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Dundee Courier - Wednesday 03 August 1904
A Large number of cricketers and footballers assembled at Tay Bridge Station last night to witness the departure of James Sharp, the ex-Dundee back, for London. Sharp —who by the way, is looking very fit - had a splendid send off. He was accompanied by Jack Watson, the ex-Dundee and Everton full back, who is returning to Tottenham after spending the summer months in Dundee.

Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette - Wednesday 10 August 1904
Albert E. Lewis, the well known Somerset criceter, played several times in the League eleven of Sheffield United last season. When the annual meeting of the League was being held in London a short time ago, at which Mr. Mackie and Mr. T. Potts were present on behalf of the Sunderland Club, Lewis happened to be playing for Somerset. At the meeting they asked for his transfer to the Sunderland club, and Lewis being desirious of a change terms were effected between the two clubs. Lewis has been seen out at Rpker Park twice or thrice for Sheffield, and doubtless his exhibition on the occasion of United's last visit will be rememeberd by many. Lewis at first played back, and did duty in such a position for Everton for a short time. He, however, always preferred the goal, and ultimately went between the sticks where he has proved a great success. He is a Somerset man, and has at present an athletes' outfitters shop at Taunton. He is 25 years of nage, 6ft 1in, in height and 13 stone in weight, and is a life long total abstainer. Unfortunately Lewis will not be seen out until about the last practice match.

Athletic News - Monday 22 August 1904
By Junius
Everton can view the forthcoming campaign with a quiet feeling of confidence, for with one notable exception all their last season’s players are again available.  Year after year the same state of affairs prevails, of practically no change, and though the season’s honours have seldom come to Goodison Park, we can generally depend upon the Everton securing a safe position in the League.  The secession of Wolstenholme has created a break in one of the finest half-back divisions in the country, for the famous trio of Wolstenholme, Booth, and Abbott have many a time and oft been the salvation of their side.  Young was off colour at centre forward last year, and these two positions will probably cause more anxiety than the constitution of the rest of the team.  There are two alternatives with regard to the post of right-half; either that Taylor- the general utility man –will be brought back from the forward line or a thorough trial given to discover whether Makepeace, of the reserve, can fill the vacancy satisfactorily.  Of the new candidates for the half-back line, Hutchinson, of Blantyre Victoria is well recommended, and, perhaps, the practice games may produce some unexpected star.  Two new forwards have been engaged, but Thornburn, who was secured from Queen’s Park as understudy for the centre forward position, is already on the injured list.  Caldwell, who can play inside left or right also hails from Blantyre.  All last year’s forwards have been retained and in this respect Everton seem to be excellently supplied for most of the men are able and experienced.  In defence, likewise, ample provision has been made, and it will be interesting has been made, and it will be interesting to note how the club will deal with three goalkeepers of the caliber of Kitchen, Whitley and Scott, the Irish International from Lindfield.  In front of these are available the brothers Balmer and Crelley and McCartney, the latter being secured from the club which supplied Scott.  Sharp, Abbott, Settle, and Kitchen will receive benefits this year, and the matches for the same have been apportioned.  The two first mentioned have selected the Aston Villa match on October 22, whilst the latter pair will depend upon the Bury match on February 11.  Proceeds of these two games will be pooled between the four players named.  The first practice game takes place tomorrow (Tuesday) evening, at 6 o’clock, and the final rehearsal on the following Saturday.  For the sake of references I append the full list of players, with the heights and weights of the new comers.  Kitchen, Whitley, Scott, and F. Dent, goal; W. Balmer, R. Balmer, McCartney, Crelley, and Wildman, full-backs; Abbott, Booth, Chadwick, Hanlin, Makepeace, Hutchinson, and R. Clayton, half-backs; Sharp, Taylor, Rankin, McDermott, Young, Thorburn, W. McAdam, Roberts, Settle, B. Rickerby, Caldwell, Sheridan, Dilly, and H.P.Hardman, forwards.  W Scott (goal) 11st 5ft, 10 ins, A.D McCartney (back) 11st, 5ft, 10ins, P. Hanlin (Half-back), 10st 9lb, 5ft 8ins; H. Hutchinson (half-back) 10st 8lbs, 5ft 8in; H Thornley (forward) 11st, 5ft, 10in,; T. Caldwell (forward) 10st, 10lb, 5ft 9in. 

August 24, 1904. The Liverpool Courier
The first practice match of the season for the Everton club was played at Goodison park last evening. The weather was very unfavourable, and the adverse conditions had their effect upon the attendance, which would not greatly exceed 10,000. The ordinary course was adopted of putting the League attack (the stripes) against the League defence (the Blues). The teams lined up as follows: - Blues: - W.Scott, goal, R.Balmer, and Crelly, backs, Taylor, Booth (captain), and Abbott, half-backs, Roberts, Sheridan, McAdam, Caldwell, and Dilly, forwards. Stripes: - Kitchen, goal, Wildman, and McCartney, backs, Makepeace, Chadwick, and Hutchinson half-backs, Rankin, McDermott Young, Settle, and Hardman forwards . There was a good display of football in the first half, the Blues having the advantage. They secured a goal early on through some misunderstanding in the defence, and Sheridan afterwards added a second with a shot well out of Kitchen's reach. The Stripes retaliated and forcing a corner, Young got possession and put the leather into the net. The League defence still showed effected tactics and before half-time was reached Caldwell added a third goal half-time Blues 3 stripes 1. In the second half the Stripes forwards attack the Blues defence considerably, Hardman did well on the left and Scott was kept very busy, he kept some excellent shots in first class style. Suddenly dashing to the other end McAdams got through and shot at Kitchen at close quarter. In another attack Kitchen was forced out to his goal to met McAdams and the ball being centred, Sheridan headed it through. This was five goals to one by the reserves forwards against the reserve defence. Young had a good pop at goal, but Scott brought off another capital save. The Blues afterwards pressed, but they could achieve no tangible success.

August 27, 1904. The Liverpool Football Echo
Blessed with a full coffer and attended by a large and enthusiastic following, the Everton directors have nothing to fear financially. Rarely is there many changes in the Goodison park ranks, and this year proved no exception, the only noticeable absentee being Wolstenholme from the half back line, Wolstenholme, Booth, and Abbott have achieved many victorious in the past, and there is every confidence that the vacancy will be thoroughly well filled. Of the candidates for the position. Makepeace has worked well for the Reserves, and at the practice game this week Hutchinson, an importation from Blantyre Victoria, gave excellent account of himself. Two new forwards have been signed on-Thorburn of Queen's Park, an understudy for centre forward positions, and Caldwell who, like Hutchinson, hails from Blantyre. The defence will be sound, and not many clubs can boast three goalkeepers of such merits as Kitchen, Whitley, and the Irish international Scott of Linfield Athletic. These players will be ably protected by the brothers Balmer, McCartney, and Crelly, Sharp, Abbott, Settle, and Kitchen, will receive benefits this year, and the matches for the same have been apportioned. Thee two first mentioned have selected the Aston Villa match on October 22, whilst the latter pair will depend upon, the Bury match on February 11. Proceeds of these games will be pooled between the four players named. Taken as a whole the “Blues” are a grand kit, and favoured with a little bit of luck, there is no saying what honours may be won by the Goodison Park team before the present season closet.

August 29, 1904. The Liverpool Courier
The Everton club had a beautiful afternoon for their second practice match at Goodison Park. The people were only to pleased to pay their pennies for admission to the ground, and additional coppers for the stands, seeing that the proceeds were to be devoted to the hospital Saturday's funds, and the Stanley hospital. There was a large crowd to witness the trial of Everton's players. The League forwards being pitted against the League defence. The teams selected were: - Blues: - Scott, goal, Balmer, and Crelly, backs, Taylor, Booth (captain), and Abbott half-backs. Roberts, Sheridan McAdams Caldwell and Dilly, forwards. Stripes: - Whitley goal, Wildman, and McCartney, backs, Hanlin, Chadwick, Hutchinson, half-backs, Rankin McDermott, Young, Settle, and Hardman forwards. About 18,000 spectators were present and an interesting game was witnessed, the League attack showing to better advantage than the League defence and scoring through Rankin and Settle, the latter shot being a particularly fine effort. Sheridan scored for the Blues with a very good shot. Half-time Blues 1, Stripes 2. In the second half the teams were altered, the League eleven facing the Reserves eleven with the result that the Reserves, put on two goals to one. Blues: - Scott goal, Balmer, and Crelly backs, Taylor, Booth (captain), and Abbott, half-backs Rankins, McDermott, Young, Settle, and Hardman, forward. Stripes: - Whitley, goal, Wildman, and McCartney, backs, Hanlin, Chadwick, Hutchinson, half-backs, Roberts, Sheridan McAdams, Caldwell, and Dilly, forwards. After the practice match on Tuesday W.R.McAdams give a fine exhibition as centre forward, with the result that on the invitation of the directors, he yesterday signed a profession form for Everton.

August 30, 1904. The Liverpool Courier
An application from the Everton Football Club to increase Balmer's benefit from £162 12s 8d, too £200, was agreed to, but it was decided that any such application must in future be made before the match is played.



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