Everton Independent Research Data



June 18, 1946. The Liverpool Echo

Ranger's Notes

Matters have been quiet on the Everton front for some time, but I have news that will interest you, for it concerns the prices for next season. But before I announce them, let me say that Everton directors at their meeting on Tuesday night decided to gain nominate Mr. Ernest green for a seat on the F.A. Council – Division 3. Regarding the prices of admission. The board decided to give back 3d to the public, so that the admission to the ground is now 1/3. There is also a 3d reduction for the paddock and ends of the stands, which are now 2/- and 2/6 respectively instead of 2/3. The centre of the stands are 3/6 with reserves seats at 5/. Season tickets will now cost you £3 10/- but in case anyone desires to reserve a seat an extra 10/- will be charged. Application should not be made until the club makes an official announcement.



June 26, 1946. The Liverpool Daily Post

Everton Football Club, in their annual report published today, shows a profit of £21,557 on last season's working – a club record. Gate receipts increased from £26,883 to £70,670 while there was a balance of £9,199 from transfer fees received and paid out. Entertainment tax paid mounted to £27,303 as against £10,056 paid in the previous year. Deferred repairs account for £12,500 and £12,000 has gone to the reserve fund to meet taxation. Depreciation on stands accounts for £2,500. The balance carried forward to next year is £19,933.



June 27, 1946. The Evening Express

Pilot's Log

Gordon Dugdale, the young Liverpool-born left back, has signed professional for Everton, the club with whom he has been associated since leaving school. Secretary-Manager Theo Kelly announces this latest addition to the Blues playing staff, and there is no doubt that Dugdale is one of the most promising junior defenders in the area. Dugdale for regularly with Liverpool Schoolboys eleven, and then went into Everton's “B” team before the war. Dugdale joined the Royal Navy and secured his commission some time ago. Gordon was demobilised a few weeks ago and in his early twenties faces a bright football career.

June 1946