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June 3 1935. Liverpool Echo

By a member of Everton tourist, Basel, May 31, Dear Bees, another misfortune beaten by the local team, reinforced with four players of the Berne club, as at Berne we had the major share of the attack and probably the vital incident in the game was when we missed a penalty early on.

Our team was the same as at Kreuzlingen. Britton and Cresswell standing down. Slackness in defence let the Basle forwards have three nibbles at a goal from close quarters and the third time paying we stood a goal down in quick time. Then the should be goal. Dean deputed Stevenson to take the kick and although it was well placed to the left of the goalkeeper, the pace on the ball was not quite sufficient to beat his ability to leap across the gaol and save. The keeper was the best one of those met up to now. Basle centre-forward very soon after this got his second goal, and with 20 minutes gone we were two down, yet as at Berne, enjoying the many balance of attack with goals seeming to be far away hard fighting back brought its reward dean beautifully headed one backwards into the goal and shot an equaliser five minutes afterwards. It was all Everton, and the first half ended with a definite appearance off a win ahead. The referee was very lax in spotting fouls on our forwards, and this laxty eventually led to the game degenerating forgot to mention that when the game was 2-1 against us he missed a palpable offside position of Geldard's and allowed him to score. Giving a goal, he brought the wrath on his head and saw the peculiar position that could arise not at England-viz, the Basle players ready to take an offside kick the referee in the centre calling for the ball yet making no move to censure the delinquents and our players in position for the kick off, not knowing exactly what happen, an amazing scene, after some seconds (seems like minutes) the linesman was called on to the centre line-and evidently persuaded the leading official to change his views. Early in the second half, Cunliffe gave a penalty and King having no chance, we were down again. Everyboby went hard at it to try and mend matters, but as so often happens nothing would turn up in one favour, plenty of near things Stevenson, Geldard, and Leyfield hit the woodwork, and other good shots were charged down. The end arrived with the score unaltered at 2-3. Probably a slightly more determined start would have won this match. Having to face the two goals deficit meant hard work in the boiling sunshine. The team was not nearly such a good one as Zurich Grasshoppers, and by the way quite a large number of the Grasshoppers committee came across to Basle for the game Ascension Day is a public holiday here. And the gate was possibly the best of the tour. We had a fine run out to Marienstein on Wednesday. After lunch when the boys saw the fish they were to have caught and mallated, we all went into the famous church (or should I say echurches) to view the extremely ornate decoration. It is almost peculiar in its lay out, as below the main church there are two smaller chapels, the lower most one with it musty smell, being cut out of the solid rock, with no attempt made to trim the edges, so that the big fellows have to watch their steps. This run was quite a short one, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. With home so much nearer by air, Britton and Geldard (as Jock Thomson is so fond of broadcasting,'' the english internationals'') have been working out the cost of saving a day on the return by this method. It is quite a good thing that there are no camels and fortresses making the journey to England or the party would be split up! Cheerio.

Everton FC, continuing their swiss tour, beat Servette club 3-2, at Geneve, before 4,000 spectators yesterday. The Everton goals were scored by Britton, Cunliffe, Stevenson, the two later from passes from Dean . The ground was in good condition, after six minutes play Aebi scored for Servette, and it was not until another 18 minutes had passed that Everton equalised through Britton, who fitted the inside right berth. This was all the scoring in the first half, and the interval came with the score at one all. Cunliffe put Everton ahead 7 minutes after the resumption from a pass by Dean, but 5 minutes later Servette equalised through Buchaix, eleven minutes before the end Dean pushed a pass across to Stevenson, who scored Everton's winning goal, the team was King, Williams, Cresswell , Mercer, Gee, Thomson, Geldard, Britton, Dean, Cunliffe, Stevenson



June 5, 1935. Liverpool Echo.

London, Tuesday-the Everton team, which has been on tour in Switzerland, reached Victoria this afternoon. All were in the best of health and spirits, except for Stein, who unfortunately broke his leg at Berne and had to walk on crutches from the train to the awaiting coach. He had been brought from Berne to Biel by Dr Baxter and joined the team there on the return journey. The party numbered nineteen in all included three directors, The trainer and Mr. Kelly, the assisted secretary. At Victoria station the party were welcomed by Mr. WC Cuff, the chairman of the Everton club, Mr. Coffey and Mr. Gibbins directors, and Mr. Bates director of the Middlesbrough club. The party went by coach to Euston , except Williams, Thomson, Geldard and Britton, who are not returning to Liverpool to-day, but are going to their summer homes. The tour at Switzerland has been the most successful the Everton team has ever had, and the welcome of the swiss population was most hearty, in every place visited. It is stated the swiss football has greatly improved in the seven years that have passed since the last visit Everton paid to the republic and refereeing was generally good. At kreutzlinger the team had a new experience, that of playing in floodlights, and found it so much to their liking that they won by 10-1.



June 5 1935. The Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury

The Everton football club balance sheets, issued to the shareholders to-day shows a profit on last year's working of £5,353, compared with a loss of £2,401 in 1934 and a profit of £2,172 in 1933. The payment of a dividend of seven and half per cent, is recommend by the directors. A balance of £59, 297 is carried forward. Gate receipts amounted to £55,543 compared with £37,046 in the previous season, while proceeds of the matches played away amounted to £5,310 against £5,006 in 1934. Players wages and transfer fees cost £10,949 and benefits £3,406, compared with £16,435 and £1,234 in 1934. Travelling expenses amounted to £3,320 as against £3594 on the previous season. The annual meeting will be held on Thursday of next week, at the law association rooms, cook-street at 7-30pm. The retiring directors are Messrs. H banks, WC gibbons and G Evans who offer themselves for re-election as no other nominations have been received they will be declared elected for the ensuing three years.




£ S D £ S D

£ 16,435 10s 0d to players wages and transfer fees etc £10,949 10s 0d

£01,234 5s 0d players benefits £03,046 0s 0d

£00,502 7s 3d medical fees, players accidents insurance's etc £00,448 19s 1d

£03,594 1s 11d travelling expenses £03,320 2s 2d

£04, 271 16s 1d gate division to visitors £13,262 7s 4d

£00,680 12s 4d advertising, billposting, printing and stationery £00,849 4s 8d

£01,330 1s 7d gate expenses checkers etc £01,668 12s 1d

£01,146 7s 3d training expenses and trainers wages £01,879 5s 2d

£02,119 11s 11d ground expense and groundsmen's wages £04,461 8s 6d

£00,177 15s 10d national health and unemployment insurance's £00,085,10s 1d

£05, 241 19s 10d rent, rates taxes, lighting, water, telephone, insurance's etc £09,202 13s 4

£06300 11s 4d entertainment tax £01,413 8s 0d

£01,387 8 6d office expenses, secretary's salary, postage's etc £01,413 8s 0d

£00,063 12s 3d bank commission £00,073,3s 6d

£00,315 11s 8d clothing materials and stores £00,562 3s 8d

£00,703 3s 0d league percentages, subscriptions, contributions etc £01,180 3s 9d

£00,072 6s 3d law cost and accountancy charges £00,072 9s 10d

£45,577 2s 0d £56,545 14s 10d

balance to profit and loss accounts £05,353 9s 11d

£45,577 2s 0d £61,899 4s 9d



• MAY 4 1935

£ S D £ S D

£37,046 16s 4d by gate receipts £55,534 0s 5d

£05,006 0s 10d proceeds of matches played away etc £05,310 14s 2d

£42,052 17s 2d £60,853 14s 7d

£00,696 19s 6d season tickets £00,646 19s 6d

£00,310 2s 0d advertising, contractors for programmes, boarding £00,310 2s 0d

And refreshments

£00,002 2s 6d share transfer fees £00,002 16s 0d

£00,113 13s 4d bank interest £00,085 12s 8d

£43,175 14s 6d

£02,401 7s 6d balance to profit and loss accounts

£45,577 2s 0d £61,899 4s 0d



1934 CR MAY 4 1935

£ S D £ S D

£00,109 10s 11d to dividend declared June 15 1934 at 7 and half per cent £00,113 4s 0d

annual, less income tax

£01,954 7s 11d depreciation and amount now written off property stands etc £03,655 4s 10d

£02,401 7s 6d amount of expenditure over income

£56,342 6s 0d balance carried forward £59,410 18s 3d

£60,807 12s 4d £63,179 7s 1d


1934 CR MAY 4 1935

£ S D £ S D

£59,780 14s 7d by surplus at may 5 1934 as per certified accounts £56,342 6s 0d

£00,936 3s 3d income from properties £01,029 17s 0d

£00,087 10s 0d interest on investment war loan £175,os od

£00,003 4s 6d consolidated loan £3 4s 6d

£00,178 4s 6d

refund of health and unemployment insurance overpaid in previous year £00,275 9s 8d

Amount of income over expenditure £05,353 9s 11d

£60,807 12s 4d £63,179 7s 1d




June 6, 1935. Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury

Everton to-day announced the signing of William Renee Miller, inside right of Partick Thistle and Scotland. A year ago Patrick thistle were considering the advisability of giving miller a free transfer, to-day he is one of the outstanding inside forwards in the Scottish league. During the six season he has been with Patrick Thistle, whom he joined from Alua Albion Rangers. Miller made various appearances in the half-back line and in practically every position in the attack, but failed to fit in with the Firhill scheme for some time. Then he was given extended trial at inside-right, he tool his chance and with a services of brilliant games forced himself upon the notice of the Scottish FA selectors. He played for the Scottish league against the English league at Stamford Bridge last November, and was a distinct success, only the brilliance of walker, of hearts, kept him out of the Scottish team. He toured Canada with the Scottish FA, team only recently. Miller is a native of Falkirk, is fast on the ball, with good control, and a strong shot, he is 26 years old 5ft 9ins and 11 st 6lbs in weight.



June 28, 1935. Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury

Everton have signed Alan Hughes, of Derby County, Hughes is an outside right, he is 22 years-old stands 5ft 8 and half inches, and weights 11 st . Hughes has played with chesterfield and Blackpool. He is a native of North Shields.


Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald - Friday 28 June 1935

Alan Hugnes, who was formerly an outside-right for Chesterleld, and' was transferred to Derby County early last season, was yesterday (Thursday) transferred to Everton. £2OO


July 2,1935. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Hartill, as was expected, has signed for Everton. It would seem that in this player Everton, have secured almost valuable addition to the forward strength of the club, and he is expected to do well. Of the cleverest centre-forwards of the day, he is produce of army football, having been in the artillery. He has certainly done a lot of good shooting for, the Wolverhampton, having scored 123 goals in 145 matches. During his connection with the midland team, it was in 1928 that he left the army and signed as an amateur for the wanderers, and soon secured a footing as he can play inside right or left as well as centre-forward, His prospects of success are enhanced his average number of goals per season for Wolverhampton is 22, here is his record 1929-30 41 matches 27 goals, 1930-31 32 matches 25 goals, 1931-32 37 matches 30 goals, 1932-33 42 matches 33 goals, 1933-34 26 matches 13 goals, 1934-35 41 matches 27 goals. He has earned the nickname of ‘'artillery'' he has secured five goals in one match on two occasions against Notts County and Aston Villa, last season. Hartill was on holiday at Blackpool, when he signed yesterday. There will be more new faces at Goodison Park before the practice games start.


June 1935