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June 9, 1934. Liverpool Echo

By “Bee.”

Everton once again fared well on tour. At Tenerife they were unbeaten. They had to suffer referees' peculiar ways and one time a player was tough and was not allowed to play in the second half-but the local official conveniently put on a new player to fill the breach. Cliff Britton, the Everton player who ‘'correspond'' for this paper in the clubs tour of Tenerife sent these communiqués: - We played the second match here, the result being a draw 1-1. We did not have many visitors to us at the hotel here yesterday, as this match was not considered to be so important to the Spanish people as the two Sunday matches. There was plenty of excitement going on the hotel left, the reason being empire day. The english colony here-as they do annually-had congregated in their hotel grounds to spend the afternoon together in honour of empire day. They seemed to having a very happy time, enjoying themselves by taking part in various sports and games. Quite a crowd of the english folk came to wave us, off and send with us their good wishes. In our team there had to be rather an unfortunate change. I expect you will all have heard how Jock Thomson was suddenly called home owing to his baby son being taken to the hospital. This meant a few changes. Jimmy stein was brought back to left half Coulter brought in at outside left, Stevenson came in at inside left in place of Higham. We had to kick off with the sun in our back and we made tracks for our opponents goal right away, and kept them mostly in their own half for the first quarter of an hour or so. After twenty minutes our efforts were rewarded by a neatly worked goal-Alex Stevenson put the ball in the net. The movement started on the left, Jack Coulter ran to the corner-flag before centering to Dixie who headed it back to Stevenson to put in the net. For the best part of the first half we had most of the play, with quite a few chances to increase our lead, but we didn't make the most of them, so that when the whistle blew for half-time the score was still 1-0. Just before half time a nasty incident happened. The left half of Tenerife, who had just previously been charged by Albert Geldard thinking it an injustice, made to get his own back, but instead of doing so by a charge he used methods that did not meet with the approval of the crowd. During the interval the president of the Tenerife club came in to apologize to Geldard, and to inform us that the left half would not take any further part in the game. Whereupon our directors and players said they had no wish for this to happen, but the president's reply was that it was in the best interest of the game. So a New Left back was brought on for the second half. Tenerife began to settle down to their own game. As time went on it became more and more of a fight for us. Tenerife were playing much better and were being helped by a succession of free kicks through off-sides. With about a quarter of an hour to go Tenerife equalised. It was from a penalty taken for an infringement while a corner was being taken. I could not see the incident, but the members of our party thought it an unfair decision, but as in England, the referee has the last word, so all we could do was to try to bear it, the goal put new life in Tenerife team, and when the final whistle went we were still fighting to keep our goal intact.



June 10 1034. Liverpool Echo

Britton writing from Tenerife may 27, say: -

To day we played our third and final match of the tour the result being 3-2 in our favour. Although there has been no high scoring we are quite pleased to come away without being defeated, because, taking everything into consideration, the games have not been so easy as we expected. The referee was the one who was in charge of the first game-a Mr. Willis- as the one we had on Thursday was not too satisfactory. One of the features of the matches has been the poor refereeing. They are poor referees in the country, and do not seem to have the courage of carrying out their own convictions. They know their own countrymen best and they have to stay on the island after we leave, but this one failing has made the games harder for us. When we arrived it was to find the largest crowd of the three games. We were presented to the British consul here, after which the rival captains performed very pleasing gestures. Dixie presented the Tenerife captain with a miniature flag made with the club colours and the Tenerife captain presented Dixie with a flag bearing the Tenerife coat of arms. Tenerife decided to kick with the sun in their backs. We made for our opponents by means of the right wing, Geldard taking right up to the line before pulling it back across the goal, but the rest of our forwards could not connect. We kept the ball well in their half, and with a little bit of luck we might have been a couple of goals in the lead. After twenty-minutes our efforts were rewarded when stein taking a centre from the cross right, scored with a brilliant drive. Tenerife began to settle down to their game, and enjoyed quite a fair share of the game. With about a quarter of an hour left till half-time, Tenerife equalised with what we thought an off-side goal. With the second half only a minute old we took the lead, Stevenson being the scorer, after good work from Geldard. Just after the crowd saw a brilliant solo effort by Albert Geldard, who receiving the ball just over the half-way line, ran through beating three men before placing the ball into the back of the net. We had quite a few more chances but they were not taken. Tenerife began to show a little more life again and sager, Williams and cook had a busy time. Tenerife scored their second goal from a scramble. It was a ding-dong battle, as the home players were getting plenty of encouragement from the crowd to score an equaliser, but when the final whistle went we still had the lead by 3-2. From our point of view this match has been the best of the tour: we played more consistently than in the other two matches, having most of the play throughout except for two short spasms in each half. As a result Tenerife had their poorest game, but a few of their players were outstanding successes, the right-half played exceptionally well; the goalkeeper and left back came out with honours too. We had a couple of positional changes, from the team that played on Thursday. Warney Cresswell came in at left half, with Jimmy Stein moving up to outside left in the place of jack Coulter. Additional, a picture of Everton players on the ship vandych, with notes as stated,

Staff commander he Morrison, of the vandyck is an ardent football supporter and he and his crew were happy to get Everton F.C. To pay a visit to their ship. Here is the result: a happy grouping of players and friends taken on board at Tenerife. Reading from left to right (top row) Willie Cook, an officer, Stein, Cunliffe, Britton, Williams, Gee, and a friend. Middle row; Geldard, Dean, staff captain Morrison, captain Simons, Dr Cecil Baxter (Everton director), and two other officers. At foot; an officer, Stevenson, miss ‘'Lee'' Higham and Coulter.



June 7, 1934. Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury

The balance-sheets of the Everton football club for the year ending may 5, 1934, is issued to the shareholders to-day and the accounts show a loss on the season's working of £2,401 compared with a profit last year of £2172. The balance to credit of profit and loss account brought forward from last year was £59,671, while the balance carried forward this year is £56,229. The directors recommend a dividend of seven and half per cent. Less income tax at 4s 6d in the pound. The gate receipts including proceeds of matches played away amounted to £42,052, compared with £58,707 the previous year. When the club won the cup players wages and transfer fees cost £16,435 compared with £19,942 the previous year. Travelling expenses etc cost £3,594 compared with £4,241 in 1933. The annual meeting will take place on Friday June 15, at 7-30, in the law association rooms cook-street Liverpool. The retiring directors are Messrs Dr CS Baxter, E Green, and A. R. Wade who offer themselves for re-election. No other nominations having been received the directors named will be re-elected for the ensuing three years. The income and expenditure and profit and loss accounts are appended.





1933 EXPENDITURE MAY 5 th 1934

£ S D £ S D

£19,942 os 0d to players wages and transfer fees etc £16,435 10s 0d

£01,765 os od players benefits, medical fees £01,234 5s 0d

£00,574 9s 10d players accident insurance's £00,502 7s 3d

£09,429 4s 0 d gate division to visitors £4,271 16s 1d

£04,241 6s 11d travelling expenses £04,271 16s 1d

£00,424 5s 5d advertising, billposting, printing and stationery £00,680 12s 4d

£01,583 10s 6d gate expenses, checkers etc £01,330 1s 7d

£01, 833 2s 8d training expenses and trainers wages £01,147 7s 3d

£02,369 1s d0 grounds expenses and groundman's wages £02,119 11s 11d

£00,191 5s 7d national heath and unemployment insurance £00,177 15s 10d

£04,532 19s 5d rent, rates, taxs, lighting, water telephone, insurance's etc £05,241 19s 10d

£08,151 8s 2d entertainment tax £06,300 11s 4d

£01,309 13s 4d office expenses secretary salary, postage £01,387 8s 6d

£00,082 3s 6d bank commission £00,063, 12s 3d

£00,410 2s 6d clothing materials and stores £00,315,11s 8d

£00,635 5s 3d league percentages subscriptions contractors etc £00,703 3s 0d

£00,070 3d 2d law costs and accountancy charges £00,072 6s 3d

£57,345 3d 3d £45,577 2s 0d

£02,172 17s 0d balance to profit and loss accounts

£59,718 0s 3d £45,577 2s 0d




•  MAY 5 th 1934

£ S D £ S D

£48,112 8s 0d by gate receipts £37,046 16s 4d

£10,595 6s 9d proceeds off matches played away £05,006 0s 10d

£58,707 14s 4d £42,052 17s 2d

£00,613 7s 6d season tickets £00,696 19s 6d

£00,291 2s 0d advertising, contractors, for programmes £00,310 2s 0d

Boarding and refreshments

£00,000 17s 6d share transfer fees £00,002 2s 6d

£00,104 18s 6d bank interest £00,113 13s 4d

£43,175 14s 6d

Balance to profits and loss accounts £02,401 7s 6d

£59,718 0s 3d £45,577 2s 0d





•  MAY 5 th 1934

£ S D £ S D

To dividend declared 16 TH June 1933 at 7 and half per cent, per annum, less income.

£00,109 10s 11d tax £00,109 10s 11d

£02,176 9s 7d depreciation now written off stands etc £01,954 7s 11d

Amount of expenditure over income £02,401 7s 6d

£59,780 14s 7d balance carried forward £56,342 6s 0d

£62,066 15s 1d £60,807 12s 4d

•  MAY 5 th 1934

£ S D £ S D

By surplus at May 6 TH 1933 as per certified

£58,813 6s 6d accounts £59,780 14s 7d

£00,925 7s 1d income from properties, interest from investments £00,936 3s 3d

£00,125 0s 0d war loans….£87 10s 0d

£00,003 4s 6d consolidated loans £3 4s 6d

£00,090 14s 6d

£00,025 0s 0d bonus on conversion of war loans

£02,172 17s 90d excess of expenditure

£62,066 15s 1d £60,807 12s 4d




June 8 1934. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Critchley, the Everton outside right, was to day transferred to Preston North end. Critchley came to Everton from Stockport County, a matter of seven years ago, and has done yeoman service for the club,. He kept his place in the side until Ritchie, came down from Scotland but after the Scottish player has failed to ‘'deliver'' the goods, Critchley was reinstated and he maintain his position until the advent of Geldard. It will be recalled that Geldard was unable to play in the semi-final tie against West Ham, at Wolverhampton, so back came Critchley, and it was he who scored the winning goal which enabled Everton to go on to Wembley and win the cup. Critchley was unfortunate in not gaining a cup medal for the year before he was to play in the penultimate round at Old Trafford, when Everton were beaten by West Brom. Critchley absence that day most probably prevented Everton from winning, for his deputy missed the chance of the match and West Brom went on to score a lucky goal.



June 16, 1934. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Within the next day or two a first-class centre-forward is to be signed by Everton Football Club, so that he will be available next season in case Dean is not up to his usual standard. This announcement was made by Mr. W.C. Cuff, the chairman, at the annual meeting at the law association rooms, last evening. ‘'I had hoped that I should be in a position to night to announce the name of our new first-class centre-forward,'' but we are still on the lookout, and I think in the next day or two his name will be announced.'' There was not a dissentient voice throughout the meeting, which was completed, in record time. Mr.Cuff explained that the profit of £2172 of the previous year had become a loss of £2,401, chiefly because the club was defeated in the first round of the cup competition. The league receipts exceeded those of the previous season, and because of the loss reported the surplus profits were now £56,000 compared with nearly £60,000 the previous year. It was not surprising that they had not had such a good season from the playing point of view as the previous three years. They could not hope to be at the top of the tree indefinitely. Several factors's contributed to the poor season, and the chief was a number of injuries sustained by key men, such as Dean, White and Cook. Dean had a very bad season. As centre-forward he was in the unfortunate position of being the victim of many rebuffs and questionable play in the gaol area, which often went, unnoticed by Referees. He had the misfortune to undergo two operations during the season, and, although the board were of the opinion that he had fully recovered physically, they were convinced the operations had a mental effect, so that dean was not quite satisfied he was fully recovered. After the close season rest, however, he (the chairman) through they could look forward to renewed efforts in first class football from the players.

In the coming season they would have the assistance of a considerable number of young players whose undoubted quality had been noted at the back-end of last season, and after a little more experience they might expect good service and a splendid type of football from them. They were looking forward to the season with considerable optimism, and he thought that twelve months hence the shareholders would congratulate themselves upon another successful season added to the many they had enjoy in the past. The dividend of seven and half per cent, was passed unanimously, as was the re-election of the retiring directors, Dr C.S. Baxter, Mr E. Green, A. R. Wade. The secretary, Mr. T McIntosh, announce the following list of professionals who have been signed: -

goalkeepers, Sager, King, Deighton, full backs Williams, Cook, Cresswell, Jones, Morris, Jackson, half backs, Britton, Gee, White, Thomson, Clark, Archer, Watson (T.G), Griffiths, Kavanagh, forwards Geldard, Cunliffe Dean, Stevenson, Stein, Britley, Dunn, Higham, Coulter, Bentham, Webster, Watson (J.G), Leyfield. Mr. Cuff added that the total of 32 might not be the number they would start the season with if any good players were to be obtained they would make every effort to secure their services. In addition a large number of players had signed amateur forms.



June 26 1934. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Everton have transferred R. Birtley of the reserves player to Coventry City. Birtley who belongs to Helton-Le-Hole was secured by Everton in October 1931, when he was regarded ass one of the best right wingers in the NorthEastern League. He has played chiefly at outside right in the Everton second team but last season appeared occasionally at half-back. He stands 5ft 7 and half ins and weights 10st 4lbs.
















June 1934