September - April 1880-81

Liverpool 1 Everton 3
October 12 th 1880.
The Liverpool Courier.
This match was played at Newsham Park on Saturday. A capital start was made by the Liverpoolians towards the Everton goal, which was however, repulsed by the Everton backs, and the forwards settling down to work, headed by McGill, soon brought the leather in contiguity to the Liverpool goal, where further progress was checked by the Liverpool goalkeeper. This attack was renewed, when Morris, securing the ball, made a splendid run, and scored the first point for Everton. After half-time Everton, having the wind in their favour, by some active passing on behalf of the forward, a second goal was secured this time by McGill. The ball being again put in motion, Liverpool secured their first and only goal, after some good play. The Everton team subsequently made an additional goal, and when time was called, the Evertonians were the winners by three goals to one.

Everton v Liverpool (2 nd teams)
Played at Stanley Park on Saturday. About four o'clock. Higgins kicked off for Everton, but as Liverpool was represented by some fair forward players the leather soon found its way towards the Everton goal, which, being ably defended, and Everton playing well together, the attack was repulsed. After some very sharp play, Gibson made a capital run, and a goal was secured by Everton. After half time Liverpool, played well towards the Everton goal, and through some lucky play, passed it through. The match ended in a draw, each side having scored a goal. Douglas (captain), Gibson, G. Bell, and Higgins, worked well for their side.

Athletic News- Wednesday 13 October 1880
Sir- Observing in your lssue a letter from "Liverpoolian" wishing to be enlightened as to the whereabouts of the Liverpool Association Club Grounds, I shall endeavour to give the desired information. it struck me, however, when reading his "grievance," that he surely could not have been in Liverpool for the "long time" he asserts, and taken much of an interest in the game, or he could easily have found out from the match reports in the daily papers that there were Association clubs here, and also where the different grounds were situated. I only came to Liverpool, from one of the large centres of the Association game, in the middle of last season, and was much surprised to find the game so very little known here. I easily found, however, from the previously-mentioned souce, that the game was not totally unknown even in Liverpool, it being supported who had their grounds in newsham Park; the Everton ground, Stanley Park; and the Bootle, ground, Bibby's lane, Bootle -all of which I
managed to see playm and although none of them showed perfection, still they had each several good exponents of the game. The Bootle Club, I think asserted their superiority here-about last season. About the end of the season I witnessed a game between that club and the Everton, in which the latter were the losers. Then a week or two later I was present when the Bootle Club met the Liverpool Club in Newsham park, the former being again the victors, with about half a dozen goals to the good, after a very nice game, not altogether void of the "passing" or "dribbling" element. I as well as "Liverpudian," was a little disappointed at not seeing the game between the Darwen and Liverpool Clubs played here last month, and may also put it down to my not being aware of it; but, on the other hand, we cannot expect the Liverpool, or any of the other clubs who play on public parks, to adverise their matches in the papers, &c, when they cannot charge for admission the Liverpool Club attribut
e their so decided defeat to want of practise, as they were them only starting for the season. I hope, however, to see some of the five of six local Association clubs that are in existence this season, before long retrieving, to some extent at least the repute of our city under the Association code. In conclusion, I would also inform your correspondent that he can see by Messrs Richardson and Co's list of fixtures in Lord Street, any day, the matches that take place on the following Saturday, as this, I think, is the only mode of advertising that the clubs here avail themselves of, unless when doing so for "gate," Yours, &c, Assoiationist, Liverpool 8th Oct 1880

Athletic News - Wednesday 13 October 1880
The Everton F.C., Liverpool, are desirious arranging matches with Association clubs on the lowing dates;- December 4 and 11, January 1 and 9; February 12 and 19, and March 19 and 26 - J.W Clark, hon, sec, 22 Village-Street, Everton, Liverpool.

October 26 th 1880. The Liverpool Courier.
Everton V Bootle (2 nd teams)
These clubs meet on Saturday on the ground of the former, Stanley Park. Bootle kick-off, and soon fast play ensued, resulting in the home team, gaining a goal during the first ten minutes. After this, until half-time, the game was pretty evenly contested. The players having changed their positions, and the Everton forwards playing well on the ball, ran it up to the opponents territory, when from a well directed shot by Marriott at mid-goal, splendidly header through by McGregor, they secured a second. Another goal being added to the list, play ceased, leaving Everton victorious by three goals to nothing. For Bootle C. Allsopp, W. Skillicorn, Gosson, and Hesketh played remarkably well, as did also Douglas, Marriott, Clark, and G. Bell, for Everton.

November 6 th 1880. The Liverpool Courier.
Darwen team was doing battle with the Everton Association phalanx at Stanley Park, and although Victory again attended the Darwenians, the Everton team not only made a stout resistance, but were frequently the aggressors. The result was two goals to one, but the local club had the honour of nicking the first notch, and the fortune been common surate with their efforts, a more favorable issue might have rewarded the aspirations of the North-End branch of the Association.

Darwen team; - J. Falding, R. Holden, R. Sharples, T. Marsden, W. Holden, T and R. Singleton, H. Bradshaw, J. Earle, JT. Armond. Everton players who played; - M. Higgins, CH. Hiles, Morris, J. Williams, J. McGill, J. Richards, W. White, A. Provan

Athletic News - Wednesday 10 November 1880
Lancashire Challenge Cup
These clubs met at Great Level, on Saturday last, to decide their tie for the above club. The game did not commence till 3-30, when Everton kicked off with hill, wind, and sun in their favour, and for a time the game was kept in neurtal ground, and there was every prospect that the game would be tightly contested. The Everton men are all powerfully built, and considering that this is only their second season, they play was all that could be desired, and there is every indication that ere long they will be in the front rank of the county teams. After the play had proceeded for about twenty minutes the Levelians settled down to work in grand style, and repeadedly atatcked the visitors fortress; but by combined play on the part of the Everton backs, and especially the excellent manner in which their goalkeeper repelled the many stormy attacks made on his citadel, scoring was averted up to half time. After changed of ends the game was exceedingly fast, but the home team throughout played a splendid passing game, and by their tactics with the ball they quite puzzled their opponents. After the ball had been in motion about five minutes a beautiful goal was scored by Higham. Shortly afterwards Lomax made an excellent atrtempt to score, but Bargery repelled the shot in grand style. Soon after this Hardman made a splendid shot tight into the month of the goal, from the left wing, but as usual, the custodian skillfully met it. Richards now made a good run, and by the resistence of Evans nearly scored, but Scowcroft just stopped the "globe" in time. After a little even play, a series of splendid scrimmages took place near the visitors goal, but for a time their back players succeeded in holding the fortress. Shortly before time was called the Great level forwards made a determined rush on their opponents goal, and finished by leaving the ball on the goal line. The umpires disagreed and owing to the imperfect light the referee did not feel justified in allowing the point, and it remained diputed, the ball being thrown up in the centre. No more score was made. They play of Higham and Hardman for Geeat Level deserved special mention; still the whole team played a most creditable game. For Everton the play of Richards and Evans was first class whilst Bargely's excellent defence is worthy of being recorded. Teams; Great Level; Booth, goal; Scrowcroft, and Adamson, backs; Hardman, and Hardy, half-backs; Higham, Swithenby, Livesey, M. Naylor, Lomax, and Hough, forwards. Everton; Bargley, goal; Evans and Hill, backs; Marriott, and Higgins, half-backs; White, McGill, W. Williams, R. Morris, T. Brettle, and Richards, forwards. Referee; Mr. N. Yates, Lancashire Association.

Great Lever v Everton
November 10 th 1880.
The Bolton Daily Chronicle
Lancashire Challenge Cup (First tie). Great Lever.
The visitors kicked off at 3-30, and for some time the play was confined to the centre of the field, and then the home forwards settled down to their work in fine style, and although the Everton players are all powerfully built men they could not resist the constant attacks on their fortress, and their backs were fully employed in kicking from the goalline, and shot after shot was made by the home forwards, who were only prevented from scoring by the fine play of the visitors goalkeeper, and upto half time nothing had been scored by either side. After the change of ends the game was a repetition of the first half until at length Higham landed a splendid goal for the home team, and shortly afterwards the same player put another through, but owing to the referee not being able to see the ball it was given in as a disputed goal. After this nothing further was scored by either side, and the game ended in favour of Great Lever by two goals (one disputed) to Everton nil. Hardman played grandly at half-back for the home team, whilst the forwards one and all played well.

November 13 th 1880. The Liverpool Courier
Unsuccessful at Great Lever, but they made a galliant fight of it. T. Evans-who seems equally at home at football as in Cricket –played amazingly well for the Evertonians, whilst Bargery who had no sinecure, vastly increased his reputation as goalkeeper. Everton playing today v Birkenhead Park, at Stanley Park Birkenhead v Everton (2 nd team) at Birkenhead.

Birkenhead v Everton.
November 15 th 1880
. The Daily Courier
This match was played on the ground of the former, Stanley Park, on Saturday. Neither side was properly represented, but a fast and pleasant game of one hour's duration terminated in a draw, as neither side scored. Birkenhead v Everton (2d teams) – This match was played on the ground of the former Chester-Street, field on Saturday. The Everton team won the toss, and decided to play with a strong wind. Bourner kicked off for Birkenhead and the game at once became fast, the leather travelling to all parts of the field. About twenty-five minutes after starting, the Birkenhead team approached their opponent's goal, and Richardson passed to Veitch, who sent it through. Upto half-time no other point was scored. On changing ends, Birkenhead had the leather in their opponents quarters until the finish, and some fine shots were made by Moffatt and Veitch. Churchill and Sager also played well amongst the forwards, and the backs play of Hadley, Bennett, and Bourner was effective. For Everton, Messrs, Clarke, Glover, Douglas and Parry rendered good service, when time was called Birkenhead proved the victors by one goal to nil.

Everton v St Mary's (Liverpool)
November 22 nd 1880.
The Daily Courier.
This match was played on the ground of the former on Saturday, but owing to the think coating of snow, the play was exceedingly slow. The home team had things entirely their own way, the forward players keeping well together, and playing with better judgement than usual. The result was that they proved the victors by seven goals to nil. These were scored respectively by McGill (two), Turner (two), Provan (one), and W. Williams (one), and one was put through out of a scrimmage. For the visitors Rev C.A. Carter and T. Bancroft played best while for Everton Messrs Turner, McGill, Brettell, Provan, and Bargary were the most conspicuous.
Teams were: - St Mary's Mennises, goal; Rev C.A. Carter and T. Dunbar, backs; S. Bancroft, and H. Clarkson, half-backs; E. Lefton, D. Schumacher, G. Rowson, T. Bancroft, E.T. Gee, and A. Molyneux, forwards. Everton: - C. Hiles, goal; T. Evans, and J. Dixon, backs; M. Higgins, and G. Bargery, half-backs; G.W. Turner, J. McGill (captain), F. Brettell A. Provan and W.J. Williams, forwards.

Everton v Middle school (Chester) (2 d teams)
November 23 rd 1880.
The Daily Courier.
This match was played on the Roodee Chester, on Saturday, Everton winning the toss, the school put the ball in motion, but owing to the heavy state of the ground it could only be made to travel at a medium pace, although some good and even play was shown by both teams. Ultimately, the ball being well placed on the right wing Douglas passed cleverly to Richards, who secured a goal by a well directed shot, thus gaining a point for the visits. From this time both sides played so well that no further point was made, and the game consequently ended in favour of the Evertonians by a goal to nil. For Everton, Jas, Richards, Parry, Clarke, and Marriott, did good services, as also did Bickley, Barron, Morris, and Williams for the home team. The sides were: - Everton; - Scott, goal; Richards and Parks, backs; Clark, Parry, and Marriott, half-backs; Douglas (captain), Jas Richards, Jones, Wade and T. Williams, forwards. Middle School: - Golightly, goal; Morris, and Labone, backs; Williams, Wiseman, and J. Hughes, half-backs; Richards, Barron, Storran, Lewis, Burgess, and Bickley, forwards.

November 27 th Everton to play Haydock, Daily Courier

Athletic News - Wednesday 01 December 1880
According to the decision of the Lancashire County Challenge Cup Committee, the Great Lever and Everton clubs met to play over again their match in the first round. The Evertonians had not so strong a team as they would have had, had the match been played at Liverpool, and they looked like winning at one time, but the latter part of the game was played in the dark, and Great Lever scored rapidly, winning easily. I hear the Great Lever men were rather "riled" at having to play again, and showed their temper most unmistably, whilst the spectators did not behave in a very fair spirit to the visitors.


Athletic News - Wednesday 01 December 1880
Great Lever v. Everton (Liverpool).
It will be remembered that these clubs met at Great Lever on Saturday, November 6, to play off the tie, and on that occasion Great level won by one goal to love. Subsequently the Evertonians sent in a protest on the ground that the referee was a member of the Great Lever Club, and upon hearing the evidence the Challenge Cup Committee ordered the clubs to meet again. For the first ten minutes the play was of an even character, but afterwards Great level put the ball through twice, the referee disallowing both these. Everton then managed to break away, and scored a goal. Livesey equalised matters by a splendid shot just before half-time. In the second half of the game Great Level had matteres all their own road, and won by seven goals to one. Evans played a capital game for Everton. teams; Great level; Leyland, goal; Scowcroft, and Adamson, backs; Hardman, and Barford, half backs; Lomax, and Hough, right wing; Livesey, and Naylor, left wing; Higham, and Swithenby, centres. Everton; Bargery, goal; Evans and Richards, backs; Clarke, and Hiles, half-backs; Provan, Turner, Morris, J. Richards, and Gouglas, forwards. Mr. W. Eaton, Accrington, referee.

December 4 th 1880. The Daily Courier
The Evertonians are likely to retain the reverse of pleasurable recollections of their second visit to Great Lever, which was for the purpose of playing off the disputed cup-tie. To say the reception accorded them was brogue is putting a mild construction upon the outlandish behavior of the Great Lever folk. Great Lever won the match, but even this did not conciliate the blatant crowd, which thronged the ground, whose demeanour was so threatening that the visitors, and even the referee, felt its chilling influence. When the Liverpool team retired from the field they were assailed, with taunts, and abusive epithets. “Tha'll get na Cheese an Bacon ta Neel” Sneered one of the irreconcilable to an Evertonians –that being the staple of Great lever hospitality when in a generous mood. Nor did the Evertonians get the proverbial Cheese and Bacon. They were so much so much hostile partisanship the spirit in which football is played at great Lever, it is a matter which should be taken cognizance of by the County executive, otherwise there will arise a disinclination on the part of well conducted clubs to take part in these cup contests.

Everton v Earlestown :- This match was played on the ground of the former (Stanley-Park) on Saturday. Everton won the toss, and Earlestown kick off, the ball being well followed up by the forwards. The advance was checked by the Everton backs, and their forwards getting well on the ball, a corner kick resulted for the home team, which was well placed by Dixon, a goal being the immediate result. The ball being again put in motion the Everton forwards, who played a splendid passing game, came down with a rush, when Richards centred the ball in fine style, enabling McGill, by a piece of advert play, to secure the second goal for Everton. After half-time some smart play on part of the Everton forward, was manipulated the leather in fine style throughout, the visitor's goal was neared, Provan giving the final touch, there by securing an additional goal. Earlestown now made a rush to retrieve their lost laurels, but to no avail, McGill again scoring for Everton. Darkness now set in, but before time was called Richards brought down the Earlestown goal, making in all five goals to nil for the home team. For Everton, McGill, Evans, Dixon, and Provan did good services, as did also T. Sibbald, M. Turton, and J. Mather for the visitors.

Everton (2d team) v Excelsior. December 6 th 1880
. The Daily Courier.
Played on the ground of the latter, Newsham Park, on Saturday. The home team put the ball in motion, which Richards (back), for Everton, played so well forward that it was kept in proximity of their opponents' goal until it was reduced by a timely kick from W. Williams. The wing players doing some good passing, and the centres getting well on the leather, another goal fell to the visitors, obtained by J. Williams. Halt-time being called Clark restarted the ball for the Everton team, who pressed their opponents closely until a corner kick was obtained, which was entrusted to Douglas (captain), who manipulated the ball so well that it was easily placed through the posts. At the call of time the game stood three goals for Everton to nil. For Everton, Glover, Gibson, Clark, Scott, and W. Jones played well, as did also Jackson (goal), Claffey (captain), Brennan, and McNamare for the home team

Athletic News - Wednesday 08 December 1880
This match was played on the ground of the former (Stanley Park, Liverpool), on Saturday. Everton won the toss, and Earlestown kicked off, the ball being well followed up by the forwards. The advance was checked by the Everton backs, and their forwards getting well on the ball, a corner kick resulted for the home team, which was well placed by Dixon, a goal being the immediate result. The ball being again put in motion, the Everton forwards, who played a splendid passing game, came down with a rush, when Richards centred the ball in fine style, enabling McGill by a piece of adroft play, to secure the second goal for Everton. after half-time, by some smart play on the part of the Everton forwards, who manipulated the leather in fine style throughout the visitors' goal was neared, Provan giving the final touch, thereby securing an additional goal. Earlestown now made a rush to retrieve their lost laurels, but without avail, McGill again scoring for Everton. darkness now set in, b
ut before time was called, Richards brought down the earlestown goal, making in all five goals to nil for the home team. Everton, McGill,Evans, Dixon, and Provan did good service, as did also T. Sibbald, M. Turton and J. Mather for the visitors.
Everton (2nd) v. Excelsior (Liverpool)-
The represetatives of the above clubs met on the ground of the latter, on Saturday, Everton winning by three goals toi nil. For Everton Gibson, Glover, Clark, and Scott played well, as did also Claffey, Brennan and McNamara for the home team.

December 11 th in Courier
Everton v Halliwell Jubilee, at Halliwell
Everton (2d team) v Newton Indepandents at Stanley Park. December 18 th 1880. The Daily Courier. Everton v Everton United Church Club at Stanley Park Everton (2d team) v St Peter's at Stanley Park.

Everton v Birkenhead
December 28 th 1880
. The Daily Courier.
A match between scratch teams, of the above Association clubs was played yesterday at Stanley Park, and although the ground was covered with a coating of snow, and consequently difficult to traverse, the play was not devoid of interesting features. The Birkenhead captain won the toss, and McGill for Everton kick off towards the Arkles-lane goal. A neat dribble by Crellin quickly brought the ball towards the Everton goal, but danger being averted, the home team got the ball, and after a fine run down the field secured a corner kick. Immediately afterwards the Everton captain made a fine shot at goal, which being high, just topped the bar. A strong run was then checked by Roberts as McGill was again becoming dangerous, and centre play ensued. The ball, however, was eventually worked down to the Everton goal, with the result of a corner kick for Birkenhead, which was followed up by Studdard scoring the first goal for the visitors. Immediately afterwards from this point up to half-time Birkenhead played a defensive game, no further score being made by neither side. After changing ends the Evertonians played a much better game, Provan, Richards, and McGill being conspicuous, the former finally equalising the score by rushing the ball during a scramble through the Birkenhead upright. Richards then by a splendid dribble ran the ball up the ground, and placing the sphere cleverly in front of goal it was safely passed through by McGill. Richard's fine play on the left wing was again of great service to his side, as a further corner kick fell to Everton. Evans, Roberts, Dixon, Williams, and Crellin at this juncture also played up well for their respective sides. Just before time was called Dixon centred the ball, and McGill lying handy, the captain was enabled to score the third goal for Everton, the home team thus winning by three goals to one. In addition to those named, Hartley, and Joy also played effectively for Birkenhead. During the second half of the game, Clarke, the Everton goalkeeper, enjoyed a complete sinecure, as his services were not once called into requisition. Teams; - Everton: - J.W. Clarke, goal; Marriott and C. Hiles, backs; Dixon, and T. Evans, half-backs; McGill (captain), Provan, Richards, Brettell, W. Williams, and Douglas, forwards. Birkenhead; - J. Harper, goal; S.M. Roberts, and H. Joy, backs; R. Benyon and H. Richards, half-backs; T. Crellin, W. Beynon, Berry, Studdard, Hartley, and Faulkner, forwards.

Everton v St. Mary's (Kirkdale)
January 10 th 1881. The Daily Courier.
A match between these Association clubs was played at Stanley Park, on Saturday, when Everton won by three goals to one.

January 15 th 1881. The Daily Courier
Match details
Everton v Liverpool at Stanley Park
Everton (2d Team) v Liverpool, at Newsham Park
January 22 nd 1881

Everton v St Peter's at Stanley Park

Everton Association (a team) v Burscough
January 25 th 1881.
The Daily Courier
This match was played at Burscough on Saturday, the ground being in fair conditions considering the severity of the season. After losing the toss, Everton kicked off against the wind, but despite this disadvantage the ball was promptly carried towards the precincts of their opponents' goal. Some smart play on the part of Williams in the centre ensued, when the sphere was safely piloted through and the first point recorded in favour of the visitors. On restarting, the Everton backs, became busy, and Smith afterward gaining possession, passed to Jackson, who made a fine run along the left wing and repassing to Smith at the right moment, the latter was enabled to score, thus making the second goal for Everton, when brought half-time. On changing ends, Marriott, the Everton full back, placed the ball well forward, and after some fast play of several minutes' duration, Jackson espied a further opportunity, and judiciously transferring the ball to Smith, the Burscough stronghold was again reduced. A couple of goals were subsequently added to the Everton score, when T. Coleman, one of the Burscough forwards, within five minutes of the termination of the game made a determined effort to score, and being well supposed, cleverly centred after a baulk, and a goal was the result. No further points were made by either side, and although the Everton team strove vigorously to improve their position, the attack met with a stubborn and effective resistance. When no side was called, Everton consequently won by five goals to one. For the visitors, Messrs, Marriott, Williams, Parry, Smith, and Jackson, played well; and of the home team T. Coleman, Ellis, and Wrigley were most conspicuous.
Teams; - Everton; - McGregor, goal; Marriott backs; J. Williams, Ferguson, and Parry, half-backs; Smith, W. Williams, Jackson, Gibson, W. Jones and Douglas (captain), forwards. Burscough; - R. Reynolds, goal; H. Darby, backs; W. Ellis, J. Hunter, and J. Wrigley, half-backs; H. Coleman, T. Coleman, J. Ellis, R. Bridge, T. Peel, John Thievens, and Joseph Thievens, forwards.

January 29 th 1991. The Daily Courier.
With ready fertility of resource, local footballers during the recent frost generally betook themselves to skating; and if for the nonce they were unable to gratify their leading passion, the ice-bound lakes of the public parks furnished them with abundant and healthy recreation. Dreary as was the outlook on Saturday, a team of the hardy and spirited Evertonians ventured as far as Burscough. The recent high winds had partially stripped the ground, and heaped its burden in fantastic wreaths and drifts beyond the “field of play.” The result was highly gratifying to the visitors, who won by five goals to one, and considering the nature of the ground, the game was a fast one. Jackson and Smith did yeoman's service for Everton, being credited with a couple of goals each, whilst Marriott and other rendered efficient aid of the Burscough team, T. Coleman, after a provoking check, succeeded to some extent in redeeming the honour of his by being chiefly instrumental in scoring a solitary goal just prior to the conclusion of the game.

For a young club Everton may be said to have made substantial progress, but this is perhaps in great measure due to the leavening of Scottish players located in the district and others from the Midland counties. An enthusiasm, which during the chilly winter nights impels the votaries of football to dribble by the “Light of the Moon,” ought surely to command success. Thus animated the Everton assoiciationists may at no distant period take higher ranks among the older organisations of the county.

Everton v Liverpool Association
January 31 st 1881.
The Daily Courier.
A match between these Association clubs took place at Stanley Park on Saturday. The continued thaw had cleared away the snow, but the ground was very slippery. Liverpool having won the choice of stations. J. Williams, for Everton, set the ball rolling in the direction of the Arkles-lane goal, which after a few minutes' play was seriously menaced. At length a smart shot by Provan beat the Liverpool goalkeeper, and the first item was scored by the Evertonians. On restarting Brettell got away with a long dribble before he was checked by the Liverpool backs. Douglas, however, shortly afterwards got hold on the right wing, and centred to W. Williams, who cleverly put the ball through the posts. Some good play in the centre for a time prevailed until Harvey, one of the Liverpool forwards, by means of as fine run on the right wing, forced the play in front of the Everton uprights. The advantage proved only momentary, as W. Williams and Marriott coming promptly to the rescue, the Liverpool team were compeled to fall back upon their own lines, where Provan was favoured with another opportunity, which he utilised by again scoring. The whistle then blew for half-time, leaving the visitors three goals to the bad. Immediately after the change of ends, from a corner kick well centred to Provan, W. Williams cleverly headed the ball through the Liverpool posts; but the goal was disallowed on an objection being made for off-side play. A couple of minutes, however, had barely elapsed when Douglas, after a run of some merit, passed to Williams, who promptly repaired his previous error by again reducing the Liverpool stronghold. Matters were now looking serious for the visitors, who, pulling themselves together, began to play with better effect, and invaded the quarters of the home team. The attack, after a brief struggle, was repulsed, and a raid retrograde movement ensued. Provan, in the centre ultimately got the ball at his toes, and judiciously crossing to Brettell on the left wing, the latter dexterously screwed the ball through the upright, thus being the fifth goal scored by Everton. A further goal claimed just prior to the close of the game, but disallowed by the umpire, left the home team victors by five goals to nil, for whom, in addition to those named, Gibson, also played well. Of the Liverpool team, Harvey, Berry, and W. Benyon played best. It is only fair to state that neither club was adequately represented on the occasion, owing to the match, which was of a supplemary nature, having been arranged at a short notice.
Teams; - Everton; - T. Williams, goal; C. Hiles, and H. Leach, backs; T. Marriott, and M. Higgins, half-backs; F. Brettell, W. Williams, A Provan, J. Williams, W. Gibson, and J. Douglas (captain), forwards. Liverpool; - Mylie, goal; Taylor and Robertson, backs; Clark, and Hendmarsh, half-backs; Harvey, Twenlow, Faulkner, W. Benyon, Berry, and Lamont, forwards.
Note, McGill was playing for Lancashire v North Wales, losing by three goals to two

Everton v Haydock
February 14 th 1881.
The Daily Courier.
This match was played on the ground of the latter on Saturday. The Evertonians having previously defeated Haydock, the home team put the best eleven possible in the field, with a view of retrieving lost laurels, the result of which was a hard-fought game. T. Evans having won the toss for the visitors, the ball was started by the home team. Everton at once commenced a series of attacks upon the home citadel, Richards and Knightley repeatedly gaining applause from the spectators. Eventually the home team succeeded in breaking away, and placed the ball between the Everton uprights, but this was disallowed on plea of offside. The visitors again getting well on the ball the home goal was in constant jeopardy, this being brought about mainly through the exertions of Evans and Marriott, who constantly checked the home forwards in fine style. Richards now having the ball, centred to Knightly and Provan, the former of whom easily secured the first goal for Everton. On restarting some fast play ensued, and the home team now being a goal to the bad played well together and were rewarded by securing a goal, this bringing about half-time. On change of ends the game for some time was very evenly contested, until the home team began to menace the visitors goal. Some smart play ensued, Richards, for Everton, making some capital runs, and was rewarded by Provan placing one of his “centres” through the uprights. A hard tussle now took place “mid-field,” and Knightly getting on the ball-cleverly forged his way through the opposing backs, and with the assistance of W. Williams, secured the third goal for Everton. This piece of play elicited a burst of applause from the spectators present. After this the home team played up pluckily, and just before time was called gained their second goal. The game ending in favour of Everton by three goals to two.

Everton (2d team) v Middle Class School, Chester.
These teams met on the ground of the former on Saturday, and played a well-contested game. The visitors having the choice of ends J. Williams started the ball for Everton, which was quickly taken to the school goal. This attack was well repulsed, and the school forwards getting well on the ball, took it by steady play nearly the length of the field; but the home backs, playing with their usual precision, stopped their career by placing the globe to the left-wing forwards, who after a capital run passed to Wade, which player, by a splendid shot, succeeded in scoring the first goal for Everton just before half-time. From this juncture the game was a give-and-take nature, Everton having slightly the best of it. No further score being made up to no-side, the home team remained victors by one goal to nil. C. Hiles, and Bell played remarkably well for Everton.

Everton v Blackbrook (Garston-Park)
February 19 th 1881.
The Daily Courier.
These teams met on the ground of the latter on Saturday. McGill having won the toss for the visitors, the ball was put in motion by the home team. Everton, at once getting the leather into their possession, carried it up to their opponents goal, at which shot after shot was made, but the home team playing well on the defensive, no score could be obtained. The visitors pressed Blackbrook so strongly that several corner kicks fell to them, and although McGill, Aston, and Brettell did some excellent work at this time, nothing resulted. It may be stated that during this half of the game Everton had all the best of it, seeing that the home team only once got the ball on the visitors' section of the field. After change of ends, Everton again assumed an aggressive demeanour, and, notwithstanding the sturdy defence of the home backs, Aston, with the timely assistance of McGill, placed the ball through the uprights. A dispute was raised on the plea of offside, and the umpires holding different opinions, the game continued, it remaining a disputed goal. After this reverse Blackbrook assumed a more defensive attitude than before, three or four, beside the goalkeeper, never leaving the goalline, consequently they were enabled to repulse the many shots made by Everton, who menaced the home goal from start to finish.
For Everton, McGill, Morris, Aston, and Marriott played a capital game. On no side being called the game stood –Everton, a disputed goal, to Blackbrook nil. Everton; - Clark, goal; Marriott, back; Bourne, Sharp, and Hiles, half-backs; McGill (captain), Provan, Aston, Morris, Richards, and Brettell, forwards.

Everton v Haydock (2d teams)
The return match between these teams was played at Haydock on Saturday. Haydock having received such a several defeat on the first occasions of their meeting, Everton commenced play in earnest, and the visitors soon found they had not an easy task before them; in fact both teams were so evenly matched that neither side scored, the game therefore in a draw. For Everton, Douglas, and Parry did good services.
Everton; - goal, Hawethorn, back, Parry, half-backs, J. Williams, H. Hiles, and McGregor; Forwards, Wade, W. Jones, Wilson, McMurray, T. Williams, and Douglas.

February 26 th 1881. The Daily Courier.
The Everton eleven met a sturdy team in Blackbrook who appear to have been well-drilled in defensive tactics. Much of the ground was a deplorable conditions, which added to an in ordinate degree of charging, rendered the play usually perilous, it was probably unlyinlented as a figure of speech that one of the players was “left stania' on his yead,” but it may be taken as an indication that the play was not so smooth as it might have been. But if the Blackbrook footballers display a somewhat undue amount of energy, they are, nevertheless, extremely hospitable fellows, who wink at “Cheese an Bacon.”
Everton v Haydock at Stanley Park today
Everton v Newton Independent at Newsham Park (2d team)

Everton v Haydock February 28 th 1881.
The Daily Courier
This return match was played on Saturday, at Stanley Park. Owing to the late arrival of the visitors, it was four o'clock before McGill could put the globe in motion. Everton getting well on the ball, it was quickly taken to the Haydock goal, only to be as speedily repulsed. For some time the game was evenly contested, Morris for Everton playing exceedingly well, as did also Marriott at half-back. A throw-in now fell to Everton, which resulted in Morris seeming the ball, and after making a fine run, brought down the Haydock goal with a capital shot, the ball going through the goalkeeper's hands just under the bar. On restarting, the Evertonians forged their way into the Haydock section, and two or three corner kicks resulted. Some smart play now ensued, McGill taking the ball to the mouth of the visitors' goal; and Asbury, coming up opportunetly, placed it between the posts. Soon after this a change of ends was effected, and the visitors being now two goals to the bad, put forth-strenuous efforts to equalise matters. Several times the ball was in close proximity to the Everton goal, and had it not been for a piece of good play on the part of Clark, the visitors would probably have scored. A corner kick now fell to Haydock, but being placed rather wide, the ball was taken to midfield, and being passed to Asbury, a capital shot failed, as the ball struck the crossbar. From this time Everton had the best of the game, but being unable to score further, came off victorious by two goals to nil. For Everton, McGill, Morris, Asbury, and Marriott played well. Teams;
- Everton; - goal, Clark; back, Evans; half-backs, Marriott, Hiles, and Brown; forwards, McGill (captain), Provan, Morris, Asbury, Richards, and Brettell. Haydock :- goal, R. Evans; backs, Picton, Knowles; half-backs, Wedgwood, Dyer, forwards, Fairhurst (captain), Baines, Blackey T. Twist, and T. Wedgwood.

Everton (2d team) v Newtown Independents.
-The return match between these clubs was played on Saturday at Newton. J. Williams started the leather for the visitors. For about ten minutes the game was equally contested, until W. Williams got possession of the ball and passed to Douglas, who finished a good run by kicking first goal for Everton. On restarting, the home team played up vigorously, but were unable to score, owing to the combined efforts of the visitors' backs, Parry doing some good work. On change of ends a foul was granted to Everton. The kick was entrusted to Parry, who placed it in the mouth of goal, enabling W. Jones to score a second goal for the visitors out of an scrimmage. Subsequently Everton had considerably the best of the game, and no further score being made the Evertonians came off victorious by two goals to nil. For Everton, Parry, Douglas, W.Williams, and Bell played a capital game, as did also Taylor, Wood, Ekin, and Massey for the home team. Teams;
- Everton; - McGregor, goal; Richards, backs; Parry, J. Williams, and Scott, half-backs; W. Jones, T and W. Williams, Wade, Bell, and Douglas (captain), forwards. Newton; - Sudworth, goal; Squires and Taylor, backs; Wood, and Howard, half-backs; Owen, Bunting, Whiteman, Ekin, Massey, and Ellison, forwards.

Everton v Bootle
March 7 th 1881.
The Daily Courier
These Association clubs meet on the ground of the former on Saturday, and owing to a late start, the play was only of an hour's duration. The visitors commenced with the wind in their favour, and ran the ball up the Everton section. For some minutes the visitors seemed as though they would have the best of the game, but the home team settling down to work averted danger. Provan now got away, but was well tackled by Rogers, the ball going out, immediately afterwards a corner kick fell to Bootle, and Smith shooting wide, McGill got on the sphere, and made himself conspicuous by a smart piece of dribbling. Taking the ball pass Keeley, Rogers, and Brunt, a pass was made to Richards, who manipulated the leather so well that, had it not been for the good back play of Jones, the Bootle goal would have been in danger. Rayner now having possession, made a capital run, and passed to Smith, who, with the assistance of A. W Keeley, took it up to the Everton goal, the shot being well returned by a splendid piece of head play on the part of Evans. Here some fine heading and kicking were executed by both sides, fast play now ensued, McGill and Rayner in turn making good runs, whilst Glover and Marriott changed effectively. Morris now broke away, and by a capital screw kick passed to McGill, who played it with Knightley, which player, after a shout run, kicked a goal for Everton, thus bringing about half-time. The globe again put in motion, Rayner was checked by Dixon, who, by a good place kick, enabled another shot to be made at the Bootle goal, which was well saved by Tillard. Some corner kicks now fell to Everton without result. Smith had a clear run but was stopped for offside, and a good run was also made by Knightley and McGill, which was brought to a like termination. From this time the game was contested in the visitors' section, and although corner kicks fell to Everton, no further score was made up to the call of time. Everton gained a victory by one goal to nil. Teams; Everton; - goal, Bargery; backs, Evans; half-backs, Marriott, Dixon, Glover; forwards, McGill (captain), Knightly, Provan, Morris, Richards, Brettell. Bootle; - goal, Tillard; backs, S. Jones, R.M. Sloan; half-backs, J. Rodgers, Brunt, forwards, A.W. Keely, Miley, S.H. Keely, Rayner, Whyte, and Smith.

Everton v Bootle (2d teams) These teams met to play the return match at Bootle on Saturday. Bradley kicked off for Bootle, against the wind, and the forwards quickly ran it down to Everton territory, which was well returned by the Everton backs. W. Williams got on the ball, and after doing some good work passed to Gibson, who kicked the first goal for Everton. On restarting a good run was made by Allsopp and Bradley, but they could not get through their opponents back division. Parry eventually placed the ball so well that the centre ran it up to the home goal, when a scrimmage ensued, and W. Williams scored the second goal for Everton, which brought about half-time. W. Williams restarted the game, and passing to Douglas, the latter, made a good run before he was stopped. For some time the game was evenly contested, until C. Hiles placed the ball to Williams, who made an excellent run, and finished by passing to Wade, who scored the third goal for Everton, and a plea for offside being over ruled, the Evertonians came of victorious by three goals to nil. Teams; - Bootle; - goal, Williams; backs J. Masheder and W.R.Masheder; half-backs, C. Allsopp, Hesketh; forwards, A. Allsopp, R. Bradley, Skillicorn, Shone, C. Jones, and A.N. Other; Everton; - goal, McGregor; back, Richards; half-backs, Parry, C. Hiles, and Higgins; Forwards, W. Williams, Douglas (captain), W. Jones, Wade, T. Williams, and Gibson.

March 12 th 1881. The Daily Courier.
If results may be accepted as reliable proofs of meat, the “Moonlight dribbles” of Everton, after their last performance, are entitled to the honour of being regarded the premier Association club of Southeast Lancashire. The match played at Stanley Park on Saturday was looked forward to as a fair trial for supremacy between Everton and Bootle, and as County men were arrayed on each side the second meeting of the clubs evoked considerable interest. Everton won by a goal, made at the close of the first half by Knightley, after being cleverly manipulated by Morris and the wily ex-Ranger McGill. This was the only goal made in the match, although both teams showed fine tactics in their attempts to score. Today Birkenhead v Everton, at Birkenhead
Birkenhead v Everton at Stanley Park (2d teams)
Everton v Birkenhead
March 14 th 1881.
The Daily Courier.
The first teams of the Association clubs played their return match at Birkenhead on Saturday. Everton were short of their full strength, whilst the home team were the greatest suffers in this respect. Messrs, Powell, Smith, and Richardson being among the absentee. Birkenhead won the toss, and elected to kick down hill. McGill, for Everton, set the ball rolling, and it soon became apparent that the home team would have a warm time of it, for in a few minutes, after some neat crossing, the first goal was scored by Jackson. After the kick-off some good work was done by Richards, and Brettell on the left wing, both of whom played well to the centres goal No 2 was speedily recorded, the ball going off the goalkeeper after a sharp scrimmage in front of the Birkenhead upright. The globe being again stated from midfield, was quickly returned by Morris, but the Birkenhead forwards, strove vigorous to alter the aspect off affairs. Williams, Studdard, and another player made a vigourous attempt to reach the opponents' goal-line, but were well repulsed by Marriott and Evans, whose long kicks soon placed the sphere at the feet of Knightley and McGill, both of whom executed some really pretty play during the whole of the afternoon. Little Asbury to, on the right wing showed capital form, and although Joy and Martin strove hard to ward off the attack, Richards, by a splendid shot, quickly notched another goal before halt-time was reached, Knightley put the ball through from a throw in by Marriott, thus on the change of ends, four goals stood to the credit of the Evertonians. After a few minutes' rest, play was resumed with fresh vigour, and home team to the end played up gallantly. It was obvious, however, they were over matched and four other goals were scored, one of which was disallowed, the match thus ending in favour of Everton by seven goals to nil. Knightley accounting for two, Asbury two, and McGill, Richards, and Jackson one each. Messrs, Jones, Studdard, Williams, and Joy did best for Birkenhead; whilst the whole of the winning side worked well together.
Teams; - Birkenhead; - Bunting, goal; Joy and Hadley, backs; Martin, Bourne, and Moffatt, half-backs; Hughes, Studdard (captain), Jones, Bethel, and Williams, forwards. Everton; - Bargery, goal; T. Evans, back; R. Morris, H. Glovers, and T. Marriott, half-backs; J. Richards, F. Brettell, J. McGill (captain), H. Knightley, J. Asbury, and Jackson, forwards.

Everton v Birkenhead (2d teams)
This match was played at Stanley Park on Saturday, and resulted in a victory for the home team. Birkenhead winning the loss, elected to play down hill with the wind in their favour. W. Williams kick-off for Everton, when Douglas got hold and crossed to Gibson on the opposing wings, who ran it up to the goal-line, and passing to Williams, an attempt to reduce the Birkenhead colours only just missed the mark. It was not long, however, before Williams passed to Gibson and the first goal was scored by the last named player. Birkenhead restarted the ball, which was once returned by the Everton backs, and in a short time another goal was recorded by W. Williams, this being the result of some clever passing, half-time and the change of ends now gave the Evertonians the aid of the hill and wind, and they again pressed their adversaries, Higgins, scoring a third goal, and W. williams a fourth. For Birkenhead, Moffatt Veitch, and Bradley played best; whilst W. Williams, Gibson, C. Hiles, and Higgins did the lion share for the victors. Teams; - Birkenhead; - C.W. Churchill, goal, S. Baker and R. Smith, backs, J. Edwards, and R. Heights, half-backs; J.B.Bradley, A. Veitch, J. McMillian, M. Wilson, W. Richards and W. Douglas, forwards. Everton; - Scott, goal; H. Richards, back; J. Williams, Parry and C. Hiles; half-backs; W. Williams, Gibson, Bell, Higgins, and Parkin, and Douglas (captain), forwards.

March 19 th 1881. The Daily Courier
The Everton and Birkenhead (Association) match did not justify the high expectations that were raised, and regret was expressed that the winner of the semi-final in the Cheshire association competition were compelled to jeopardise their prestige by placing a weak team in the field. Although Everton was not quite up to its standard of strength, the visitors of many battles won by seven goals to nil; whilst in the second team match a total of four goals to nil completed a capital day's work.
Todays match
Everton v Halliwell Jubillee, at Stanley Park

Everton v Halliwell Jubilee
March 21 st 1881.
The Daily Courier
This return match between these clubs was played on Saturday at Stanley Park. Halliwell won the toss, and elected to play with the wind. McGill started the leather, and some good runs were effected by both teams, and for some considerable time the game was very evenly contested. At this time a piece of note worthy play on the part of McGill and Provan brought the ball up the field in first class style. McGill's shot being saved by the visitors' goalkeeper, who placed the ball well out of danger, but being returned, a goal was scored by Provan. From this period nothing particularly worthy of note transpired until half-time. Everton now having the wind in their favour, carried the ball in rapid succession to the visitors' goal. Asbury putting in some good work, as also did Brettell. Several corner kicks fell to Everton at this juncture, which were entrusted to Marriott and Evans, but owing to the strong wind, no advantage was obtained by them. Asbury again made himself conspicuous by effecting a splendid run, and Williams coming up opportunely, headed the ball just outside the post. Another corner kick was entrusted to Marriott, who placed it admirably, and Provan, assisted by McGill, secured a second goal to Everton. McGill now elicited applause from the spectators for a clever run nearly the length of the ground, in which he quite baffled his opponents, his career being stopped just when about to make shot the goal. Asbury again made a good run and passed to the centres, McGill scoring No 3 for Everton. The ball being restarted was well returned by Evans to Brettell and Williams who, after manipulating the ball in good form, centred to McGill, who again reduced the visitor's fortress. On the call of time, Everton were victorious by four goals to nil.
Teams; - Everton; - Bargery, goal; Evans, back; Marriott, Glover, and Parry, half-backs; McGill (captain), Provan, W. Williams, Brettell, Morris, and Asbury, forwards. Halliwell; - W. Turner, goal; Holden, and Heaton, backs; Openshaw, and C. Wilkinson, half-backs; E. Wilkinson, J. Hood, Jun Wilden, D. Smith (captain), and R. Hunt, forwards.

March 26 th 1881. The Daily Courier.
In beating Halliwell Jubilee, Everton wiped out one of the solitary defeats of the year, and this was done in the most handsome manner possible, four goals to nil. Surely being enough to recoup the visitors for a previous reverse
Today's matches
Everton v Garston Park, at Stanley Park
Everton v St Peter's Athletic (2 d team) at Stanley Park.

Everton v Blackbrook (Garston Park)
March 28 th 1881.
The Daily Courier.
These teams met on the ground of the former to play their return match on Saturday. Everton won the toss, and elected to play uphill, the ball being put in motion by the visitors. The home forwards, who commenced with a dash, gained immediate possession, and from the first run-up secured a goal within three minutes from the start, Hiles giving the final touch. The leather was restarted by Blackbrook, and until half-time the game was much in favour of the home team, but no further score was made. Everton now kick-off, and through their splendid half-backs play (especially on the part of Parry), which was the main feature of the game at this juncture, the ball was quickly taken to the Blackbrook goal, and was kept there for some times but the good defensive play of the opposing backs prevented any advantage being immediately secured. The home team, not to be denied, again stormed the citadel, which fell after a neat piece of play on the part of Morris. On restarting the ball was returned in fine style by Marriott, who played a good game throughout; and the home contingent again obtaining possession, pressed their opponents until the call of time, coming off victorious by two goals to nil.
Team; - Everton; T. Williams, Marriott, back; Parry, Glover, and Bargery, half-backs; Smith, Hiles, Higgins, Morris, Provan, and McGill (captain), forwards.
Everton v St. Peters Athletic (2d team)
Played on Saturday in Stanley park and resulted in a draw.

Everton v Earlestown
April 2 nd 1881.
The Daily Courier.
These clubs met on the ground of the latter on Saturday to play their returned match. Earlestown won the toss, and Everton kick-off and a fast game resulted, Everton at once attacked the home goal, but owing to a very strong cross wind the play was very unsatistary, no score being obtained before half-time. Everton now recommenced with a dash, and quickly stormed the home citadel, which was reduced by W. Williams, after a fine piece of head play-nothing particularly worthy of note occurred from this period until the call of time, Everton coming off victorious by one goal to nil.
Everton; - McGregor, goal; Evans; back; Marriott, Bargery, and Morris, half-backs; Smith, Brettell, Provan, McGill (captain), Blackie, and W. Williams, forwards.

Everton v Burscough
The return match between these clubs was played on the ground of the former on Saturday. Burscough won the toss, and Douglas, for Everton, elected too play with the wind. On the ball being set rolling the home team gained immediate possession, and quickly carried it up to the visitor's goal, at which several shots were made, but owing to the smart play of Reynolds in goal no score resulted. Some very even play now took place, and owing to the heavy cross wind either side could play to advantage. A throw-in fell to Everton, which was well placed by Clarke to Douglas and Gibson, who ran it up to the mouth of goal, where a scrimmage ensued, Douglas eventually reducing the fortress. This brought about half-time. The visitors now had the wind, but owing to the stubborn defence of the home backs were unable to equalse matters, Everton winning by a goal to nil.
Teams; - Everton; - T. Williams, goal; Richards, backs; Clarke, Glover, C.H. Hiles, half-backs; Douglas, Gibson, Wade, Parkin, Smith, and another forward. Burscough; - Reynolds, goal; C. Wrighley, back; Stretch, Coleman, and Chambers; half-backs; Darby, Thievens, Thorngood, Hunter, Bridge, and H. Coleman, forwards.

Everton (2d team) v Abbey Village (Chorley)
April 11thg 1881.
The Daily Courier.
The above clubs met on the ground of the latter on Saturday. Everton lost the toss, and Smith kick-off uphill. The home team commenced with a rush, and scored within five minutes from the start. Everton restarted the leather, and after half an hour's fast play Douglas equalised matters for Everton. The ball was again put in motion, and after a smart piece of play on the part of the visitor's forwards, another goal was registered, this time by Parry. Some give-and-take play now ensued, which brought about half-time. The home team restarted the leather and some good runs were made on both sides, which from a capital shot, by Turner matters were again equalised. Both teams now strove hard to achieve victory, and although Everton pressed their opponents until call of time, no further score was made, and this most enjoyable game was consequently ended in a draw.
Teams; - W. Jones, goal; Marriott, and Richards, backs; J. Williams, Parry, and Snape, half-backs; Smith, Jackson, Brettell, Gibson, and Douglas (captain), forwards. Abbey Village; - J. Astley, goal, Bull, and Clayton, backs; W. Walmsley, Barlow, half-backs; Carey, Heaton, P. Snape, Miller, Walmsley, and Turner, forwards.

Queen's Head meeting
April 15 TH 1881.
The Daily Courier.
The members of the Everton Association Football Club held their second annual supper at the Queen's Head, Village Street, Everton, on Wednesday evening, at which Mr. John Houlding presided. After supper, the usual loyal toasts were proposed and heartily responded to. The secretary's report was then read, from which it appeared that the total number of matches played by the first team was 17; out of which 13 were won, 3 lost, and 1 drawn. The total number of goals taken during the season was 47, goals, lost 11, showing an average of over 4 goals to 1. Second team number of matches played 18; 11 of which were won, 2 lost, 1 resulting in a tie, and 4 drawn, the goals taken during the season being 31, lost 8; average nearly 4 to 1. The treasurer produced a satisfactory balance-sheet, showing a surplus. Sub joined are the officers elected for the ensuing season; - President, Mr. John Houlding; Vice-president Mr. W. Lowe; hon sec, and treasure, J. W. Clarke, 22 village-street Everton; Captain of the first team J. McGill, sub-captain T. Evans; captain of the 2 nd team J. Douglas; sub captain W. Jones; Committee Messrs C. Hawthorn, Asbury, T. Marriott, J. Richards, H. Hiles, F. Brettell, R.W. Morris, and A. Provan. Mr. Houlding in addressing the company, said it was with much pleasure he accepted the invitation to preside at such a festive gathering as that of the Everton Football Association, and after hearing such a favourable account of the doings of the club during the past season it was more pleasing still to address them as their president, a position in which he should at all times be glad to do his utmost for the welfare of the club; and he hoped they would be a successful in the future as they had in the past. If the members rallied round their committee as they had done during the past season he had no doubt that their success in the future would be as great as, if not greater than, during the past season. After some remarks by members of the club, votes of thanks tendered to the officers of the past season, the chairman and host. The proceedings were interspersed with songs and recitation, the meeting being brought to a close by drinking the health of the chairman with musical honours.