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July 10, 1951. The Liverpool Echo
Ranger’s Notes
From Everton, comes news that Eddie Wainwright, who broke his last December, Has been able to fling his crutches aside and is making steady progress with rehabilitation treatment at Southport Emergency Hospital. Wainwright will probably report with the rest of the Everton players next week, but not for training of course. If he continues as encouragingly as he has recently there is a good chance that he may be able to begin light training before the new campaign, commences on August 18. After that, if all goes well, he may be fit to resume playing fairly early in the season.

July 12, 1951. The Liverpool Echo
Ranger’s Notes
Hardly has the curtain finally settled into stillness after being lowered on one football season than it begins to rise again on another. Next week will see the Merseyside players back in training-in readiness for next winter’s campaign.
In little over a month’s time the new season will be in full swing and thousands will be glad to welcome the coming of football, for they find the summer games rather slow by comparison with their beloved “Soccer.” The gates cannot be open soon enough for some of them. There is great speculation as to whether Everton will repeat history and return to the senior circle at the first time of asking as they did last time they were relegated to the Second Division. Much as I would like it that way, I cannot see any but the very faintest hope. This, however, is a topic which can wait for fuller discussion at a later period. The Second Division will welcome Everton with open arms. The clubs realize what an asset it is having such a side in their amidst. Some seen to think that the gates at Goodison Park will fall considerably. I don’t think that will for Liverpool is too Soccer-minded and Everton’s supporters too loyal to keep away under any circumstances. This has been the quietest season in my memory so far as transfers have been concerned. Football has hardly been mentioned since the close of the season. Here and there we have heard of a move but on Merseyside it has been outgoing instead of incoming. No name of any import has been added to the staff’s of either Liverpool or Everton when contracts expire on July 31 things will liven up.

July 18, 1951. The Liverpool Echo
Ranger’s Notes
Ranger’s Notes
No time was lost at Goodison Park today after the Everton players had reported back for training in readiness for the coming season, when the Blues for only the second time in their history will figure in the Second Division. After a brief welcome by Manager Cliff Britton, followed by a short speech by Mr. W. R. Williams (chairman) the players changed and started off on a gentle breaking-in trot of about eight miles around the outskirts of the city. Less than half an hour after arriving had departed on the first lap of their training programme. After expressing his pleasure at seeing the players again Mr. Williams said that he hoped history would repeat itself this coming winter and that the club would extricate itself from the lower sphere in one season. To do so would require more effort than ever before. If that was possible. He wished them every success. Ted Sagar for many years the first player to report after the close season was beaten by a short had today by Tommy Clinton who was first to “sign on” with Sagar only a few seconds behind. All 33 full time professionals were on parade including Eddie Wainwright who though limping slightly and walking with a stick told me that he is making satisfactory but rather slow progress. He is to see the specialist again next week, and meantime is still having his daily rehabilitating treatment at Southport. Cyril Lello keen to get back to the game, did not wait for today’s call-up. He has been attending Goodison regularly for some weeks for treatment and special exercises and hopes to be thoroughly fit again by the start of the season. After his long layoff it may be necessary for him to have a few reserve team games to start with. Much will depend on how his knee reacts during the next few weeks, particularly in trial games. In addition to the full time staff Everton have sixteen part-time professionals who do their training mainly in the evenings. The Goodison pitch looked in splendid condition. The bare patch down the middle, which has been reseeded, appeared in good trim. The dressing rooms have been redecorated during the summer and are now much brighter and cheerier looking. All that is needed now are playing results of the same bright aspect and all will be forgiven and forgotten.

July 26, 1951. The Liverpool Echo
Rangers Notes
At Goodison Park the same activity prevails. In view of the need for an all-out effort by Everton to regain senior status many of their supporters had hoped for indication of a more vigorous policy to be reflected in early signings. Chairman W.R. Williams and Manager Cliff Britton indicated to the annual meeting that no possible opening in this respect will be over looked. Plenty of soundings have already been taken. Signings are not easily made these days, however and all the moves of real importance in the close season can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Everton meantime, are pursuing their long-term policy of adding promising youngsters to their staff. There are two further part-time professional signings of this nature in Richard Taylor and Eric Rabone. Rabone is an 18-year old outside right who formerly figured in Prescot junior circles and Taylor is a 23 year old goalkeeper whom Everton played occasionally in their Central League side last season. He was also on loan to Marine.
Peter Farrell has been appointed skipper for the coming campaign for the second season in succession and the third in all. Trails for over 200 youngsters will be staged at bellefield in the next fortnight. Several have already been vetted and some ear-marked for further viewing. This is in addition to the normal Tuesday and Thursday training for the young amateurs’s already on the staff. Everton are running seven teams this winter which is the same as before. A celebration dinner is being arranged for the juniors to mark the winning of eight trophies last winter.
Old Fixture Revived
I am glad to know that the cricket match between a combined Liverpool-Everton team and Bootle which was allowed to lapse last season is to be revived. It will take place next Monday and Tuesday at Hawthorne Road (6-30) p.m. The footballers will bat on the first evening. The “Liverton” side will be; D. Welsh; C. Done, J. Gee, D. Woan, R. Saunders, and K. Brierley (Liverpool), O. Hold, S. Bentham, A. Dunlop, J. Easthope, E. Buckle, and W. Fielding (Everton). It will be a 12-a-side game.

July 26, 1951. The Evening Express
Bellefied Junior Trails
By Radar
Peter Farrell, Irish international, has been appointed first-team captain for the second season in succession by Everton, who like Liverpool, will stage their public practice game on Saturday, August 11. One of the most likable players ever to join the Goodison club, Farrell will be embarking on his sixth season with Everton. The club has decided not to appoint a vice-captain.
Manager Cliff Britton has begun a series of trials for upwards of two hundred young players who are desirous of making the grade with the Everton club. From now until the start of the season, on August 18, these trials will be held at the Bellefield practice ground on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays. Two youngsters who have been developed through the junior nursery and have now signed as part-time professionals, are Richard Taylor, 23-year-old goalkeeper, who hails from Southport, and 18-years-old Eric Rabone, a local born outside right. Taylor, who played his early football with Fleetwood Hesketh, was originally recommended by Frank King, the former Everton goalkeeper. He joined Everton as an amateur towards the end of the 1949-50 season. For a time he was loaned to Marine last season, but later made several promising appearances in Everton’s Central League side. Rabone. Former Preston, and District schoolboy was playing for a Prescot B.I. junior team when he was spotted by Everton. Brentford had an interest in him, but he signed amateur forms for Everton 12 months ago. The customary youth training sessions are in operation at Bellefield on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and several new ideas have been incorporated into the curriculum. Everton will again run seven teams, including the A,B,C, D and Colt teams. The first four of these junior sides won eight trophies last season and a presentation dinner is to be held in the near future in connection with these successes.
A popular pre-season event in former years was the annual match between a combined Everton-Liverpool team and Bootle Cricket Club. This is being revived as a two evening game next week. It will be played at Wadham-road on Monday and Tuesday cricket pitched at 6.15 pm, and understand that the footballers will bat on Monday evening. The Everton-Liverpool team in this 12-a-side game will be Don Welsh, W.H. Jones, P. Gee, D. Woan, R. Saunders, and K. Briersley (Liverpool). O’Hold, S. Bentham, A. Dunlop, J.D. Easthope, T. Buckle, and A.W. Fielding.

July 31, 1951. The Liverpool Echo
Ranger’s Notes
Everton have put the facilities of Goodison Park at the disposal of the American team of Ahletics who are coming here to take part in the Athenian Club’s big promotion at Stanley on Wednesday, August 8. They will train at Goodison today week and possibly the following morning.

July 1951