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Liverpool Evening Express - Saturday 20 July 1940
The parents of Lance Corporal Arthur Owen, of Newton-street, Southport, have now received word that he is a prisoner of war. He was reported missing. Owen is 20 years of age. At football, he had trials a few years ago with Everton and Southport Reserves, and last season played for the Southport and District Cricket League eleven against Southport and Birkdale in a representative match

Jasper Kerr
Burnley Kerr-Saturday 20 July 1940
The parent of Mr Jasper kerr, of BrumShaw-road, Burnley, a former professional footballer; and now a traveller for a well known paint manufacturing firm, recently celebrated their golden wedding. They reside in Hamilton, Scotland. Mr. Kerr was formerly a full-back, having played ih his native Scotland and for Everton and Preston N.E. He is one the volunteer coaches in the physical fitness campaign present being conducted Turf Moor

Liverpool Evening Express - Monday 22 July 1940
Lance - Corporal Arthur Owen, Lancashire Fusiliers, of Newton street, Southport, is a prisoner of war. He is a well-known Southport amateur sportsman and at football he had trials with Everton and Southport.


July 24, 1940 Dundee Evening Telegraph

Mrs. David Raitt (49), 22 Kinloch Street, Dundee who collapsed and died in Hilltown yesterday, as the wife of the former right-back of Dundee F.C. With “Nappier” Thomson Davie Raitt formed one of the strongest partnerships in the story of the Dark Blues. He also assisted Everton and Blackburn Rovers. In September he volunteered and is now a bombardier in a Royal Artillery unit in Scotland. He served from start to finish of the last war and won the Military Medal.

Lifetime In Soccer
Liverpool Evening Express - Monday 29 July 1940
Mr. William J Sawyer, secretary-manager, New Brighton F.C since March, 1950. and formerly a director Everton C., has died at his home in Seabank-road, Wallasey, the age 69. He spent lifetime the service of the game, mostly an honorary capacity, being hon.-sec. Everton in 1918 and ten years chairman of that club's Finance Committee before crossed the river to manage the Rakers, who found his long experience admnistrator invaluable. He was a shrewd judge of player and New Brighton during his managership were able to transfer for food lees several (including Greenhalgh, Frost and tamps) who had cost them nothing. Mr. Sawyer helped to form the old South Liverpool club, Wigan Borough, the Liverpool Football League, the Mid Week Hospital Cup and other competitions Merseyside, but also had friends in the game all parts of the country. He leaves widow and two sons and the funeral Anfeld on Tuesday afternoon

Liverpool Evening Express - Thursday 07 August 1941
Lance Bombardier William Francis Reed, aged 21, R.A., of 17, Tarbet-street, Toxteth, Liverpool, previously reported missing while serving in Greece, now reported prisoner of war in Germany. He was a goalkeeper in the Everton B team, and formerly played for York House and David Lewis F.C. teams. He is old boy of St. James’ School, Liverpool.

August 8, 1940. Evening Express.
The Football Association have circularised all their country associations to do everything to facilitate the playing of football, while adhering to any Home Office or local police regulations. The Football Association even suggest that to help clubs suffering from the present conditions the counties should not demand payment of full subscriptions. National tournaments of a highly competitive nature will not be arranged by the F.A. and they advice that midweek football should only be carried on in accordance with local early closing days. Limitation of crowds is still enforced, and in order to minimise interference with industry it is suggested that while the light permits the time of kick-off should be put back to the evening.

August 12, 1940. Evening Express
Pilot’s Log.
I met Willie Cook, Everton’s Irish international back, and now a Sergeant Instructor in the Army, during the week-end. He states he is now stationed “somewhere in the north” and will be available for the Blues this season, subject to permission from the C.O. Good new this. Cook, by the way, has been playing some pretty good golf at West Lancashire Ladies. He equalled the par figures of 73 recently. Everton begin the season, as expected by visiting Manchester City at Maine-road. I note that Everton have arranged to play Leeds United and Southport. The Local “Derby” games will take place at Christmas, Anfield staging the Christmas Day game –in the morning for certain. Here are the proposed lists; Everton Aug 31, Manchester City (a); Sept 7, Manchester City (h); Sept 14, Preston North End (a); Sept 21, Chester (h); Sept 28, Leeds United (h); Oct 5, Southport (a); Oct 12, Vacant; Oct 19, Chester (a); Oct 26, Bury (h); Nov 2, Bury (a); Nov 9, Manchester United (h); Nov 16, Manchester United (a); Nov 23, vacant; Nov 30, vacant; Dec 7, vacant; Dec 14, vacant; Dec 21, vacant; Dec 25, Liverpool (a); Dec 26, Liverpool (h); Dec 28, New Brighton (a). The vacant dates will be filled by Preston North End (h), New Brighton (h), Southport (h), Leeds United (a), and other match.

August 14, 1940. Evening Express.
Pilot’s Log
Everton Football Club directors will have to consider what is to be done regarding their players who are now resident in Scotland. They will be contacted this week to arrive at a decision. This follows the Football League Management Committee decision that players registered with English clubs can play for Scottish clubs only if a correct transfer is made. The League are I understand, to go into the question of English-registered players who helped Scottish clubs last Saturday. Everton have three internationals in Scotland at the moment, and they had all planned to assist famous clubs. Jock Thomson had agreed to assist Hearts; Gillick played for Rangers last Saturday and scored a goal in helping to win at Brockville against Falkirk; and Jimmy Caskie was at outside right for St. Mirren against Albion Rovers. Will Everton agree to transfer these players? Of course, no one would expect fees in these trying times, but there is not the slightest doubt that the Blues would insist on substantial insurance –were they willing to enter into such negotiations. Should Everton sacrifice these three players in order to help their Scottish friends? That is the big question. Mr. Theo Kelly, secretary of Everton, announced last week that his club hoped on occasions to have the services of Gillick and Caskie –Thomson in a different category because he is in the Army –for Regional games. Any transfers would mean these three players being debarred from assisting Everton for the remainder of the season. Can Everton make that sacrifice? Well, maybe they will. The last thing the directors wish to do is the deprive their loyal servants of the privilege of playing each week. How much better it would have been, however, had the League excused from actual transfer all players actually resident in Scotland –prior to the stars of the Scottish season. The curious thing is that the transfer edict does not affect players in Ireland.
More Everton Dates.
Everton have now almost completed their fixture list for the season, which opens on Saturday, August 31. They have now arranged matches with Merseyside rivals and one with Preston North End, leaving only two dates to be filled. Everton go to Tranmere Rovers on Nov 23, and will be at home to Southport on Dec 7. They play New Brighton at home on Nov 30, and Preston North End at home on Dec 21. This leaves only Oct 12 and Dec 14 to be filled. Oct 12 is a home game and Dec 14 and away game. As the lists have now be submitted to the Football league, I expect these dates will be left for the League to fill.

August 16, 1940. Evening Express.
Pilot’s Log
Everton have now completed their fixture arrangement for the first half of the season. The two vacant dates have been filled. On October 12 they play Stockport County at Goodison Park and on December 14 they visit Tranmere Rovers.

August 17, 1940. The Evening Express
Pilot’s Log.
Cliff Britton, now a sergeant-instructor in the Army, has apparently been too busy lately to keep in touch with Goodison Park. Mr. Theo Kelly, the Everton secretary, however, is anxious to get in touch with Cliff but does not know his address. He has appealed to me to help him, so if Cliff sees this paragraph will be please communicate with Mr. Kelly!

August 23, 1940. The Evening Express.
Pilots’ Log
Two England internationals who are members of the Everton club, will figure in the Tranmere game. They are Mercer and Lawton, both of whom will assist the Reds side against the Blues. Wrexham will play the Army and Trentham who don the shirt of Wrexham.

August 30, 1940. The Liverpool Echo
Ranger’s Note
Team selection for Everton has not turned out very difficult after all. The Blues’ side to do duty at Maine Road against Manchester City includes no fewer than nine of the championship team –provided of course that all are able to get away from their army and other duties. In some instance that will not be known until the morning but even if there are one or two absentees, Everton will still be a strong combination. Billy Cook returns to the side for the first time since he joined up Last October, which envisages the possibility of an Everton defence unchanged from two seasons ago. Everton; Sagar; Cook, Greenhalgh; Mercer, Jones, Watson; Sumner, Bentham, Lawton, Stevenson, Penlington.

August 31, 1940. The Evening Express.
By Pilot.
Everton with almost their championship team in the field, opened the season against Manchester City at Maine-road today. Manchester City: - Swift, goal; Sproston and Clark, backs; Walsh, Fagan and Bray, half-backs; Emptage, Herd, Currier, Doherty, and Pritchard, forwards. Everton: - Sagar, goal; Cook (captain), and Greenhalgh, backs; Mercer, Jones and Watson, half-backs; Sumner, Bentham, Lawton, Stevenson and Penlington, forwards. Referee Mr. H. Hartley (Bolton). Everton played in white. The early stages were fairly even. The first real incident came when Herd had a chance. He shot, but although Sagar went down for it, the ball went wide. The City combined their pressure, and after Cook had twice beaten off attacks, Pritchard slipped through the defence and sent in a powerful cross shot. Sagar save at the expense of a corner. Everton’s first serious attack developed from Bentham. Lawton took the final shot and brought Swift to his knees to save. The Everton line returned and a glorious chance was missed. Lawton and Stevenson opened the way for Penlington. The young winger was unfortunate. He caught the ball on the side of his boot and the shot went wide. The City were playing a neat passing game, and they provided a thrill when Pritchdard again tried a shot. Sagar saved beneath the bar.
Lawton Tests Swift.
Lawton was well on the mark with a terrific shot, which Swift held. From the next moment, after good work by Sumner and Bentham, the Everton centre forward crashed another shot towards the City goal. Swift held it. Sagar made a great save when he gathered a hot shot from Doherty. The majority of the 5,000 spectators gave Sagar another cheer when he stopped a point-blank shot by Currier from inside the penalty area. The City forwards were troublesome, but they met cool defenders in Tom Jones and Greenhalgh. Swift appeared to be well beaten when a grand centre from Penlington just “dropped right” for Lawton. The Everton centre-forward got his head to it and with Swift out of position the ball passed just wide.
Half-Time; Manchester City 0, Everton 0.

August 31, 1940. The Liverpool Echo
Fan’s Tight Hold On Lawton.
Manchester City: - Swift, goal; Sproston and Clark, backs; Walsh, Fagan and Bray, half-backs; Emptage, Herd, Currier, Doherty, and Pritchard, forwards. Everton: - Sagar, goal; Cook (captain), and Greenhalgh, backs; Mercer, Jones and Watson, half-backs; Sumner, Bentham, Lawton, Stevenson and Penlington, forwards. Referee Mr. H. Hartley (Bolton). There was only a small attendance to see this attractive game between Manchester City and Everton. The Football product many good movements and some shots, but little bite. Herd tried one of his specials, but pulled his drive and when he tried another he found Sagar safe and sound. So far Swift had little to do, apart from one shot by Lawton. Penlington had a chance of making fame when he was presented with a gilt-edged chance by Bentham but he sliced his effort. The best shot of the day thus far was made by Doherty, Sagar catching his hot shot safely. The City were the more dangerous side and were responsible for most of the shooting, Sagar having a fairly busy time. His best save was made when Currier at point blank range shot fiercely only to see Sagar hold him up. Swift was hurt, and while he was being attended to the players all slumped down to take a rest. Lawton so far, had little scope, Fagan keeping a tight hold on him. Doherty was the mainspring of most of City’s attacks, and the Everton defence stood firm until the interval, which was reached without a goal being scored.
Half-Time; Manchester City 0, Everton 0.

August 1940