval and they soon showed that they meant to do something about it when after 54 minutes Stephens ran on to a Jones (D) pass and cleverly slotted the ball past the advancing O’Neill. At this stage Tranmere were definitely on top and their forwards in general, and Tommy Williams in particular, were unlucky to see shots go only inches off the target or he cleverly saved by O’Neill. Payne in the Rovers’ goal had hardly a shot to save until the last ten minutes. He was even saved the trouble of cutting out centres for some of the home forwards had a penchant for putting these behind. Fielding and Harris (B) did have hard luck with efforts that hit the woodwork but Tranmere would have been just as unlucky to have found themselves any more than one goal behind. Their speed to the tackle caused the home forwards no little concern and some of their football was well above what is expected from a third Division side. With a little more luck with their shooting they could have caused a real upset.

May 3, 1956 The Liverpool Echo
One-Time Scottish Amateur Star
By Stork
Everton today announced the name of the new Chief Coach and the selection will create some surprise for they have chosen a young man who has never been connected with professional football but had a lengthily career in amateur soccer. The choice of Mr. Ian C. Buchan; ruled out four top class professionals who had made application for the post among them two former internationals. Mr. Buchan who is 30 years of age in a lecturer in physical training at Loughborough Training colleague, Leicestershire. He was previously a P.T teacher in Glasgow. He is also a qualified physiotherapist and an expert on the treatment of soccer injuries. He holds the Football Association coaching certificates which was awarded to him in 1953. While resident in Scotland he played for Queen’s Park, the famous amateur club and other amateur clubs north of the border and on five occasions was chosen as reserve centre-forward for the Scottish amateur eleven. He also played in several representative amateur matches. Mr. Buchan has naturally been keenly interested in all aspects of physical fitness and holds strong views on this aspect of football training. It is his firm opinion that the physical training of professional footballers has not been carried out by the vast majority of clubs. He will be able to but his idea into practice at Goodison Park. He is also a great believe of team spirit and with the help of the playing staff is confident that Everton will be the fittest team in the country.
Everton Nominees
There will three nominations for the Everton board of directors, Messrs R.A. Joynson, W.H. Sawyer and J. Taylor. The two retiring directors are Mr. R. Searle. Chairman and Mr. E. Micklesfield. The remaining vacancy occurs by the death of Mr. Albert Denard. Mr. Taylor who has been an Everton supporter for 40 years played a lot of football and cricket in his young days. After leaving school he assisted Bootle Albion, Pembroke and Old Bootleians at Soccer and at cricket associated with Bootle Cunard, Waterloo Park and Hightown captaining both the first and second teams of the latter club. He was once invited for a trail by Lancashire, but declined for business reasons. He has also had a long association with the committee of the Marine Football Club. His connection with the Everton sharehold sports Association and chairman of the Finance Committee. He is employed as welfare officer in a local business concern.
Mr. R.A. Joynson has had a long connection with football. He was honorary secretary of South Liverpool for 17 years. In 1952 Mr. Joynson and Mr. Sawyer were nominated for election to the Everton Board along with Mr. R. Searle. Last year they went up again but withdrew in favour of Mr. Colin Askham.

May 4, 1956. The Liverpool Daily Post
Everton yesterday announced the name of their new chief coach, and the selection will create some surprise for they have chosen a young man, who has never been connected with professional football but had a lengthily career in amateur soccer. The choice of Mr. Ian C. Buchan ruled out four top-class professionals who had made application for the post among two former internationals. Mr. Buchan, who is 30 years of age, is a lecturer in physical training a Loughborough Training colleague, Leicestershire. He was previously a P.T teacher in Glasgow. He is also a qualified physiotherapist and an expert on the treatment of soccer injuries. He holds the Football Association coaching certificates which was awarded to him in 1953. While resident in Scotland he played for Queen’s Park, the famous amateur club and other amateur clubs north of the border and on five occasions was chosen as reserve centre-forward for the Scottish amateur eleven. He also played in several representative amateur matches. Mr. Buchan has naturally been keenly interested in all aspects of physical fitness and holds strong views on this aspect of football training. It is his firm opinion that the physical training of professional footballers has not been carried out by the vast majority of clubs.

May 5, 1956. The Liverpool Echo
By Peter Farrell
The curtain rings down on yet another soccer season. For some it has been a season of joy and jubilation for other clubs are of sorrow and sadness. For the majority who figured in neither relegation nor promotion battles it has been just another season of thrilling and disappointing games with a thrilling climax for the lucky winners at Wembley today where players and supporters of the victorious team will celebrate their great achievement in winning the Cup. I have never experienced the thrill of the latter, but I fully realize the joy and disappointment of the promoted and relegated sides, having experienced both during my days at Goodison Park. When our crushing defeat some years ago at the hands of Sheffield Wednesday heralded our descent into Division Two, I well recall the bitter disappointment to players, officials, supporters and all connected with Everton, a shock which affected all of us for a considerable time. my though also go back to that great night not so very long ago at Oldham where it was my privilege and joy to lead the Blues back again to the First Division. However, whatever has happened to sides this season cannot be next August all teams will start again, hopeful of figuring in the honours list next season. However, whatever has happened to side this season cannot be undone and next August all teams will start again, hopeful of figuring in the honours list next season. Good Luck And Thanks
Around this time every year the retained and open-to-transfer list for players of all clubs usually appears. With regard to Everton’s list of open to transfer players who will not be with us next season, I should like on behalf of everyone connected with Everton to pay tribute to the excellent services rendered the club by these players. All of them have not only distinguished themselves in our colours on the field but have also been great clubmen who have played no small part in footsteps the great team spirit which is and has always been so dominant at Goodison Park. On their departure I should like to take this opportunity on behalf of all connected with the club of wishing each and every one of them every success and happiness in the future. Our game last week with Vasco Da Gama proved a very entertaining one with plenty of good football from both sides plus a glut of goals. In the early stages the visitors caused the Blues quite a lot of bother and the outlook didn’t look too rosy at half time. The second half was a different story, and once the Blues took the lead we went on to win rather easily. It was obvious that the crowd enjoyed the display of the visitors and it must have been sweet music in the ears of the Vasco Da Gama players at the finish to hear the great ovation accorded them as they left the field by the sporting Merseyside spectators. You may have noticed that the visitors attacking formation was something on the same style of Manchester City’s with four forwards staying up-field even when their defence was on the collar. There are varying opinions on a system such as this, but in my opinion I throws a terrible lot of work on the defence, particularly if the opposition is dictating the play. Well readers that’s all for this season. In a few days we will start on our trip to America and Canada. I should like to thank my good friends, the Everton supporters, for their loyal and vociferous support during the season. We will certainly miss the “Goodison Roar” in the States, but shall be looking forward to next August to the thrill of once more stepping out in front of you at Goodison Park.

May 9, 1956. The Liverpool Echo
Lancashire Club In Negotiation
By Ranger
Negotiations are proceeding today regarding the transfer of two of the leading players out of the 11 Everton placed on their transfer list a fortnight and A Lancashire club has made a bid for them, which was discussed at last nights board meeting and fees agreed. Following conversations by telephone today between Mr. Harold Pickering and the manager of the club concerned the latter left for Goodison Park this afternoon to interview the players. They will naturally want to know the terms offered and what provision is being made for houses, accommodation, before they come to any decision but if they are satisfied on these points and are willing to make the move there is no obstacle to the deal going through so far as Everton are concerned.

May 10, 1956. The Liverpool Echo
Ranger’s Notes
More Everton tourists will be leaving Liverpool next week. The Goodison club’s Youth team has been invited to participate in a tournament in Amsterdam along with West Browmich Albion and teams from Germany, Holland and Denmark. Comprising the best young prospects of the Everton club the players will take part in no fewer than four games on the first day of the tournament. Though these are all confined to 15 minutes each way, it will be a fairly stiff day’s work. The number of games to be played later depends on the team’s position in the table after the opening engagements. The party will be accompanied by directors T.C. Nuttall, C. Balmforth and F. Micklesfield who have been running the playing side of the club’s affairs since Mr. Britton’s departure as well as Mr. Harold Pickering the recently appointed administrative officer and Stan Bentham the junior team coach.
The two players on Everton’s transfer list who were interviewed yesterday afternoon by the manager of a Lancashire team following agreement between the two clubs as to fee, have asked for time to consider the offer. They have promised to make a decision by the week-end.

May 15, 1956. The Liverpool Echo
Everton F.C are to install floodlights at Goodison Park at an approximate cost of £40,000. Work will start in the next few weeks, but owing to a time lag in the delivery of the necessary materials the system is not likely to be operation before the season 1957-58. The lights will be carried on four large steel towers, some 160 feet high, each of which will carry 36 lamps. The total wattage is expected to be about 216,000 watts, compared with 168,000 watts at Hillsborough, Sheffield Wednesday’s ground. To guard against possible accidents the club are to install their own Diesel generating plant, which will provide alternative lighting in the event of power failures.

May 18, 1956. An Amercian Paper
Everton, of Liverpool and the English First Division opens a 10-game American tour tonight at Newark’s School Stadium against a picked New Jersey eleven. Everton will be at Randalls Island Sunday, opposing players from the American Soccer League. Everton has four Irish and three English internationals. The irish are Peter Farrell, James O’Neill, Cyril Lello and Tom Eglington. The English are Tom Jones, Jimmy Harris and Eddie Wainwright.
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May 18, 1956 An American Newspaper
The Everton F.C of the English Soccer League, which opens its American and Candian 10-game tour Friday night at Newark School Stadium, will be welcomed to Newark today at the city hall by Mayor Leo P. Carlin. The reception for the famed English eleven will follow a practice session at the Bloomfield Ave, Stadium. The visiting soccer tam, which meets a select team of the Newark Portuguese and Polish Falcons of Elizabeth under the lights on Friday night, will be honored at a dinner at the Sports Club Portuguese tonight.
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May 20, 1956. American Newspaper
By Tom Connell
All soccer roads lead to Newark School Stadium tomorrow night where the Everton soccer team of England opens its American tour under the lights against a picked New Jersey professional eleven, starting at 8.30 p.m. This tilt will mark the first time that a foreign club has started an American tour in New Jersey. Everton comes with a fine record in British soccer, having won the English Cup championship and the English League First Division crowd three times during its long history as a leading First Division team. In goals the visitors will have Jimmy O’Neill, who has been capped by Eire. The full backs are Don Donovan, Eric Moore and Jack Lindsay. Lindsay played for eight seasons with Glasgow Rangers as a reserve before coming to Everton in 1950. He has been converted from a center-half-back to full back, Donovan is considered “priceless” by Everton while Moore is regarded as a very promising “comer.”
Led By Farrell
The half-back line is led by Captain Peter Farrell, who has played international for Eire many times at inside right and wing half. Supporting Farrell on the middle will be Tom Jones at center half-back and Cyril Lello, an “attacking” half back, who is a thruster who is fond of busting through to have an occasional crack at goal getting. The outside right position is filled by Tony McNamara, a powerful shot, Wally Fielding who saw service at one time with Charlton Athletic, will team up with McNamara on the right wing. Dave Hickson, a dashing type player is the center-forward. Another forward who is expected to fit in at one of the front line positions is John Willie Parker, a clever opportunist and the team’s leading goal-getter. The left wing will probably consist of Harry Potts and Tommy Eglington. Potts spent 13 seasons with Burnley before joining Everton in 1950, Eglington possesses exceptionally speed and a cannonball shot and holds the distinction of scoring five goals in a single game from the outside left position. The New Jersey All-Stars will have Lou Rotolla in goal with Lou Scott as alternate goalie. The fullback are Ted Bury, Jan Gusztaw and Dan Capozzi. The half-back will be selected from Bob Allison, Ed Smolinski and Jim Hanna. The starting forward line will consist of Al Diniz, Gene Grabowski, Jose Mota, Pasqual Pepe and Radel Zbikowski, with Micheal Bielecki as utility forward. A preliminary match, starting at 6.30 p.m. will bring together the Roma S.C and Kostek F.C of the New Jersey State League.
The Everton players were feted last evening at a banquet at the Newark Portuguese Club. Earlier in the day the British booters were welcomed to Newark by Mayor Leo Carlin at City Hall and tendered a luncheon at Ballatine’s brewery.
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May 21, 1956. America Newspaper
The Everton F.C. of England opened its 10-game American and Canada soccer tour last night with a 4-0 victory over a select Portuguses-Polish. Falcons team at Newark Schools Stadium before about 2,000 fans. The American booters held the visitors to a single goal in the opening half, Don Donovan, inside right, counted after three minutes of play. The select team more than held its own with the British the rest of the half, missing a pair of goals by inches. However, in the turnabout Everton was almost constantly on the offensive, Donovan pulled the hat-trick with a solo goal at 11 minutes of the second half and again at 30 minutes. Jim Harris, Everton center, sandwiched a marker between the two Donovan goals. Lou Rottolla, the select team goalie and Ted Bury and Dan Capozzi stood off a continuous 15 minutes attack late in the final session.
• Thanks to George Orr.

May 21, 1956 America Newspaper
Having opened its American tour successfully last night in Newark, the Everton Football Club of England will oppose an all-star team from the American Soccer League tomorrow at 3 p.m. at TriboroStadium in New York. Everton scored a 4-0 triumph over the New Jersey All Stars before a crowd of 1,500 at School Stadium. The British booters were held to a 1-0 lead in the first half when the American kickers turned in their best performance. Superior conditioning and speed gave the visitors a decided edge in the final period, when they had much the better of the play and managed to push across three more tallies. Don Donovan was the scoring hero for Everton. He found the net for the first score three minutes after the opening kick-off, taking a set-up from Jim Harris. The American team had several chances in the first half but the stout Everton defence held up well. Donovan put across the second score for Everton after 20 minutes of the second half, assisted by Bryan Harris, Jim Harris caught the New Jersey defence off-balance to shove a tally past goalie Lou Rotola two minutes later, and Donovan closed the scoring at 30 minutes with a corner shot from close range. New Jersey; Rotolla, goal; Bury and Vapozal, backs; Allison (Smolinski) , Guentew and Hanna, half-backs; Diniz (Kirby), Mota (Bielecki) , Pepe, Grahowski, and Zhihowski, forwards. Everton;- O’Neill, goal; Moore and Tansey, backs; Lello, Jones, and Farrell (captain), half-backs; B. Harris, Donovan, J. Harris, Fielding, and Eglington, forwards. Referee –Nowick.
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May 21, 1956. The Liverpool Daily Post
Everton’s tour of the United States has got off to an encouraging start with two decisive victories over local teams. In the first match of the tour they defeated Newark, New Jersey by four goals to nil thanks to a hat-trick by Donovan and another goal by J. Harris and yesterday they were one better beating the American League all Stars to seven goals to nil. This time it was J. Harris turn to score three times and he was helped by goals from P. Farrell, A. Farrell, Donovan, and B. Harris.

May 21, 1956. The Liverpool Echo
All Stars Are Outclassed
New York, Monday. Completely outclassing their opponents, Everton beat the American League All Stars 7-0 in a football match here yesterday. Jimmy Harris scored three of the goals. This brought Everton’s tally to 11 for they won in New Jersey three days ago. Everton led 3-0 at half-time two of the goals coming within five minutes of the interval. O’Neill had an easy time in goal, but he did have one narrow escape before Peter Farrell opened the scoring. From that point a 4,000 crowd watched a very one-sided match. A 20 yard shot by Farrell started the rout then up came Don Donovan who scored in the first game with a neat pass that Jimmy Harris turned into the net. Half a minute before the interval an Alex Farrell shot hit the post and he promptly smashed the rebound past the helpless goalkeeper. Jimmy Harris added two more goals in quick succession, one after a fine solo run. Donovan who had done much good work scored the next goal himself from McNamara’s corner and Brain Harris completed the scoring with a shot that went in off the goalkeeper’s outstretched hand-Reuter.

May 21, 1956. New York Herald Tribute
Jim Harris Nets Three For British
Tourists Capture 2d Game in Row
By Sid Gray
Center forward Jim Harris scored three goals for the Everton Football Club, of Liverpool, England, yesterday as the Britons’ effective short-passing game put the American Soccer League All-Stars down for a long count, 7 to o in Downing Stadium at Randalls Island. In winning its second straight in a ten-game tour of Canada and the United States, the first division club of the English League beat goalie Orlando Jorge, of Lustano, three times in the first half and booted four past his succor, John Moore, of the Hispanos, in the second half. A crowd of 4,312 saw the losers press the attack early only to have Gene Grabowski’s (of the Falcons) free kicked headed out by teammate Jackie Hynes, of the Hakoahs. The Britons’ co-ordinate offense gathered momentum and at the seven-minute mark captain Peter Farrell, left half-back, hit the net with a twenty-yard kick. Five minutes before the change of ends, Jim Harris clicked on a short angle shot after a pass from Don Donovan. Then Alex Farrell (no relation to Peter) left footed his own rebound to give Everton a 30-to-0 edge a minute before intermission. The only serious bid by the All-Stars midway in the half brought a “no goal” ruling by referee Jim Morrison with the crowd divided in sentiment. Pascual Pepe, an All-Star sub who plays for Newark Portuguses, booted a forty-yarder right at goalie Jim O’Neill, who caught it at the goal line. The impetus of Hynes, who was rushing in, carried him into O’Neill. The latter was pushed into the scoring area for what appeared to be a goal. Morrison explained that the ball was on the line, not over the line, at time of contact and therefore no score, Everton had a 5-to-1 advantage in corner kicks entering the second half. Fifteen minutes later, Jim Harris came in from the right side on a solo dash and his twenty-footer caught the left corner of the net as Moore was caught going in the opposite direction. The same Harris achieved the hat-trick at the twenty-one minute mark with a short kick past the sprawling Moore. Don Donavan made it 6 to 0 when he headed in Anthony McNamara’s corner kick, and at 34.00 Bryan Harris (no relation to Jim) booted one from the right and the unlucky Moore deflected the shot into the cords.
All-Stars;- Jorge, goal; Springthorpe and Decker, backs; Hanna, Denardo and Babr, half-backs; Afarian, Andrade, Hynea, McLaughlin, Grabowski, and forwards Everton; O’Neill, goal; E. Moore and Tansey, backs; Birch, Jones, and Farrell (captain), half-backs; McNamara, Donovan, J. Harris, A Farrell, and B. Harris, forwards. Subs;- Woods came on for Everton and All-Stars Moore, McAuley, Sonnebblick, Pepl. Referee Jim Morrison. Linesmen –John Dinnivlore, and Harry Gillick. Time of halves -45 minutes.
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May 21, 1956. American Newspaper
American League All-Stars Lose to English Eleven –
3 Goals For Jim Harris
By William J. Briordy
The Everton Football Club of Liverpool, English, routed the American Soccer League All-Stars 7 to 0, at Downing Stadium, Randall’s Island, yesterday. Headed by Jim Harris, the center forward who booted three goals, Everton scored three times in the first half and four times in the second. The triumph was the second in as many starts for the visitors in their ten-game tour of this country and Canada. With 4,312 fans looking on, the victors began their goal parade after seventeen minutes. Alex Farrell, the inside left, booted out to Capt, Pete Farrell, who beat the goalie, Orlando Jorge of Lusitano, on a high twenty-yards shot.
Referee Disallows Goal
At thirty-seven minute mark the All-Stars charged into Everton territory, Pasqual Pepe of the Newark Portuguses booted a hard one, at the goalie, James O’Neill. O’Neill caught the ball, but was pushed toward the cage by the onrushing Jackie Hynes of Hakoah. Referee Jim Morrissey ruled that O’Neill had not been pushed past the goal-line. Therefore it was not a goal. Everton, a First Division club in the English League, then proceeded to build its total. Jim Harris got his first marker at 40 minutes. Four minutes later, Alex Farrell kicked in his own rebound. John Moore of Brooklyn Hispano replaced Jorge as the All-star goalie in the second half, but Everton continued pouring it on.
Harris Add Two
Everton made it 4-0 at 15 minutes on Jim Harris second tally. Harris scored his third goal six minutes later on a short boot from the left. Following a corner kick by McNamara, Donovan headed the ball in 29;000, Bryan Harris got the last goal at 34;00 when Moore deflected a hard shot into the cords attempting a save. Everton formed in 1878, is one of the twelve original members of the English Football League. The Liverpool eleven beat the Newark Portuguses Polish Falcons 4-0 last Friday night in Newark. Everton plays Aberdeen of the Scottish League at Downing Stadium next Sunday. Aberdeen won the Scottish First Division title in 1954-55 and was the runners up to the Rangers in the 1955-56 campaign. All-Stars;- Jorge, goal; Springthorpe and Decker, backs; Hanna, Denardo and Babr, half-backs; Afarian, Andrade, Hynea, McLaughlin, Grabowski, and forwards Everton; O’Neill, goal; E. Moore and Tansey, backs; Birch, Jones, and Farrell (captain), half-backs; McNamara, Donovan, J. Harris, A Farrell, and B. Harris, forwards. Subs;- Woods came on for Everton and All-Stars Moore, McAuley, Sonnebblick, Pepl. Referee Jim Morrison. Linesmen –John Dinnivlore, and Harry Gillick. Time of halves -45 minutes.
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May 22, 1956. America Newspaper
By Samuel Pompei
Take it from Orlando Jorge – the best goalie in the American League –the Lusitano soccer team will be in for a rough time Friday night against the Everton squad at Franklin Park, Ludlow.
Starting Goalie
“I have never seen anything that compares with that team. They’re great,” said the young tender who faced the crack Liverpool, England, team Sunday afternoon at New York. Jorge was the starting goalie for the American League All-Stars as they bowed to the touring Everton booters 7-0. During his first half stint, Jorge was nicked for three tallies. “Everton players are in perfect condition. They run, run for 90 minutes. And can they ever handle the ball; their team work is perfect,” Jorge said. The Englishmen control the ball pretty much like a U.S. baseball team, according to the youthful Ludlow athletic who will be in the goal for Lisitano against the Everton team in Friday night’s game. “They make short, precision passes. They put the ball right on the other guy’s toe. And they kick it like a cannon shot. When they get in range –brother can they put it in the corner,” Jorge explained.
Praises Everton
Most of the Everton players are big and strong. The few little guys that the squad has move like rockets, Jorge observed. Jim O’Neill, the Everton goalie, is the best tender that Jorge has ever seen. “You have to earn every goal you get past him,” Orlando related (since O’Neill blanked the All-Stars, Jorge couldn’t detect a weak spot in him, if he does have any). “That Jim Harris (he scored three goals in the game, one against Jorge), is the best all-round soccer player I ever saw. He can do everything. Everton paid £13,000 to buy his contract and that’s a lot of money,” Jorge pointed out. Harris is a centre forward. George Denardo, another Lusitano player, played centre half for the All Stars and agrees that the Everton team is great. The Everton squad employs a fast-break, according to Orlando, who believes that area fans will be treated to a great soccer exhibition Friday night. How does Orlando feel about goal-tending against them again? “I like the idea because a guy knows that he’s playing against the best in the world when he faces this club,” he enthused. Can the Everton team be taken by the Lusitanos? “If we play like we did against the Philladelphia Truckers (Ludlow won 4-1), we have a good chance of beating them, if we get the breaks. “We have some pretty good players on our team, too,” Jorge explained. He added “We had good players in the All-Stars but we hadn’t played together enough to really do our best work against a good team like Everton. They’ll beat you on every mistake you make. They’re a heads-up team –with plenty of savvy. I know this, we’re going to b in for a rough time.”
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May 24, 1956. American Newspaper
English Club With International Reputation Plays Ludlow Lusitanos Tomorrow Night
Ludlow –May 23, Western Massachuesetts soccer fans will probably never get a chance to see a better soccer team than they will Friday night when the Everton S.C. of England plays a night game at Franklin Park, Ludlow against the Lusitanos of the American Soccer League. It will be one of this country’s better teams against one of world’s best and the difference should be quite noticeable. At least it was last Sunday in New York when the English flashes defeated an American League All-Stars eleven, 7 to 0. How good they are can be attested to by a statement made by Orando Jorge, Ludlow goalie, who played against the British outfit Sunday. “It would take seven Jorges in the goal to stop that bunch,” said the elinagated Ludlow lad who is fast becoming rated as the American League’s best goalie. The Everton team is one of the oldest organizations of its kind in England and has always had a reputation for playing the highest class of soccer, a tradition which is carried on by the present team. Rarely does it resort to the robust stop-at-nothing type of play, which is the shock-in-trade of many other teams. The emphasis on good football has been handed down from generation to generation ever since the formation of the club. Seventy-eight years old this summer. Everton was formed in 1878. In the first 12 months of its existence the new organization bore the tide of the St. Domingo’s Soccer club, the name being changed to Everton 12 months later. From this humble beginning has sprung one of England’s most famous clubs, the honours which the Everton Club has won since 1878, cover pretty well every aspect of the soccer scene in England. Everton has been champions of the first division five times and has been runners-up for this fiercely competitive trophy six times. It is a three-time winner of England’s world famous football association cup. Everton has a unique club record in the history of soccer n England, that of carrying of the second division championship in 1931, being top of the first division in 1932 and winning the cup in 1933 in three consecutive seasons. An Everton player is also the holder of a scoring record, while has stood for many years and is not likely to be overhauled for a long time to come. It was established in 1927-28 by William Ralph Dean, the club’s English in international center-forward, who was known throughout the soccer world as “Dixie.” In 39 league games that season Dean scored 60 goals –a record which still stands.
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May 25, 1956. Amercian Newspaper
Touring English Soccer Club Plays Luistanos Under Franlklin ParkLights
Ludlow, May 24 –The Lusitano Soccer club, which has won its spurs in the best booting circles in the country, will play host to the Everton Soccer Club of Liverpool, Eng., Friday night at 8 under the lights at Franklin Park. This is by far the best soccer attraction ever offered in these parts and a good crowd is expected.
One Addition
To cope with the all-round ability of the top First Division outfit, the Lusitanos have made one addition to the team that has done so well in the American League. New man is Jackie Hynes, the MVP in the American League and star center forward for the Brooklyn Hakoahs. Of all the players the Lusitanos have faced in the big league wars, Hynes has impressed the most. He will be at the center spot which has been a worrisome position for Coach Jack Fonte for some months. Fans will have the chance to watch the world’s best in action. Jim Harris, center forward for the British outfits, set up his teammates for their driving shots. This boy is flanked by Al Fielding and Ed Wainwright, both whom have driving shots, besides being clever ball handiers. In fact, the entire Everton eleven is made up of England’s best. The Everton club is on a nine game tour of the United States and has already taken five of the games by Lopsided scores. No opponents, including the American All-Stars has been pressed the visitors.

May 26, 1956. The Liverpool Echo
Spectacular Goalkeeping Kept Score Down
Ludlow (Mass) Saturday.
Everton playing much the better football beat Ludlow Lusiatnos, members of the American Soccer League, by four goals to one here last night. Only a spectacular display of goalkeeping by Orlando Jorge for Lusitanos kept the score down. Everton opened their score in the tenth minute through Jimmy Harris. Eleven minutes late following a corner Pork’s Ferrira equalized for the American side. A great dribble nearly the whole length of the field by Alex Farrell ended with him beating Jorge for Everton’s second goal in the 25th minute. Five minutes before half time Eric Moore made a similar dribble and scored their third. There was only one goal in the second half, Brian Harris netting Everton’s fourth in the tenth minute. Retuer.

May 26, 1956 American Newspaper
Liverpool Team Impressive Before 3,000 at Franklin Park; Ferreira Scores for Ludlow
By Ray Fitzgerald
Ludlow, May 25 –The Everton Soccer club of Liverpool, England, as nimble-footed a clan of musclemen as ever appeared on the chewed-up Franklin Park pitch, won its third game of a North American tour by defeating the Ludlow Lusitanos, 4-1, tonight before 3,000 fans.
Long lead Passes
Everton, featuring long lead passes, tricky feints, and a defense that gave goalie Jim O’Neill a sleepy night, had a bit too much class for the Lusitanos. However, the Ludlow team earned the admiration of the 3000 faithful with a scrappy brand of soccer. In fact, Ludlow became the First American team to score on the Englishmen when Porky Ferreira left-footed one past O’Neill at the 21 minute mark of the first half. This goal equalized an earlier bullet from close in by Jim Harris, and the Ludlow team mobbed Ferreira at midfield. However, Alex Farrell went half the field and ricocheted the ball off goalie Orlando Jorge’s hands and into the nets and Everton was ahead to stay at 25 minutes. With five minutes left in the half, right full back Eric Moore with a clever bit of toe work dribbled through half the Ludlow team and caught Jorge going the wrong way with a low liner. Ludlow never had much of a shot the second half as the speedier well-conditioned Britishers dominated play. Brian Harris (no relation to Jim) finished the scoring with a hard shot at 10 minutes. That Everton scored no more is a tribute to the ability of Jorge. This all-round athlete from Ludlow was an octopus in the nets the last half, driving through the dust for a low drive one minute and springing high for a long shot the next. Ludlow’s goal came on its only real sustained attack of the night. Jorge’s goal kick went half the field and was picked up by Ferreira, whose shot went wide. However, Willie Silvia retrieved and though O’Neill blocked his shot, he couldn’t handle Ferreira’s rebound into the left-hand corner. Everton, which beat two all-star teams, 4-0 and 7-0 in New York last week, returns to the big city for a game Sunday against Aberdeen. The team then goes to Chicago and St Louis for games before heading for some exhibitions in Canada. The club will play nine games in all, and from its exhibition tonight, will be hard to beat. Summary;- Ludlow;- Jorge, goal; Martins and Bello, backs; Denardo, D Costa, and Pereira, half-backs; B. Costa, W. Scouse, Silvia, L. Costa, and Ferreira, forwards. Everton; O’Neill, goal; Moore and Tansey, backs; Rea, Birch, Woods and Farrell (captain), half-backs; McNamara, Fielding, J. Harris, Farrell, and B. Harris, forwards. Referee: Mr. Macintyre, Linesman, Eranciso and Kurty.
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May 26, 1956. American Newspaper
British Booters Impressive;
Ferreira Scores Lone Goal For Lusitanos
Ludlow, May 26 –Western Massachusetts soccer fans were talking today about the splendid all-around play of the Everton Soccer Club and the fine competitive spirit of the Ludlow Lusitanos following last night’s exhibition game here at Franklin Park.
3-0 Mark On Tour
The Everton Booters from Liverpool, England, chalked up a 4-1 victory and clearly indicated their superiority over the Lusitanos, who, nevertheless, played far more than just creditable soccer. The British soccer team is making a tour through this country and Canada and now owns a 3-0 record. The Lusitanos became the first team to score against Everton when Porky Ferreira netted a left-footed kick after 21 minutes of play in the first half. Ferreira’s tally actually tied the score at the time as Jim Harris had beat goalie Orlando Jorge earlier in the session. Alec Farrell and Eric Moore scored before intermission for the visitors whose scoring was closed out in the second half by Brian Harris’ goal, Jorge turned in fine work in the Ludlow goal to turn back other scoring thrusts. Jim O’Neill, Everton goalie, wasn’t pressed much as his mates’ defensive play kept the Lusitanos, Amercan League contender, in check.
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May 27, 1956. Amercian Newspaper
The Aberdeen soccer team of the first division of the Scottish League will make its only United States appearance of the year at Downing Stadium, Randalls, Island, today. Aberdeen will face Everton of the first division of the English League. The sons of Malta of the Eastern League and Mineola of the Long Island League will meet in the final of the Dr. Manning Cup competition before the international match starts at 3.p.m. Fred Martin, the goal keeper heads a cast of eight internationals stars in the Aberdeen line up. Jimmy Mitchell, the captain Archie Glen, Graham Leggat, Alan Boyd, Harry Yorston, Paddy Buckley and Bob Wishart are the others. Aberdeen will leave New-York after the game for a tour of Canada. Everton will make the last appearance of its New York stay on Wednesday. The Schwaben eleven from Augsbury, Germany will provide the competition,. Aberdeen; Martin; Mitchell, Caldwell; Allister, Young, Glen; Leggatt, Yorton, Buckley, Wilshart, Boyd. Everton; O’Neill; Moore, Tansey; P Farrell, Jones, Lello; A. Farrell, Wainwright, J. Harris, Donovan, B. Harris. Reserves;- Aberdeen MacFarlane, Wilson, Clunte, Brownlee, Allan, Hather, Mulhall, Everton; McNamara, Woods, Brian, Parker.
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May 27, 1956. Amercian Newspaper
Aberdeen –Everton At Randalls Island
Aberdeen, boasting eight-Scottish international players, faces Everton in the feature soccer clash during British Commonwealth Day at Randalls Island tomorrow. The Scots who played before 120,000 fans in Glasgow before coming here, and Everton figure to draw somewhat more than the mere 4312 who paid their way into Downing Station to see an American Soccer League group whipped by Everton last Saturday. Everton with four Irish international stars and featuring Capt Peter Farrell, should offer Aberdeen real competition even though the Scottish star Graham Leggett will be in action.
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May 28, 1956. The Liverpool Daily Post
The Everton-Aberdeen football match which was due have been held in New York yesterday has been postponed until June 17 because of rain on Friday. Everton beat Ludlow Lusiitano members of the American Soccer League by four goals to one. B. Harris, Farrell, Moore and J. Harris being he scorers.

MAY 28, 1956. The Liverpool Echo
Stork’s Notes
Are these summer tours by our clubs of any value apart from the fact that they provide the “lads” with the opportunity of seeing something of the world? I think they are, good will visits and one of the joys of football is the friendship between clubs. The social side of the game must not be forgotten and when the chance arrives to make new friends in different parts. The of the world they are, in my opinion of immense value. Everton and Liverpool are away at the moment but we will no doubt hear all about the great welcome their received in American and France respectively. There are little snags on these tours but they are generally taken in the stride. It means in many cases long hours in the trains, planes and buses but these things are soon forgotten by the welcome which awaits you. It may seem a bit late in the day to talk about the Everton Youth team’s visit to Holland, but it was such a success that I make no excuses for referring to it here. During their stay they were engaged in a tournament arranged by the football authorities of Holland and played their way to the final in which they met West Bromwich Albion. They received a great reception wherever they went and their match with West Bromwich in the final of the tournament organized by the Dutch authorities was voted one of the best seen in the country, they were beaten 4-2 by the Midland, team, which included a number of players who had had Central League experience. The turning point was a penalty award which seemed to upset the Merseyside lads. On their way to the final Everton met teams from Germany, Denmark, Belgium, and of course a Dutch X1 but the high-light was the match with the Albion. As a parting gift Everton were presented with a cup but more than that they received an invitation to make the trip next season. The German club, Duiseldorf, want Everton to participate in their tournament next season.
To Be The Finest
Although things are exceptionally quite on the Merseyside soccer front, Goodison Park is a hive of industry. The reconstruction of the offices goes on relentlessly and when complete will be one of the finest in the country. A start has not yet been made with the installation of the floodlights, but it won’t be long before the workmen tackle the foundations for the pylons. In the meantime, the senior team won its third match in succession last week. Can they emulate the record of their rivals across the park? Liverpool who have never been beaten on American soil? Their hardest games have yet to come for they are due to meet the Scottish Club Aberdeen in a series of four games.
Everton Rained Off
New York, Monday. The soccer match between Everton and Aberdeen postponed yesterday because of rain has been rearranged for June 17 in New York –A.B.

May 30, 1956. The Liverpool Echo
By Ranger
Everton have signed John Jones a Welsh schoolboy international centre forward. A native of Queensferry, he has also played for Flintshire Schoolboys. He stands 5ft 8 ½ ins; weighs 10st 10lbs and is 18-years-old.
The Everton board of Directors are placing great emphasis on fitness and with that in view they are having a new gymnasium built under the Gwladys Street stand, which will contain all the latest training equipment. Furthermore there is a 100 yards “straight” for sprinting purposes. It is estimated the final coast will be over £2,000.

May 31, 1956. The Liverpool Daily Post
Everton suffered the first defeat of their America tour yesterday when they were beaten 1-0 by Schwaben soccer team of Augbury, West Germany in New York.

May 31, 1956. The Liverpool Echo
New York Wednesday.
Everton suffered the first defeat of their North American tour here tonight when they were beaten one-nil by the Schwaben team of Ausburg, West Germany. The only goal in the tough and often scrappy match came 10 minutes from the end, outside right Jungmann netting after a scramble in the Everton goalmouth. Both sides missed scoring chances in an even first half. Peter Farrell dribbled half the length of the field but hit the post as the Germany goalkeeper ran out to narrow the angle. That was the nearest Everton came to scoring and they looked unimpressive in the second half. Play was also marred by two incidents when tempers became frayed as both sides tried desperately for the deciding goal-Reuter.

May 31, 1956. American Newspaper
German Tally Late in Second Half at Randalls Island Snaps Britons’ Streak
By William J. Briordy
Roland Jungmann’s goal at 35;00 of the second half enabled the Schwaben Football Club of Augsbury, Germany, to top the Everton eleven of Liverpool, England, 1-0 at Downing Stadium, Randalls Island, yesterday. Outplayed for a greater part of the opening half, the Schwaben soccer team took the initiative away in the second to send the British booters to their first defeat in their tour of this country and Canada. Everton had won three games before meeting Schwaben. A gathering of 6,782 saw Jungmann head the ball into the cage from close up after taking passes from Hrvoje Matonovic inside left, and Peter Struzina center forward, Jim O’Neill, Everton goalie, made a futile lunge as Jungmann, an outside right used his head neatly for the marker.
Several Threats Follow
Schwaben, which gained its fourth success in five games in America, threatened several times following Jungmann’s goal. Only diligent work on the part of the Everton defenders prevented the German team from adding to its total. The speedy Schwaben booters missed an easy chance to score in the first minute of the contest as Eberhard Piwon, outside left, failed on a head shot. Then the British took over Don Donovan, Everton’s inside right, raced away and hit the cords at 2;00. But Donovan’s efforts were wasted, since an off-side had been called against Everton. Later in the first half Tom Eglington, Everton outside left, tested Schwaben’s agile goalie Franza Sussman, sussman, who performed strongly two sizzling shots by Eglington. at 35;00 of the first half Capt Pete Farrell of the losers broke through and sent a hard shot at the Schwben goal, but the ball struck the left upright and bounded away.
Tempers Flare Briefly
Tempers flared briefly in the second half, Eglington and Struzine tangled for a short spell. The referee, Tom Budano, awarded a direct free kick to Schwaen after Eglington and Struzine were separated. The attempt was checked easily. Later Eglington sent a punch in the direction of Schwaben’s inside right, Ernst Scheizinger, but there was no damage and the two players shook hands. Schwaben had seven corner kicks, four more than Everton. Each team had three corners kicks in the first half.
The Line Up
Schwaben;- Sussman, goal; Frish, and Nenning, backs; Schuttermater, Knellel, and Lang, half-backs; Jungmann, Schmeeizinger, Struzina, Matanovic and Piwon, forwards. Everton; O’Neill, goal; Moore and Tansey, backs; Farrell (captain), Woods, and Lello, half-backs; B. Harris, Donovan, J. Harris, Fielding and Eglington, forwards. Substitutes –Everton; Birch; Referee Thomas Budano; Linesmen-Adoplh Leuter and JoeSpell.
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May 31, 1956. American Newspaper
Roland Jungmann’s goal with ten minutes to go gave Schwaben, of Augsburg, Germany, a 1-to-0 victory over Everton, of England, in an international soccer match before 6,782 at Downing Stadium, Randalls Island, yesterday. It was Everton’s first setback in four games on its tour. The English booters had previously routed three American teams and allowed only one goal. Schwabden;- Sussman, goal; Frish, and Nenning, backs; Schuttermater, Knellel, and Lang, half-backs; Jungmann, Schmeeizinger, Struzina, Matanovic and Piwon, forwards. Everton; O’Neill, goal; Moore and Tansey, backs; Farrell (captain), Woods, and Lello, half-backs; B. Harris, Donovan, J. Harris, Fielding and Eglington, forwards. Substutes –Everton; Birch; Referee Thomas Budano; Linesmen-Adoplh Leuter and JoeSpell.
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