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Cheshire Observer - Saturday 01 July 1939
Sam Chedgzoy, formerly of Ellesmere Port, whio is now in his 31st active season as a footballer Chedgzoy played for Everton and was capped for England several times.  At present he is in Canada, where he is manager and player for Carsteel F.C., -the equivalent of a Third Division club in the country.

Liverpool Evening Express - Wednesday 05 July 1939
In 26 days’ time footballers on Merseyside will be reporting for training for season 1939-40! Everton have made all arrangements for their calling-up and notices have been sent to the players stating they must report on Monday, July 31. The first week is generally devoted to light work and Secretary Mr. Theo Kelly has already made schedule for a series of golf matches, cricket matches and various social events just to give the season good send-off.
I mentioned some time ago that Everton were signing up plenty of promising young players. Their latest addition is a 15-year-old inside-left from Marshside, the Southport and District League club. This is Ronald Dandy, a fine little schemer and a player of great promise. Dandy helped Marshside win three trophies last season, and the club carried all before them in the Minor Division for boys between 14 and 16. Dandy is a former Lancashire schoolboy player.
Everton are also to sign Arthur Rockcliffe, 15-year-old centre half from the same club. Rockcliffe, a former Southport schools player, is something a penalty king.” Both these lads will play in Everton’s ” team in the Bootle J.O.C. League.

Liverpool Evening Express - Friday 07 July 1939
Ernest Green was last night re-elected chairman of Everton Football Club —a few hours after he had retired from his SCholastic duties! Mr. Green, after 17 years as vice’ chairman to Mr. W. C. Cuff, president of the Football League, was appointed chairman last year. Everton won the championship in his first year, Few chairmen have had such an experience as that. The success the Blues was due in no small measure the fine spirit comradeship of Mr. Green, whose one thought was players first.” No vice-chairman has been appointedfor the second year in succession. Charity Shield Followers of Everton will get an match next season. The F.A. Charity Shield match against Portsmouth, winners of the F.A. Cup, will be played at Goodison Park. This shield is put up for competition each year between the champions and cup-winners.

Liverpool Evening Express - Saturday 08 July 1939
J. Peacock, who played with Everton F.C. for eight seasons, was today appointed trainer of Wrexham F.C. He succeeds Tom Griffiths, who has retired from football. Peacock also had three seasons with Middlesbrough. He recently acted as trainer for a football club in Sweden. He commences his duties at Wrexham on Monday. The directors of the Wrexham club are making considerable improvement to their players’ dressing-rooms on the Racecourse.

Liverpool Evening Express - Saturday 08 July 1939
J. Peacock, who played with Everton F.C. for eight seasons, was today appointed trainer of Wrexham F.C. He succeeds Tom Griffiths, who has retired from football. Peacock also had three seasons with Middlesbrough.  He recently acted as trainer for a football club in Sweden. He commences his duties at Wrexham on Monday.  The directors of the Wrexham club are making considerable improvement to their players’ dressing-rooms on the Racecourse.

Tom Griffiths’ Retirement
Liverpool Evening Express - Saturday 08 July 1939
So Tommy Griffiths, the big man of Wales a couple of seasons ago, has given up football. He has gone into business at Wrexham. Tom was to Wales what Fred Keener had been. He inspired the Welshmen to victory by his courage and spirit, and his country will never forget him. There is only one player in English football who has figured in more big money transfer deals than Griffiths, who was brought out by the local club and then went to Everton. Griffiths went from Wrexham to Everton, then to Bolton Wanderers. Off he went to Middlesbrough, and they in turn transferred him Aston Villa. Then he went back to Wrexham again—as trainercoach. More than £18,000 in cash changed hands over these Griffiths transfers. Good luck in your new sphere, Tom,
Jock’s Watch
When Everton were in Switzerland each member of the party was presented with a watch. That of Jock Thomson, the skipper, has created a sensation in Scotland. friend Carnoustie way sends word that “Jock’s watch is like himself. It goes forever.” The point is that this watch is shockproof damp-proof and never requires winding! Jock has been spending some part of his holiday with Cohn McNab, the former Arbroath player, who played with the Everton skipper when they appeared for the Scottish League.

Everton F, C. Players Hurt In Black - Out Car Crash
Liverpool Evening Express - Friday 14 July 1939
Two Everton footballers Trere injured when a motor-car in which they were travelling came into collision with a traffic island on the Harrogate to Leeds road during the black-out early today. They are Jock Thomson, who captained Everton last season, and Willie Cook. Both were able to go home. James Guthrie, Portsmouth F.C. captain, believed to have been driving the car, is in Harrogate General Hospital with a fractured skull. He is on the danger list. Thomson had his right arm injured, his head bruised and has a suspected fracture of the collar bone. Cook received minor scalp lacerations and a knee injury. The players have been at the F.A. summer school at Leeds. They had planned to return to Liverpool today. Thomson and Cook will be examined by the Everton club doctor tomorrow.

Liverpool Evening Express - Saturday 15 July 1939
James Guthrie, captain of Portsmouth Football Club, the Cup winners, who received serious head injuries in a car accident while returning from the F.A. summer training camp at Leeds in the blackout, early yesterday, was stated today to be “still very ill.” Jock Thomson and Willie Cook, the two Everton players who were in the car with Guthrie, were today reported to be improving.” They returned home last night and were examined by the Everton Club doctor today. Thomson has a cracked collar bone but is expected to be fit again within three weeks.

Liverpool Daily Post - Saturday 15 July 1939
James Guthrie, captain of Portsmouth F.C., the F.A. Cup holders, and two members of the Everton Club, Jock Thomson and William Cook, were injured in a motor accident during the air raid precautions blackout in the West Riding area of Yorkshire early yesterday. James Guthrie, captain of Portsmouth F.C., the F.A. Cup holders, and two members of the Everton Club, Jock Thomson and William Cook, were injured in a motor accident during the A.R.P. blackout in the West Riding area of Yorkshire early yesterday. All were conveyed to the Harrogate and District General Hospital, where Guthrie, who lives at 127 Essex Road, Southsea, was found to have received head injuries. He was stated at the hospital later to be very ill and on the special visiting list." Thomson, who lives at 35 Parthenon Drive, Liverpool, received an injury to the right arm, a suspected fractured collar bone, and a bruised head; and Cook, whose address is 11 Fazakerley Road, Liverpool, had a lacerated scalp, an injury to the   left knee, and minor cuts All three players have been attending the Football Association’s summer school and refresher course at the Carnegie Physical Training College, Leeds. The two Everton players were allowed to return to Liverpool last evening.

Liverpool Evening Express - Tuesday 18 July 1939
Today. Everton F.C. may tour South Africa, next year, if the Southern Transvaal F.A. has its way. The Association has written to the National Association requesting permission negotiate a tour next season and the club they have in mind is Everton. If the visit materialises, three Everton players touring South Africa with the English F.A. side, may have the distinction of playing in South Africa in consecutive seasons. They are Jackson, Jones and Cliff Britton.—B.U.P. Mr. Ernest Green, the Everton chairman, said to The Evening Express, This is a surprise to the club. We do not know anything about it. If we receive an official communication from the South African F.A., the matter will be considered.”

Daily Mirror - Wednesday 19 July 1939
Tom Griffiths, famous ex-Villa and Wrexham star, has taken over the management of an hotel. As he cannot forget Soccer, and his new job overlooks the Wrexham football ground he intends to keep eye on his old club. He is the second famous Wrexham footballer to hold the licence. It was once held by Bill Harrison, who joined Burnlev from Wrexham. ' I find this occupation very interesting," Griffiths told the Daily Mirror yesterday. "It has  brought me in touch already  with the bob supporters—those candid critics.” Griffllhs is very pleased that he will be able to renew acquaintance with Jack Peacock, the new Griffiths Wrexham trainer. “Jack and I played with Everton. and we fought mambattles together.” Tom said. ”We used to help each other then, and am looking forward to giving Jack hand if necessary.”

July 24, 1939. Liverpool Echo
William R. Dixie Dean will be figuring this season in Cheshire County League circules, which will give the gate as decided fillip when he appears. The negotiation, which have been going on for some time were completed over the week-end and Dean’s first appearance in his new colours will be on the Hurst ground against their near-by rivals, Stalybridge Celtics, in the opening of the season. He is the biggest signing the Cheshire County, has had since Ashton National started the Football world by capturing Alec Jackson, the famous Huddersfield winger, and paid him almost double what he would get with a Football League side.

Liverpool Evening Express - Wednesday 26 July 1939
Robert McMurray, inside right on Everton’s books last season, was today signed by Tranmere Rovers. McMurray is 23 years old, 5ft. 7ins, and weighs 10st. 4lbs. He came to Everton from a Glasgow junior club, and was a member of Everton’s Central League side last season.


July 27, 1939. The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer

Tranmere Rovers yesterday signed Robert McMurray, 23 year-old Scottish inside right, who was on Everton's books last season. McMurray stands 5ft 7ins, and weighs 10st 4lb.

July 27 1939. The Daily Post
By John Peel
At a meeting of the Everton board in Liverpool last night, Mr. Earnest green was re-elected chairman of the club for the 1939-40 seasons.

July 27 1939. The Liverpool Daily Post
By John Peel
Tranmere rovers have signed R McMurray inside right who was with Everton last season. McMurray who came to Everton from the Scottish Junior Club Glasgow Perthshire is 23 years of age, 5ft 7ins, and weights 10st 4lbs and play last season in the Everton central League side.

July 31, 1939. Evening Express.
Thirty Six Professionals Sign On At Goodison
By Pilot.
Everton football club responded to the call to duty today. At Goodison, 36 professionals reported to trainer Harry Cooke for training. Willie Cook, Everton’s Irish international full back, who was injured in a motor smash in the Summer, was the first player to report for training of Goodison Park. Cook has made an excellent recovery after having 16 stitches inserted in a wound on his head,. Jock Thomson, last year’s captain, who was also in the motor accident, arrived with his right shoulder strapped up, but he assumes me that he is making fine progress and will be fit shortly. Willie Cook mentioned to me that he feel’s quite well and the injuries will not prevent him appearing in the opening matches. The second to arrive was Gordon Watson and he was followed by Tommy Jones. In all, 36 professionals reported to trainer Harry Cooke. Andy Tucker and Frank Blundell to have weight and heights taken before they set out for training in two batches, half the players going out on the road and the remainder working at Goodison Park. The only newcomers is E. Barber, the young inside forward from Blyth Spartans.
Chairman’s Welcome.
Mr. Ernest Green, chairman, and Mr. Theo Kelly secretary, gave the lads a cheery welcome and Mr. Green said he had only one fear will, regard to the coming season. Addressing the players he said that last season the team had to establish itself. That we did it and went on to win the championship, everybody known’s’ he said, “And my only fear this season is that because we are champions everyone will think it will be easier fir us. “Believe me, there is nothing easy in the First Division. It will be just as hard as last year, and I hope we shall go into if feeling it is going to be harder than ever. “Last season it was the splendid condition of the players and the excellent team spirit which enabled us to battle through to success when the majority expected us to have a poor time, and I hope that those two qualities will be found in our ranks this season and that we have as much success. Harry Cooke said that he had many new training plans which he had picked up at Leeds School and these would be introduced to brighten the preparations. Goodison Park is looking bright and clean. All the woodwork around the four big double Decker stands has been repainted in bright yellow and green and the playing pitch is a tribute to the work of the grounds staff. Everton are out to encourage local talent and will give trials to any boys who fancy their chances of making good in the game.

July 31, 1939. The Liverpool Echo
Chairman’s Warning Note
Jock Thomson There But Hors De Combat
Ranger’s Notes.
Everton F.C. players reported for training at Goodison Park, today, and were welcomed by Mr. Ernest Green, chairman of the club, and Mr. Theo Kelly, the secretary, Thomson and Cook who were injured in a motor smash while at the summer school, Leeds, three weeks ago, were among the early one to “chock on” Cook, in fact, being the first arrival at the ground, though he only beat Gordon Watson and Tommy Jones by a short hand. Both players have made good progress since their accident, but Thomson, whose injury was a cracked collar bone still has right arm and shoulder strapped up and was unable to take any active pared in the training which followed this morning’s reassembly. Cook, whose injures were to the head, was, however, able to “do his stuff.” The full back told me that altogether he had seventeen stitches inserted in his wounds, thirteen in the scalp just over the fore headed, and the others in the check and neck.
Satisfactory Progress.
Both Thomson and Cook however, are making satisfactory progress, and hope to be fit for the start of the season, Thomson is to have the bandages removed in a week’s time. Prior to his accident Jock spent most of the close season, as is his usual custom, playing golf at Carnouste, but this time with a slight difference, for he carried off the captain’s prize with two net rounds of 70 and 72, while sounds so good to me as to make me envious. The first job of the morning was to take the heights and weights of the 42 professionals which Everton have on their books this season –one of the biggest lists of any club in the country -36 arrived today. One of them –Sweeney –only returned home from Territorial camp yesterday. Merritt goes into the Territorial training next week and Keenan is away in camp at the moment. There was only one real newcomer, to the person of E. Barber, the inside left from Blyth Spartans, who was signed in the last week of last season; though Grififths and Lovett –the latter the very promising young goalkeeper –were taking part to full-time training for the first time. Mr. Ernest Green, the chairman, in a brief speech of welcome, referred to the remarkable team spirited and good conditions which worked wonders for the Everton club last season, despite the fact that when the campaign opened the critics were practically unanimous in prophesying a bad spell for them.
Only One Fear. “we knew we were up against it last year,” said Mr. Green,” and felt we had to fight hard to establish ourselves and get on the map, I am glad to say we did it so well as to win the championship, I have only one fear for the coming season, and that is because, being champions, we may feel it is going to be easy. Don’t make any mistakes. It will be just as hard this year. If we remember that some of the lowest clubs in the league beat us twelve months ago we will start this time with the same grim determination team spirit, and will to win as we did last year. “I hope it is going to be a season as the previous one, and I wish you all every success, “Mr Green added.”

July 1939