March 1889

March 4 1889. The Liverpool Courier
The match between these clubs was played at Burslam on Saturday in beautiful football weather. Teams:- Everton:- Joliffe, goal, Chadwick (a) and Pollock (h) (captain), backs, Fayer, Weir (c), and Weir (j), half-backs, Keys (j), Briscoe (w), Milward (a), Brown and Angus (j), forwards. Rovers:- Meakin, goal, Martin, and Udall backs Chadwick, Hond and Farrington half-backs,, Sporston, Wood, Keeling Kirkham, and Randles, forwards. Milward kicked off against the wind, and after a bit of preliminary skirming the Rovers forwards got off very beautifully down the left and Rainless scored after Jolene had knocked out once. A minute later, however, Millard equalized from a scrimmage. After this the Rovers had another look in, and forced Jolene to concede a corner. Which he by good defense prevented from being unproved upon. Everton now showed much better form and pressed hard, Brown and Angus being prominent. A fine shot by Milward almost scored and Brown also almost brought about the desired result. The siege was raised, and the Rovers got a corner from which Hood scored. From now until the finish of the first half the Rovers had the best of the game. Joliffe played finely in goal half-tine Rovers 2 goals Everton Reserves 1. Final Result Rovers 2 goals Everton Reserves 4.

March 6 1889. The Liverpool Courier
These teams mat at Sunderland yesterday. The weather was fine, and the attendance large. During the first half Everton faced the sun. The game was hotly contested, each side stirring its almost to avert defeat. During the first half Sunderland by good play scored three goals and their opponents on. On the resumption of play Sunderland played a hard scientific game which resulted in their favour by four to two. Snow fell during the game. Dick was hurt. Scorers Sunderland, Davidson, McLarhlan (2), creconridge, Everton davies and Chadwick. Teams; Sunderland:- Kirkley, goal, Oliver and Simpson, backs, Mckenchine,, Raylaton, and Gibson half-backs, Davidson, Smith, Breckopnridge and McLachan, forwards. Everton:- Joliffe, goal, Dick and Ross (captain), backs, Chadwick (a) Weir, and Angus half-backs, Watson davies (j), Milward (a) Brown, and Chadwick (e) forwards

March 11 1889, The Liverpool Mercury
This important match took place on Saturday on the Hawthorne-road enclosure. An hour before the time announced, for the kick off people were to be-seen making their way to the ground, and at half-past three all the points of vantage had been secured. The ground considering the heavy fall of snow which took place on Friday, appeared to be in very good conditions, and these parts which had been most affected were covered with sawdust. The crowd was in good humored and it was apparent that many were present with their Intentions of making it a hard day having ‘'armed'' themselves with watchmen's rattles, horns, etc. the match is the second which has taken place between the teams this season the encounter on boxing day not having decided who should hold the title of Chamion owing to it having resulted in a draw. As to who should win there was a great divergence of opinion, the supporters of both clubs being confident of the success of their boys, whilst others thought that no better result would be arrived at. Both teams had a hearty reception on their appearance on the field. Ross especially is having a very warm welcome. There were between six and Seven thousand spectators when the following teams faced:- Everton:- Smalley (r), Dobson (g) and Ross (jn) (captain), backs Weir (j), Holt (j), and Farmer (g), half-backs, Davies (j), Watson (r), Milward (a), Chadwick (e) and Brown (w) forwards. Bootle:- Jackson, goal, McFarlane (r), and Woods (fr), backs, Allsop (a), Hughes (w), and Campbell (w) half-backs, Woods (j), Hughie Galbraith, right wing, Morris (t), centre, Jamieson (r), and Hasting (w) left wing. Bootle won the toss, and played with a slight wind at their backs. Milward kicked off Bootle at once making a raid into the Everton quarters, Ross relieved the pressure. Wood nicely headed but Holt return, and play was in the home half. A foul helped Bootle and Dobson gave the first corner. Nothing resulted. A foul was given against McFarlane, Ross took the kick. The ball going behind spoiled the advantage, and play was in the visitors quarters Campbell was cheered for several fine throws. Bootle continued to press Hasting at length sending in a poor shot. The game was at this point rather disagreeable, fouls being given, against both teams for unfair play. Bootle had hard times, a good shot just topping the bar. Ross kicked out F.Wood returned and Milward made a fine dribble down the centre. Hughes checked him. Watson and Davies taking up the attack. Jackson had to throw out. Bootle made a spendid attack initiated by J.Woods, Ross having to concede a corner, which was futile. Bootle were certainly having the best of it, Campbell was cheered for robbing Ross and sending in a grand shot which Dobson cleared. Everton had a turn Chadwick putting in a grand shot, Gailbrith disappointed his supporters by kicking over the bar, when he seemed to have the goal at his mercy. Smalley was cheered for a grand save, fisting out when surrounded by opponents, McFarlane robbed the Everton forwards when they become dangerous. Bootle at length had their reward, Morris amidst the cheers of the Bootlties from a goal by Woods, shooting the first goal. Milward initiated a pretty movement, but nothing came of it, and Bootle were quickly in the visitors quarters again. Ross playing in his inimitable style spoiled the home forwards time after time but could not prevent Bootle from scoring their second goal. Which was scored from a foul close to the goal mouth. Everton had a chance but shot behind. Davies sent in a good shot from the touchline which just went behind. Everton soon had their revenge. Jackson muffed a shot, and Chadwick quickly took the advantaged and put it through. The Evertonians playing in better form attacked fiercely, but without result. The Everton combination was vastly improved consequently with the aid of Ross whose kicking was grand they were having considerably the best of the game at this point. twice was the Bootle goal placed in jeopardy by passes from Watson and Davies. Half-time arrived with the score:- Bootle 2 goals Everton 1goal. Morris kicked off and as at the commencement, Bootle were at once pressing. Everton soon relieved, and for some time Bootle had rather a warm time of it. Milward made at pretty dribble which was taken up by the Visiting forwards. Who spoiled themselves by kicking behind. Chadwick tried a long shot which was well saved by Jackson Chadwick, and Brown ran and passed, Chadwick finished with a shot which went wide. A red hot scrimmage took place in front of the Bootle upright, nothing tangible resulted, and fouls become the order of the day. Bootle had a turn after pretty play Galbraith passed Farmer and Holt turning the leather over to Jamieson, who was enabled to beat Smalley for the third time. Play became very exciting, Everton putting all in to wipe out the deficit. Bootle not to be denied met the onslaught plucky, and Ross had to concede a corner, which, being well placed Smalley had to fist out a good shot. Hasting made a grand single handed dribble down the left Dobson spoiled him, and Davies who had gone centre raced up the centre in fine style. McFarlane proved the stmling-block Bootle had for some time the best of the argument the leather rarely going over the centre. At length the pressure was removed but not for long, Bootle pressing again without result. Dobson removed the venue and Everton had the bad luck to have a goal disallowed for offside. They quickly had their revenge for Ross kicking to Davies that player neatly headed Everton's second goal. Bootle at once from the kick off attacked Everton's goal, Smalley having to save several good shots. The leather being kicked over the bar. Everton in turn were shooting, Watson disappointing the Evertonians by kicking high over the bar. The kick out brought no relief McFarlane having to concede an abortive corner. Another corner quickly fell to Everton with the same result as the last. Everton were now having all the game. Holt tried a long shot, which was easily cleared by Jackson. At length the game was made even; Milward racing up the centre turned over to Brown, who promptly shot in, past Jackson making the score three all.

March 11 1889. The Liverpool Courier
This fixture came off on Saturday on the former's ground. At four o'clock the teams faced each other as follows:- Everton Reserves:- Joliffe (c), goal, Chadwick (a), and Connor (j) backs, Weir (c), Pollock (h) (captain), and Fayer (t), half-backs, Angus (j), Brown (r), Waugh (d), Briscow (w), and Keys (j), forwards. Aintree Church:- Morris goal, Jones (e) and Taylor, backs, Ray, Jones, and Nidd, half-backs, Maskin, Shaw, Gorncok, Roberts and Jones (j), forwards. The home team were successful in the spin, and Aintree started at 4-30 with the sun facing them. Nidd stooped a dangerous rush by Briscoe and Rays, Roberts, and Jones taking the leather into the Everton custodian, Chadwick cleared. Again obtained possession Ray pulling him up. Everton then become aggressive Waugh exhibition good play, and caused the Church Custodian to save, which he did smartly. The home forwards gave Nidd and Taylor plenty to do. The everton forwards again troubled Morris who was successful in repelling a shot from Pollock. Jones them concede a corner which Angus kicked to high. At length the forwards had a spendid chance and from a pass by Waugh Keys scored the first goal with a terrific shot. The Custodian had not a look in. at half-time Everton were 1 goal to nil.

On resuming play Roberts rushed the leather into the Reserves quarters but was soon returned Waugh obtained possession and caused Taylor to concede a corner. For a short period the Reserves fairly penned the Churchites, Jones and Roberts eventually breaking away and called upon Joliffe to clear a shot from Curnock. The slouchy state of the ground plainly told on the visitors, who were continually rolling in their mud. Everton now put in a determined rush, and from the corner rushed their second point through. shortly afterwards the Reserves were dangerous near Morris, and forced him to concede a corner to clear his charge which proved futile. The Churhcites played very hard managing to press the Reserves defence, and obtained a corner, which was worked away by Chadwick. Waugh was next conspicuous, and passing to Briscoe he added another goal to their credit. Final Result; Everton Reserves 3 goals, Aintree nil.

March 181889. The Liverpool Courier
Gloomy football weather favored this important contest on the Anfield enclosure on Saturday. The Halliwell team, although not one of the most powerful lancashire teams may fairly clubs to be a good representative eleven, and have frought excellent fights with a number of the league club's. this is the second time this season that they have met this seaport combination. In the first match played in September last Mr. Goulding's eleven were beaten by the narrow majority of two goals to one. The team that represented Everton consisted principally of those who are ineligible to compete in the Lancashire cup tie. The forward division was fairly strong, but the defence was not equal to the standard of an Everton first team, the absence of Dick, the popular full-back, being keenly felt, especially when the Halliwell man got in close quarters. It will be a matter of congratulation to those who take an interest in the Everton club to know that although the accident Dick received at Sunderland was of a rather serious nature, he is now able to walk about, and it is expected will take his place in the team in a few weeks hance. At 3-45 the Everton team put in an appearance, Ross receiving a very cordial reception. The Bolton team, were rather late. There would be about 6,000 spectators present. Ross having won the toss, McGunnis kicked off at 4-05 against a very strong breeze, and facing a drizzling rain. The visitors started with tem men. After good exchanged in midfield Cromie put in a fine run his shot going over. A couple of fine throws by Weir, close in the Halliwell goal looked dangerous, the ball going outside from a long kick by Robb. ‘'Hands'' against Wilson enabled Halliwell to clear their lines, but Powell returned the ball. Wilson was now conspicuous in robbing McGuness and passing to Waugh, the Everton forward broke away in combined run. The visiting backs relieved the pressure. Hewitson and Russell ran down the left, but a claim for off-side put an end to the invasion. Nidd McDougall returning the ball initiated another spirited attack. The visiting van forced the pace on the left, Ross heading clear on the goal line. Everton again came to the fore. Fairclough rushed out of his goal, and evidently came off second best in a tussle with Davies. Everton were now favoured with a corner, which was taken by Davies, but the wind carried the ball over the bar. From the kick off Halliwell worked the sphere to midfield, the Everton halves returning, the ball going over-from a shot by Milward. Good passing by the Everton forwards again troubled the Halliwell defence, until Durham ran down the wing, Ross kicking out to save. Another fine run by Davis, and a pass to Milward caused Fairclough to handle. This was repeated a minute later from a capital shot by Angus. Ross returned into the Helliwell goalmouth, Watson missing a spendid chance by shooting over the bar. McDougall put in a fine shot at the other end. Joliffe saving grandly. Halliwell kept up the pressure, until Angus and Waugh with a spirited run changed the venue. Fairclough now saved two splendid shots from Wilson and Waugh, from the latter he was forced to concede a corner, which was taken by Davis, Milward, heading through amidst applause. From the kick off Milward ran up the centre and finished up with a fine shot just skimmed the bar. The visiting forwards improved considerably, McDougall heading out. From the throw in Davies forced his way-up the right, Fairclough saving a fine screw from Watson, Russell and Hewitson rushed down the left, Joliffe saving at the expense of a corner which proved abortive. Davies, Waugh passed by Angus, who ran up the left, Durham kicking out to save. From the throw in by Weir, Milward experienced hard lines in the goalmouth. A miskick by Wilson let in McGunnis, who ran down the centre, Nidd recovering the lost ground by a timely kick. Good passing by the visitors caused Joliffe to handle. This was followed by a capital sprint by Milward, he past to Watson being intercepting by Robb, who kicked clear. Everton had now the advantage of a couple of corners, from the latter of which the ball almost passed through. One of the Halliwell backs was penalised for foul play, the free kick going over the line. Ross experienced some difficulty in stopping the Halliwell right, but Weir came to the rescue and passed to Watson, who called upon Fairclough to save. Milward showed up prominently, a shot from Weir just missing the mark. From the kick-out McGunnie put in a fine run, and finished up with a warm shot that struck the upright. Good heading by Waugh and Watson gave Davis an opening but he allowed the ball to go outside. Another corner to Everton followed, which was worked clear, Ross returned, and Milward was again unfortunate. The ball still kept in the Halliwell quarters, Fairclogh saving when surrounded by several of his opponents. Wilson beautifully stopped a fine dribble by Russell. Durham returned, and Ross conceded a corner. This was followed by a free kick for ‘'hands'' against Wilson. Milward with a strong kick removing the danger. Ross took a free kick, and again Davies had a fine chance, the ball going outside. A warm scrimmage was formed in the Halliwell goal, Waugh missed a fine chance by kicking over the bar. Half-time Everton 1 Halliwell nil.

After the usual respite Milward restarted the game, Fairclough receiving a good reception at the other end. The Halliwell forward got well up, the ball eventually going out. Halliwell were again to the fore, Hewitson shooting wide. Ross relieved, and the Everton forwards raced down the field Waugh kicking rather wide. Bobby Watson elicited the plaudits of the crowd for a spendid run down the right. Fairclough conceded another corner, which was nicely placed by Nidd, Durham removed the play to midfield, where Wilson passed to Davis who scored a second goal for the home club. The Halliwell left wing pair showed up prettily. Russell shot clean into Joliffe's hands. A long kick by Ross enabled Milward to break away, McDougall robbing him when matters looked ominous for the visitor. Russell and Hewitson removed the venue to Joliffe charge. Russell shot over, when he had the goal at his mercy. Another raid was made upon the Everton fortress, but erractic shooting spoiled several excellent chances of scoring ‘'Hands'' against the stripes was well taken up by Waugh, the sphere going over from the foot of Angus. The Visiting forwards became very aggressive, shot after shot was sent only to find the home defence equal to the demand made upon them. Waugh got the better of Durham and passing to Davis he in turn sent a beautiful shot which took Fairclough all his time to save Wilson renewed the attack Fairclough being charged over the line by Milward. The subsequent corner proved fruitless. Ross was again called upon to clear, Joliffe being compelled to concede a corner, which was got away by Waugh and Milward with a fine run. Ross now stopped a further raid, Cromie allowed a spendid opportunity to pass. Milward put in the finest run of the day down the left, Watson just missing the goal. A foul for Everton in front of goal was taken by Weir and worked clear by the visiting backs. Nidd threw in to Ross but the ball rebounding McGunnis rushed up the field. Powell relieving on the goal line. Halliwell pressed, but could not break through the fine defence of the Everton backs. The official whistle sounded, leaving Everton winners by 2 goals to none.

Everton : Joliffe (c), goal, Powell (j),, and Ross (jn) (captain), backs, Wilson (w), Weir, and Nidd (f), half-backs, Davies (j), Watson (r), Milward (a), Waugh (d), and Angus (jw) forwards. Halliwell:- Fairclough goal Lucas, and Robb backs, Derham, Scowcroft, and McDougall, half-backs,, Crombie, Hay, Hewitson and McGunnias forwards.

March 18 1889. The Liverpool Courier
Lancashire cup semie-final
This match was played on the ground of the Rovers at Blackburn in dull weather. The ground was soft in consequence of a slight fall of rain. About 1,500 spectators assembled to witness the match. The Everton club had previously relied on almost entirely reserve strength to pull it through but on Saturday there were several of the first team man included. This was advisable, as Higher Walton only a few weeks ago defeated the Blackburn Rovers by 4 goals to 3. When at halt-time the Rovers were 3 to 1. A start was made at half-past three,, and the Walton boys diligently went to their work, giving the opposing backs no little trouble. These were, however, equal to the task, and by their aid play was retained mostly in mid-field, from whence Everton made occasion attacks which were not particularly dangerous. At length Chadwick and Costley had a chance, and by nicely dodging their opponents an opening was found, but Chadwick assayed a shot which the goal-keeper cleared before Costley could get up in time to complete the effort. Everton were still having the best of matters, and kept the play close to the Walton goal, Fair having a shot which went over. Rain how again descended, Higher Walton then became pressing in their attention, and a not remarkably fast shot was sent in, Smalley did not succeed in his endeavor to pick the ball up, and consequently gave it a kick, which Mather spoiled and headed the leather through, a fest which gave pleasure to the majority of the spectators, judging by the uproar. The ensuing play was of a demitory and uninteresting nature, Chadwick now and them betraying a too great regard for retaining the globe. By good forward work, and especially so on the left wing, Costley had an apparently good slight at shooting, but he failed to take advantage of it. Then came some exciting play at the opposite end after Higher Walton had gained a corner. J.Mather struck the crossbar, and then a good shot from the left wing went over the bar. A few minutes later the centre-forward shot a fine goal. Half-time Higher Walton 2 goals Everton nil.

Upon the resumption of the play the Waltonians assumped the aggressive and W.Mther mulled a granf opportunity. Flewming afterwards sprinted down the right, the ball however, going over the line, and Briscoe was at this point hurt and obliged to retire. The Evertonians were now playing with more spirit, and several good attempts were made to place the game on an equal footing. The Walton custodian being tried was not found wanting. Briscoe returned to the scene, and then Costley, was placed here de combat for a few moments. A capital front rank movement on Everton's part a little later Edgar Chadwick scoring with a rattling shot. Costley now being incapable of further exertion was obliged to leave the field, from a free kick which fell to the Waltonians the ball was shot in front of goal, and J.Mather scored a spendid goal. Later on Chadwick shot, almost scored. Final result Higher Walton 3 goals Everton 1 goal. Teams:- Smalley, goal, Dobson (captain), and Chadwick (a) backs,, Fayer, Holt, and Farmer, half-backs, Fleming Briscoe Brown (w), Chdawick (e) and Costley forwards. Higher Walton:- Chatman, goal, Ose, and Daly backs, Naylor (t),, Spencer and Baldwin half-backs, Mather (t), Oddon, Mather (w), Natlor (e), and Naylor (t) forwards.

March 25 1889. The Liverpool Courier
The champion team of Blackpool district made their first appearance this season on the Anfield enclosure on Saturday. The previous encounter between the home club and the visitors have generally been of a very even character when played at Everton, but like most of the leading organizations of the country, when the Liverpool representative have visited the Blackpool ground they have had to retire defeated. In fair, two years Everton with a good team were beaten by seven goals to two by the South Shore men. The visitors are a fine body of men, and although their game cannot be classed as scientific, they play with considerable dash and speed. The teams were 35 minutes behind time in taking up their positions in the field this being due to the late arrival of the visitors. Both teams were well received, Ross and Wilson being the recipients of a very condial greeting from the crowd which numbered about 4,000. Ross having lost the toss, W.Wilson, who took the place of Milward in the centre, kicked off down the hill and against the wind. The home forwards immediately became aggressive, Langley saving a capital shot from Watson a minute from the start. R.Elston put in a fine dribble up the left. Holt cleared, Parkinson renewed the attack. Smalley just caught a fine screw shot from Cookson. ‘'Hands'' against Holt looked dangerous and Dobson cleared with a fine bunt. A good combined run by the home was brought the play to the other end, where Chadwick caused Langley to use his hand. Hicking initiated another dangerous rush. Holt transferred the sphere to Watson, who shot wide. Everton had the advantage of another free kick taken by Ross,, which was nicely placed, but was worked over the line by the right wing. A similar fate attended a corner kick a few minutes afterwards. The visiting right broke away, Ross misjudged his kick, and a corner was conceded which proved abortive. From a kick-off a grand forward movement was shown by Farmer Chadwick and Waugh, which resulted in a further corner kick being taken by Farmer, who landed the ball well in front of Wilson who defeated Langley with a high shot. The Visiting appeared too smart under the reverse, and infused a lot of dash, a grand run by Hacking being beautifully nipped in the bud by a timely kick by Dobson. Holt robbed the visitors centre, and passing to Davies, he put in one of his terrific runs and finished up with a spendid shot which justed missed scoring. Waugh and Chadwick put Everton on the attack Gosling relieving his lines by kicking over. The subsequent corner proved effective. The visitors had the best of the play for some time. Ross displaying marvelous defensive tactics in keeping his goal intact. Wilson came to the relief of his backs, and dribbled down the centre and passing to Davies the ought to have made a better attempt than he did of the opportunity offered Encouragement by the cheers of their supporters, the Everton left forced a passage down the field, a shot from Chadwick being well-cleared by Langley, who a minute latter saved from Waugh. Elston retaliated with spendid sprint. Dobson cleared with a grand header. Edgar Chadwick ran the length of the field, Langley saving his shot with a grand punt. Half-time Everton 1; South Shore 0.

After the usual respite Cookson,, put the ball in motion, and passing to Parkinson a warm tussle ensued in front of the home upright Ross and Dobson removing the danger with some fine kicking. Davies responded with a grand run up the home right. Watson shot over the bar. Play was confirmed to midfield until Watson relieved the monotony by passing his opponents. Wilson by judicious passing brought the play into the Shore goalmouth. Chadwick took another corner, the ball dropping amongst the Everton forwards, Watson scoring a second goal out of the scrimmage. Ross now negotiated a fine bit of passing by the visiting left, and passing to Watson he ought to have eased the score, but shot high over the bar. Dobson now came in for some well merited applause for the superb tackling, and putting his forwards in position Wilson forced another corner from which Moore put the ball through his own goal. Chadwick with an overhead kick, gave Waugh another chance, his final effort going outside. Everton now held the upper hand but erractic shooting spoiled more than one chance of scoring. The visiting backs, in defending their goal, made a frequent use of their hands, and several free kicks were awarded, from the latter of which a goal was claimed but not conceded. Towards the end Chadwick became prominent a shot from the foot being headed clear by Gosling. This brought full time. Final; result Everton 3 South Shore 0,

Everton:- Smalley, goal, Dobson, and Ross (captain), backs, weir, Holt, and Farmer, half-backs, Davies, Watson, Chadwick, Waugh, and Wilson (w), forwards. South Shore:- Langley, goal, Gosling, and Moore (e), backs, Watson (j), Sharples (e), and Wash (r), half-backs, Hacking (a) Richards Elston Roberts Elston, Parkinson (a), and Cookson (h), forwards.

March 26 1889. The Liverpool Courier
This return fixture should have taken place on the Anfield road enclosure, but as the first team had induced the South Shore down, Stockton's boys journeyed to Chester and after and after a fairly even game won by 2 goals to 1. At the close they were very hospitably entertained by the Collegians and finished up a very pleasant out with a musical evening, Messier WP Baylee and W Kearton being with the visitors, Rendered serval musicals pieces all highly enjoyed. The Reserves seen to be great favorites at Chester.

March 28 1889. The Liverpool Courier
The return fixture between these teams was decided at Anfield yesterday, evening, there being only a small attendance of spectators. Everton kicked off against a slight wind. The Central forwards took up the attack,, Duncan shooting wide of the posts. From the kick-out the Everton left dashed down, the field, and from a screw shot by Chadwick, Watson scored the first goal for the home team. Shortly afterwards Chadwick missed when right in front, and Shaw cleared the danger. The Visiting forwards now put in a neat run to the Everton goal, Graham shooting across without effect. Play now became even, the Central showing very good form, Horton especially furnishing a fine display at half-back. Davies and Watson dribbled down the Everton right Lea giving a ‘'corner'' which however, was futile. A hot attack of the home forwards was well met by Hodgkinson,, who transferred play to the centre. The home goal was next the scene of hostilities Weir punted the misfield, but Shaw returned, and several shot were aimed at the Everton goal, none of which took effect. Ross cleared the danger with a long kick, and from a shot by Watson, Shaw gave a ‘'corner.'' From the kick out of goal, Fecitt dribbled down the centre, and the Central left gave Dobson a serious amount of trouble. Ross However, relieved, but Graham and Duncan returned with the result that the scores were equalised. Harrison had a rare chance of scoring but failed. Milward dribbled finely Gee clearing just as the whistle was blown for half-time the score standing one goal each. Fecitt having restarted on behalf of the Central rush was at once made for the Southport goal, Farmer sending in a neat shot, which Gee cleared. Following a dash on the part of the Central left the home forwards took play in front of their opponents goal. Milward sent in a stinging shot, which Gee cleverly saved. Watson, However, rushed up and scored a second goal for the home side. The Evertonians still kept up a hot attack on the Southport citadel, but although Milward and Chadwick were busy the shots were cleverly dealt with by Gee. At length Chadwich sent in a shot almost from the centre, which the Central custodian allowed to roll through his legs. Everton still kept an incessant and harassing attack, their forwards crowding in front of the Central goal. From a scrimmage Sugg shot the ball, striking the bar. The same player, however, headed through, notching the fourth point for the homesters. A run down by the Central forwards was spoiled by ‘' hands''. Play again verged in front of the visitors ‘'sticks'' Gee knocking out a shot from the feet of Chadwick. J.Weir than made a grand attempt to score, the ball dropping right in front of the Central goal. The danger was cleared, and the Southport forwards spurted to the other end of the field, and Joliffe, in attempting to clear, gave a ‘'corner'' from a long shot by Sugg, Gee fisted out only just in time. Everton were now having all the best of the play. Ross standing in goal with his coat on. The Central gained a corner kick, but no further point was scored, and the central were beaten by four goals to one. The following are the teams :- Southport Central:- Gee, goal, Hodgkinson, and Shaw (j), backs, Horton (j), Weir (c), and Les, half-backs, Harrison, Mullen, Facitt, Graham, and Duncan forwards. Everton:- Joliffe, goal, Dobson, and Ross (captain), backs, Farmer, Sugg, and Weir (j) half-backs, Waugh, Chadwick, Milward, Watson, and Davoes (j), forwards