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May 1, 1908. The Liverpool Echo.
Everton Football Club have for the second time in their history gone on tour. They are visiting the Continent, and this morning the following players together with the vice chairman Mr. E.A. Bainbridge, and Trainer Elliott, left the Central Centre: - Scott, W and R Balmer, Taylor, Adamson, and MaConnachie, Donnachie, Coleman Freeman, Mountford, and Bolton, Stevenson has gone as reserves. The tour of course, is not to be as long as that which the team had two years ago. They are only playing one match, this against Chelsea on Sunday next. The men will visit Haarlem, Brussels, and Paris, and return on Saturday week.

May 1, 1908. The Liverpool Echo.
Lightfoot scored the only goal of the Everton Reserves v West Cheshire League match at New Brighton. The League's side proved a strong one. Everton: - Christopher goal, Strettell, and Meunier backs Rafferty McCormick, and Cook half-backs, Evans, Holmes, Couper Maln, and Crews, forwards .

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 02 May 1908
By Richard Samuel
Everton wound up with a goalless draw against last season’s Cup-holders, and the match presented no features of interest save that it enabled us to have a peep at Borthwick, a Scottish centre half recruit from Edinburgh Hibernians.  Borthwick was obviously out of condition, and acknowledged himself pumped at the interval.  He would have been still more pumped, methinks, had it been an early day’s game wherein the Blades and Andy Wilson were keen.  As yet, Borthwick appears little other than a big unfilled boy, for whom time may work wonders.  In the season just closed Everton called upon 31 players for League service.  In goal Scott has quite unheld his fine reputation despite the big batch of goals debited to his side.  Indeed, it was well for the club that it possessed such an able and versatile custodian.  The weak spot in defence was undoubtedly the full back division.  Neither of the brothers Balmer showed that consistency or that stability in defence which we should have liked.  Then again, very little was seen of Crelley.  Then, again, very little was seen of Crelley.  In mid-season hopes ran high that Stevenson, the ex-Accrington youth would develop into the top sawyer, but here, too, disappointment was in store, for he fell away subsequently.  Finally McConnachie after failing to satisfy as a half, was tried in the rear, which I all along asserted was the one position in which he was likely to do Everton any good, and after a shaky start Mac came out boldly in the closing stages.  Given a bigger infusion of fire McConnachie is not unlikely to turn out a splendid full back next season, and certainly the Everton directors deserve their reward in his case.  Concerning the middle line, matters were more satisfactory in the main.  Captain Taylor worked throughout with nearly all the old success, and finished up wonderfully fresh, whilst Makepeace put in one of his greatest seasons.  Abbott, however, failed in his paces somewhat after Christmas and perforce gave way to the fast-improving Adamson, who alone of Everton’s junior members proved himself worthy of sustained promotion.  Then in the later stages Val Harris fully demonstrated that Everton will experience difficulty next season in picking a representative team without him.  If there were shortcomings at full-back, the same thing applies in the forward department.  More ineffective attacking machinery has seldom sported the Everton colours.  Jack Sharp suffered somewhat through lack of a congenial partner, but even Sharp himself seldom rose to the occasion or maintained the standard of former seasons.  Settle found increasing years troublesome, and Bolton lost much of his form.  Young was erratic, and Hardman displayed little of his former fire after Christmas.  Such men as Donnachie, Winterhalder, Chadwick, Mountford, Jones, Couper, and Rafferty did not realise expectations, whilst an accident robbed the club of the promising Len Woods.  Coleman proved an acquisition but all round the Everton attack compared ill with the attack of bygone seasons, and the Everton attack is a problem which will probably need facing next August.
Players Appearance
Scott 34; Young 33; Makepeace 31; Bolton 27; R. Balmer 26; W. Balmer 26; Sharp 23; Taylor 23; Hardman 22; Abbott 21; McConnachie 21; Settle 21; Adamson 16; Donnachie 16; Coleman 13; Mountford 10; Booth 8; Stevenson 8; Jones 5; Freeman 4; Sloan 4; Winterhalmer 4; L. Woods 4; Chadwick 3; Crelley 3; Val Harris 3; Rouse 3; Borthwick 1; Couper 1; Strettle 1. 
Young 16; Bolton 9; Settle 7; Coleman 5; Sharp 4; Mountford 3; Hardman 3; Makepeace 2; Taylor 2; Jones 2; Rouse 1; Abbott 1; Booth 1; Freeman 1; Armstrong (Notts Forest) 1.  Total 58.    

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 02 May 1908

May 2, 1908. The Liverpool Football Echo
Sloan has been transferred by Everton to Liverpool. He orginally came from Ireland-Belfast Distillery was the club, and it is not a matter of surprise that Liverpool have taken an Everton player. The wonder is that the Anfield club did not take certain other ex-members of the Blues team- Wintrerhalmer or Abbott.

May 2, 1908. The Liverpool Post and Mercury.
Everton have signed the following players, for next season: - Scott, and Berry, goalkeepers, W + R Balmer, MaConnachie, Strettell, Stevenson, and Meunier backs Makepeace Taylor, Adamson Borthwick, Harris, and Rafferty, half-backs Sharp, Bolton, Coleman, Freeman, Young, Donnachie, Mountford, Dawson, Evans, Woods Chetwood, Crews, Couper and Jones, forwards.
Settle, Booth, Crelly, and Abbott have not been retained.

May 5, 1908. The Liverpool Courier.
Winterhalmes of Everton has been transferred to Preston North End.

May 6, 1908. The Liverpool Echo
Everton Mr Cuff, informs us, that Everton have beaten Chelsea in the match at Haarlem. Chelsea did not improve the luck of either of the Mersey club's records last season; so three will be a little consolation in the knowledge that on tour Everton beat the pensioners by no fewer than 4 goals to nil. This was the consititution of the successful team: - Scott, W. Balmer and R. Balmer, backs, McConnachie, Taylor (Captain), and Adamson half-backs Donnachie, Coleman, Freeman Bolton, and Mountford forwards . The winning team received gold medals after the match. The men return to Liverpool by Saturday.

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 09 May 1908
By Richard Samuel.
As announced last week, Everton have almost completed their signing-on process for another season.  Sloan’s departure to the Anfield fold was rather unexpected, and of course, Everton will certainly need another recruit for this important position.  Crelley is still young and able enough to serve some League club in need of a full-back whose forte is tackling.  It is with regret that the familiar forms of Booth and Abbott will no longer be hidden neath an Everton jersey.  Booth shaped better last season than in the two preceding ones, but on the whole Everton’s treatment of this gentlemanly professional has been of the generous order, and he cannot grumble if the management decide to give a younger man the preference.  The absence of Abbott’s name is somewhat in the nature of a surprise to the writer, for if never fast Walter was a rare plodder; seldom brilliant, but a worker to the last.  In the Toffees’ closing reserve match he was the best man on the field, and I feel rather inclined to think a mistake has been made in letting him go, especially as the club has only thus far secured five half-backs.  Then there were “possibilities” regarding Abbott as a full-back.  McCormack the Novocastrain evidently failed to please, and has not been retained.  This is honourable.  Far better to let a man go at once over whom a mistake has been made rather than keep him hanging on simply because a director or directors “hope:” he may justify their early “impressions.”  I write this without knowing or caring who was responsible for “Macs” arrival on Merseyside.  Settle should still make a capable “general” for some aspiring team, and I trust Winterhalder will get more ample opportunities at Preston than he somehow seemed to get at Goodison.  Of the Everton men retained, I admit to surprise thereat in some four or five instances; but, of course, the retort is “Where are we to look for better?” 

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 09 May 1908

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 09 May 1908
On Thursday, the Wanderers signed Robert Graham, the inside forward of the Everton club.  During the whole of last season he wasted his talents in Everton’s Reserve team –though he helped his club to win the Lancashire Combination championship in ready fashion.  “With many a club,” said a writer in the Everton programme some time ago, “he would have been a regular member of the first team, but Everton have been well satisfied with their inside forward for the last two years, hence Graham has had no real chance of showing what he is capable of accomplishing in the highest fights of football.  He has a capital idea of the inside game, and he has gained a high reputation with the reserves for the quality of his football.  As White has refused to sign again, the Wanderers’ directors believe they have by the acquisition of Graham satisfactorily filled the vacancy at inside left, though he is equally at home as an inside right.  He was born at Glasgow 26 years ago, and learned the rudiments of football whilst perfecting his education at Bellahouston Academy, playing half-back and forward for three out of his five years’ stay there.  When 15 he played for a season with a junior team in the suburbs of Glasgow called Cartha, but ambitious enough to take a trial with Queen’s Park when only 16 he impressed the Hampden Park people, and was signed.  Twelve months later he became a professional for Third Lanark and for three and a half years was a regular member of the Scottish League team, his position varying from inside right to inside left.  He helped his club to win the Scottish and Glasgow League championship and the Glasgow Cup, whilst he was thrice capped by Glasgow against Sheffield in inter-county events.  After nearly four years stay he crossed the border to assist Fulham, but he went back to the Volunteers after a season of Southern League football, and then was snapped up by Everton, standing 5ft 7in high, Graham is sturdily built and weighs about 11 stone.  He has several times played against the Wanderers whom would have engaged him twelve months ago, but Everton would not part with him. 

May 9, 1908. The Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury
Bolton Wanderers have signed on Graham of Everton, who joined the Goodison-park club two seasons ago, when he hailed from Third Lanark.

May 13, 1908. The Liverpool Courier.
James Settle, who has assisted Everton for quite a number of seasons, was yesterday transferred to Stockport County. The well-known international's services have been eagerly sought for since the close of the season by a number of First League and Southern League clubs. Settle, who was formerly with Bury, played against Scotland nine years ago, and again three seasons later. He has also been capped against Wales and Ireland.

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 16 May 1908
By Richard Samuel.
And so the inimitable, strutting, bantam-like James Settle has finished his association with Everton, and one more familiar face and form drops out of the Goodison arena.  Everton is the poorer thereat, for Settle’s luring play was ever an attraction.  In his early Bury days Settle savored more of the unpolished giant in miniature.  His heart was big, though his frame was small, and he fairly ran through opposition defences – including Everton’s.  With international honours falling fast, he quickly took upon himself to perfect a more dignified type of game, and as successor to Edgar Chadwick assisted Everton in the gaining of many triumphs, and in the acquisition of many points.  Nothing save a heavy, robust back ever upset his perpendicular.  We shall miss him, and so too will his former partner.  He should prove a valuable recruit to Stockport County.

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 16 May 1908
Everton will look strange minus the familiar faces and figures of James Settle and Walter Abbott.  Both men joined the Blues about the same time nearly 10 years ago, and it was intended that whilst Abbott would figure at inside left, Settle would be duly installed at inside right.  However, Abbott proved rather slow for a forward; he quickly developed as a left half, and this necessitated the bringing back to Settle to his International position –inside left.  Now the two players are to take their departure together, Abbott late last evening being booked by Burnley.  Settle, of course has already booked his ticket to Stockport.  As regards the big half-back there is a very strong opinion on Merseyside that he might have been usefully retained for service in the rearguard.  This opinion was often given expression to doxing the last winter, when the veteran was still with the Blues, and nobody knew that he would yet leave them.  Everton are not too well supplied with full-backs, and Abbott is not without either dash, resource, or tackling power, whilst his ability to feed the men in front of him should not be forgotten.  Some backs can clear with ponderous kicks, yet without giving their advance guard any advantage.  Abbott however, knows a trick worth two of that.  He should be a good servant to Burnley.

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 16 May 1908

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 16 May 1908
The Everton Football ground is to be utilized next Friday for a big junior carnival, 1,800 children from the day schools are going to put in an appearance to celebrate Empire Day, with drills, colony representations etc., worked on the lines of last year’s Liverpool pageant.

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 16 May 1908
Olympian’s Corner
The tendency of the times as regards the cost of running a first-class club is seen in the financial statement of the Everton F.C., particulars of which we gave in our last issue.  The items will repay examination.  Compared with Sunderland’s experience-and no doubt with the experience of other leading clubs, Bradford City, for instance –Everton may be said to have done well to clear a profit of 3,378.  And yet when we look back for a year the result is hardly so satisfactory.  The income has gone down from 21,670 to 17,878, the receipts at Goodison Park showing a very perceptible falling off, whilst the revenue in Cup-ties away was much diminished.  In 1907 the profits amounted to 5,980, but in that year, it will be remembered, the team won its way to the final gallop at the Palace, which, of course, enriched the coffers of the club materially.  “Players wages and transfer fees, etc., 6,230 form a very considerable item, and yet as things go nowadays it cannot be deemed unreasonable.  It is generally admitted that Everton have one of the best managed businesses in the Kingdom, and with 24,357 standing as the balance to the credit of the profit and loss account, the club is in a very enviable position.  How this will be affected when unlimited wages and bonuses are in force remains to be seen.  The probability is that it will become smaller rather than grow bigger.

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 16 May 1908

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 16 May 1908
By Richard Samuel
Everton’s annual balance-sheet usually makes most interesting reading, and the issued for 1907-8 is no exception to the rule.  With the club out of the running for League honours early on and failing to reach the Palace for the first time within three years we naturally did not expect a repetition of the phenomenal figures re income shown a year ago, after Everton had fought well and nobly both in Cup and League.  The there was a season’s surplus of £5,980; now there is one of £3,378 –a decrease of £2,602.  But when we recall that the 1906-7 gate receipts were £20,843 compared with £16,859 last season – a difference of £3,984 –it must be held that the 1907-8 figures work out handsomely.  Candidly, both profits and receipts for 1907-8 have agreeably surprised me.  Here are a few expenditure comparisons for 1906-7 and 1907-8;-
Players wages and transfer fees 1906-7 -1907-08
£7.440 0s 0d -£6.230 8s 6d
Gates Division to Visitors
£2,609 5s 6d- £2,198 2s 11d
Travelling Expenses 
£1,249 9d 8s - £1,081 4s 0d
Training expenses and trainers wages.
£744 3s 4d - £646 13s 2d
Ground expenses & groundmen’s wages
£463 0s 1d - £391 0s 5d
Clothing materials & stores
£278 3s 1d - £217 12s 3d
League, &c, subscriptions and donating
£426 9s 0d - £418 10s 4d
The above goes to show that in the more important matters of finance a decided saving was made last season compared with 1906-7.  Some comment has appeared on the fact that Everton last season spent £646 on their small training habits plus trainer’s salary.  I would remain readers that the apostrophe comes after the “s” in: trainers” and Messrs Elliott, and Lofthouse.  In the late season’s expenses, too, the club paid out £703 as the result of Young, Crelley, and Elliott’s benefit match.  Then to medical fees £57 17s, in 1906-7 we have to add for 1907-8; Medical fees and “players’ insurances” £208 18s. 
On the income side season tickets last winter brought in £701 2s. compared with £553 17s 6d., whilst dividends on investments reached £123 as compared with £51.  Of course the usual £97 7s. 6d aggregate divided will be paid on the called-up capital.  Minus this and after writing off depreciation of grand stands, etc., £1,569, there is a grand balance of £24,357 to carry forward.  Small wonder, then, that Everton despite the loss of Cup and League honours last season, are a happy family.  The annual meeting takes place on Monday evening.  The three retiring directors, Messrs E.A. Bainbridge, J. Davies, and G. Mahon, offer themselves for re-election.  After it has appeared likely that there would be either three or four rivals for directorship in opposition, the number has now dwindled down to one, this being Mr. John Blacoe, of Anfield-rd.  At the said meeting the proposal is to come forward which it shareholders season tickets for a merely nominal sum.  No lively proceedings of a George Wilson character are however, promised us this year.

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 16 May 1908

May 16, 1908. The Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury
It is officially stated that Walter Abbott, the well-know half-back of the Everton club, has thrown in his lot with the Burnley organisation. Abbott's departure will generally regretted, as since his membership of the Goodison-road team, he has proved himself a clever and gentlemanly player. He came to Everton from Small Heath, as a forward, with quite an enviable record as a goal gether, but playing at half-back for his new club' he soon established a good reputation in that position, and regularly played for Everton.

May 16, 1908. The Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury
William Michaels, an outside left, of the Seafield football club, has signed for Everton. Michaels is not yet twenty years of age. He weights about 11 st and stands 5ft 7ins, had a trial towards the end of the season just closed.

May 16 1908. The Liverpool echo
Preston have obtained the services of Chadwick, at a fee of £350, and they have got a bargin. It was quite a fortnight ago that I fought that Chadwick might go to Preston, he signed last night.


The Everton officals meet Harry Hock, the local player of Tranmere Rovers, to sign a professional form. They have also sign on Charles Pratt, who last season play at right half-back for Barrow, he is twenty three years of age. Stands 5ft 8ins and weights 12 stones. (Bees).

May 16, 1908. The Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury
We understand that Messrs, Horace Wright, and Herbert Allman, who were nominated for the position of directors of the Everton Football Club, have withdrawn. Mr. Blako is the only new name suggested. The retiring directors who often themselves for re-election, are Messrs. George Mahon, E.A.Bainbridge, and Davies.

May 21, 1908 Evening telegraph
William Muir the Scottish international goal, who played for Bradford City during the past season, has been transferred to the Hearts. Why Muir signed on at Dundee for Bradford City there was an agreement that whenever he wished to join another club he could have his transfer for £100. Muir played for Everton and he was for over five years with Dundee at Dens Park, leaving last May for Bradford

May 21, 1908. Evening Telegraph
Jack Kirwan the famous Irish Internationalist, has been signed by Mr. Maley for Clyde. Kirwan has about fifteen international caps for Ireland, and along with O'Hagan, now of Aberdeen at one time formed the famous Irish wing. He is very fast and a magnificent shot, he has seen service for Hotspur, Everton and Chelsea. In fixing up the player Clyde have done a piece of business which argues well for their success next season.

May 28, 1908. The Liverpool Courier.
Everton have signed on Lacey, from Dublin Shelborne club. He can play either inside of out side left. He is nineteen years of age stands 5ft 8 and half inches and weights 11 st 9lbs.

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 30 May 1908
Everton’s annual meeting on Monday evening passed off so harmoniously as these events usually do.  Although season 1907-8 had proved a disappointing one in a League playing sense, it had in other respects proved almost entirely satisfactory, and not the least important feature was the patronage according Everton, despite the club’s being placed entirely out of the running for League championship honours at a comparatively early stage.  The Everton directors, said Mr. E.A. Bainbridge, desired to record their appreciation of the staunch support given by the football lovers of Liverpool and district.  He also claimed on behalf of the directors that the club had been judiciously handled, and that the expenditure had been sept well within the income, as was shown by a season’s credit balance of over 3,000, despite the team’s disappointing League work.  Indeed, they would claim that in Everton they had one of the best-managed clubs in the country.  Reference was made of the fine manner in which Everton’s old bridge had season after season, kept the good old name of Everton in the forefront of English football, their club standing out as the most consistent of all.  “The” League’s organisations.  Season 1907-8 had shown them in a poor League light, which, he thought, was due to the men –with Manchester United safe for championship honours –concentrating all their efforts on the English Cup.  In this latter competition the directors had trusted their lot to the old brigade; and while it was true they fought manfully until defeated at Southampton, it was equally true that youth must be served.  But the lessons taught –that too much sentiment was a dangerous thing –would not be lost upon them.  His directors deeply regretted their inability to offer re-engagements to such faithful and well-tried players as Abbott, Booth, Crelley, and Settle, but these men left the club carrying with them the best of wishes for their future welfare.  Apart from their League failure, the club had done well in the F.A Cup competition and had also won from Liverpool the local Senior Cup, whilst their Reserve team had again won the Lancashire Combination championship in most decisive fashion. –In answer to a question as to what other clubs had received though gate-sharing in their matches with Everton last season, the amount were approximately given as under Southampton, £724; Bolton Wanderers, £500; Oldham Athletic, £400; and Tottenham Hotspurs  £300.  The club’s income from the Cup-ties had roughly been £3,000, whilst £11,000 had been spent on ground improvements in one summer.  Then followed the voting for the three vacancies on the directors’ board.  For this there were four candidates, and the “polling” ended as follows;- Mr. J. Davies, 238; Mr. G. Mahon, 236; Mr. E. A. Bainbridge, 192; and Mr. J. Blacoe 97.  The three retiring directors were, therefore, declared duly elected. 
Mr. Cuff announced the following as the players signed for next season.
Scott, C.H. Berry (Warrington);
W. Balmer, R. Balmer, Macconnachie, Stevenson, Strettle, Meunier.
Makepeace, Taylor, Harris, Adamson, Borthwick, Rafferty, Pratt, Finch (Cheshire).
Sharp, Donnachie, Bolton, Young, Mountford, Coleman, Couper, Dawson, Crews, Freeman, Woods, Chetwood, T. Jones, Buck, R.M. Evans.
A total of 31 players –The Secretary further stated that the club would in all likelihood secure two other forwards shortly.
Harold Hardman –Favourite.
It was announced with regret however, that there was a probability of business pressure keeping the popular Harold Hardman out of the field next season.  To lose that fine triangle –Hardman, Settle, and Abbott – at one stoke is indeed a serious matter; and it is curious that Crelley, who used to figure in the rear, will also be an Everton absentee next season.  Hardman is such an enthusiast, however, that one has hopes he will come out of his retirement “on occasions” to help that club to which he has long since become so endeared, just as he has long since become so endered himself to the hearts of Goodison devotees.  I have confidence that in the future Hardman will prove himself that real friend –“the friend in need” should Everton ever be “fixed.”  Meanwhile I trust that the proposed testimonial fund to Hardman –with the Everton club at the head thereof –may prove the great success it deserves to be.  Ever since I drew attention to Hardman’s prowess when he was a Blackpool F.C, “unknown quantity,” I have followed his career closely, and candidly, I know of no present-day exponent of the game who so closely approximates to the ideal football enthusiast, and one who, too, possesses ability, enthusiasm and true sportsmanlike in equal parts.  We shall be sorry to miss those lion-hearted dashes for goal which tended to make the dullest game more than passable.  Hince I trust his testimonial will prove of a record-making character among such.  He has been liberal in his giving to Everton, hence what more fitting than that he should receive a “bumper?” 
Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 30 May 1908
This is the name of Everton’s latest addition the matter of playing strength.  Lacey is an Irish man, and was last season with the Shelborne club, Dublin.  He is an inside or an outside left and only 19 years of age.  Lacey height is 5ft 8 half in and he weighs 11st 9lbs.

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 30 May 1908

Cricket and Football Field - Saturday 30 May 1908










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