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Athletic News - Monday 03 May 1909
Players Used -27
League appearances
Adamson (H), 7; Balmer (R.) 35; Berry (CH), 2; Bolton (H) 4; Borthwick (JJB) 1; Barlow (GH) 23; Buck (HS) 1; Clifford (R.) 9; Coleman (JG) 33; Dawson (H) 3; Donnachie (J) 4; Freeman (BC) 37; Harris (V) 36; Jones (T) 5; Lacey (W) 1; Macconnachie (J) 38; Makepeace (H) 33; Mountford (HW) 2; Rafferty (D) 1; Scott (W) 36; Sharp (J) 31; Stevenson (W) 2; Strettle (S), 1; Taylor (JD), 27; Turner (RF) 5; White (W) 18; Young (A) 23
Goal Scorers
Freeman 38; Coleman 19, Young 9, Sharp 6, GH Barlow 4, White 3, Taylor, Turner and R. Crompton each 1- Total 82.
The penalty marksmen
Sharp took 3, scored 2
In total there was 112 penalty’s awarded in the First Division; 76 were scored and 36 missed.

Athletic News - Monday 03 May 1909
By Harricus
Everton who retain the Cup, have adopted the policy of making as few changes as possible, which is not the custom of some of the League clubs.  No player has figured in every Combination game, but D. Rafferty has only missed one match, and W Lacey and C.H. berry three each.  The other players who have borne the brunt of the work are R. Anderson, J.B. Borthwick, H.S. Buck, T. Clifford, T. Jones (the record scorer) J.B. Meunier, H. Mountford, W. Stevenson, and J. Strettle. 

May 14, 1909. The Liverpool Courier.
A goodly number of football enthusiasts including not a few of the fair sex, assembled at Lime-street Station yesterday to witness the departure of the members of the Everton team for London on route for the Argentine. The players were Berry, R. Balmer, MaConnachie, Harris, Taylor, Adamson, Clifford, Jones White, Freeman, Rafferty, Mountford and Lacey. They are accompanied by two directors Messrs A.E. Bainbridge and A.R. Wade, and Trainer Elliott, while there were also in attendance at the station: Dr. Whitford, Messrs J. Davies, and D.E.Kirkwood, and Mr. C. Cuff (secretary). To-day the party, who embark on the R.M.S.P. steamer Aregiaya at Southampton, will be joined by the members of the Tottenham Hotspur team with whom during the three weeks stay in the Argentine, seven matches will be played. It is also expected that fixtures will be arranged with South American teams.

Athletic News - Monday 17 May 1909
Everton have long been recognized as one of the wealthiest clubs in the country, but their balance-sheet for the past season must entitle them to the proud position of premiership in this respect.  Prior to the season which has just ended they had during the three previous years enjoyed a remarkable run of success in the English Cup-ties, which brought fame and fortune to their name.  Their dismissal from the competition in the second round of the ties last February was expected to make a reduction in their gain, but the balance-sheet just issued shows that the club has actually made a profit on the season’s working of 5,011 7s 7d.  A few details of the income and expenditure of this splendidly-managed club may be interesting, and we may say in parenthesis, that no small credit for this excellent result is due to the efficiency and zeal of the club-secretary, Mr. W.C. Cuff.  The gate receipts amount to 15,012 7s 5d, while proceeds of matches played away realized 748 6s. 5d. Season ticket holders paid 473 1s 6d., and the total income amounted to 16,566 1s 4d.  on the expenditure side occur following items; Players’ wages and transfer fees, 5,074 4s 10d; travelling expenses, 1,128 12s; training expenses and trainers wages 520 4s 9d.. ground expenses and groundsmen’s wages 438 6s, 6d., while the generosity of the club has been amply shown by the fact that in benefits matches to players a sum of 1,119 14s, has been handed over.  After making all due depreciation in the matter of ground and office appliances, the club can now carry forward the hugh sum of 27,833 5s, to its credit, and Everton can proudly hold its own as the wealthiest club in the kingdom.  The annual meeting will be held on the 24th inst., and the directors are naturally recommending a dividend of 5 per cent per annum on called-up capital.  The retiring directors who are offering themselves for re-election are Messrs. W.R. Clayton, D. Kirkwood, and R. Wilson, but there is another nomination, so that a contest will be necessary. 
The vacancy on the directorate caused by the regrettable death of Mr. George Mahon has never been filled, and a proposition will be forthcoming from the Board that the number of directors be reduced to eight instead of nine, as heretofore.  The former number is considered as amply sufficient for the proper conduct of the club’s affairs, and will, therefore, be submitted for approval. 
Freeman A Non-Starter
Next week the full strength of England will embark in charge of Mr. J.J. Bentley, to play matches with Hungary on May 29 and 31, at Buda-Pesth (where the International Federation conference will be in progress) and with Austria at Vienna on June 1.  The team selected to oppose Scotland last month was chosen for the tour, but Freeman is unable to make the trip. 

Athletic News - Monday 24 May 1909
It is a well-known fact that Bert Freeman of Everton, established a new record in league football by scoring 38 goals during the season, and the triumphs of the other marksmen have already been set forth.  But there is another side to this matter of goals scoring which is worthy of some attention.  To merely set forth the sources of a cricketer would be very unsatisfactory to the devotees of the summer game.  Similarly there is far more in a season's goal record than is conveyed in there mere total.  For instance, in one aspect, even Freeman has been outshone although apart from his great aggregate he surpassed all competitors in four times scoring thrice and eight times scoring two goals in one match.  Five players have done in league football what the great Everton marksman was unable to accomplish in any match, viz, scored 4 goals in the same afternoon.  Of course the honours of the year have been rightly awarded to the Evertonian; his consistency was indeed remarkable, especially when it is remembered that he only once failed to score in a League match between September 19 and December 19.  His successes are worth setting out in detail.  here is his League record;- 2,2,1,1,2,3,1,1,3,2,1,1,2,1,2,1,3,1,3,1,2,2-38.

Athletic News - Monday 31 May 1909
Uninterrupted harmony prevailed at the annual meeting of the Everton club, which was quite natural seeing that the directors had to place before the shareholders a balance sheet showing a profit of 5,011 7s, 7d. Under such circumstances it was impossible for anyone to bring forward a grievance, and the three retiring directors, Messrs Clayton, Kirkwood, and Wilson were re-elected in decisive fashion.  Mr. Clayton has now completed his majority with Everton, having served the club faithfully for twenty-one years.  He was a guiding spirit when the spilt occurred at Anfield, and he has been a stalwart on the Everton board ever since.  An item worthy of more than passing comment was that in the secretary’s report, which announced a third team would be again run next winter.  The idea is to encourage local talent, and with this object in view, the Tramway’s Ground at Green-lane has been secured for their use and the team entered in the new Liverpool County Football Combination.  One or two good juniors have already been brought under the immediate notice of the directors by this means, and there appears to be ample justification for the ambitions of the Secretary, Mr. W.C. Cuff, who expressed the hope that Everton, one day, would win the English Cup and the League Championship with a purely local eleven.


May 1909