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May and closed season 1931



May 1 st 1931. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Blackpool have signed on J. Wilkinson, the Everton right-winger, who went to Goodison Park from Newcastle United, he stands 5ft 8ins in height and weights 19st 10lbs. He will not be eligible to play in Blackpool's vital game with Manchester City tomorrow. Wilkinson has been useful in the Central League games for Everton, and occasionally assisted the senior side.



May 1 st 1931. Evening Express

By the Pilot

The proposed tour of Sweden, and Denmark has been cancelled. The Swedish F.A. have stated that, owing to the congestion of the League fixtures there, they could not permit matches with a touring team until those matches were played.

“Good by” Second Division.

Everton will say this tomorrow, when they play their final match under the auspious of the Division –Preston North End at Deepdale. The Blues have an opportunity of putting up a goals record for the second Division, if they score three times against Preston, they will pass Middlesbrough's record of 122 goals secured when they won promotion in season 1926-27. I understand that Dean's ankle injury is likely to keep him out of the team, in that case Martin will lead the attack. Dunn returns to inside right. Everton; Coggins; Bocking, Cresswell; McClure,, Gee, Thomson; Critchley, Dunn, Dean of Martin, Johnson, Stein.



May 2 nd 1931. Liverpool Post and Mercury

•  Clark, the Luton Town, right half-back has signed for Everton, Clark has been a crople of the season with Luton. He stands 5ft 7ins, and weights 12st, this will not be his first experience in the senior League, for he had two seasons with the Arsenal.


PRESTON NORTH END 2 EVERTON 1 (Game 42)-(Lge Game 3094 over-all)-(Div 1 3052)

May 4 th 1931, Liverpool Post and Mercury

Everton Lose the Last match

Preston's Promising young forward.

By “Stork.”

At Deepdale, Everton were well beaten by a moderate game. The first half was more like a friendly match –plenty of intricate footwork with little punch to finish it off. Bocking the new Everton back on his first half showing pleased. He is well built, and his kicking was clean, and crisp with tackling that brooked of no denial, but as was to be expected he did quite grasp some of Cresswell's feat, but this of course, will come with experienced of the Everton methods. In the second half he was not quite so good, neither was Cresswell, who had a brilliant first half.

Cresswell Hesitates.

It was hesitating on the part of Cresswell which brought Barth his second goal. He was too good, and Bargh rapped in and took the ball and hit a fine goal, somewhat similar to the one he had in the opening six or seven minutes previously. Bargh had stepped up from the “A” team, and North End should be amply repaid for their foresight in giving this youth encouragement. He is yet in his teens, but has some touches worthy of a more experienced player. Gee had to retire in the second half, with a badly cut eye, and Critchley and Stein were limping, but in fairness to Preston, it mist be stated that they had retained their two goals lead with Everton at full strength. It was not until late on that Coggins was tested to the full and had a bit of luck when Smithers struck the upright. Reid also hit one up against the workwork, and on the whole Preston were the more dangerous side. Martin goal was only made possible after Hampton had stopped an effort by Stein. Preston won on their merits; their forwards were the lively lot, and Crawford, the left half gave a brilliant exhibition of constructive football, and Kerr, the ex-Evertonian was a sound full back. Teams; Everton; Coggins, goal; Bocking and Cresswell (captain), backs; McClure, Gee and Thomson, half-backs; Critchley, Dunn, Martin, Johnson, and Stein, forwards. Preston North End; Hampton, goal; Ward and Kerr, backs; Nisbett, Nelson and Crawford half-backs; Reid, Bargh, Smith Scott and Farrell, forwards.



May 4 th 1931. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Central League (Game 42)

Everton, evidently affected by the end of the season, never displayed true form at Bury. The home side adopted sparkling conhesive methods. Hope performed the hat-trick in twelve minutes, Smith adding another 24 minutes later. Everton were outplayed until they rallied strongly towards the finish. Griffiths was the cleverest visiting half-back, but the forwards never get the measure of the home defence. Hope headed the fifth goal on time.

Everton “A” 4 Skelmersdale United 1

Liverpool County Combination.

At Stopgate Lane. As the result of their victory, Everton became runners up. Cunliffe opened the scoring, and before the interval Davies added a second, Fryer increased the score soon after the resumption. Rowson reduced the arrears, and later Fryer netted Everton's fourth goal.



Mat 4 th 1931. Evening Express

By the Pilot.

Everton's first investment in building up a team worthy of the First Division has proved a sound one. Billy Bocking, the full back secured during the week from Stokcport County is a really good player. Bocking is the double of Ben Williams, he is made of rather larger lines but I have never seen such a striking resemblance when he is in action. He was best Evertonian on the field in the match at Preston. A relentless tackler and hefty kicker, he introduced thought into his work. His positional play was faultless, and he can use both feet. Gee was the only other Blue to earn honours in this lethargic encounter won 2-1 by Preston. Gee was always contributed pretty yet effective football, and it was unfortunate that he should received such a severe injury in the second half as a double cut over his left eye. With Critchley a passage owing to ankle trouble, the Blues were reduced to nine sound men, but had they been at full strength all through I think the North end would have won. They deserved to.



May 5 th 1931. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Everton back for Tranmere

By John Peel.

Tranmere Rovers have signed George Cook, a right full back, of Everton. He is a powerful and speedy defender, twenty-two years of age, stands 5ft 11ins, and weights 12 st 11 lbs. Cook was transferred to Everton last season from Blyth Spartans, and was a regular member of the Central League team. He also made one appearance with the League team. He should strengthen the Rovers defence. Former Everton players who have been with Tranmere Rovers during the past season are Livingstone, Kennedy (A), Barton, and Meston.



May 6 th 1931. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Everton have now, transferred three players, Wilkinson the forward went to Blackpool, Cook the full back has joined Tranmere Rovers, and now Towers a left half-back, he has been secured by Southport. Towers is twenty-one, stands 5ft 8ins, and weights 11 st . He hails from Darlington.



May 9 TH 1931. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Everton have signed J. Archer a left back from the Walsall Club, twenty years old, Archer stands 5ft 9ins and weights 10st 9lbs.



May 15 th 1931. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Its is reported, that the officials of the Everton are about to signed on another forward, and it is said that a player associated with the Second Division club last season, may go to Goodison Park. There is, no official information on the point, but a right winger with a Midland club has been mentioned in this connection. With Wilkinson transferred to Blackpool, Everton can do with another right winger, so far the new Everton players number three –Bocking, the Stockport County back, who played in the last match of the season at Preston Clark right half-back from Luton Town, and Archer, left back from Walsall.



May 20 th 1931. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Everton today signed on Griffiths, the brilliant Port vale outside right. I do not believe the story of how Phil Griffiths joined Port vale, has ever been told before, I have the authority of Mr. Tom Morgan, Port Vale shrew manager, for the following facts, say our Staffordshire correspondent, in the close season of 1926, young Griffiths, who had been playing with the Tylorsrown Club in South Wales, was give a trial with stoke City, he did not impress Mr. Tom Mather, Stoke City manger, and the youngest was given a trial with Port vale who signed him in August 24 th 1926. He joined the club as a centre-forward, but after only three matches, he was injured and when he resumed he was try at outside right. He played in that position ever since.



May20th 1931. Evening Express

Everton Turn a loss into a profit.

What Goodison costs.

By the Pilot

It does not always pay a football club –financially to be in Division 1, of the League. Sometimes there is more money in Division 2. This has been Everton's experience, at any rate. Their year in the Second Division has resulted in their turning a loss of £12,560 into a profit of £9,755. And so, although they were unfortunate to lose their place in the “first flight,” for a season, their period in Division 2 has had some compensation. The 52 nd annual report of the directors shows that there is a balance to be carried forward of £50,033 3s 4d, after paying the recommended divided of 7 and half per cent. Out of this £2,577 5s 7d is allowed for depreciation, leaving £50,146 7s 8d, and the directors recommend the payment of a divided of 7 and half per cent, amounting to 113 4s 4d., leaving a balance to be carried forward of £50,033 3s 4d. The profit –I anticipate that it will be one of the highest made by a Football League club last season –is largely accounted for the fact that, whereas the previous season £35,574 was spent in players wages and transfer fees, last season only £10,658 10s was expended on these items.

Gate Receipts.

Gate receipts showed only the slightest decrease, last season's figures being £43,929 3s, against £45,450 3s 7d, the season before. The playing area at Goodison Park proved an expensive item, and the ground expenses, including wages took £4,002 as compared with only £2,264 the previous season. The retiring directors are Dr. C. S. Baxter, Mr. E. Green, the vice-chairman, and Mr. A. R. Wade, but as no other nominations have been received they will be declared re-elected for a period of three years at the annual meeting, which will be held at the India Buildings Water street, on Thursday, may 28.



•  May 2, 1931

£ s. d. £ s. d

To players' wages and transfers fees, etc 35574 0 0 10658 10 0

Players Benefits 1225 0 0 1015 0 0

Medical Fees, players Accidents Insurance's etc, 589 5 1 399 14 5

Gate Division to visitors 5496 3 8 7829 13 4

Travelling Expences 3305 0 11 3310 6 0

Advertising, posting, printing and stationary 321 0 1 365 6 7

Gate expences, Checkers etc, 1360 4 10 1382 7 3

Training Expences and trainers Wages 1249 2 10 926 7 3

Ground Expences and Groundsmen Wages 2264 6 3 4002 2 10

National Health and Unemployment Insurance's 155 1 1 145 14 2

Rent Rates, taxes, Lighting, Water

Telephone, insurance's etc 3982 10 4 2220 14 10

Entertainment Tax 7050 0 4 6716 14 2

Offices Expenses, Secretary Salary, Postage's etc,1067 12 5 1062 7 2

Bank Interest and Commission 290 11 11 569 2 9

Clothing, Materials and stores 340 14 1 345 19 3

League Percentages, Subscriptions,

Contributions etc 646 1 6 617 14 10

Law Costs and accountancy Charges 75 19 9 285 14 0

Total 65091 15 1 42053 7 8


Balance to profit and Loss Account 9755 17 7

65091 15 1 51809 5 3



•  May 2, 1931

£ s d £ s d

By gate Receipts 45450 3 7 43929 3 0

Proceeds of matches played away etc 6006 8 6 7021 1 3

51456 12 1 50950 4 3

percentage of International Match 59 7 0

season tickets 612 2 6 438 17 6

Advertising, Contractors for programmes

Hoarding and Refreshments 291 2 0 291 2 0

Share Transfers Fees 1 5 0 3 12 6

Rent from subtenants 111 5 0 125 10 0

51809 5 3

balance to Profit and loss Account 12560 1 6

65091 15 1 51809 5 3

Sports Pie

•  Harry Ritchie, the former Everton winger, resigned form Dundee yesterday. He was offered a re-arrangement at the end of the season, but there was delay owing to a disagreement on the question of terms.



May 21 st 1931. Evening Express

An average of a goal in three matches is the record of Phil Griffiths Everton's new outside right from Port Vale in his Second Division matches with the Hanley club. In 95 matches he claimed no fewer than 32 goals, a remarkable achievement for a wingermen. Age 22, 5ft 9ins, and 10st 12lbs Griffiths learned the art of shooting while playing as centre for his local team, Tylorstown, for who he scored 60 goals in one season.



May 29 th 1931. Evening Express

Gates Fourth Best in the Country

By the Pilot.

Everton's determination to stay in the first division now they have won back their status is evident from a speech made by the club's chairman (Mr. W.C. Cuff) at the annual meeting last evening. “We have taken steps to strengthen our playing staff, and while we are well satisfied with the progress, we have made up to now, we have not finished. “We are on the look-out for players of other clubs who will be able to maintain the traditions of Everton, and as soon as we find them we will make every possible effort to secure their services.”

Everton's gates receipts last year were the fourth biggest in the Football League. The only clubs which had a larger in their home matches were Arsenal, Chelsea, and Aston Villa.

In moving the adoption of the accounts which showed a profit of £9,755 with a balance to be carried forward to next year of £50,933, Mr. Cuff eurhpasisted the fact that the cost of returfing the Goodison Park playing area and renovating the drains was included in last year's accounts. “I would reveal that 12 months ago we were scented to an indefinite period in the Second Division” continued Mr. Cuff, but the Board backed by the loyalty of the players, set out to remedy that position. “notwithstanding the Jeremiads and wi-ea-res, who said we would have to develop a kick and rush style to combat the energetic style of our Division 2 opponents, we were determinated not to abandon the style of play, and the judgement was justified.


Mr. Cuff announced that Coggins, the goalkeeper, was making rapid progress following his recent operation for appendents. “Coggins was extremely ill,” he said “and for three or four days his life was despaired of, but happily he has taken a decided turn for the better and is now on the high road to recovery. The accounts were adopted and the three retiring directors –Messres E. Green (vice chairman) and A. Wade and Dr. C.S. Baxter –were re-elected with out opposition. Votes of thanks to Mr. W.J. Sawyer, who retired from the directorate last October and so the directors, were passed. Mr. T.H. McIntosh, secretary announced the following players had been signed on for next season :- Goal; Coggins, Sagar, Backs, Williams, Cresswell, Common, Lowe, Parker, Bocking (Stockport County). Half-backs; McClure, Gee, Griffiths (T), Thomson, Britton, McPherson, Chedgzoy, Bryan, Lloyd, Hart, Clark (Luton Town), Arthur (Walsall). Forwards. Critchley, Dunn, Martin, Dean, White, Johnson, Webster, Stein, Rigsby, Leyfield, Cunliffe, Fryer, Griffiths (P) (Port Vale)

Sports Pie

•  McClure to tour with Football association in Canada



June 16 th 1931. Evening express

Torquay Tackle with Everton Football club Officials.

Prefers to Stay at Bristol

By the Pilot.

Everton have made another big effort to persuade Ronald Dix, the brilliant inside left of Bristol Rovers, to come to Goodison park, but Dix absolutely refuses to do so. During the weekend Mr. W.C. Cuff, the Everton chairman, and Mr. Tom McIntosh, the secretary made a special journey to Torquay, where Dix is spending a holiday to talk over the matter with the young bristolian. They talk over the matter, but did not talk him over. Dix remained adamant in spite of the fact that the opinion on his services secured by Everton still remain in force to the exclusion of all other clubs. presumably this being the curtain on the Everton and Dix negotiations for a season at least. I know Everton still want Dix, and expect that when the player is ready to seek new pastures he will come to Goodison Park. Everton have been watching Dix for two seasons now, and secure an option on him when they took Britton from Bristol and transferred Attwood to the Rovers. The option on Dix and Britton was for £3,000 0r £1,600 for either, it was in December last that Everton sought to exercise their options on Dix, but Bristiol Rovers said “No.” The Rovers contended that Dix was worth £4,000 or £5,000, and they contested the agreement. Dix also said he would not go to Everton. Eventually the matter was placed before the management Committee of the Football league, who ruled that Dix could not be transferred unless Everton agreed to it. Bristol unsuccessfully appealed against the finding of the Commission.

Sports Pie

•  on June 8 th addition Mr. Tom McIntosh, the Secretary of Everton, has been elected to the committee of the Football league secretaries and Managers Association.











May 1931