December 1888

December 3 1888. The Liverpool Courier
This League match was played at West Bromwich. West Bromwich kick off in the presence of about 7,000 spectators. Just after the kick Dobson gave a corner from which nothing resulted. After a throw-out, Sugg passed to Davies, who turned to Coyne and that player shot outside. The home men then pressed and Smalley had to save, and in the opening play Sugg, Costley and Dobson showed up well, Bayliss passed right across to W.Perry, who neatly headed through and immediately after Smalley threw out grandly, Costley and Chadwick were next prominent, when Sugg coming in sent in a slow shot stung which Roberts kicked away, and what was made to the opponent end. From some pretty play in front of goal Everton give a corner, the result of which was that after Smalley had saved, Perry headed through. The following play settled in midfield, but Davie had a shot, which Roberts handed off. From good play on Bayliss Davie received a pass and just kicked over the bar. The home forwards by capital passing got down the field, and Bassett with a long shot scored. Score at half-time:- West Bromwich 3; Everton nil. Immediately following the restart Sugg was hurt in the right foot and had to retire. Smalley in saving gave a corner, but Weir headed away and them Davies put in a spendid run down the right, Chadwick eventually sending a shot which went outside Sugg on making his appearance was cheered. A fine shot was them sent in, which Smalley kept out, Everton raced down, and Coyne sent one in which Roberts fisted grandly, Weir then kicking over. After Sugg had again retired the play became faster, and Chadwick sent in a beauty, Roberts just being able to repulse it. The home men sustained a hot siege on Everton's goal and two good chances were missed. At length the visitors got away, and Chadwick propelled a grand shot from the left corner, which Roberts never attempted to stop. Everton were playing a little better now, and Chadwick (e) made another grand attempt, Roberts fisting out timely and immediately Farmer had a try the ball just going outside. Costley was then disabled and had to go off the field. Davies then raced down finely but could not avail himself of a good chance. West Bromwich again pressed Dobson twice kicking away grandly. A corner was given however, from the scrimmage in front of goal another point was added to the home team's score. More exciting play followed in front of the upright, but the home men could not get through, Everton in semi-darkness playing fairly well with their 9 men. Final result-West Bromwich Albion 4 goals; Everton 1 goal; Teams; Everton:- Smalley, goal, Dobson and Chadwick (a) backs, Farmer, Weir and Sugg, half-backs, Costley, Chadwick (e), Davie, Coyne, and Davies (j) , forwards. West Bromwich:- Roberts, goal, Walker, and Horton (j) backs, Bayliss. Perry (c), and Timmins half-backs Pearson Hendry, perry (w), Wilson and Bassett, forwards.

December 3 1888. The Liverpool Courier
The Everton first team having to play their league contest at Birmingham on Saturday, the Anfield enclosure was occupied by the reserve team, who had for their opponents a very promising eleven from the Midlands. The Lancashire County Association had the services of Ross and Holt in their engagement at Edinburgh, this necessitated the home executive drawing upon the reserve to complete their first team, and in consequence of this the team than appeared on the field was very much weakened by the absence of A.Chadwick and Watson. A new man from Wrexham made his debut on the outside right in place of Keys. Teams; Everton:- Joliffe, goal, Pollock (Captain), and Wharmby backs Jones (j), Fayer (t) and Parry (j), half-backs Briscoe, Cookson Brown, Keys, and Jones, forwards. Vale:- Broomhall, goal, Tadall, and Skimmer backs, Chadwick,, Surees, and Farrington half-backs Sproston, Wood, Hood Stokes and Kirkham forwards. The Visitors having won the two W.Brown started the ball a few minutes before three. Burslem started with nine men. For a time the play continued in the centre. Good passing by the Visitors carried the ball into close proximity to the Everton goal, but it was kicked over the line. Everton then retaliated, and rushed down the field and for a time the play was in the neighborhood of the visitors's goal. A rush by the Burslem visitors caused Joliffe to save. A foul was given against Everton close to the home goal, but the ball was cleared. A long shot again caused Joliffe to use his hands and the leather was quickly transferred to the opposite goal, but Fryer kicked over. From a throw in the visitors forwards became dangerous, but Joliffe was all there, making a spendid save. From a goal kick Everton rushed down but failed in front of goal. Burslem now pressed but hands in front of goal removed play into the centre Briscoe rushed down and passed to Brown, who was tripped and from the free kick Everton were near scoring. Parry passed to Jones, who made a good shot for goal, and immediately afterwards Briscoe was again prominent with a good run and spendid shot but Broomhall saved. A corner now fell to Everton but the ball was cleared and a long shot again caused Jolliffe to use his hands. Wharmby give a corner Briscoe again prominent for tricky play. From a free kick Everton near scoring, and in the scrimmage in front of goal, Fayer received a severe kick in the face and had to retire. Cookson was also down and also retired, Everton though playing with only nine men held their own. Keys proceeded in two brilliantly runs. The visitors pressed but the good defence of Everton prevailed disaster. After the ball had again been in Burslam territory, good passing carried the ball into home territory and the Visitors sccond. Immediately after this the whistle blew. Hood restarting the ball and for a time play continued in the centre. Good passing by the Everton centre forwards carried the ball into the neighborhood of the visitor's goal, but the backs cleared, Burslem carried the ball down the field, and looked dangerous, but kick over. A free kick was given in front of Everton goal, but nothing resulted. A foul was given against the visitors for tripping Brown when close to the goal, but the ball was cleared. From a goal kick the Burslam forwards rushed down and caused Joliffe to save. A corner now fell to the visitors, but the ball was headed over. From a miss kick by Wharmby another corner fell to Burslam,, and Joliffe saved grandly. From a throw in Kirkham rushed down the field, but Pollock checked and returned the ball. Good passing caused Joliffe to use his hands. Everton now played up strongly, but from a free kick Burslem again sent the ball down the field, Everton came again and obtained a corner, from which a goal was scored by Brown. After some even play in midfield hands against Everton aloud Burslam to get near the goal but the ball was kick over the line. A corner fell to Burslam and a hot tussle took place in front of the Everton goal, but the home defender stayed unbroken. A long shot again caused Joliffe to use his hands, saving at the expense of a corner, but the ball was kicked behind. From the kick out Everton rushed up the field, and obtained another corner but the dexterity of Joliffe kept the visitors from scoring. Although Everton falt the loss of the two men injured, yet they played up well, and after a well fought game the match remained a draw. Result Everton one goal Port Vale one goal.

December 10 1888. The Liverpool Courier
The English cup tie prevented South Shone fulfilling their engagement with the Everton on Saturday, and therefore's match was made with the Staffordshire organization who have a very excellent reputation. The home executive have been trying to improve their team my introducting a new play,, Morris of Oswentry, going centre. Ross was unable to play his absence from the back division being keenly felt. Fully 7,000 spectators were present when the teams put in an appearance, J Holt the popular half-back receiving quite an ovation in recognition of his services for the county on Saturday last. Dobson having lost the toss, Orchard kick off Vesey and Locker raced up the left, their good intentions being foiled by Farmer and Dobson. From a throw in Chadwick and Costley dribbled down the left, and passing to Morris he put in a regular beauty which defeated Stuart five minutes from the commencement. A brilliant run by Hardy gave the defence some trouble, Dobson with a good punt removed the danger. Everton now pressed on the right, a shot from Weir just going outside. From the kick out, Holt passed to Coyne who again shot in, Start again proving equal to the condition. Everton renewing the attack brought the sphere well in front and after a great piece of passing again defeated the goalkeeper. (Chadwick). The Rangers began to play much better, their passing being much admired, after a good shot from Plackett Winfield upon Smalley to clear; Weir was now cheered for some grand tackling, his play at this point being superb. A grand run by Davie enabled Morris to get in and he in turn passed to Chadwick his final effort again proved successful. J.Start and Hardy with a beautiful ran brought the play well into the Everton quarters. Erratic shooting and solid defence kept the goal intact. Half-tome Everton 3 goals Long Eaton Rangers nil.

After the usual interval for rest Orchard put the ball in motion. The visiting van took up the attack and a scrimmage was formed in the Everton goal mouth, Dobson and Sugg removing the danger with some fine kicking. Play was now confined to midfield for some time until Coyne broke away and passing to Morris he missed a grand opportunity by shooting over. The Rangers right now put in a dangerous rush, Dobson having to concede a corner, the place kick going behind. A run by Davie placed Everton in position a shot from Coyne striking the upright. The Rangers obtained another corner, the ball being well placed by Clifton,but Smalley and the backs were bad to beat, and again Davie and Coyne were on the job, a shot from the latter going outside. From the centre of the field the Rangers raced down, and passing the home halfs, Vessy got possession, and with a terrific shot he placed the ball to Smalley's hands, who appeared to throw over the bar. A plea for goal was raised,, and to the astonishment of both players and spectators a goal was conceded. Chadwick removed the venue with a brilliant run, and passing to Morris he ought to have scored, but missed a grand opportunity by being too slow on the ball. Give and take play followed, each goal being visited in rapid succession until Holt passed to Davie, who forced a corner the ball going outside. Everton now pressed with great determination, but the fine back play of the visitors prevented any further scoring. A very pleasant game ended favour of Everton. Final result: Everton 3 goals; Rangers 1 goal. Teams Everton:- Smalley goal Sugg and Dobson (captain), backs, Weir,, Holt and Farmer, half-backs, Davies (j), CoyneMorris, Chadwick,, and Costley forwards. Rangers:- Start (f) goal, Winfield, and Wiseman Backs Clifton, Plackett, and Newton half-backs, Hart (js) Hardy, Orcard, vessy and Locker forwards.

December 10 1888. The Liverpool Courier
Played, at Skelmersdale on Saturday, Everton took a fair team. Pollock won the toss and played against the wind. Everton at once pressed, and after some brilliant indivual play Briscoe scored, but, to the amazement of All the referee disallowed the point. directly afterwards Taylor put in a good shot, which the full-back headed through. Skersdale got a foul off Milward in front of the Everton goal, hust befoire half time, and they improved their chance and scored. Upon the re-start Everton played a good passing game and goals were scored by Milward (2),, and Bob Watson. Especial notice should be given to a brillant combined run by Watson Keys, Milward and Bricoe, which finished up with Milward scoring. Everton won by 4 goals to 1.

December 11 1888. The Liverpool Courier
Played on the ground of the former in foggy weather, which prevents accurate play in the first half each side scored, but during the latter portion were decidedly unlucky, one of their players kicking through his own goal result a draw 2 goals each. Goals Ballam and Weir own goal for Port vale, Morris and Chadwick for Everton , attendance 2000 Teams Port Vale :- Maudslett, goal, Bateman, and Skinner backs, Chadwick Shields, and Elson half-backs Povison, Balham, Randle Ditchfield and Reynolds, forwards. Everton:- Joliffe goal, Chadwik (a) and Ross (captain) backs, Weir,, Sugg and Watson, half-backs. Farmer, Angus Mooris, Chadwick (e) and Costley, forwards .

STOKE 0 EVERTON 0 (game 14)
DECEMBER 17 1888. THE Liverpool Courier
When the Everton team arrived in Stoke at noon on Saturday to play their fourteenth match in the League competition a dense fog overhung the town, but towards the time to kick off it lifted a little. As Stoke had defeated Blackburn Rovers, and were only beaten at Burnley by one point, in their last two matches, a grand even game was anticipated. There was only one alteration in the usual Stoke team, Ramsey being absent and Sayer taking half-back instead of forward. Everton had their full team. The following opposed one another:- Stoke : Rowley, goal, Clare, and Underwood, backs,, Sayer, Shutt, and Smith, half-backs Lawton, McSkimming Sloane Edge, and Milarvie,, forwards. Everton:- Smalley, goal, Dobson, and Ross (Captain), backs, Weir Holt, and Farmer half-backs, Davies (j), Watson, Morris, Chadwick, and Costley, forwards. Everton won the toss, and Sloan kicked off for Stoke. Smalley had at once to use his hands, and a foul took place right under the Everton posts. A goal kick gave temporary relief, and by means of long kicks the visitors forwards took the ball up, being well returned by Clare, Costley got off, but was well tackled by Clare, who kicked out, long kicking being the order of the day. Lawton fastened on and ran up, but Ross robbed him splendidly. Milarvie had a clear run, but spoilt by heading out. From the throw out Davies and Watson took it up and the Stoke goal was placed in jeopardy Morris trying a shot wide of the posts. From the kick off play was taken to the centre and Milarvie and Edge broke away, Dobson defending well. some nice passing between Morris and Costley took it up, Clare robbing them, and Edge and Sloane returning, the ball was kicked behind, Costley retired for a short time, being hurt, and Sloan's followed suit, but returned in a few minutes. Slaone broke away, and the Everton goal was in danger; a goal kick relieving when Davies got off and shot in effectual. Costley was here carried off the field, his knee giving away. Dobson next showed some rather tackling; Malarvie breaking away Rowley saved grandly at the expense of a corner. Davies and Watsontaking it up again the former shot, Clare returni8ng well. even play followed, Chadwick screwing in from the corner forced Rowley to again fist out. Shutt was next conspicuous by some good tackling. The home left getting off passed Dobson, Smalley having to kick out, a corner being conceded was well placed, and a shot attack the crossbar, and after Ross had headed out. Half-time arrived with a clean sheet. On resuming the Everton goal was visited with out success and Stoke continued to press for some time, when Chadwick got off, Clare returning and Smalley had to kick out a corner immediately after being conceded. It was well placed, but the Everton back play was too good. A free kick was taken dangerous near the visitors goal,, but relief was obtained, a grand piece of defensive play by Smalley and Dobson being deservedly cleared. Twice shortly after was Rowley called upon to save, which he did grandly. Edge raced up the left, Dobson eventually robbing him and returning well, Rowley again having to save. The home forwards them got off, but could not pass Ross. Chadwick and Holt raced up the left, Rowley having to kick out Chadwick's shot. Milarvie and Edge than had a turn, passed Dobson and a final kick went across the goal mouth. Some close play near the Everton goal followed Ross defending well. Darkness coupled with the fog now made it extremely difficulty to follow the ball. Final score Stoke nil Everton nil.

December 17 1888. The Liverpool Courier.
The Anfield executive provided an excellent bill of fare for their supporters on Saturday, Bourne having won the toss, Milward kicked off and immediately assumed the aggressive. A grand pass by Angus enabled Keys to try a shot which Hassell cleared. A good run by Wainwright brought the play to the other end where Chadwick kicked clear. Hutchinson and Broadhurst raced up the Stoke right where Higgins cleared after a rather persistent attack. Good passing by Brown and Angus gave Milward an opening, who shot through, but being off-side the referee refused a goal. From the centre of the field the home forwards raced down Briscoe finished up a great movement by scoring a very fine goal. Encouraged by this point Milward doubled down the centre, and passing to Angus he shot in but Hassell removed the danger but only for a minute, Angus meeting the ball again with a terrific shot again defeat the goalkeeper. The Champions commenced to passing on the right, and passing the home left Higgins was forced to conceded, but nothing profitable resulted. Everton again came to the front and after a beautiful run Briscoe registered goal no 3. Half time arrived Everton winning by 3 goals to nil, after the usual interval A.Milward put the sphere in motion against the wind. Brown forced a corner, which Biourne headed clear for some time the play was confirmed to the Stoke quarters but the fine defence of Mountford and Hasell kept their goal intact. A spendid game ended in a 3-0 win for Everton. Teams; EvertonReserves Joliffe, goal Higgins and Chadwick (a) backs, Jones (wh) Pollock (h) (captain), and Fryer (t) half-backs, Brown (w), Angus, Briscoe (w), Keys (j), and Milward (a) forwards. Swifts:- Halsall, goal, Boune (captain), and Mountford, backs, Harbour, Farmer, and Ryder, half-backs, Hutchinson, Broadhurst, Wainwright, Lunnicliffe (w), and Milward, forwards.

December 23 1888. The Liverpool Courier
The first of the League fixture between the above organistions took place at Deepdale on Saturday. Eight hundred spectators accompanied the team, Everton were short of Davies, Sugg, and Dick. Teams:- Preston North End:- Trainor, goal, Howarth and Holmes, backs. Robertson Russell, and Graham, half-backs, Ross, Gordon Goodall, Dewhurst, and Drummond, forwards. Everton:- Smalley goal, Ross (captain), and Dobson, backs, Farmer Weir, and Holt half-backs, Angus, Chadwick, Brown, Briscoe, and Watson, forwards. Ross lost the toss, and Goodall kicked with the advantage of a strong wind, and immediately Preston took up the attack. A grand shot from Dewhurst was well repulsed by Dobson. Everton now showed up on the right, Briscoe kicking over the bar. A grand combined run enabled Goodall to score five minutes from the start. From the kick-off Preston again pressed, Ross robbed Gordon in the nick of time. Goodall went away with a fine dribble, Holt foiling effort effort by good tackling. Dewhurst and Drummond now raced down the left and passing tom Goodall to kick over. Everton now improved in the play. Angus and Chadwick put in some good passing, on the left. From the pass Brown shot in Trainer clearing Ross jun forced the play to the right, but could not break the fine defence of Ross and Dobson. Brown broke, and passing to Angus he forced Howard to conceded a corner, but nothing tangible resulted. Everton now passed on the right. Trainor having to save in succession. The ball was now confined to the home left. Drewhurst missed a grand opportunity by kicking out. Everton now had a free kick against Russell. The Ball was well placed, but an erractic shot spoiled the advantage. Screw at half-time:- Preston North End 1 goal, Everton nil. After the usual interval, Goodall put the ball in motion, and immediately North End rush away, Dobson intercepted a grand move, and Everton removed the venue to the otherend, where Brown experienced very hard lines, a foul against Everton near the goal mouth, where some good heading was shown by Dewhurst and Drummond, a second goal being scored amidst the hearty cheers of the Prestonians. From the centre, Brown put in a beautiful run, Trainer having a grand shot from Angus. Ross now stopped a dangerous run on the part of his brother and Chadwick was again bust at the other end, Smalley was saved for some spendid defence. Weir now passed to Chadwick, who raced down, and another corner fell to Everton the place being nicely taken. Angus just missing his mark with a spendid shot. Ross took a free kick well in front of the Preston posts, the ball passing between untouched. The visitors now caused some trouble Howarth and Holmes removing the danger with some fine kicking. Preston now infused more life into the game and after some fine passing Dewhurst scored a spendid goal owing to a misunderstanding on the part of the visiting backs. From now to the end of play was very even. Everton ought of scored but lack of combination in front of goal robbed them of a couple of goals. The Everton team played a spirited game. Result Preston 3 Everton nil.

December 24, 1888. The Birmingham Daily Post
At Deepdale, before 8,000 spectators. Everton kicked off uphill. North End at once attacked, and in five minutes Goodall scored. Three corners fell to the home team, but Jack Ross and Dobson defended well, while the Everton forwards made several good runs, and Trainor had once to throw away. Play became very slow and uninteresting. A corner to Everton was useless, but Trainor had to save. Time after time were the home forwards repelled, and Watson had the ball near Trainor when the interval arrived, with the score –North End 1 goal, Everton 0. Seven minutes from the restart Goodall headed a second goal for North End from a free kick. Play improved after this, the Everton forwards attacking and Trainor saving. Gordon hit the Everton crossbar, but Ross and his companions continued to defend well, while Smalley smartly saved shots from Goodall and Drummond. The game was from this point all in favour of North End, but they were very weak in front of goal. Everton won a corner, and, after a run by Goodall, Angus and Briscoe each had shots at the home goal. Time after time were the home forwards dispossessed. Both goalkeepers saved, but Farmer put a shot from Dewhurst through his own goal, making the home score three goals. Everton had several more narrow escapes, the result being –Preston North End 3 goals, Everton 0.

December 24 1888. The Liverpool Mercury
The new stands on the Anfield-road enclosure have greatly improved the appearance of the ground, and though they were not so well filled as we expected there was a good number of spectators when the following teams faced:- Preston North End Reserves:- Culshaw, goal, Hays, and Whittle, backs, Worthington, Dempsey, and Joy, half-backs Irvin Gilleade, Inglis, Dobson, and Gillespie forwards. Everton Reserves:- Joliffe, goal, Higgins, and Chadwick (a) backs Parry (t), Pollock (h) (captain) and Fayer (t) half-backs, Falls Jones (wh) Milward (a) Keys (j), Morris, forwards.

Milward kicked off and Morris at once tried a long shot which went wide. North End made an attack, which was freshened by Higgins. Whittle returned, and Irvin passed to Gillespie who shot wide. Hands spoiled the home forwards when well within the enemy quarters.Irvin was cheered for good play on the right, Gillespie again shooting wide. Milward playing in good form troubled the visiting backs, and hands in a dangerous position was given again North End. Jones took his kick which went behind. Inglis robbed the home halfs and passed to Dobson, Higgins brought him up, but Gillespie shot wide. Everton had now to concede a corner. Inglis took the kick which went behind. Inglis imitated a bit of pretty passing. The defence being too good the visitors were unable to score. Thus was a good attack made by the Everton forwards, and a spendid attempt to score was made. Culshaw had to concede a corner and from the kick Irwin made a spendid dribble nearly the length of the field, and Joliffe was cheered for a grand save. Jones made a good run up the left and passed to Falls, who made a poor shot. The attack was kept up, and for pretty passing in front of goal Milward beat Culshaw and scored Everton's first goal. A tussle took place between Irvin and Morris, Morris getting the best of it. Jones and Falls raced up the left, but Jones shot very wide. Dobson and Irvin was cheered for a fine run, and Irvin cleverly kept the ball in and made a good but futile shot. Milward put in a good dribble in the centre, and passed both backs and Everton had a chance, which they lost by bad following up. Higgins made a grand save. Inglis returned to Joliffe, who fisted out. The North End forwards now made a pretty combined dribble and Higgins gave a corner. Inglis tried a high shot, which just missed its mark. Joliffe again was cheered for a grand save, keeping the globe out when it seemed impossible to do so. The game was very exciting, North End sending in shot after shot Joliffe still keeling his charge intact in champion form. Inglis ran down the right, after even play, and just shot wide. Everton took the ball up from the kick, and gained an abortive corner. Inglis again made a grand single-handed dribble and had hard lines. Half-time arrived with the score Everton Reserves 1 goal, Preston North End Reserves nil. In the second half, Inglis kicked off and Jones raced down the left, and Whittle caused laughter by neatly robbing Milward. The Wind, which was blowing from end to end was in Everton's favour, and a different complexion was put on the game. Culshaw being called upon to save by Milward. He just fisted out, and Milward, playing in grand form, took the leather into the goal mouth, and with a fast shot which struck the upright, defeated Culshaw, and made the score two to nil. Jones was now loudly cheered by the delighted crowd for a grand dribble down the left. Heys robbed him and North End attacked. Chadwick making a hugh kick Keys raced up the right and Culshaw had to fist out a good shot. Keys robbed Jones cleverly and kicked to Fryer, who returned, and the home forwards salted down in line, and an exciting bit of play ended in Falls scoring the third. Bad shooting spoiled North End and Everton again were swarming in front Milward doing the needful amidst loud cheering. Joliffe now made a mistake, which nearly gave a goal to North End, fisting the ball straight up, Dobson headed in and the leather just missed the goal. Everton gained a corner and kept up a installed on the North End goal without anything tangible being scored. North End with four goals against them were playing well, and tried heard to break the ice. Their Forwards dullied rather too long in front and lost the advantage gained. Everton playing a winning game gained a futile corner and ‘'hands'' in front of goal also helped them without result. Dobson and Gillespie raced up the left and Dobson amused the crowd by shooting nearly to the touch line. Irvin now went half-back and North End had the best of the argument for some time. Keys and Morris broke away, Milward spoiling their efforts by missing his kick. Not to be denied, Morris raced up the left, and sent in a grand shot which was well saved. North End now made a determined effort, which was successful. After passing nicely in front Gillespie got the leather, and sent in a good high shot, which Joliffe only partially stopped, and North End had secured their first goal. Final result:- Everton Reserves 4 goals, Preston North End Reserves 1.

December 26 1888. The Liverpool Courier
The series of matches arranged by the Anfield executive for the Christmas holidays took place yesterday morning in beautiful weather. The Ulster team are very popular with the Everton patrons, but their display was rather inferior, no doubt due to the fact that they arrived from the sister isle a few hours before they had to take the field. Fully 6,000 spectators were present when the teams put in an appearance at 10.45. Ross having lost the toss. Milward started hostilities against a very strong breeze. For a few minutes the play was confined to midfield until until Angus with a screw shot, tested Pinkleton, who kicked clear. Davie forced his way up the centre until met by Pollock,, who robbed at a dangerous moment, and again Everton were busy on the right, Watson missing a rather easy chance from a pass by Fall. Hands against the Irish captain gave Falls an opening, his shot being well cleared. Pinkleston was again called upon immediately after to stop a slinger from Weir. Miller and Martin looked dangerous on the right, but could not break through the fine defence of Ross and the veteran Mike,, who gave the ball to Milward and after some fine passing on the left Milward scored the first goal. From a throw in by Leslie, Coyne and Davie dribbled up the left, Ross removing the danger with a strong punt. Milward receiving the pass forced a corner. Which Stevenson kicked over. Tierney now raced up the centre, his final effort going very wide. Weir brought the ball down the right pinkertton saving shots from Watson and Keys, who strove hard to increase the lead. Two corners now fell to Everton, Leslie kicking clear a grand shot from Pollock, who experienced hard lines shortly after with a beautiful header. Watson accounted for a fine screw by Milward. After a short run by Coyne, Angus got the ball well in front from a corner kick, Phillips clearing in the goal mouth, and again Weir rushed in from half-backs and banged the ball through. From the kick off the Ulster van went away win a fine combined run, Coyne finishing with a wide shot. Angus now pressed on the left, and getting well down Milward again shot in, Pinkleton again clearing. Joliffe was now called upon to clear from Meyers. This brought half-time. Score Everton two goals Ulster nil. After the usual rest Meyers re-started, the play being confined to the home right Watson having hard lines with a grand shot, which struck the uprights. Ross made an alteration Falls going in gaol, and Joliffe going left wing forward, the play of Joliffe causing great amusement for the spectators. Coyne and Meyers broke away, Higgins again proving a stumbling block, and again Everton assumed an aggressive attitude, Pinkleton repelling a strong shot from Angus Martin with a rear turn of speed dribbled up the right, and passing Ross Fall kicking clear. The home van pressed forward to the other gaol, and from now to the close of the game the home team had pretty much their own way, the sphere rarely going over the centre line Just before the close Joliffe increased the score. From a pass by Falls. Final Result Everton three gaols Ulster nil. Teams Everton:- Joliffe goal, Ross (captain), and Higgins, back, Weir, Pollock and Stevenson half-backs, Angus, Falls, Milward Watson, and Keys, forwards. Ulster:- Pinkleston, goal, Watson, and Downes backs Phillips, Tierney, and Leslie half-backs Miller, Martin, Millar (j) Davie, Coyne forwards.

December 26 1888. The Liverpool Courier
Lancashire Cup Round Three
At the advertised time for commencing this important fixture, the weather was something wretched. A very heavy downpour and a regular gale of wind was the order of the day throughout the whole of the match. The ground was very slippery and the Players experienced great difficulty in keeping their feet. At 2-30 the players mad their presence on the field, the home team being rather weak owing to the numerous conditions that Council the Lancashire senior cup. Dobson lost the toss, in front of around 40000 spectators, and Brown put the ball in motion, and passing to Briscoe it was odds on Everton scoring. Frankland clearing with a hugh punt, from which Nackerath screwed across to Gargett, who with a long shot, beat Joliffe ten minutes from the start. Immediately after Dobson fouled the ball. The free kick was nicely placed by Eastham Holt clearing in the goal mouth. Bricoe and Jones worked beautifully down the right, a shot from the latter taking effect to the delight of the spectators. A.Chadwick was nest conspicuous with a grand bit of tackling and passing to Brown, he struck the Blackburn upright with a spendid shot. Whitaker and Mackereth pressed on the left, a grand pass from the latter being badly missed by Garner. Briscoe beat Jackson in a warm tussle, and Jones getting possession he gave Noble a rare fistful to clear. The Blackburn right again came down with a great dash the final effort of Mackereth going over. Dobson now took the kick out, and with a powerful lunge kicked the ball from his own goal within a few yards of the opposite end, the finest kick ever seen on the Everton enclosure. Two corners new fell to the home club, Noble stopping a rare header from Higgins. Farmer next stopped a rush by the blackburn men, and passing to Harbourhe missed a grand chance by kicking outside. Half time, one goal each. After a slight rest Lighhound put the ball in motion, and immediately the visitors broke away. Dobson in working the ball clear had the misfortune to hands the ball, and from the free kick Joliffe stopped a regular beauty from the foot of garner. The home right again raised the siege, and after some grand running Harbour obtained the lead by shooting through. Everton now had the best of the game, but the greasy state of the ball rendered accurate shooting impossible. After some exciting play in the Blackburn quarters Whataker got away, but Farmer robbed him, and dribbling nicely down the centre sent a spendid shot, which took effect. Even play followed until Garner got passed Chadwick and with a low shot defeated Joliffe a second time. Shortly after the official whistle sounded. leaving Everton winners by three goals to two. Teams Everton:- Joliffe goal, Dobson (captain), and Chadwick (a), backs Farmer, Holt, and Frier (t) half-backs, Harbour, Higgins Brown, Briscoe, and Jones forwards. Blackburn Park Road:- Noble goal, Frankland and Yates, backs, Jackson, Eastham and Hartley, half-backs, Mackeretth, Whitaker, Lightbrown Gargett, Garner, forwards.

December 27 1888. The Liverpool Courier
This important and much talked of fixture between these two local rivals took place at Anfield-road yesterday, the unhappy difference which have lately prevented their meeting being amicably arranged. The clubs have met often in local Cup ties and in friendly competition during the past ten years, and Everton may fairly claim to have established superiority over their Bootle friends being the victors in nearly every encounter. Notwithstanding this fact, the Bootle club has always come up smiling, and it may be said coincident of turning the scale''this time'' ‘'new men and new methods'' have been tried, and at the present juncture this is more noticeable than on any previous encounter, there being very few men now playing for either team who played in last year's cup tie. There is, however, to some extent a similarity of fortune in the position of the Evertonians club, who have always in these encounters been enable to place their full strength in the field. This year the hospital contingent is very strong and they are minus the services of Smalley, Dick, Waugh and Costley. From the Bootle team we miss the old Veteran Veitch their other changes being, however, an improvement upon last year's eleven. The weather was not too propitions, the ground being sloppy from the rains of the last few days, making accurate play impossible and causing evident amusement to the vast crowd, who througed the new comfortable enclosure as the players endeavored sometimes in vain to keep their foothold on the treacherous turf. The kick off was advertised for two o'clock, but long before that hour the throng of partisans were crowding the approaches to the ground and when the teams put in an appearance there would be fully 16,000 spectators present. Ross having won the toss Galbraith kicked off for Bootle amidst much excitement. The Bootle left rushed down and a foul was given against Dobson but nothing tangible resulted. Booth continued to press and Ross was compelled to kick out. Everton now rushed up, but Angus shot wide. From a foul Galbraith shot, but Joliffe fisted out. The game was very fast, and Everton rushed up Brown shooting well in compelling Jackson to concede a corner, which came to nothing. From a free kick off Davies got up, but the ball went out Everton having slightly the best of the game. Dobson relieved a rush by the Bootle left and the venue was quickly changed. Angus passed to the right, but Davies missed a good chance. MacFarlance playing grandly. The Everton let got up, and Chadwick shot but Jackson saved. The Everton forwards again got up but the ball was kicked out. Ross Dobson and Weir relieved a good rush by the Bootle forwards. From a foul against Holt Bootle got away, but the ball went out. Give-and-take play followed. The Everton left got well up, but Farmer dallied, and the ball was worked away. Even play followed, the game being very fast. Dobson tried a long shot, and Jackson fisted over. The corner, however, came to nothing. Dobson shooting wide immediately after Everton pressed, but the ball was forced out, Davies hugging the ball too much. The play continued in the Bootle half, and Jackson saved a low shot from Chadwick. The Bootle left got away, But Dobson relieved grandly. Davies was now prominent with a grand run, the ball, however, going out. A foul against Bootle was taken by Weir, and Chadwick just missed scoring Briscoe heading wide a little later. Everton still pressed, and Chadwick again narrowly missing scoring the same player immediately after striking the upright amidst great excitement, Davies shooting wide just after. A foul against Everton was kicked out by Campbell. Dobson compelled Jackson to handle. Bootle had z luck in, but Ross soon cleared. A foul was given against Campbell for tripping Weir, but nothing came of it. Half-time being called with a clean sheet. Brown kicked off after the usual interval. The Everton right worked down Briscoe and Brown clearing well. Bootle pressed and a corner resulted which was worked away. A foul against Bootle was taken by Weir, and Miller conceded a corner. The Bootle forwards got up, but Woods shot wide. Everton pressed, but MacFarlane relieved. After a good rush by the bootle forwards Jamieson out the ball through but the point was disallowed for offside. Bootle convinced to press, the excitement being intense Everton rushed off, and a foul was given against Bootle. The play ruled very fast and exciting, Everton having slightly the best of the play. The Bootle right got down, and a scrimmage ensued in which Ross was winded. Bootle pressed, and the ball went behind. Bootle now played grandly, the Everton defence bring severely tried. A foul was given against Campbell, and the Everton forwards got down, Miller relieving Everton having hard lines. Everton still pressed, but found the Bootle defence too good, Brown and Holt being Noticeable for good play. Chadwick screwed across but Briscoe missed, a corner resulting which proved fruitless. Davies shot wide soon after. Hands was given against jamieson, Chadwick shot in well but Jackson grandily, Davies shooting badly just after. Dobson saved a good rush. Davies shot behind after good play by the Everton forwards, Everton pressed, Angus shooting behind. Even play followed. Everton now pressed, and Hotshot wide. Ross took a free kick for a foul against Bootle, Campbell being noticeable for dirty play, but the Bootle left worked up, Dobson relieving, Davies shot wide. A foul was given against Everton and one against Bootle immediately after offside against Everton and from the free kick Bootle got up, but Dobson relieved. Time was called with the result a draw. Result; Everton 0, Bootle 0.

Teams; Bootle, Jackson goal, McFarlane, and Miller backs, Allsop (a), Hughes (w), and Campbell (w), half-backs, Woods (j), Galbraith (h), Jamieson Jones, and Galbraith (d) forwards; Everton:- Joliffe goal, Ross (captain), and Dobson backs, Farmer, Holt, and Weir, half-backs, Angus, Chadwick, Briscoe, Davies, and Brown (w), forwards.

DECEMBER 31 1888. THE Liverpool Courier
The Everton team let Liverpool on Saturday to meet the champion drawests in their League match at Accrington. The latter played their full strength whereas Everton were minus Holt (ill) and Farmer. A modest number of spectators was present. Teams Accrington:- Hurne (jk) goal, Clellan, and Stevenson, backs, Pemberton, Tattersall, and Howaoth half-backs, Brand, Kirkham, Barbour, Bonar, and Lofthouse, forwards. Everton:- Joliffe, goal, Ross (captain), and Dobson, backs, Weir, Sugg, Parkinson, half-backs, Watson, Briscoe, Brown, Chadwick, and Angus forwards . Everton started with ten men only, one being a substitue. Everton won the toss, and Barbour kicked off with the sun in his eyes. At once the homesters pressed, Lofthouse sending one in over the bar. Chadwick then came on. Pemberton stopped Watson well. a free kick well played by Pemberton resulted in a goal kick. Chadwick took it up the centre, dodging splendidly passing to parkinson, the latter to Watson, who rushed the first goal. After the kick-off Ross was cheered for fine tackling, and returning well forced a corner, Chadwick heading over at once taking it down. The home team took it down, Lofthouse being conspicuous forcing Joliffe to concede a corner. A pretty pass by Brown to Angus was neutralised by off-side play. Hands against Ross right in the goal month resulted in Brand scoring, Howarth playing. On restarting Both Dodgson and Stevenson kicked well, Horne having to use his hands for a corner kick for the goal kick. Lofthouse raced down, a sever struggle taking place near the Everton goal, Brand kicking behind. Pretty passing by all the home forwards was neutralised by Brand's off side play. A grand shot by Chadwick waswell repulsed by Horne. The visitors were then pressed, the ball eventually bounding over the bar. Brand showed magnificent dribbling, Weir clearing more than once. Howarth bring Chadwick up. Ross kicked well, Brand racing down the left. A foul by Watson well placed was repulsed by Dobson. Chadwick got off passed to Brown the latter to Angus who was tackled by McLellan. From a grand centre by Lofthouse, Kirkham shot against the bar Joliffe throwing out, a grand ran up by Watson and Briscoe giving Howarth and Stevenson plenty to do. At half-time the score 1 all. On resuming Stevenson was called upon to defend Barbour eventually sending behind. Good kicking by Haworth, Parkinson and McLellan followed Stevenson conceding a corner. Watson was next conspicuous for some tricky play. Hands by Haworth in the month of the home goal, Pemberton relieving well, and Dobson kick over the posts. Harbour ran up, placing the visitors goal in jeopardy. A throw in gave little relief only to be returned by Stevenson. Dobson and Sugg showed good defensive play. Haworth shot in twice. Dobson kicking out. From a long shot, however, Haworth scored. After the kick off Howarth had another shot which hit the crossbar, the visitors goal being fairly believed. A goal kick gave temporary relief, Ross showing brilliant form. A couple of free kicks fell to the homesters near goal, and from a scrimmage it was sent through. Accrington had by far the best of the game for some time, Weir tackling well, and Ross kicking splendidly. Once when the ball had passed Joliffe Ross kicked across. Everton then pressed a little, Dobson by a long kicking sending in over. After Horne had fisted out, a good run down by Watson was not utilized owing to his not being supported. A corner to Everton was well repulsed. A grand game resulting-Accrington 3 Everton 1 goal.

December 31 1888. The Liverpool Courier
Everton first team being engaged in a league fixture at Accrington the rival Reserves had the one of the ground at Anfield-road on Saturday. As Everton have already been victorious over the Bootle second string twice this season the meeting was looked upon with internet and there were about 3,000 spectators present, when the teams put in an appearance. The Everton team was somewhat weak, the absence of Joliffe, Chadwick, Briscoe, and Brown being much felt . Teams:- Everton,, Lindsay goal, Ashcroth, and Higgins, backs, Fayer Pollock (h) (captain), and Farmer, half-backs, Keys,, Harbour, Milward Jones, and Kelly forwards, Bootle:- Griffiths, goal, Woods and Howarth backs, Hobley, Dodd and Moffatt, half-backs, Galbraith, Morris, McCowan, Barbour and Deane forwards. Pollock having won the toss, Milward kicked off down hill, and immediately Farmer had kicked out. From the throw in by Hobley McCowan dribbled up the centre and from a fine pass by Morris, Gralbrath shot in, Lindsay clearing. Everton now raced down and from a accurate pass by Milward Kelly put in a magnificent screw which griffiths fisted over the bar, nothing tangible resulting from the corner. A grand rush on the Everton right forced another corner, Pollock heading over the bar, Morris and Galbreaith removing the venue to the Everton uprights where Ashcroft cleared in the nick of time. Higgins now gave Milward a grand opening, and taking full advantage of the position he forced his way until tripped by Woods, for which he was penalised, Farmer shooting over the bar from the free kick. Barber put in a nice dribble up the Bootle left until he was prettily relieved by Fayer who turned over to keys, who gave to Milward. He again forced his way until tripped by Hoblay, for which a free kick was concede. Milward scoring with a low shot a quarter of an hour after the start. From the midfield Bootle pressed Everton having two men short for some time owing to injuries to keys and Milward. From a corner kick Deane missed a grand opportunity by shooting outside, Milward resume and from a pass by Kelly Milward put to a spendid run the ball going outside. Barbour now shot in, Lindsay clearing. Higgins gave a corner the ball going over. Half-time Everton 1 goal Bootle nil. After the usual rest, McCowan put the sphere in motion and again Milward was busy, his shot at goal going over. Bootle got nicely into action, and from a pass by Morris,, Gailbrath had a shy at Lindsay, who throw of Galbraith pressed. Ashcroft kicked clear Morris renewed the attack, and from a good return Hobley defeated Lindsay with a low shot Bootle still kept up the pressure a shot from Morris going over. The Everton vanguard hard to break away, and the absence of Keys as the right weakened their attack. Jones got in a good pass. Howarth heading clear a shot from Kelly, Morris and Galbraith, with very good passing caused the Everton backs some trouble, Fryer removing the danger with a long kick. Farmer worked the leather up the field, Milward just missed scoring. Everton obtained two corners, nothing resulted. Hands against Pollock gave Bootle an opening, Higgins heading clear in the goalmouth. Milward and Kelly brought relief in the home left Howarth kicking clear. Galbrath gave Morris an opening, he shot striking the upright. Milward was again prominent with a superb run Howarth robbing him, when meeting in position. Good passing brought both well into the Everton quarters, Lindsay saving a good shot from Barbour who was subsequently given offside. Fayer threw in to harbour who forced his way up the field, Woods kicking out to save. A very pleasant game ended in a draw. Everton Reserves 1 Bootle Reserves 1