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Athletic News - Monday 02 May 1904
By Junius
The Everton Club has finished in the third position in the League table, which comparatively ought to be considered satisfactory, but it is very clear that had the team been consistent at home the championship question would have been settled in their favour. Four times have they been trounced at home this season. Sunderland, Derby County. Nottingham Forest, and Stoke being their conquerors. As the three latter clubs were all defeated by Everton in the return engagement away, it is an easy matter to see where the championship has been lost. The chief cause of the teams successes has been the fine play of the half-backs. Booth has not missed a match, whilst Wolstenholme and Abbott have been absent only twice, though on one of these occasions it the International game with Scotland, which caused an absentee entry. In all 20 players have been tried in the League team, and had the forwards been equal to the men behind them results might have been easily superior to what have been obtained, for it is in this division that the greatest number of changes have been made. Inconsistency-which has ever been their characteristic trait —has done much to create feeling of disappointment with Everton, even the third position in the league being little to enthuse about. The Reserve eleven has done remarkably well, and has easily secured the championship of the Lancashire Combination.

Athletic News

May 4, 1904. The Liverpool Courier
Corrin, the well know forward of the Portsmouth and Everton, has been transfer from the latter club to Reading. Gordon also has been transferred to Manchester City from Everton.

Lancashire Evening Post - Wednesday 04 May 1904
Leigh Richmond Rouse annouce that has decided to sever his connection with the Stoke Football Club. The Welsh international is the last of the trio of amateurs who did much for the old Potteries club and his departure from North Staffordshire, when made many friends, will be greatly regretted. Several leading clubs are anxious sihn the young Welshmans signature. but Roost at present has not fixed up for a programme for next season
Corrin to Reading
Corrin the well know forward of Portsmouth and Everton fame, has been transfered from the latter club to Reading.

Portsmouth Evening News - Wednesday 04 May 1904
Southampton have engaged Gordon of Everton, and also have signed Webb who is perhaps the greatest capture. he is a brilliant player and very fast. dainty was formerly with Northampton and was a reserve back of Everton. Bowman's name is also been mentioned in connection with Portsmouth and Queen's Park.

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser - Thursday 05 May 1904
A former Everton player has been signed by the Bolton wanderers, george S. Eccles, who has played for West Ham for two seasons, having decided to throw in his lot with the Wanderers. Eccles is a back, and stands 5ft 11in.

London Daily News - Thursday 05 May 1904
T. Corrin, of Everton, and formely of Portsmouth has gone to Reading.
L.R. Roose, the Welsh international goalkeeper, is leaving Stoke, but is not yet fixed up for next season.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 06 May 1904
Tottenham Hotspurs have secured a capital forward in O'Hagan (Everton) and a hard working half in C. Morgan (Liverpool).

Athletic News - Monday 09 May 1904
By Junius
At this period of the year football matters must necessarily concern the movements of the players.  At Everton all the League members have re-signed with the exception of Wolstenholme, whose intentions are at present uncertain.  Several of the Reserve team have migrated and I am rather surprised to hear that O’Hagan has gone to Tottenham.  With the Old Xaverians he gained fame, and since his appearance at Goodison Park as a professional he has developed wonderfully.  Gordon, full back, has gone to Southampton, whilst Corrin and Henderson have signed for Reading. 
Kitchen the Everton custodian has accepted an appointment for the summer as cricket coach at Dulwich Colleague., and Bootle will sadly miss his valuable series, for he was a capital bat and field.   Whitley is, I believe a capable cricketer also. 
Everton League Appearances
W. Abbott, 32; W. Balmer 7; R. Balmer 2; J. Balmer, 26; T Booth 24; T Corrin 8; J Crelley 29, HP Hardman 26; W. Henderson 2; G. Kitchen 31; D.B. Murray 2; T McDermott 29; B. Rankin 3; J. Settle 29; J Sharp 31; J. Sheridan 2; T. Simpson 2; JD Taylor 22; S Wolstenholme 32; J. Whitley 3; A Young 22
League Scorers;- Young 11, Sharp 7, Settle 7, McDermott 7, Taylor 6, Booth 4, Hardman 4, Wolstenholme 4, Abbott 4, Sheridan 2, Rankin 2, and Corrin 1.

Great Picture of Ex Everton Player Jack Sharp While at Preston (Athletic News)

Lancashire Evening Post - Thursday 12 May 1904
The Blackburn Rovers having obtained the consent of Everton to approach Wolsteholme, Mr. Middleton, the secretary, interviewed the player in question, with the result that he has been transfered to the Blackburn club. Wolstenholme is a brilliant half, and this season was capped by the International Committee.

Thursday 12 May 1904 Lancashire Evening Post
The Blackburn Rovers having obtained the consent of Everton to approach Wolstenholmes, Mr. Middleton the secretary, interviewed the player in question, with the result that he has been transferred to the Blackburn club. Wolstenholmes is a brilliant half, and this season was capped by the International Committee.

May 13, 1904. The Liverpool Courier
Blackburn Rovers bid fair to have a team of international next season's, Wolstenholme right half-back from Everton, who received his cap in the Scottish match a few weeks ago. Wolstenholme has been about six season with Everton, and as he would not re-sign, the Rovers were given permission to approach him. We have reason to believe that the transfer fee is not far short of £300.

Lancashire Evening Post - Friday 13 May 1904
The Rovers' directorate are now fully determined that, so far as lays in their power, they will secure a strong team for next seaeon. The bitter experiences of the past few seasons no doubt has stimulated the managers of the club greater efforts, and the supporters of the Blue and Whites will rejoice thereat. The Latest testimony to the enterprise the directors is the announcement that the signature has been secured the Rovers for next season S. WoLtenhohne, Everton's international right half-back. Terms were arranged between the two clubs on Tuesday. and the player's signature to a League form was secured yesterday afternoon by the secretary. Mr. R. B. Middleton. The Rovers have now five international players, all of them in their in the team, viz. Evans (Welsh), goal; Crompton (England) and Cameron (Scotch), backs; Wdlstenholme, right half, and Blackburn (England), outside right. Their defence should assuredly one of the best, if not the best, in the League next season.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph - Friday 13 May 1904
Wolsteholmes the Everton half-back, has been transferred to Blackburn Rovers. The trasnfer is reported to be about £600.

Dundee Courier - Saturday 14 May 1904
Blackburn Rovers bid fair to have team of internationals next season, for in addition to Crompton and Blackburn, of England, Cameron, of Scotland, and Evans of Wales, they have signed S. Wolstenholme, right halt-back from Everton, who received his cap in the Scottish match last season. Wolstenholme has been about six seasons with Everton, and, as he would not re-sign, the Rovers were given permission to approach him. The transfer fee is said to heavy.

Athletic News - Monday 16 May 1904
By Harricus
Well done. Blackburn Rovers!  Some time ago I twitted them on not offering high transfer fees for class men, but they soon afterwards secured Cameron, the Scotch back, who played so finely at Clayton in the Inter- League game, at a record transfer fee for them, and now they have retained Samuel Wolstenholme, who was England’s right half in the last match against Scotland. As Wolstenholme was determined move. Everton have perhaps done the best they could in getting what they could for him. The Rovers are to be congratulated on securing him. I have always had a fondness for Wolstenholme, even before he secured a regular position in the Everton team, for he plays the ideal halfback game. He was born at Little Lever (Bolton) in 1878. Stands 5ft. 9in... and weighs 12st. He left Horwich to join Everton in 1897, and is young enough to qualify for another benefit at Blackburn. I believe he would have preferred to play on his own doorstep, as it were, at Bolton, but the Wanderers have no money for transfer fees. Wolstenholme's brother Robert is one of Blackpool’s half-backs.

Lancashire Evening Post - Wednesday 18 May 1904
The Everton club have again signed the following League players -Kitchen, Whitley, Crelly, R. Balmer, Booth, Abbott, Sharp, Taylor, McDermott, Young, Settle, Hardman, W. Balmer, Rankin and Sheridan. It is also announced that Harry Thorburn a young centre forward of much promise, of Queen's Park, has been transferred to Everton.

Derby Daily Telegraph - Wednesday 25 May 1904
Everton have made a capture in Thorburn, a centre forward from Queen's Park, and Edgar Chadwicj has been transferred to Blackpool.

May 26, 1904. The Liverpool Courier
The Everton have secured the service for nest season of Tom Caldwell, who has played centre forward and inside left for Blanyre Victoria. Caldwell is looked upon as a smart player, and likely to prove a useful acquisition to the Everton ranks. He is an 11 st man, 5ft 9ins in height, and 21 years old.





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