May 1889

May 2 1889. The Liverpool Mercury
The visit of our local team to Manchester last evening, attracted about 4,000 spectators, but they were greatly disappointed by the absence of Smalley, Ross Farmer, Weir and Briscoe. Powell beat Dobson in the spin of the coin, and Parry started against the wind. Immediately Chadwick and Holt gave Brown a chance of shooting but his shot went wide. Again the visiting forwards came down and compelled Hays to fist out. Owen spoiled Milward and gave D.Doughty, who shot into Joliffe hand. Dobson cleared and a foul off Doughty relieved danger for a while. Nidd sent to Chadwick and Milward, who executed a meritorious run and had hard lines in not scoring. Newton Heath then pressed for a spell, but Tait shot wide, and Joliffe cleared easily from Doughty. Even play now became the general order. And up to half-time neither side could claim an advantage. During the second half the Everton team had matters pretty well their own way, with the assistance of the wind, and from a good pass by Chadwick W.Wilson scored a beautiful goal. Continual pressing however did not add to the score, and it looked as if Everton would be returned victors but just on the call of time a bad miss by Dobson let in Tait, who rushed in and gave Joliffe no chance with a lighting shot, this being the only time they had passed the backs. Result a draw 1 goal each. Teams; Everton:- Joliffe, goals, Chadwick (a) and Dobson (captain), backs, Wilson (w) Holt, Nidd (f) half-backs, Brown Davies (j),Parry, Chadwick (e), and Milward, forwards. Newton Heath:- Hays, goal, Mitchell, and Powell (captain), backs, Burke, Davies, and Owen, half-backs, Tait, Gale, Doughty (d), Graig, and Doughty (r) forwards. Referee T.Hulme. (Bolton).

May 6 1889. The Liverpool Mercury
The Anfield enclosure was patronized on Saturday afternoon by some 5,000 spectators, who witnessed what on the whole must be described as a tame and uninteresting game, the sultry weather depriving the players of much of their usual ‘'go'' Dobson won the toss, and Geary kicked off towards Oakfield-road, some exceedingly neat passing on the part of the Notts forwards showing that the Everton defence would be severely tested. Twice, early in the game, Cook and Shaw got to close quarters, Chadwick saving well on the first occasion, and Smalley by a grand effort on the second. Parry led an attack on the Rangers goal, but several opportunities of scoring were missed, Shelton and Sharpe gave Weir and A.Chadwick no end of trouble, some of their passing runs in combination with Geary being much admired, But Smalley was safe as usual. Farmer got the leather from the visitors right wing, and the home forwards made a determined attack, which ended somewhat awkwardly, Parry in charging Toone snapping one of the goal posts. Geary again raced through the Evertonians, passing to the left wing, and a good shot was directed at Smalley, who had just cleared when he was sent spinning by Cooke. Good tackling and returns by Holt, Farmer, and Weir gave the Everton forwards many opportunities, but the defence of Smith and Topham was too good, and half-time arrived without a point being scored. The visitors attack was now somewhat weakened by a re-arrangement, Shelton taking up the halfback position and Carlin going forward. Parry restarted play, and the Evertonians were soon swarming round their the opponents goal, a well judged kick by Weir giving Parry a rare opportunity for a header. Several good chances were mulled, and Shelton relieved Wilson of the leather, Sharpe taking play to the home end. Holt cleared at a critical moment, Briscoe made a good run and centre, Toone saving finely from Parry, Milward a minute later being unsuccessful with a fast low shot. Everton were now having much the best of the game, but hard luck attended every effort until a free kick in front of goal, when after a scrimmage Parry succeeded in getting the leather past Toone. The remainder of the game was even. Result Everton 1 goal; Notts Rangers nil. Teams ; Notts Rangers:_ Toone, goal, Smith (gh), and Topham backs, Smith (w), James, and Carlin, half-backs, Shaw, Cooke, Geary (f), Sharples, and Shelton forwards. Everton:- Smalley, goal, Dobson (captain) and Chadwick (a), backs, Farmer, Holt, Weir, half-backs, Briscoe, Wilson, Parry, Milward, and Chadwick (e), forwards.

May 6 1889. The Liverpool Mercury
The re-appearance of the Bolton Wanderers as Anfield last evening, proved as popular as all their previous visits had done quite 5,000 spectators witnessing the match. The Wanderers were strongly represented, the only regular man absent bring Brogan, and his place was filled by Galbraith of Bootle. Armitt assisted Everton, whilst Joliffe had charge of goal. The visitors, who invaded goal in a spirited manner, hands, opened the attack by Galbraith clearing danger at a most critical moment. Everyone backs away on the right and left and having moved up in good combination, off-side put Brisk out of court at an easy range, and renewing the pressure another fair bid for goal, was made Wilson centering and Armitt heading neatly. Weir made an indifferent aim on behalf of the Wanderers, and then Briscoe and Wilson passed smartly from Weir, but in an instant dangerous , had beaten Dobson though he only shot wide. The Wanderers right wing again menaced Joliffe saving well. play went in faviour of Bolton, who kept the ball in the Everton half for considerable time. Their combination, however, was not over brilliant neither was their shooting. Dobson eased the progess with a good kick, and dashing run by the home forwards raised from Holt pass.

Joliffe next looked like assembling to a scrimmage, by punching upwards but Dobson was at hand to clear. Going up on the left, Everton attacked well jus prior to half-time. Parry making a couple of good attempts to score. Ends were charged with nothing done in the shape of goals. On resuming, Davenport and Gailbraith on the one n hand, and Chadwick and Armitt on the other, visits to the advantage of Everton, Parry shooting strongly from a pass. Davenport and Barbour were then baulked when at close quarters and Weir and Barbour retaliated in a clever dribble, but the latter was once more foiled at the post. Turner was next disappointed in the final touch to a strong tussle in front, and Joliffe knocked out from hands. Shortly afterwards a free kick fell to Everton, Parry pushing the ball through with his hands on Dobson kicking against the bar. The ensuing play was carried on with energy and on about level terms the main features being the good combination of Chadwick Armitt,, and Parry, the heading and tackling of Holt, and the general good kicking of the Wanderers. Hands were given against Bolton a few minutes from the finish, and on Dobson placing well Armitt scored. Everton at once closed up to goal and were near increasing their lead from hands but were this time well checked, and as interesting game resulted in a victory of a goal to nil for Everton, who on the whole showed the best backs, Armitt strengthening the attack considerably. Teams Everton:- Joliffe, goal, Chadwick (a), and Dobson (g) (captain), backs, Farmer Holt, and Weir, half-backs, Armitt, Chadwick (e), Parry, Briscoe, and Wilson forwards Bolton Wanderers:- Harrison , goal, Jones and Doyle backs, Roberts Milne, and Bullough, half-backs, Turner Weir (d), Barbour, Gailbriath, and Davenport, forwards.

May 7, 1889. Birmingham Daily Post
At Liverpool County Court, yesterday Everton sued Sunderland Albion for £35, the amount deposited by the latter club on consideration of Everton playing a match at Sunderland in March. Everton went to Sunderland, but the home team scratched the match in the last moment giving the reason that the ground was not fit to play upon in consequence of a fall of snow when the case was called on it was started that if had been settled, Sunderland Albion paying the claims and costs.

May 9, 1889 Otago Witness, Newlanders
The Everton, are about tired of admitting ladies free to the grounds, it is not the lady exactly that they object to, but the lady's extension. Two thousand of these occupy a considerable amount of space, and but for the present feminine fashion, the additional stand on the Everton ground would scarily have been required.

May 13 1889. The Liverpool Mercury
The Everton team paid their return visit to Belfast on Saturday last to play Ulster. A fair crowd assembled and they were pleased with the good passing at times shown by the visiting forwards. Parry started and by good combination Everton at once became the aggressors. Barry by a good run relieved the pressure but again the visiting forwards came away, and Chadwick, with a good shot scored, but off-side was given against Briscoe for playing the goalkeeper. Miller then got hold, and, helped by the shouts of the spectators kept possession of the ball until within shooting distance, but the final shot was very weak, and the ball rolled out. Up to half-time nothing was scored, but, ends being changed, the Evertonians by dint of hard forward work, put on two goals, one by Briscoe and another by Milward; and no further scoring taking place, the game resulted in Everton winning by 2 goals to nil. Smalley was the best man on the Everton side. A.Chadwick played his usual safe game, Nidd showed the best half-back form, Holt bring injuried. The whole of the forwards worked well, Parry Briscoe, and Chadwick being the most prominent . Teams Ulster:- Clusyton, goal, Elleman, and Watson backs Tienly, Rosbottom, and Reid half-backs, Gaussen, Miller, Barry, Lemon and Small, forward. Everton:- Smalley goal, Chadwick (a) and Dobson (captain), Weir, Holt and Nidd (f) half-backs, Parry, Briscoe, Wilson, Chadwick (e),, and Milward forward.

May 13 1889. The Liverpool Mercury
The wet weather, the attendance being only small, and the ground too slippery spoiled this match, which was played at Anfield on Saturday for good play. Everton though starting short handed, at once took up the attack, Fenn being particularly active, but Davenport's defence proved to good, though the home team were very near scoring once or twice during a siege of 20 minutes. The visitors broke loose now and then, and going well on the left, the ball was shot against the bar, Stringer beating Joliffe from the rebound. Everton at once closed up to goal in good style. Keys took aim from fenn's pass, but was checked and then Brown put in, Harbour scoring. Watson followed with a spanking shot, which Postles neatly knocked aside. Davenham then improved their position by clustering round Joliffe, who running out to clear, was nonplussed by Malanm; but just on half-time, Pollock scored a good goal, ends being changed with the record 2 each. Everton soon drew in front on resuming, Keys heading through. Watson sent the ball out of the reach of Postles a moment later, but the point was lost on appeal for a foul. The home side maintained a steady pressure from now to the finish. Watson received the ball, form Fenn, and scored a fourth goal, striking the bar shortly afterwards; whilst Harbour was awarded a goal from off the post. This point was stoutly protested against by Davenham, but to no purpose and in a few minutes the game terminated, Everton winning by 5 goals to 2.

May 14 1889. The Liverpool Mercury
This match took place last evening at Anfield, Hunter won the toss, and for several minutes the visitors had the best of matters, and it was not long before Parker shot through. Chadwick and his old club mates Fecitt then made tracks for the opponent's goal. Beverley returned to Costley and Yates, but Costley marred a good combined run by finishing with a very poor shot, which feat he immediately repeated. Chadwick met the kick-off and sent the ball up the field to Parry, who headed past Ward, and dribbling nicely, put in a clinking shot which completely beat Hunter. Everton now lived up, and for a spell had a good look in, but tall kicking by beverley, Ward, and Hunter kept their fortress intact. Matthews and Dewhurst then go away, and a foul by Dobson made matters look bad for Everton. A good pass, however, a little later on, enabled Fenn to score a fine goal with a low oblique shot, and he followed in a few minutes with another, which Hunter allowed to go through. Half-time arrived. At the restart the visitors certainly had the best of the opening maneuvers, and with Farmer being hurt, they had several good chances,, which were not properly utilized. The Everton forwards rallied and executed a pretty run, Chadwick finishing by shooting a splendid goal. From now to the finish the Evertonians had matters entirely their own way,. Chadwick Briscoe, and Fenn each added to the score, and when time was called Everton left off winners by 6 goals to 1. Teams Everton, Joliffe, goal, Owen, and Lloyd,, backs, Wilson, Dobson (captain), and Farmer, half-backs, Fenn Briscoe, Parry, Facitt, and Chadwick forwards. Blackburn Olympic:- Hunter (captain), goal Beverley, and Ward, backs, Astley, NcOwen and Almond, half-backs, Dewhurst, Matthews, Parker, Yates, and Costley, forwards.

May 20 1889. The Liverpool Mercury
Although football is supposed to have given way to cricket the supporters of Everton turned up to the strength of 7,000 at Anfield, on Saturday, to welcome Darwen on their first appearance. The ground was in first class order. The visitors had their full strength, while Facitt, Almond, and Bethel Robinson substituted the home ranks. Parry started the game for Everton, and tipping the ball to the left, it was soon carried by Faceitt who was awarded a fruitless corner. J.Marsden soon again had to-clear his lines with a hugh punt, and Haddon tested Smalley with two well-judged shots. After Hudden had worked a shot from Briscoe Almond enabled his side to keep on the aggressive and Fewitt screwed across the goalmouth, where Briscoe dashed up and scored for Everton. The visitors now put in a deal of good work, but found the home defence impenetrable and it was not long before Holden knocked the ball through his own posts from a nicest-placed corner from Chadwick which brought about half-time. Changing over both teams started strongly but it was soon perceptible that the players were laboring under the heat. Both goals were visited, but no further scoring took place, which was mainly due to the fine defensive work of J.Mardsen for Darwin, and Almond, Dobson, and Robinson for Everton, a pleasant game thus ending in another win for the Anfieldites by 2 goals to nil. For the losers, J.Mardsden at full back was a host in himself by his clean kicking and played sterling football; Owen and Thornber were fair halves; whilst there was not much to choose between the forwards. The winning team all round played a good game, and infused some life in the first half. Dobson and Robinson were safe at back; Almond at half-back was seen at his best, and was greatly liked by the spectators, while of the forwards rank Fecitt and Chadwick made good partners, Parry lacking too much after the goalkeeper to satisfy many of the patrons and Briscoe did his share of hard work. Teams; Everton:- Smalley, goals, Robinson, and Dobson (captain), backs, Nidd, Almond, and Farmer. Half-backs, Briscoe, Wilson, Parry, Chadwick, and Faceitt forwards. Darwen:- Holden, goal, Marsden (j), and Leach, backs, Thornber, Owen and Marsden (t), half-backs, Hayes, Marsden (w), Haddow, Smith, and Slater Forwards.

May 20 1889. The Liverpool Mercury
Played at Snadfield-place the home team winning by 6 goals to 2.

May 21 1889. The Liverpool Mercury
The visit of North End to Anfield last evening called together a great assembly of spectators numbering about 10,000. Dewhurst started the ball, but Almond took Drummond a pass and placed to Facitt, but Chadwick missed his kick and the ball rolled out. Again the home team forced the play and this time Chadwick put in a rafting shot which Turner had some difficulty in clearing. Roused by the enthusiastic cheers of the crowd, the Everton team kept Holmes and Haworth fairly busy, but their defence was admirable. Ross jun and Dewhust put in a pretty dribble down the centre and Almond in tackling gave a corner, which proved fruitless, but not before Ross sen had put in a spinkling shot. Geary Parry, and Wilson came away and the homesters had hard lines through Wilson's centre dropping on the crossbar while Parry paid attention to Trainor. Still having slightly the best of the argument though the good half-backs pair of Haworth Almond and Farmer, Geary obtained possession from Chadwick in midfield,, and executed a brillant run; but Trainor cleared his shot, and R.Haworth sending to Ross sen, be adroitly passed to Gordon and some exceedingly pretty play was witnessed between G Howarth Ross sen, Drummond, and Almond which eventually ended in Ross securing a corner. Dobson cleared this, but Gordon coming down in fine style prettily passed to Ross who bring in a good position was enabled to score first blood for North End. Everton worked the ball up very nicely good passing being shown by Parry Geary and Chadwick, and Parry compelled Trainor to run out to save. Half-time arrived with Everton one goal to the bad, but being in no way disheartened they continued to have equally as much of the game as the North End, but lacked the finish and judgement of that well-known team. Dewhurst when coming down the centre, saw an opening for Ross, sen who making the most of the opportunity, rushed up and scored number two for the visitors. The home team, whether through excitement or the hot face at which the game had gone on, now fell off sadly and it was not long before Ross jun, after a spendid spirited on the right scored again, for the North End with a magnificent oblique shot. Just on the call of time Everton gamely responded to the cries of the Spectators and by excellent passing brought the ball in close proximity to Trainor and Geary was enabled to send in a lighting shot, with completely beat Trainor, and made the game 3 to 1. Nothing further being added, a fast and exciting game ended as above. Teams: Everton:- Smalley goal, Robinson (b) and Dobson (captain), backs, Howarth Almond, and Farmer half-backs, Fecitt, Parry, Geary, Chadwick, and Wilson, forwards. Preston North End:- Trainor, goal, Howarth, and Holmes, backs Robinson, Kelso (r), and Graham. Half-backs Gordon Ross (jun), Dewhurst, Drummond and Ross (nj) (captain) forwards.

May 27 1889. The Liverpool Mercury
About 7,000 spectators assembled at the Anfield ground to witness the last Saturday match of the season when Accrington and Everton met for the third time, the two previous games having resulted in a win for each. The home team played with the sun in their eyes during the first half and the visitors at the outset attacked rather strongly, Chippendale lifting over the bar, and Smalley saving twice smartly. Chadwick and Fecitt relieved in a neat run but hands in front rendered the effort futile whilst a renewed attack by Wilson, Parry and Fenn was of no better advantage, as Chadwick shot badly. Everton continued to have the best of the game until Accrington went up in close order and forced a corner. Geary fastened on the ball quickly and ran prettily, Fecitt trying a fair shot, and after Robinson had cleared danger in the goal mouth Chadwick lobbed across accurately to Fenn who lost a fine chance through slowness. Accrington replied in good formation, but before growing dangerous Farmer pulled them up effectively, and Everton looked likely of making a capture, but Geary's shot was not quite straight enough nor did Parry utilizes a pass from Farmer and Almond properly. A moment later Smalley stopped brilliantly a sharp shot from Barbour, who replied by putting just outside the post. Between now and half-time Chadwick had an opportunity of scoring but screwed far too high, and ends were changed with a clean sheet. Accrington, despite the inconvenience of the sun severely troubled Robinson and Dobson on restarting, and when the former missed his kick at a critical moment the outlook of Everton was ominous, but Dobson dashed across just in time to prevent the left wing shooting. The visitors maintained a steady pressure, their forwards showing superior combination to those of the home club, but Everton's defence was always reliable. Towards the close, Parry and Geary changed position when a marked improvement was made in the home attack, and Parry dashing through enabled Chadwick to score. Geary followed by shooting through, but a foul was ruled, and soon afterwards a spirited game resulted in a victory for Everton of 1 goal to nil. Teams; Everton:- Smalley, goal Robinson, and Dobson (captain), backs, Farmer, Almond, and Wilson, half-backs, Parry, Fenn Geary, Chadwick, and Fecitt forwards. Accrington:- McOwen, goal, Stevenson and Mclennan backs, Tattersall, Chippendale, and Pemberton half-backs, Gallocher, Bonar, Barbour Kirkham, and Lofthouse forwards.

June 1 1889. The Liverpool Mercury
This the last match of the season was not patronised as well as usual. About 3000 spectators were present, and they seemed well pleased at the exciting and excellent game resulted. Barbour started against the wind and sun but Geary intercepted and, Chadwick put in a good shot, which caused Harrison to use his hands. Geary then followed with another, but Robinson headed away and the visiting forwards by excellent passing gave Davenport a possible chance which Smalley cleared. Everton maintained a heavy pressure for some time and while Parry attended to Harrison, Chadwick shot through, amidst cheering. Upon the re-start Almond became very busy,, and repeatedly nipped the well meant passes of Brogan, Barbour, and Weir and by judicious half-back play gave the home forwards several chances. Turner got away and centre to Brogan and with a long shot he defeated Smalley. Shortly after, half-time was called. The combination of Milward and Chadwick improved, and by Geary assistance Milward became very troublesome to Robinson and Harrison, his screw being exceedingly well judged. D.Weir and Barbour at length defeated Dobson and J.Weir and gave to Turner, who scored, but Mr. Lythgoe did not allow a strong appeal for off-side. The home team, in no way disheartened kept up the pace, and after a long period of even play Chadwick again shot through,, while Geary and Parry looked after the goalkeeper. Time being shortly called, an excellent game resulted in a draw 2 goals each. Teams. Everton:- Smalley, goal, Wilson, and Dobson (captain) backs Weir, Almond, and Farmer half-backs, Fenn Parry, Geary, Chadwick, and Milward, forwards. Bolton Wanderers: - Harrison, goal Robinson, and Kucas, backs, Bullough, Crombie and Roberts, half-backs Davenport, Brogan Harbour, Weir (d) and Turner forwards .

June 7 1889. The Liverpool Daily post
The annual general meeting of the above club was held last evening at the brilliant rooms of the Sandon Hotel. Mr.Councillor John Houlding was in the chair, and about two hundred members were present. The secretary report was the first item on the list and after Sir Barclay had waded through a long written speech, a resolution was adopted thanking him for his services in obtaing the passing of the rule allowing the immediate registration of Scotch and other players. The item of interest now came on-viz, the treasurer reports, and amid deep interest and attention. Mr.Wilson read his balance sheet of which, the following is an account: - Receipts-Balance in hand (June 1889 £17 3s 11d) gate receipts upto may 31, 1889. £4328 13s 1d; members subscription, £148 4s. Amount received for advertising on boarding (Less £8 returned for infringement agreements) £18, insurance allowance (Dick and Costley) £6; total £4,511 1s.

Payments: - players wages; £1,144 14s 6d; travelling expenses £408, 17s.2d; insurance's of players £20 16s, medical expanses £18 6s; special account £60 15s; general expanses £40 12s; 6d, training expenses £23 13s 6d; trainers wages £55 15s; materials; £60 15s; 3d. Referee £48 14s; 1d; ground maintains; £970 10s 10d; groundmen ‘s wages £37 1s; rent £150; rates and taxes £29 2s 3d; police £74 14s 1d; commission £170 5s 10d; printing and stationary £96 9s 4d; advertising £61 11s; 7d; postage and telegrams £29 18s; 7d; visiting clubs £966 18s; 6d; entertainment etc; £17 15s; deputation expanses A.Dick £5; 4s, bank interest 10s; cash in hand (banks £8 14s 6d; treasurer £5 8s 3d), £14 2d 9d; total £618 1s.

The account were certified by Messrs. R.H.Webster, and W.Henderson, but after they had been audited a bill for £38 1s 4d was presented which, when settled, will leave the club in debt to the amount of £23 18s 7d.

After several pointed and searching questions had been asked in reference to above, the Chairman stated that the balance-sheet had been subjected to a close and critical examination by reliable auditors, and therefore upon a proposition he would declare the balance sheet passed. The following officers were than elected: - President Mr'J Houlding; vice president (on committee); Messrs. Barclay and Haworth, secretary Messrs; Jackson and Moyneux, treasurers; and Messrs Berry, Brockes, Fleming, Coates, Williams, Clayton, and Currier, members of committee.

July 27 1889. The Blackburn Standard and Weekly Express
After considerable negotiation the Everton Committee have secured the following well-known players for their team to play in the coming season –Andrew Hannah (Renton), and Daniel Doyle (Bolton Wanderers), backs; Groves (Celtic), and Brady (Renton), forwards.