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Hull Daily Mail-Monday 14 July 1930


Tommy Browell, who went to Blackpool from Manchester City on September 1926, at a transfer fee of £1,000, is to be player-manager next season for Lytham, a Lancashire Combination club. The club was reorganised some months ago, and will serve rapidly-growing district. Browell was prominent on a number of occasions with Blackpool last season, notably in the F.A. Cup-ties. He played against his old club, Hull City, the Fourth Round. That game was only the second time he had figured in the Blackpool team since the beginning of the season. Browell began his senior football career with Hull City after figuring in the Shildon team in the North-Eastern League and the Newburn club in the Northern Alliance League. He was the youngest of three brothers playing with the Anlaby-road club, and earned the title of Boy Browell.


He was still in his teens when he was transferred to Everton, making his first appearance against Manchester United and Bcoring two goals. He was wonderful goalscorer when with the Goodison Park team- He continued his good form with Manchester City, and in company with Horace Barnes made their forward line one of the most dangerous of their time.


He came to the Hull City club in eeason 1910-11. On October 22nd, 1910, he scored three goals against Stockport and repeated the performance fortnight later against Barnsley. He was transferred to Everton, the fee being £1,650. The following season Andy Browell and Joe Smith were also transferred to the Merseyside club for .£3,100 for the three players, figure which was claimed record for that period.


July 25, 1930. Lancashire Evening Post

Team building for next season, Great Harwood F.C., through their manager (Mr. J. Campbell) has signed George W. Jones an outside right. He has played with Everton, Wigan, Middlesbrough, Southport, and Yeovil and Potters. He stands 5ft 8in., and weights 1 sst 6lb.



August 9th 1930, Liverpool Post and Mercury

A selected side of Everton players will provide the opponents at Malden lane, Clubmoor (behind the picture house) on Monday, and Tuesday evening next at 6.30pm against the Clubmoor Cricket Club, when there will be a collection for the groundsmen's benefit.

The Everton team will be, dean (W.R.), Towers (J), Bryan (J), White (TA), Williams (BD), Barton, Critcley (E), Rigby (A), Gee (C), Wilkinson (J), Webster (CR), Thomson (J), Chedgzoy (S) (Jun)



August 12 th 1930. Liverpool Post and Mercury

The two evening engagements began at Clubmoor last night. Clubmoor battled first and scored 122 in one hour and 35 minutes. Somerville and Nuttall opened the innings and put on 57 before being parted. At 69 three further wickets. A splendid stand by Harling and Tompkinson took the score to 112 before the latter was caught by Dean. When only nine further runs added, the last three wickets fell. Martin took four for 30, Wilkinson two for 5, Rigby two for 6, Everton had 20 minutes, and lost Webster with the score at 9. Play will resumed this evening at 6-30


RL Somerville run out 40; L Nuttall c Gee b Martin 24; H Rowand c Gee b Martin 4; GJ Tompkinson c Martin b Towers 35; J Harling c Dean b Martin 5; JJ Roscoe c Critchley b Rigby 10; AM Roberts b Wilkinson 0; GA Jones c Chedgzoy by Rigby 4; S Gallach noy out 0; TJ Catclith LBW b Wilkinson 0; Extras 0; Totall 122.

Everton; - CR Webster c Roscoe b Harling 9, Gee not out 0; to bat LF Bryan, J. Towers, G. Martin, A. Rigby, WR Dean, J. Wilkinson, S Chedgzoy, Critchley, T. Kelly.



August 13, 1930. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Everton footballers were defeat by Clubmoor by 61 runs, Gee and Rigby resumed the innings and the pair added 38, before Rigby was caught by Somerville. At the same score Martin wicket fell further misfortune befell Everton when further batsman left for the addition of a couple of runs. The innings eventually closing at 61. Harling was in good form, and out of 18 overs had 11 maidens, and claimed eight wickets for 20.

Everton, CR Wesbster c Roscoe b Harling 0, J Kelly b Tomlinson 0, A Rigby c Somerville b Harling 22, C Gee b Harling 20, G Martin b Harling 0, Bryan c Tominson bv Harling 2, WR Dean c Somerville b Harling 0, J Thomson c Tomkinson b Jones 0, S Chedgzoy c Tomkinson b Harling 3, J Wilkinson b Harling 0,E Critchley not out 1, extras 4 total 61

Clubmoor,R Somerville run-out 40, L Nuttall c Gee b Martin 24, H Rodeland c Gee b Martin 4, TC Williams b Martin 0, G Tomkinson c Martin b Towers 35, J Harling c Dean b Martin 6, J Roscoe c Critchley b Rigby 10, AM Roberts b Wilkinson 0, GA Jones c Chedgzoy b Rigby 4, Gallagher not out 10, TJ Gatcliffe b Wilkinson 0, extras 0 total 122.


August 15, 1930. The Hull Daily Mail

New Brighton have signed centre half, Matthews Dixon, who was on the Preston North End and Everton books at one time. He is twenty-four, weighs 12st and is six feet in height.


August 16, 1930. Liverpool Post and Mercury

The Everton directors have chosen Williams, the right full back as captain of, the team for the coming season. Williams while with Swansea, before joining Everton last season had considerable experience of Second division football and this knowledge should stand him in good stead this season.



August 19,1930. Liverpool Post and Mercury

By John Peel

Everton were unfortunate in their first practice match at Goodison Park last night, as the result of a accident, the club will be derived of the service of Britton. The player, who was a right-half in the Whites team, were injured in a collision soon after the start, and had to leave the field, his place being taken by Robson, who was viewing the game from the Press box. The injury received by Britton turned out to be a broken collarbone, an unfortunate mishap. Britton who was secured from Bristol Rovers, is regard as one of the most promising young half-backs on the club's books, and he had began the game well. Everton have a wealth of half-back talent –as shown in the practice game last night –but everyone will be glad to see Britton on the field again soon. There have been a number of mishaps to players in practice games in recent years, and followers of the club may recall the case of Hardy of Everton who was injured when keeping goal, and was out of the game for some time as a result.



August 19 th 1930. Liverpool Post and Mercury

BAD Start for Everton

Half-back breaks a collar bone

Progressive “White” forwards

For Everton the football season has started with a blow. Their first practice match had not been in progress more than ten minutes last night at Goodison Park before Britton, a new half-back from Bristol Rovers in the Reserves side, collided with Griffiths, and suffered a broken collar bone injury. Ten thousand spectators were present to see the material Everton have gathered in their re-election efforts. This was the first time they had been on the ground since Everton lost their status, and the reception accorded the teams (Blues, virtually the first team, won 6-2, and Whites) was rather on quiet lines. Robson was substituted for Britton, when the latter left the field so that the game can be judged in the usual way, each side being at full strength.

Reliable Goolkeepers.

Frankly, if one had not known which side was which it would have been something of a problem to pick out the supposedly stonger. There was more purpose about the “Whites” play than the Blues, especially in the forward line. Taking the match generally, it was a good exhibition of “friendly” football, and showed at least that the club has two very reliable young goalkeepers in Coggins and Sagar, each of whom vied for distinction in stopping really dangerous shots. There were several outstanding figures, notably Griffiths, whose tenacity and joyousness at being on the field again led him to give a gruelling exhibition, and one which must have pleased the followers of the side, together with McPherson, to whom nothing seems a task and everything a real pleasure. He helped to constitute a reliable half-back line.

Blue Forwards' Failing.

As to the outside right position there must be those, who would advocate a further appearance of Wilkinson in preference to Critchley, for in this game, at least he showed an aptitude for making the most of his chances of taking the ball in his stride rather than wait. In fact, given good inside forwards, the Whites would have made an even better showing than they did. The failure of the Blues' insider forwards was often due to wheeling backwards, whereas McCambridge, Webster and Dunn, the latter in a freshened and enthusiastic frame of mind, were all for progress. Dean seemed to do nothing, yet when one totals up his goals –they were three in number –and adds the fact that he twice hit the upright, there can be no complaints on the score of ineffectiveness in his case. Lowe, the young Southport full-back, together with Williams, did quite well, and was playing an improved game at the finish. McCambridge was excellent. He opened the scoring. Martin equalised, McCambridge placed the Whites ahead, and Stein equalised, leaving Dean to get three goals, and Martin one late in the second half. Gee the Stockport County pivot, is a big player and with a little polish should become very useful. Teams; - Blues; - Coggins, goals; Williams (captain) and Lowe, backs; McPherson, Griffiths and Thomson, half-backs; Critchley, White, Dean, Martin and Rigby, forwards. Whites; - Sagar goal; Common and Cresswell, backs; Britton, Gee and Towers, half-backs; Wilkinson Dunn, McCambridge, Webster, and Stein, forwards.



August 22 nd 1930. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Perhaps the most pleasing feature of the prospects of the Everton Football Club for the coming season is the fact that there is a blend of experienced and young players who are fully cognisant of what is required from them. They quite understand the strenuous nature of next season's work, and every endeavour will be made to get back to the first League at the first attempt. Optimism at the club's headquarters is, to be great, extent, justified for Dean's return to his best state of health, and Williams having recovered from the injury that kept him out of the team at a critical period should inspire confidence all round. Williams is the new captain –a popular choice.

The players signed during the close season are all on the young side with reputations to make, and the duplicating of positions is not likely to harass the directors to the extent that prevailed last campaign. The new comes are Lowe, a left back from Southport, J. Parker, a left back from Adlington, while two half-backs, Britton, from Bristol Rovers, and Gee from Stockport County, a long with Cunliffe, an inside forward, come with good credentials.

It is a misfortune for the club and players that Britton should have broken a collarbone in the practice game on Monday evening, but he should soon be fit again.

There is a big departure list. Kennedy has gone to Tranmere, Attwood to Bristol Rovers French to Crewe Alexandra Weldon to Hull City, Kelly to Carlisle United Lewis to Wrexham, White (S) to Dundee, and while Davies and O'Donnell (W), are not yet fixed up, Virr has been compelled to give up the game owing to injury.

Everton team.


W. Coggins, Sagar.

Right backs,

W. Cresswell, EW Common Ben Williams.

Left backs

H. Lowe, J. O'Donnell, J. Parker

Right half-backs

T. Robson, L. Mcpherson C. Britton,

Centre half-backs

H. Hart, T.P. Griffiths, CW Gee, JH McClure

Left half backs

J. Thomson, J. Towers, L. Bryan

Outside right

E. Critchley,

Inside right

J. Dunn, CH Webster, S. Chedgzoy, J. Cunliffe

Centre forward

J. Wilkinson, T. A White, WR Dean

Inside left

GS Martin, TCF Johnson, J. McCambridge,

Outside left

J. Stein, A. Rigby

My Soccer Snapshots

Derby Daily Telegraph - Saturday 23 August 1930

By "Major Jink"

There is no truth in a published report that Elisha Scott, the Irish International goalkeeper of the Liverpool club, is going to play for Belfast Celtic this season. Scott may be out of the early games through an injured hand, but he is not leaving Anfleld yet. I understand he is getting his third benefit this season, and that there is a possibility he may retire from English football at the end of the campaign. Scott has always been a careful man, and is said to be one of the wealthiest players in the game. I believe he has business interests in Ireland and may finish his football career in the neighbourhood of Belfast, where he was born. By the way, the Scotts set up a family record in' international honours. William of Linfield and Everton kept goal for Ireland almost regularly between 1903 and 1913, playing ten times against England, nine times against Scotland and six occasions against Wales. Then his brother, Elisha, appeared some 19 or times for his country, and in addition Bert Mehaffy, a brother-inlaw, then with Queen's Island and later with New Brighton, kept goal against Wales in 1922.


August 23 rd , 1930. Liverpool Post and Mercury

A report published, that the Everton directors had decided not to engage any more Scottish players, had brought a denial by the club. The story is described by Everton officially ‘'ridiculous'' Mr. Tom McIntosh the secretary said,'' it is the first I have heard of it, certainly it has never been a official decree not to sign Scottish players. It would be ridiculous to make such a bar we never know when we shall need a Scottish player and to place a self imposed bar on our own signings would be foolish.



August 25, 1930. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Davies signed for Exeter City

Arthur Davies, the Everton goalkeeper, who had been on a fee of £2,000, which was gradually reduced to £250, has been signed by Exeter City. He left Liverpool during the week-end to fix up with the Devonshire club, whose management is now held by McDervitt, the former Liverpool footballer. Davies joined Houghton and Gray two ex-Merseyside men, who are now with Exeter City. Davies twelve months ago was looked upon as the coming goalkeeper for England, but he had lapses last season and Everton them tried Sagers, and after woulds Coggins of Bristol City. There was then no room for Davies, who was put on the transfer list. West ham and other were inclined to take him at the final fee. But Exeter got there first. Davies went to Everton after serving New Brighton Flint and others. He asked Everton to be allowed to show his capabilities as a goalkeeper and was signed on. Davies assisted Everton to win the championship three season ago. He took part in every match in the following campaign and last season figured in twenty-eight league matches. He played for the english league against the Irish league at Goodison Park. He stands 6ft 1in and weights 12st.



August 25 th 1930. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Everton's show forwards

Policy that must be changed

By “Bees”

The trail game at Everton attracted 12,000 spectators to Goodison Park, and they witnessed a lively game for a test game. The Everton side did many pretty things, and though no one takes a game like this seriously the energy the reserve side put into their play led the spectators to cheer the younger men to try to get a leading point. Actually the reserves side missed an almost certain goal, Sagar saving magnificently from Griffiths with the closing effort of the match.

Everton's first side played in that tantalising manner that cost them dearly last season. They were all out for show purposes, and they will have to amend their ways in front of goal. Everyone was pleased to see the revival of Dunn, and the try-out of the bustling Wilkinson, at outside-right, was a feature of the day. Of the juniors, none did better than Webster, a local player, who has subtle football in his moves and can shoot.

Dean's deft touches.

The goals came in this order; Martin, Critchley, White (2), McCambridge, and Critchely. McPherson had a penalty kick to take, and his first shot, saved by Sagar, led to a second effort through a breach of the rules. McPherson coolly shot outside! Most of the spectators were mainly interested in the defence and the inside forwards. Dean did not exert himself unduly, but he looked fit, and many of his deft touches showed that his command of the ball and his ideals of movement are still high class.

Cresswell was tried in O'Donnell's place, and, though he appeared awkward and slipped up at times, it seems that he and Williams will be the opening pair of backs. Everton will show little change from the side that rallied during April. Will it be good enough to get back? Only actual play can answer this-trial games merely ensure those who look on and pretend to form serious judgements.

Result; Everton Blues 3 Whites 3.

Teams; - Blues; - Coggins, goal; Williams (captain) and Cresswell backs; McPherson, Griffiths, and Thomson, half-backs; Wilkinson, White Dean, Martin, and Rigby forwards. Whites; - Sagar, goal; Common and Lowe, backs; Robson, Gee, and Towers, half-backs; Critchley, Dunn, McCambridge, Webster and Stein forwards .




August 27, 1930. Liverpool Post and Mercury

By John Peel

The Everton directors, at their meeting last night selected the team to play Plymouth Arygle in the first division two league match, at Plymouth on Saturday. It will mark Everton debut in the second division and there are high hopes, that it will be the Goodison club's first and last season in that section. The side chosen is practically the same team that did so well in the closing games of last season, when a splendid, if unsuccessful, bid was made to escape relegation.

This is the team; - Coggins, goal; Williams and Cresswell, backs; McPherson, Griffiths and Thomson, half-backs; Critchley, White, Dean, Martin, and Rigby.

The Blues have a stiff task before them at Plymouth, but I think they will make a bold bid for victory. O'Donnell, Dunn and Johnson appear in the Reserve team to meet Leeds United Reserves in the Central League match at Goodison Park, kick-off, at 3.15. The side is a particularly strong one, namely; Sagar, goal; O'Donnell and Lowe, backs; Robson, Gee (captain), and Towers, half-backs; Wilkinson, Dunn, McCambridge, Johnson and Stein, forwards.

Common I hear is suffering from a slight injury to the knee, Gee the former Stockport County centre-half, who showed much promise in the trial games has been appointed captain of the Central League side. As I have already announced, Williams is the captain of the League team.

The Liverpool County FA, made the draw for the Liverpool Senior Cup; - First round –Liverpool v Everton, Semi-final –Tranmere Rovers v Liverpool or Everton, Southport v New Brighton.



August 29 th 1930. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Arnold, the young Hampshire batsman, who is his first season has made such a deep impression on Southern enthusiasts, is also a footballer of great skill. His play for Southampton last season marked him as a player of great promise, and more will be heard of him. Incidentally, I found that one of the many Second Division centres are looking forward to a visit from Everton was Southampton, and the disappointment there that Everton are not due until the last Saturday but one of the season is great. By that time of course the bottom will be knocked out of the competition unless it happens to be a deciding match. The disappointment of the Southern port at having to wait so long can be understood when it is remembered that there is a large “Liverpool population” resident in Southampton in consequence of the Atlantic passenger traffic, while the large majority of the ships crews hail from Merseyside, and they were all looking forward to the possibility of seeing Everton oppose the Saints early in the campaign. I believe the “Legpulling” which the Merseyside fans had to undergo at the hands of their Southampton friends when Everton were relegated was heartbreaking, and they are anxious to return this in kind. It may be, of course, that Everton will celebrate their return to the upper house in this match, who knowns?

In such happy circumstances, Everton would find Merseysiders flocking to the Dell in their thousands, and I am sure Alf Milward and Percy Hill, and other old Everton players, who are now in business there, would be in the front rank. The Dell is now an up-to-date ground, with two new stands, and the old padded wall which scared wig players is now but a memory.



August 30 th 1930. Liverpool Post and Mercury

By John Peel

Everton's plunge into the second Division will give a fillip to that part of the League, for there is no doubt that the name of the Goodison Park club still enjoys a great reputation for the purely scientific game. Whether the style of play will have to be changed to suit the new conditions remains to be seen, but I am sure the team will receive a rousing welcome wherever they go to.

Plymouth Argyle, one of the most consistent teams in the League, have the honour of first testing Everton, and I think it will be a good performance if Cresswell and his colleagues come out with a point, with the exception that O'Donnell is absent the team is pretty well as expected, and there are no new faces. The men are out to show that they can make a bold bid to regain the club's place, and a victory today would prove of immense valve. Much depends on how Dean leads his forwards. If the International Centre-forward can regain his form of a couple of seasons ago them all should be well, for the team on paper looks good enough. Teams; - Everton; - Coggins, Williams, Cresswell, McPherson, Griffiths, Thomson, Critchley, White, Dean, Martin, Rigby. Plymouth Argyle; - Cann, Bland, Titmuss, Mackay, McKenzie, Hardie, Crosier, Sloan, Vidder, Leslie, and Black.

August 1930