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May 1 1934. Evening Express.

Higham to Lead the Everton Attack Against Marine Tonight.

Everton and Marine meet at Anfield tonight in the final for the R.E.Lythgoe Memorial Cup. Everton have chosen a strong side and include several players with Football League experience. Marine have nine players who have represented their county association. The other two players G. Davies and W.J. Redfern, have both played with Everton Reserves. S.R. White, Marine's right winger, has appeared with Fulham Reserves and Hull City Reserves, and is an East Riding county man. It should be a rare encounter not to be missed. Everton: - King; Jackson, Bocking; Mercer, Clark, Archer; Critchley, Bentham, Higham, Stevenson, and Turner. Marine: - H.J. Drur; N. Kerr, D. Farmer; M. Worsley, A.S. Kelly, F. Bradley, S.R.A. White, J.K. Morgan, G. Davies, W.J. Redfern, and Garvey.



May 2 1934. Liverpool Post and Mercury

By John Peel.

The Everton team to meet Aston Villa in the final game on Saturday will include Cook, who has recovered from his injury at left back, while Geldard again appears on the extreme right with Higham as partner, Dean leading the attack with Stevenson and Stein on the left. The team is: - Sagar; Williams, Cook; Britton, Gee, Thomson; Geldard, Higham, Dean Stevenson, Stein. The Reserve eleven to visit Bolton for the Central League game is: - King; Bocking, Cresswell; Mercer, Clark, Watson; Critchley, Dunn, A. Dickinson, Cunliffe, Coulter. Dickinson is a young amateur from Guild and Sutton club from the Chester district, who is being given a trial.

Tonight's Game at Prenton.

The Everton team to oppose Tranmere Rovers at Prenton Park this evening in the Birkenhead Hospital Cup match be: King; Bocking, Cresswell; Mercer, Clark, Watson; Critchley, Dunn, Dean, Cunliffe, Coulter



May 2 1934. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Marine Test Everton Side

Everton Reserves 3 Marine 1

By their 3-1 victory over Marine at Anfield Everton won the R.E. Lythgoe Cup. That the amateurs were able to hold a strong Everton side to a couple of goals was indeed a meritorious performance. Redfern in the first half, and Davies after the interval, sent in shots that required all the skill of the agile King to save. The Marine defence can claim the credit for fully extending the Goodison attack. It was a great game, and when Redfern scored for Marine to equalise a goal by Bentham it was anyone's game for although Everton were doing most of the attacking, there was a tendency to over elaborate. Higham scored to give Everton the interval lead. Higham scored in the second half. It was a great cup-tie. Everton: - King goal; Jackson and Bocking, backs; Mercer, Clark and Archer, half-backs; Critchley, Bentham, Higham, Stevenson, and Turner forwards. Marine: - H.J. Drury, goal; N. Kerr and D. Farmer, backs; M. Worsley, A.S. Kelly, F. Fradley, half-backs; R. F. A White, J. K. Morgan G. Davies, W. J. Redfern, J. Garvey.



May 2 1934. Evening Express.

14 –Players to Visit Teneriffe

By the Pilot.

Everton will take 14 players on their forthcoming tour to Tenerife. These include a goalkeeper, three backs, three half-backs, and seven forwards. The tourists will be: Sagar; Williams, Cook, Cresswell; Britton, Gee, Thomson; Geldard, Higham, Dean Cunliffe, Stevenson, Stein, Coulter. They are due to leave Liverpool on Thursday of next week and three matches will be played at Tenerife. The Lord Major of Liverpool (Mr. G. A. Strong) is taking a personal interest in the tour, and has arranged to entertain the Everton directors and players to luncheon at the Town Hall on Tuesday.

Team To Meet Villa.

Everton conclude their football League programme on Saturday when they entertained Aston Villa at Goodison Park. The eleven will show three changes as compared with that which lost at Sunderland on Saturday 3-2. Cook, the Irish International left back, returns to his regular position for the first time since injuring a knee in the match at Wolverhampton on March 31. He takes the place of Cresswell. Stein, after playing in two matches at outside right, reverts to his customary position at outside-left in place of Coulter while Geldard resumes on the right wing. Everton have won only four league games at Goodison Park in 1934, and have drawn five times. They have a splendid chance of improving this record and winding up the season with a victory. The Villa have not enjoyed a good season, but they are one of the most attractive football combinations in the country and always serve up delightful fare. Everton; Sagar; Williams, Cook; Britton Gee, Thomson; Geldard, Higham, Dean, Stevenson, Stein.

Prenton Final.

Tonight Everton oppose Tranmere Rovers at Prenton Park in the final of the Birkenhead Hospitals Cup. Dean has been chosen to lead the forwards and so will be opposing the team from which he was transferred to Everton eight seasons ago. Everton have selected a strong team, King and Watson (T.G.) being the only two not to have played for the first eleven. Everton; King; Bocking, Cresswell; Mercer, Clark, Watson (T.G.); Critchley, Dunn, Dean, Cunliffe, Coulter.



May 3, 1934. Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury

Tranmere Rovers Beat Everton

Tranmere Rovers defeated a mixed Everton side, by 3-1 at Prenton Park last night in a charity game for the Birkenhead Hospital Cup, before about 3,000 spectators. The game as a spectacle was rather disappointing, and it was very obvious that members on both sides were playing in a very leisurely fashion and in certain instances this was carried to such an extreme as to become farcical. Everton opened promisingly enough, and for ten minutes played really classic football without, however, applying the necessary finish to make it manifest. Bell, on one occasion got in a fast low drive which King cleverly turned aside at full length, and the other end Dean once flicked the ball to Coulter, who should have done better than fire over from close in. After half an hour Everton forced a corner, on the left, and from this Cunliffe headed into the net. The lead was short-lived, for in seven minutes Urmson middled the ball, and after King out of goal, had made a save. Bell headed in, and although King turned the ball against the post the referee held that it had crossed the line.

Mercer's Run.

One of the best runs of the game was made by Mercer, who ran from the half-way line, and finished with a rousing drive, which crashed into the side netting. Tranmere took the lead two minutes after the first goal. Glaser heading through from a perfect centre by Pearson. There was little to enthuse over in the second half, during which Watts headed a third goal for Tranmere. Dean reappearing on the ground from which he stepped into fame, played very quietly and was scarcely seen the game through, much to the disappointment of the old admirers. Cresswell as usual was a polished defender and he was here there and everywhere, doing things in his own effective way to give point to a game that promised to be very poor. Mercer was earnest enough, and Cunliffe was an enterprising forward, but received no support. On the home side, Platt, Fishwick, Spencer, Glasper, and Bell were the most prominent. Result

Tranmere Rovers 3, Everton 1

Teams: - Tranmere Rovers: - Gray, goal; Platt and Warren, backs; Thomas, Fishwick, and Spencer, half-backs; Pearson, Watts, Bell, Glasper, and Urmson forwards. Everton: - King, goal; Bocking, Cresswell, backs; Mercer, Clark and Watson, half-backs; Birtley, Dunn, Dean (captain), Cunliffe, and Coulter, forwards.



May 5 1934. Evening Express, Football Edition

Poor Game With Aston Villa.

Each Side Misses Penalty.

By the Pilot.

Gardiner, the Bootle-born player, who is to tour with the F.A. team appeared in the Aston Villa side against Everton today at Goodison Park. The attendance was on the small side . Teams: - Everton: - Sagar goal; Williams and Cook, backs; Britton, Gee and Thomson, half-backs; Geldard, Higham, Dean (captain), Stevenson and Stein, forwards. Aston Villa: - Morton, goal; Blair and Nibloe, backs; Gardiner, Gibson and Kingdom, half-backs; Houghton, Beresford, Astley, Dix, and Cunliffe, forwards. Referee Mr. T. Thompson Lymington-to-Tyne. Everton got away at the outset Thomson's far-flung pass to Geldard bringing a delightful centre which Stevenson headed in accurately. Morton reached high up with his right hand to bring off a commendable save. Stevenson got Everton on the move again, Higham coming forward too fast to take advantage of Dean's pass. Higham twice broke through, Dean heading against the side netting from one of his centres. Then Stevenson frittered away a fine opportunity by holding on when his colleagues were in position for a pass. The Villa right wing, helped by the alert Gardiner, was a menace, but Astley's shot travelled wide. Astley shot straight at Sagar after a lovely “flick” pass by Dix. At 11 minutes Everton took the lead, Stevenson scoring his first League goal since joining the club from Glasgow Rangers. A poor clearance by Gibson enabled Dean to send Geldard away, but his centre was turned aside to Stevenson who hit the ball first time with his right foot and give the unpositioned Morton no possible chance.

Sagar Saves Penalty

Three minutes later the Villa were awarded a penalty. From a centre from Houghton, Astley leapt higher than Sagar and headed direct to the net. It appeared a certain goal, but Williams assumed the role of goalkeeper and made a brilliant one-handed save. The referee immediately awarded a penalty, which was taken by Houghton, whose terrific shot travelled to the right of Sagar, who shot his right hand out and fisted the ball away. It was a mighty save. The luck was against the Villa, for unquestionably Astley's header was worthy of a goal. The Villa then forced six corners in succession. From two of these Sagar had to turn the ball over the bar. Later Dix drove fiercely against the net support. Everton had a close up free kick taken by Stein, whose shot struck Beresford on the head and dazed him. Sagar then fisted the ball away from Astley's head. In half an hour Everton had a penalty, and though Stein had two “bites” at it he failed to score. Blair knocked down a Stein centre with his hand and the outside left drove the spot kick straight at Morton. Morton could not hold the ball, which came back straight to the feet of Stein who again placed it direct to Morton who was kneeling on the ground. His is the second penalty in successes, which Everton have missed. Some of Everton's passing was poor, but the wind was undoubtedly aiding the Villa. Astley drove through a bunch of players, Thomson kicking off the goal line. Higham juggled neatly to get Geldard through and Dean appeared to be fouled when he leaped through for a header. Everton got their first corner four minutes from the interval. Morton fisting away just before Gardiner had made a wonderful recovery after falling down when menaced by Stevenson.

Villa Draw Level.

The Villa drew level two minutes before the interval through Astley. There was neat interpassing between the forwards and Dix turned the ball in for Astley to swing round and score with a surprise shot from 18 yards. Sagar appeared slow in going down. Morton then went full length to save from Higham after a glorious dribble by Stein.

Half-time Everton 1 Aston Villa 1.

In the first half the hard ground, light ball and wind had militated against accurate football; yet there was plenty of incident. The football from both sides in the opening period of the second half was bad. Everton's forward work being below standard. There was little incident. One shot from Stein and headers from Geldard and Dean being the only likely scoring efforts. Williams was the one Everton player without fault. Most of the other endeavours were purely elementary. Everton adopted a policy of banging the ball into the goalmouth and this kept Morton on tenterhooks. Stein blazing high over after Dean had provided a shooting chance.

Villa Take-Lead.

The Villa took the lead in 71 minutes through Houghton. Cunliffe broke away after a long spell of attacking by Everton, and his centre went to Dix. Dix refused the shooting chance, and made a short pass for Houghton to hit a low shot to which Sagar appeared to fall too late. Four minutes later Dean levelled the score again –a really good goal taken with his left foot. The ball was lobbed down the centre, and though Gibson touched it with his head it ran towards the Villa goal. Dean raced ahead and placed a lovely shot into the top right hand corner of the net. Just after dean provided a gilt-edged chance for Higham, which was wasted. Gardiner, throwing in from a corner flag, placed direct to the goalmouth and Sagar, had to be quick to keep Dix at bay. Final Everton 2, Aston Villa 2.



April 5 1934. Evening Express, Football Edition.

An exchange of attacks saw Everton take the lead after six minutes, Dunn shooting from Coulter's centre. Bolton returned to the attack, forcing King to two good saves while two efforts by Watson were just too high. Clark shot just wide for Everton and when Bolton broke clear Hurst, the centre-half, ran through to shoot hard and low, but King saved magnificently. Cameron headed wide of an open Everton goal from Powell's centre, and Watson kicked over the ball in a goalmouth scramble. The home goalkeeper escaped miraculously during a spell of heavy pressure. King, at the other end, saved a succession of headers cleverly. An opening was made for Cameron, but he shot very badly, and forward shortcomings were keeping the Wanderers in arrears. Half-time Bolton Wanderers Res -, Everton Res 1. Everton attacked when the second half began, and after six minutes Critchley cut in to score a good goal. Off-side spoils a promising movement at the other end. Cameron was clever in the Bolton attack, but could not force his path through a packed defence.

Northern Nomads v Everton “A”

Everton invaded the Nomads territory, Bentham shooting past post. A spirited attack by Roberts and Gill for Nomads endangered the visitors' goal Jackson clearing. O'Reilly made a clever run, but from his pass Webster shot wide. Watson made a good attempt to get through and cleverly tricked two opponents, but Jones saved finely. Nomads had a chance but James could not connect with a centre. Everton were now playing strongly and a smart individual effort by Benson resulted in Webster scoring with a powerful drive. The nomads replied with a clever movement on the left and Deighton was forced to punch over the bar from a centre from Gill. Everton increased their lead when Birkley outwitted Cameron to run in and score. Half-time; Northern Nomads 0 Everton “A” 2.


EVERTON 2 ASTON VILLA 2 (Game 1478 over-all)-(Div 1 1436)

May 7, 1934. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Final Game at Goodison Park.

Everton and Aston Villa Draw.

By “Stork.”

Not often do we see two penalty kicks at Goodison park, but we saw two such kicks on Saturday, and from each the shooters missed. Everton and Aston Villa particularly in a 2-2 drawn game. It was a quiet sort of match, but those who like football for football's sake had their fill, both Everton and the Villa indulging in some intricate footwork, even though there was not a lot of punchy to follow up some good combination. The two penalty awards caused the most excitement. If Williams had not handed the ball out of the net Villa's spot kick would have been unnecessary, for nothing could have prevented the ball landing between the posts.

Sagar's Great Save.

I though Sagar was at fault, for when the ball came bouncing towards him he should have punched it clear before Astley got up to head it over his head. Houghton, who has a terrific shot, took the kick, but Sagar made amends with an amazing save. It was not a question of the ball striking him, for it was sailing safely under the bar until he shot up his hands and sent it spinning up in the air so that he was able to follow up and complete a grand save. Astley, however, had his revenge after a perfectly combined movement by the whole of the Villa right flanks the centre-forward scoring with a grand shot. Everton had taken a goal at ten minutes – a goal, which gave Stevenson his first for Everton. This was a magnificent shot after Geldard had centred and Blair had headed out to the Irishman. Houghton recovered the lead for the Birmingham side, and then came Everton's penalty. Blair handled a Stein centre, Stein was called upon to take the kick, but he drove the ball straight at goalkeeper Morton, from whom it cannoned back to Stein. Not often does a man get a second opportunity, but Stein did, and again his shot straight at the goalkeeper. However, Everton levelled the scores at 72 minutes. When the ball was last played Dean was in an offside position, but did not move. Gibson tried to head the ball clear, but only headed it on to Dean to put him onside. Dean accepted the grit to easily beating Morton. That was the conclusion of the scoring. Two men stood out in the game, Williams and Gibson. The former saved at least two certain goals through falling back on to his goal line. He was splendid throughout. Gibson could be seen everywhere. He kept a tight hold on Dean – in fact he usually had the measure of the three Everton inside forwards. Gardiner once of Liverpool F.C. has put on some weight, but he has greatly improved. His throws from touch were a feature. They were as good as corner kicks, and should have produced goals. Teams: - Everton: - Sagar goal; Williams and Cook, backs; Britton, Gee and Thomson, half-backs; Geldard, Higham, Dean (captain), Stevenson and Stein, forwards. Aston Villa: - Morton, goal; Blair and Nibloe, backs; Gardiner, Gibson and Kingdom, half-backs; Houghton, Beresford, Astley, Dix, and Cunliffe, forwards. Referee Mr. T. Thompson Lymington-to-Tyne.



May 7 1934. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Liverpool County Combination.

At Whiston. Birtley (2), Watson (2), Webster, Bentham and McArdle scoring.



May 7, 1934. Evening Express.

Liverpool and Everton League Scorers for Season.

By the Pilot.

Facts and figures about Everton and Liverpool, in connection with the past season's Football League matches, are brimful of interest. Do you know, for example that only two players in the Everton and Liverpool teams played in every football League match last season. They were Britton and Stein of Everton. Johnson and Blenkinsopp played in every match for Liverpool since joining the Anfield brigade. Here are the list of appearances of both clubs: -

Everton –Britton 42; Stein 42; Sagar 40; Thomson 38; Cook 35; Gee 29; White 27; Cunliffe 27; Cresswell 25, Geldard 24; Dunn 23; Johnson 19; Williams 18; Critchley 16; Higham 13; Dean 12; Stevenson 12; Archer 6; Jones 5; Coulter 3; Coggins 2; McGourty 1, J.G. Watson 1; Bocking 1.

Liverpool – Steel 40; Bradshaw 39; Hodgson 37; Hanson 36; Niuwenhuys 34; Morrison 33; Riley 32; McDougall 32; English 28; Dine 21; Taylor 19; Savage 15; Roberts (S.) 13; Tennant 13, Wright (D.) 12; Johnson 11; Scott 10; McPherson 0; Blenkinsopp 9; Wright (E.V.) 7; Barton 6; Carr 2; Bush 2; Roberts (J.) 1; Dabbs 1.

Everton in all, called upon 24 players during the campaign and Liverpool 25. Everton's 62 goals were scored by:- White 14, Dean 9, Stein 9, Cunliffe 9, Geldard 5, Higham 5, Dunn 4, Johnson 3, Critchley 3, Stevenson.

Liverpool scored 79 goals, and once against Gordon Hodgsoin is the top scorer. After he took over the leadership of the attack –in his last sixteen games – he failed to score in only five games. Here is the Liverpool scorers; - Hodgson 24; English 18; Hanson 12; Nieuwenhugs 9, Taylor 3, Roberts (S.) 3; Wright (D.) 2; Done 2; Johnson 2; Wright (E.V), 2; Morrison 1; Betton (Newcastle United) 1.

For one day –after the opening match –Everton headed the League table. Next week they fell to fifth place. The highest position Liverpool occupied in the League was fifth.

Here is the League positions of the club week by week.

Everton –1,5,14,14,11,1518,16,14,17,20,18,19,18,16,13,11,15,12,15,16,14,15,15,13,10,10,11,12,13,10,9,9,13,


Liverpool- 17,9,17,20,17,12,7,13,17,10,65,8,911,12,14,16,18,18,1818,19,19,181818,20,19,1919,20,18,18,18,18,


Inside Forwards Worries.

The inside left positions curiously enough caused most worry to both Everton and Liverpool. Liverpool tried eight players in this position and Everton six. The other inside positions were also sources of worry here are the players who figured in the various positions.


Goal; Sagar Coggins.

Right Back; Cook, Williams, Cresswell

Left Back; Cresswell, Bocking, Cook, Jones

Right half Britton

Centre Half; White, Gee

Left half Thomson, Archer

Outside Right; Geldard, Critchley, Stein

Inside Right; Dunn, Cunliffe, McGourty, Stevenson, Higham

Centre Forward; Dean, White, Cunliffe, Johnson, Higham

Inside Left; Johnson, Watson (J.G), Cunliffe, Stevenson, Higham, Coulter

Outside Left Stein, Coulter.


Goal Riley, Scott

Right Back, Steel, Tennant

Left Back; Dabbs, Done, Tennant, Blenkinsopp,

Right Half; Morrison, Savage

Centre Half Bradshaw, McDougall

Left Half; McDougall, McPherson, Savage

Outside Right; Taylor, Barton, Niuewenhuys

Inside Right; Hodgson, English, Barton, Taylor, Wright (E.V), Wright (D.)

Centre Forward; English, Roberts (J.), Bush, Barton, Wright (D.), Hodgson.

Inside Left; Wright (D.) Roberts (S.), Carr, Hanson, McPherson, Taylor, Morrison, Johnson

Outside Left; Hanson, Taylor, Barton.



May 21, 1934. Evening Express.

Sporting Club Beaten 2-1

Stein and Cunliffe Score.

By the Pilot.

Everton won the first match of their tour in Teneriffe when they defeated the local Sporting Club by 2-1 yesterday. The standard of Everton's play did not quite come up to the expectations of the spectators, but with Tenerife playing a determined game, they were fortunate to get away with a victory. The home team managed to control the ball better on the hard ground, which was devoid of grass, and they opened the scoring after ten minutes. They kept this lead well on in the second half. The weather was dull and there were only about 4,500 spectators present when play began. Teneriffe started off at a hot pace and persistent pressure was soon rewarded. The left winger made ground and passed across to the centre-forward whose shot was parried by Sagar, the Everton goalkeeper. The Teneriffe inside-left, however, followed up quickly and scored from the rebound. Everton made great efforts to get on equal terms before half-time, and both Stein and Dean, who were always conspicuous, had great shots well saved by the home goalkeeper.

The Equaliser.

Everton persisted in their efforts when play was resumed in the second half, and after the Teneriffe goal had undergone a number of narrow escapes Stein put the Englishmen on level terms. The movement was started by Gee, who transferred to Stein. The latter made a clever run through on his own and finished up with a splendid shot. Dean made a great effort shortly afterwards when he gathered a pass from the right wing, but he had the bad luck to strike the crossbar. Then the home goal had another miraculous escape when a great shot by Higham was tipped over the bar with difficulty. Keeping up the pressure Everton eventually took the lead through Cunliffe, who snapped up a pass at the half-way line and carried the ball into the goal area, where he made no mistake with a ground shot. Just previously the home centre-forward had got the ball into the net, but the point was disallowed for offside. The same fate befell the Everton team shortly afterwards, Dean having a goal disallowed. The outstanding players in the Everton side were Stein and Geldard, the wingers, who were a constant source of danger to the home defence. The Everton players had a pleasant journey to Las Palmas on the Dunbar Castle. A member of the party has sent me a detailed account of how the Blues fared on their 1,750 miles seas voyage. The Scotsmen in our party were honoured as soon as they steeped abroad,” he writes, “for when we walked up the gangway the ship's orchestra struck up' Annie Laurie.' It must have made Jimmy Stein and Jock Thomson feel at home. “We were given a right welcome by the ship's company, and it was not long before we had quite settled down to the trip. “One of our chief concerns was what the weather would be like, but when we awoke next morning we found ourselves abreast of the Channel Islands and the sea as calm as a millpond. “In out training we have often done Swedish drill and other drills under the eye of Trainer Harry Cooke, but the fire and lifeboat drill they put us through was something out of the ordinary. Can you imagine footballers struggling to get in and out of lifebelts?

Deck Tennis.

“The boys provided a surprise for some of the 2seasoned' travellers on board. Many were invited to have a game of deck tennis and thought they were on a 2good thing.' “They were not. They found the Everton players could beat them easily. They had no idea that Everton had been playing deck tennis for the seasons at Goodison Park. Harry Cook introduced it some time ago and the players have become expert. “Eventually we steamed into Les Palmas where we took the ferry to this lovely island. “Everyone is fit.” Everton's other games will be played this week.



May 22, 1934. Liverpool Post and Mercury

Tenerife, Monday-Everton F.C began their tour of the Canary Islands yesterday by beating the Teneriffe sporting club by 2 goals to 1. After a hard game. The standard of Everton's play did not quite come up to the expectations of the spectators and with Teneriffe playing a determined game they were fortunate to get away with a victory, the home team managed to control the ball better on the hard ground, which was devoid of grass, and they opened the scoring after ten minutes. They kept the lead until well on in the second half. The weather was dull and there were only about 4500 spectators. A shot was parried by the Everton goalkeeper, but the Tenerife inside-left scored from the rebound. Everton made great efforts to get on equal terms before half-time and both Stein and Dean, who were always conspicuous, had great shots well saved by the home goalkeeper. Everton persisted in their efforts when play was resumed in the second half and after the Tenerife goal had undergone a number of narrow escapes, stein put Everton on level terms. The movements was started by Gee, who transferred to stein. The latter made a clever run through on his own and finished up with a spendid shot. Dean made a great effort shortly afterwards when he gathered a pass from the right wing, but he had the bad luck to striker the cross bar. Then the home goal had another escape when a great shot by Higham was tripped over the bar with difficulty. Keeping up the pressure Everton eventually took the lead through Cunliffe, who snapped up a pass at the half-way line and carried the ball into the goal area where he made no mistake with a ground shot. Just previously the home centre forward had got the ball into the net but the point was disallowed for offside. The same fate befell the Everton team shortly afterwards, dean having a gaol disallowed. The outstanding players in the Everton side were stein and Geldard, the winger, who were a constant source of dangers to the home defence-Press Association special. Teams: - Teneriffe: - Fernandez goal; Ruperto, and Matroyo backs; Garcia, Morera and Cubas, half-backs; Pinapple, Rancel, Arenciba, Seman, And Quique, forwards. Everton: - Sagar goal; Williams and Cook, backs; Britton, Gee and Thomson half-backs; Geldard, Higham, Dean (captain), Cunliffe and Stein forwards.



May 25, 1934. Evening Express.

Second Game with Teneriffe Sporting Club

Dean Scorers for the Tourists

Teneriffe, today.

Everton F.C's second game with the Teneriffle Sporting Club, last night, was drawn, each side scoring once. Play was of a high standard throughout, but Teneriffe seemed to have slightly the better of matters in the second half. Everton started off in fine style, and their fine speedy and combined movements gave the home defence a busy time. It was not surprising when the tourists opened the scoring through Dean, who turned Stevenson's pass to account with a fine header. Teneriffe tried hard to get on equal terms, but there was no further scoring before half-time. Teneriffe's equalising goal came midway through the second half, when a doubtful penalty award was converted –Reuters.

New Golfing Experience

The Everton players are having quite a new experience at Santa Cruz. For the first time they are being called upon to play golf on links-barren of grass. It is the best training we can get here,” writes a member of the party to The Pilot “but I am afraid our game is not quite up to the English standard. “This is proving a most enjoyable trip, for everything is so strange here. You would not imagine the people knew anything about football, but they certainly can play well. “The team we are opposing beat the best team in Spain –Madrid –so you can appreciate that we are not exactly having a holiday when it comes to football. “Everyone keeps fit and happy, and this is proving one of the most enjoyable tours we had had.”



May 28,1934. Daily Post and Mercy

Clever heading by Dean.

Teneriffe, Sunday- After an exciting struggle in which the issued remained doubtful right up to the end Everton beat the porting club of Tenerife by 3 goals to 2 in their match played here to-day. The home side won the toss, and Everton kicked off facing a bright sun. After twenty-five minutes Everton scored the first goal as a result of a well staged attack in which Britton did some skilful dribbling from the half-way line lobbing eventually to Dean, who passed it on by a smart header to stein, the latter running in and netting neatly, Teneriffe counter-attack fiercely, and after a further fifteen minutes equalized .

Two minutes after half-time Everton scored again as a result of a header from dean to Stevenson, who tricked Tenerife's right back to put the visitors one up. Teneriffe, however were not discouraged, and again made a fierce attack, which was only thwarted by a wonderful save by Sager from a range of only two yards. Eight minutes later Everton scored a third goal thanks to a fine effort by Geldard. Teneriffe tried valiantly to make up lost ground, and ten minutes before the final whistle scored a second goal. Final Everton 3 Teneriffe 2:- Press Association foreign special.



May 28 1934. Evening Express.

Goals By Stein, Stevenson and Geldard.

Dean's Great Head Work.

Tenefiffe, Canary Island Today.

Everton are unbeaten during their tour in Teneriffe. They won the third game against the Sporting Club yesterday by three goals to two, and their record for the three games reads: won 2-1, drew 1-1, won 3-2. The game yesterday was an exciting one and the issue was in doubt right to the end. The skilful combination displayed by the visitors was warmly applauded by the spectators. Everton lost the toss and had to face a bright sun in the first half. The English side scored after 25 minutes as the result of a well staged attack. Britton led up to the goal-scoring with some clever dribbling from the half-way line. He then lobbed the ball to Dean, who passed it on to Stein with a neat header for Stein to dash in and score. Fifteen minutes further play saw Tenerife equalise after attacking strongly. That was all the scoring in the first half, but two minutes after the interval Everton went ahead again. This time it was the result of a header from Dean to Stevenson who tricked Tenereffe's right back and went on to Score. Despite the fact that they were again one goal down, Tenerife set up a fierce attack, which was only thwarted by a wonderful save by Sagar from two-yards' range. A fine solo effort by Geldard gave Everton a third goal eight minutes later. It was ten minutes before the end that Tenerife, who tried valiantly to recover their lost position, scored their second goal –P.A. Foreign Special.

Teneriffe's Welcome .

A member of the Everton party writing to The Pilot, says the Sporting Club show suprising skill for a team belonging to such a small town. Referring to the first match, the writer adds: “The Everton team dressed in their hotel and were driven in taxis to the ground, which has no grass, and is as hard as iron. On arrival at the ground Dixie Dean was presented with a bouquet of flowers to carry while leading his team on the field. Then the players, of each side were introduced to the club's chairmen –the Everton team to the president of the Teneriffle club, and the Teneriffe players to our chairman, Mr. W. C. Cuff. “Teneriffe, who were well served by the goalkeeper (Fernandey) left back (Ruperts), Right half (Garcia), and inside left (Seman) showed more ability than expected and over here are a hard team to beat. “For Everton the whole team worked hard to overcome conditions that might easily have cost them the game. Substitutes are allowed in case of injury, but in this match they were not wanted. Everton's team was: Sagar; Williams, Cook; Britton, Gee Thomson; Geldard, Higham, Dean, Cunliffe, Stein.



May 29, Liverpool echo,

By “Bee.”

Cliff Britton acting as my correspondent for the Everton F.C tour of Teneriffe, sent this on may 21: - we played the first match of our tour yesterday, winning by two goals to one. Before the match started we had quite a few people visit us. In the morning we has a visit from the people of Las Palmas, whom we had met on our way out; they had come over on the midnight boat and had rather a rough crossing. They told us about a hundred had made the journey from Las Palmas to see the match. When it was time to change for the game we did so in the hotel (more convenient). Arriving at the ground we were greeted by a heartily round of applause from the spectators who had already taken up their place. This was very much appreciated by all the members of the team, another friendly gesture of the Spanish people was awaiting us at the dressing-room, where on arriving our captain, Billy Dean, was presented with a bouquet of flowers tied together with the club's colours. Before the game started both teams lined up the reason for this being that our team were presented to the president of the Teneriffe football association and the Tenerife team was presented to Mr. Cuff, our chairman. The referee was named Mr. Willis, his father being english and his mother a Spaniard: so both sides had no complaints to make about him. - Before the match, as it is a referee lot, we both did after Dixie won the toss, but there was not much advantage in it, as it was rather a dull evening.

It was ideal for us. He chose to ‘'kick into the sun'' so that if it did happen to come out we should have it in our backs in the second half, when it would be at its most troublesome point. The kick off (at 4-30) and made for our goal rightway by means of the short-passing game, at which they showed themselves possessing great ability. Up to now we had been kept mostly on the run as these Tenriffe players quickly got the bouncing ball under control, and always seemed to be able to find their man when parting with the ball. After ten minutes Tenerife took the lead, which they fully deserved on the run of the play so far, the goal was not a brilliant one, as it was rather a scrambled affair; from a mix-up in our goal it came out to the inside-left-seamen-who did not meet it as well as he might have done, but it happened to go in the right spot, giving sager no chance.

At this period we were a little unlucky not to have equalised. There was no further score in this half. The second half was only six minutes old when Jimmy Stein ran through to score a brilliant goal. After this we had things more our own way. All the string had gone out of the Teneriffe side: they seemed to be tried. We took the lead after another eight minutes had ticked by Cunlifffe being the scorer. Just after this Tenerife got the ball in our net, but the referee disallowed for off-side, much to the disappointment of the spectators, with about ten minutes to go Dixie scored a goal, but the Tenerife took a goal kick and no one on our side questioned the decision-believe it or not-that being the only thing of note before the final whistle went, with the score being 2-1 in our favour. While we were leaving the ground Dixie asked the referee why he disallowed his goal whereupon the referee inquired which goal? So Dixie recalled the incident, and the referee admitted he through the ball had gone outside. He did all he could do then, apologized to Dixie for his mistake so the score was really 3-1. The attendance for the match was 6,800.


The visit of Everton to Tenerife (May 1934)

From Spanish News papers

The Translation from the original Spanish script with some loose translation)

• I would Like to Thank Dominguez Javier Garcia for this Information, a great Barcelona fan.


Football Canary in the 30's was at the forefront both in the value of its footballers and the potential of the teams. The difficulties of remoteness prevented our clubs participate in the National League championship, but this was compensated with the visit carried out every year to the islands major Spanish teams and some powerful foreign teams. The Islanders teams of both capital desentoaban in these confrontations of the highest level this year and in 1934 was presented in the archipelago, nothing more and nothing less which had been champion England: Everton, Liverpool. The Passion with which they lived football in the islands understandable partly because more than thirty footballers island highlighted in national competitions and the quarry was still producing new values that gave potential local teams. Entrepreneur's football invest their money in bringing big teams to cope with pioneers as Victoria, Marine or Tenerife. Thus, and the support of the British colony established on the islands were made demarcates to the Champions League and Cup in England, the birthplace of soccer. It was informed that the fans through the house of Manuel Cruz has turned to the advance Liverpool agreed to travel to Tenerife, Everton famous English team, champion League and the English League cup in 1933. “That was the first time they received a visit Tenerife a professional team English, the most powerful of Britain with 7 international in their ranks and including the famous striker Dixie Dean. Recall that in Gran Canaria and had acted eleven players before the Scots professional team of Raith Rovers having left big lessons and a nice memory in its proceedings in the Champ Spain. forward to the clash reached the highest levels, surprising the previous visits by big clubs such as Spanish champions Atletico Bilboa and Madrid CF years earlier. Fame also that the islands had for those first British tourists and the important business relationship with England facilitated the presence of British athletes. Moreover, the Barcelona through cable sent to Vitcoria offered to play three games in the Las Palmas days 6, 10, and May 13, economic arrangements and secure Everton's visit to Tenerife prevented the filing of the azulgranas in the canaries. At the same time, the large British colony, which had tried to make the England list team played in the Las Palmas days May 31 and June 3 to no avail requested fertilizers for the three parties grancanarios also thousands of fans chartered a steamer

Trasmediterrasnea to move Santa Cruz in trip organized by the Federation Locally. The F.E.F. Consultation with FIFA for the approval of parties from Everton in Tenerife. All national sports press in Madrid. Barcelona and Bilboa echoes of the news and excitement that is felt by the Canaries this soccer event. The team that visited us came with great prize; Champions League and Cup. One of the best years in its history. He had many international celebrities and athletes because its components practiced other sports. On the islands emphasized that the Everton was the only team which defeated Arsenal in their field this year. Never had fallen to the Second Division. They left the British from Liverpool in the Dunbar Castle (Castle article) in the direction of Puerto de La Luz. They arrived the day on May 15 and moved to Las Palmas organizers of Tenerife, who along with the representatives of the clubs and federation grancanaria, British consulate and authorities are received and welcomed. The British expedition embarked again to the following day for Tenerife, where he made big receptions in his honor. In those years the relations with the British were well established and the event was a soccer encounter very important part of the British colony and society Canarian thereafter. They were years of uncertainty in Spain where the Republic ended not instituted and social conflicts were enough. The Canary –British relations an import sector of the agricultural and commercial society of both islands were empowered with these encounters. The day of the meeting santacrucerp Stadium was in ferment. Supporters came from many parts of the archipelago. All British colony of both capitals. Holy Cross-vibrates in its cafes asomados peninsularmente to the streets. It is widespread in the views that the winners will be Everton but also the pictures islanders were boxes of surprises as shown in sporting history fraught with signs that give faith that our footballers will grow when we have to be good. It was in memory of all surrounding successes of the previous years.

Players from Everton.

Dixie Dean (William Ralph Dean) –Centre Forward. Considered in the history of football as a unique and brilliant. He has received all the honours that can receive a footballer. Goalscorer in the 1928/29 season, with 60 goals!. Winner of more than 20 British titles. He was considered the most popular player in the world. His game was hardly imaginable head. In the famous party Highbury where he got England to Spain 7-1 (He played Hilario Chronicle) marked 5 goals to Zamora.

Teddy Sagar goalkeeper. International versus Ireland and Scotland. He came to Everton in the 1928-28-29 season winning the title. Agility feline blocking and secure. Champion England in 1933-34.

B.D. Williams; “Back” right, Welsh International. He stressed in a Country Club of Wales where it ficho the Swansea Town. This club was transferred to Everton for an amount fabulous. Captain of the selection of Wales in 1933 where they were champions of the Inter-League UK. (Nations). He also practiced boxing champion of England where he was in 1933 and 1934.

Warneford Cresswell; Defender. Old glory of the British soccer. International English from 1921 to 1926. Played for your local team South-shields before clocking by Sunderland. This team gave him freedom in 1927 thinking he was finished, but was finished, but Everton was reflected in its ranks alineandole in the first team since then, which contributed to the achievement of enormencente titles campaign League Cup and English. It is a great golfer and practiced motor sport and athletic background.


Tenerife 1 Everton 2 (18-5-1934)

Lineups: CD Tenerife: Fernandez; Ruperto, Matroyo, Garcia, Morera, Cubas, Pineapple, Rancel, Arnencibia, Seman and Quique

Everton: Sagar; Williams, Cook; Britton, Gee, Thomson; Geldard, Cunliffe, Dixie Dean, Higham, Couler.

Party proceeded by a department run. In the Mezzanine Consul of Great Britain in the Canaries together with the presidents of both teams. Exchange of bouquets of flowers. Referee Mr. Williams. 1-0 within 10 minutes and after a great local harassment repeatedly unsuccessful Seman mark of a great shot at Medium altitude.

1-1; for the 20 minutes for the second time in a move personnel Coulter

2-1; Higham solves the English domain for better physical conditions than their opponents.

Good match of the whole while you played a good first half and endured much of the second organised a professional team, which won the local enthusiasm and skill. The crowd was able to enjoy a great party in their local idols were used to find their qualified rivals. There was a goal ghost of Dixie Dean that the arbitrator declared goal, but out of Tenerife pile without protests from the British and continued to play until the end.


Knew how to draw that triumph;

CD Tenerife 1 Everton 1

The second match compared to Liverpool was held on day 22. It was a working day so shops closed and left before leaving their employees to witness the clash. The possibility of local triumph was expected with caution.

Linesup: Tenerife: Fernandez; Ruperto, Matroyo Garcia (Cubas), Melito, Arencibia; Luzbel, Rancel, Chicote, Seman and Quique.

Everton: - Sagar; Williams, Cook; Britton, Gee, Thomson; Geldard, Cunliffe, Dixie Dean, Stevenson, Coulter Umpire D. Gregory Garcia.

Another packed full with the assistance of Captain General of the Canaries, Mr. Salcedo. Impusieron your game fast Englishmen for the first time concerned the door to Tenerife. He marked the first goal Dixie Dean to 25 minutes. In the second stage Tenerife encouraged by his feverish public develops a magnificent game that requires its professional British them go through several siyuaciones of trouble. The local pressure is insistent and the goal is expected at any time. Brought in a move, which manages personnel Rancel beat Sagar. The Referee inexplicably cancels both for offside. The public is angered by the decision caused many protests. More harassment local to the achievement of the tie through a penalty committed by Williams on Chicote that Ruperto is responsible for transformer. Hasta the end of the game Tenerife is the wrong move made to the British with a continuous bombardment on the door of Sagar. At the conclusion of the match the English congratulated coach and players of Tenerife and fans left happy entertainment presencuado, valuing the great performance of his team as a whole in English which highlighted environmental centre Gee. In the days that followed leading up to last of the parties reached, the British expedition was agasajade by their compatriots on the island. Among other things made an excursion to Mount Teide and other acts of fun and fraternization with hotels in the capital and Puerto de la Cruz. On Gran Canaria again organised excursions to come to Santa Cruz at the weekend to witness the last match. “For 30 pesetas was and came with accommodation in the cabin of the boa. More than 400 grancanarios moved to the island in the neighboring town of Malaga.


New English Triumph by the minimum in his farewell to the islands.

Tenerife 2 Everton 3


Linesup: Tenerife: Fernandez; Ruperto, Matroyo Garcia (Cubas), Melito, Arencibia; Luzbel, Rancel, Chicote, Seman and Quique.

Everton: - Sagar; Williams, Cook; Britton, Gee, Thomson; Geldard, Cunliffe, Dixie Dean, Stevenson, Coulter

Again a full house at the stadium. They re-act the same teams in a thrilling match. Superiority of the British physics and return canasncio of Tenerife Goals of Coulter (0-1), Seman (1-1) in the first half. In the second half, the British are seriously by the victory and set two goals followed by Stevenson (1-2) and Geldard. Reacts the Tenerife and shortens distances Luzbel, but the British did not want to lose and defend the result seriously. The public bids farewell to Everton with a long ovation. Great praise gave the English football and footballers to the island that had been measured. The directors of Everton, Mr. Baxter stressed the qualities of athletic Islanders and the need for good coaches posed either parties and properly situate the players. The English players felt the game canary comnice but ineffectual. They suggest that the front lines juagan very closed and it would lose occasions auction. In the view of fans Islanders visitors had provided many lessons to local soccer. His game brief, direct and effective liked, but not impressed. He had to learn his technique of modern sports.


Thanks again Javier Garcia from the Blue Correspondent.



Hull Daily Mail -Thursday 31 May 1934

Home to Dying Baby

The baby son of Jock Thomson, Everton's Scottish international footballer, died Fazaclterley Hospital, Liver pool, to-day. In response to' a cable telling him of the child's illness, Thomson, who was touring with the Everton team Teneriffe, hurried home and reached Liverpool on Monday. The. baby was nine months old.






May 1934