May 1890


May 1, 1890. The Liverpool Mercury

Morris's Benefit

Some 3,000 spectators a number present at Bootle last evening. “The Rest;” came on first, and the game was started by the Scots by Kirkwood. Latta drew first drew notice, and the goal of Smalley was in danger for a few minutes. Nothing could be got past the backs, both Parry and Evans keeping a very sharp look out, Chadwick and Jones then worked finely down, and Milward give Jardine a hot one, which he justed tipped over the bar. At length Hammond scored a goal, Even exchange on the resumption, Jardine catching a red-hot shot from the Whites, from a Milward shot. The Scotch left pair made play, and Jamieson trying a long low drive put the ball pass Smalley. Chadwick and Jones them shot a chance, running rapidly down and when Frank Woods sent into goal, Hammond kicked high over the bar. Watson scored at fast shot, which beat Smalley. At Length Milward hit the crossbar, and a few minutes later, Hammond scored the equalise amidst loud cheers. Half time arrived with the score the Scots 2 goals, The Rest 2 goals. The second half started with a run to Smalley, followed by a passage to Jardine, and Hannah got the ball away when Milward was close upon it. The Anglo-Welsh right them run down, and a corner was forced from Marshall. Morris, however, placed the ball behind. And this gave Scotland a chance, they used it to the full, and Latta was getting very dangerous when Evans eased him on the ball. The play was in favour of the Whites now, Milward making a fine dribble through, but Hammond shot wildly over the goal. The Scotch's them made some progess, though Holt cleverly intercepted a pass to the left wing. Jamieson and the little Evertonian onwards collision and Evans came to the rescue, with a big kick landed the ball near Jardine. At Length Milward scored a third goal for the Rest, Scotland tried to equalise and the left centre taking the ball down two or three times, but Milward cause anxiety by bursting past Hannah with the ball at his toes. The Everton Capitals however, ran him down, and Jardine threw clear without hindrance. Chadwick next scored for the Whites. The Scotsman could not make headway, and the case grew when Morris shot a fifth goal, after Chadwick had hit the crossbar. Result The Rest 5 goals, Scotland 2 goals. Teams: Scotchmen: - Jardine goal, Hannah and Macfarlane backs, Weir Marshall, and Campbell half-backs, Sinclair Jamieson, Watson, Kirkwood, and Latta forwards. English-welsh: - Smalley, goal, Parry, and Evans, backs, Kilner Holt Woods, half-backs Jones Chadwick Milward, Hammond, and Morris, forwards.



May 2, 1890. The Liverpool Mercury

This match, the proceeds of which are in aid of the Hospital Saturday fund, was played at Anfield last evening, before 4,000 spectators. As Everton were without Hannah and Holt, Hammond and Weir filled the vacancies. Geary kicked off on behalf of Everton, who at once attacked, McLean kicking away a dangerous shot by Milward. Oswald next dribbled down the centre, Doyle stopping a rush of the County forwards in fine style. Weir put in a bit of excellent tackling, and again Everton were able to assume the aggressive and for a while the Notts goal was hotly besieged Shelton afforting timely relief by a kick to the centre. Oswald again dribbled down, and sent in a clinkling shot, which struck the bar and went behind. The County backs were playing in a good game, and although the Everton forward made several attempts, they were unable to score. The Notts left at length got well away, and W.May defeated Cox with a shot that curled round the posts. Latta was next prominent with a fine run, his final shot being well cleared by McLean. Notts were now playing an effective passing game and several times menaced the home goal; but as Doyle Parry and Weir were defending finely the visitors were unable to add to their score. Latta made a good attempt whilst Geary shot into Toone hands. The County forwards were again dangerous, and Doyle gave a corner kick, which, however, proved abortive. A free kick to Everton in the Notts half was not turned to account and the interval was announced with Notts leading by one goal to nil. On the County restarting, Milward and Chadwick at once raced down the left, and from the formers “centre” Geary headed well, causing Toone to fist out; following which Chadwick shot ver the bar. Play had no sooner been transferred to the centre than a regrettable incident occurred, owing to Parry and T.May coming into violent collision. The former was badly cut on the left eye, whilst May restrained a nasty wound on the head, and both players had to leave the field. On resuming the Notts goal was badly attacked, and Everton had exceedingly hard lines in not equalising from a tough scrimmage in front of the posts. Latta sent in a puzzling screw-shot, which Toone fisted out and McLean kicked to the centre, Doyle, however, transferred play to the County goal with a hugh kick, McMillan giving a “corner” from which Milward shot a few inches wide of goal. The County left were next dangerous, “hands” impeding their progerss. Doyle again kicked well in goal, McLean saving grandily. Everton were now playing four forwards Milward going to half-back. McInnes put in several useful bits of play for the County, who, however, were having the worst of the play, although Everton were unable to equalise. Latta made a grand run along the right, which Shelton checked in the vicinity of goal. Calderhead proved a thorn in the side of Everton van. A run by the Notts forwards ended in Cox kicking behind. The “corner” proving abortive, and as neither side were able to score. Notts won by 1 goal to nil. Teams; Notts County: - Toone goal, McLean and McMillan backs, Ferguson Calderhead and Shelton (A) half-backs May (T), May (W), McInnes, James Oswald, and Smith (T) forwards. Everton: - Cox goal, Hannah (Captain), and Doyle, backs, Weir, Parry, and Kirkwood, half-backs, Brady, Latta, Geary Chadwick, and Milward forwards.



May 5, 1890. The Liverpool Mercury

The teams of “Local” made their first appearance before an Everton crowd this season at Anfield-road on Saturday and Despite the fact that there has been a lot of football played in Liverpool within the past eight days quite 7,000 spectators were present. The homesters were very weak, Hannah having gone away to Scotland, and Holt, Chadwick, and Milward doing battle for their Country against the Western at Belfast, letting in Weir Waugh and Hammond while on the other hand Darwen's favourite back- J.Mrsden was unable to play owing to a bereavement in his family and Douglas (Blackburn Rovers) gave them a helping hand on the outside right half. Shortly after four o'clock Geary started for Everton, and but for the stubborn defence of the vistors, ably assisted by McOwen, Latta would have scored. Breaking away, however, Nightingale and Waring showed a pair of clean heels, and Mullen all but scored with a fryer, Cox saving in splendid style. For fully half an hour the game continued to be hotly contested, and it was left to Latta to initial with a low shot, which brought half-time and the score Everton 1 goal Darwen nil. Restarting the homesters considering their weakened state, got into a good stride. Doyle and Parry kept their forwards busy, and after a deal of aggressive work Geary darted along and drove home a long shot, which completely nonplussed McOwen. This latter advantage somewhat damped the persistency of Darwen, but aroused the homesters, and Latta dodging Leach in a run up, added a third goal for Everton, which he backed with a fourth, and Geary made the total five, a pleasant though rather warm game ending with the following; Everton 5 goals Darwen nil. For the visitors McOwen (in goal) again shaped well, and although he did not get into favour with the Blackburn Rovers supporters, he has a big following amongst the Everton fork. Hunt was a poor substitute for J.Marsden, but Leach displayed his accustomed cutenesa. Douglas was the best of the halves, with Nightingale, Waring and Mullen had the most of the attack to do. Cox for Everton, as usual now, kept his nerve, and defied the yaried attack on his charge. Parry, who appeared in a disabled state the result of the Notts match, did very well with Doyle, but Hannah was missed. Campbell (late of Bootle) donned his New Jersey in Parry's place on the left, but seemed awfully nervous although he will soon work that off, and likely become an acquisition to Everton, as he is a very useful lad. Kirkwood upheld his reputation, and never relaxed his effort to keep Brady and Latta well supplied with work. Geary Brady and Latta were all alive, and to them Everton's victory is due. Teams Everton: - Cox, goal, Parry and Doyle, backs, Kirkwood, Weir, and Campbell, half-backs, Latta, Brady Geary, Hammond, and Waugh, forwards. Darwen: - McOwen goal, Hunt, and Leach, backs, Douglas, Owen, and Marsden half-backs, Nightingale, Waring, Mullen, Smith Bryan, forwards. Referee Mr.J.Cooper.Everton play Middlesbrough at the lattertown on Wednesday, Newcastle West End, on Thursday, and Sunderland Albion at Sunderland on Saturday next.



May 8, 1890. The Liverpool Mercury

Liverpool's popular combination made a second visit to the north of England within a month to play a series of three matches, Middlesbrough, Newcastle West End and Sunderland Albion and arrived in the former town about noon yesterday, so popular have Everton become with the follows of Ironopolis, that a big crowd assemble to welcome them. After a goodish game the Liverpool men further enhanced their reputation by scoring 4 goals to their opponents nil. Everton team, Cox goal Hannah (captain), and Doyle, Parry Holt and Campbell, half-backs Latta, Brady, Geary, Chadwick, Hammond forwards.



May 8, 1890. The Daily Post

This match was played on the Anfield enclosure last evening a good number of spectators witnessing the game. At half-time the home side was leading by a goal to nil. The second stage was of a still more even character, the Churchiles scoring twice, to Everton's once. The game thus ending in a draw. 2 goals each.



May 9, 1890. The Liverpool Mercury

The Liverpool Cupholders met the Newcastle Combination yesterday evening at Newcastle and again showed their superiority by beating the West End to the tune of 2 goals to 1. Everton to-day and rest, and will play Sunderland Albion at Sunderland to-morrow, when it is surmised they will have worthy foemen to battle against, but in all likelihood they will arrive home on Saturday unbeaten in the second tour to the north of England, Chadwick and Hammond scored for Everton against West End.

Team Everton: - Cox Hannah (Captain), and Doyle backs, Parry, Holt, and Campbell half-backs Latta Brady Geary Chadwick and Hammond, forward.



May 12, 1890. The Liverpool Mercury

Everton, after being victorious in Middlesbrough and Newcastle, remained in the latter town on Friday, doing the “New Brighton” of Newcastle-Tynemouth-thereby combining rest from football with enjoyment. On Saturday morning they went on to Sunderland, Holt and Geary meanwhile coming back to Liverpool. The tour all though has been a successful one, andEverton have left behind them an impression of the dribbling game which will keep green in the minds of the northern supporters of the Association code. The Hendon folks are to be congratulated upon meting out to their opponents that welcome which they like to see bestowed upon their own club away from home. So popular have the Evertonians become that long before the time for the kick off the stands were crowded, and many failed to gain admittance. When the game started considerably over 10,000 were present. Losing the toss, Weir started for Albion. For a very short time play was maintained in midfield, when Latta, for the visitors, in endeavoring to centre, sank his toe in the ground, and the ball bounced from off his leg outside the post. The Hendonites now realised matters, and Young, Smith, and Sawers put forth their best efforts and travelled towards Cox, but before they got that distance Hannah relieved then and drove them back. Nothing daunting however, the homesters went at it a second time, but Everton's half-backs were to be relied upon, and Hammond tipping to Latta enabled the Scotch international to notch the first goal for the Anfielders with one of his speedy shots, giving Whitton who was substituted for Angus no chance whatever. Try how they would the Albion could not break through the Everton defence. Doyle and Hannah with Kirkwood, Campbell and Parry intercepting the homesters rushes with the greatest sangfroid. Called on by their supporters to play up, Hannah and Kinnaird dashed along the home right, and when a point was imminent, Doyle stepped in and frustrated their combined efforts with a hugh punt, landing to his right wing pair, and Brady with a judicious pass to his partner, enabled Latta to trundle through all opposition, and gladden the hearts of his club mates by giving them a further lead. To show the immortally of the patrons of the homesters, this success was hailed, with hearty cheers, both Latta and Brady were highly eulogised by them for their perfect manipulation of the leather. Storing hard to reduce the score against them, the Abion fronk rank worked cleverly, but failed to break through Everton's stronghold, and half-time came with the score-Everton 2 goals Albion nil. During the interval, the Liverpool combination were photographed by the Messrs, Taylor, and during the process of the art the men from Liverpool struck up “The Milkmen's Chorns” to the intense amusement of the big crowd. Re-starting the game the homesters were excelled at all points and Chadwick, who defied McDermid throughout the entire match, gave Milward a chance to add which was availed of, and Everton were leading by 3 goals. Cox only to put forth his efforts once, but the shot he got rid was one, which would have baulked the best of Goalkeepers. Had Everton not been in their grandest form, the Wearsiders would have held their own, but before the cessation of the game arrived, the Great Marlow lad, well fed by Chadwick scored the fourth and finishing goal for Everton, after one of the most pleasant and scientific games that has been seem on the Heanton ground. Teams Sunderland Albion: - Whitton, goal, McDermid and McFarmane backs, McKechnie, Young, and Stewart, half-backs, Hannah, Kinnaird, Weir, Sawers, and Smith forwards. Everton Cox, goal, Hannah (Captain) and Doyle, backs, Kirkwood, Campbell, and Parry, half-backs, Latta, Brady, Hammond, Chadwick, and Milward forwards.



May 12, 1890. The Liverpool Mercury

The Oakfield road enclosure was occupied on Saturday by Clitherce and a mixed team of Everton, the first team of the homesters being at Sunderland playing the Albion of that ilk. Holt and Geary not feeling up to first class forth came back in the morning and donned the home jerseys. Two thousand spectators were present when Blackhurst kicked off. R.Eccles for the visitors was the first to shine, his final effort, however, realising nothing Geary then got hold, and ran the leather to within two yards of the goalkeeper, and popped through scoring the initial point of the game within three minutes. Once or twice the visitors had fair chances, which were refused, and Orr added a second goal for Everton. The game continued very open considering the admixture, and Orr hit the upright. Everton's centre again set of work, and put on two rather cleverly obtained points justed before the interval (Geary) leaving the half-time result-Everton 4 goals, Clithoroe nil. Re-starting, play for a time was in midfield, and Geary getting hold raced down, Everton having a scrimmaged goal for the fifth success which Geary backed up by added a sixth. Clitheroe now showed to better advantage, and forced two-fruitless corners. R. Eccles, Blackhurst and Doulton persistently keeping up the pressure. Holt and Weir, however, were great barriers in the way, as they rarely let them near in. racing away, Everton took up the attack, and Murray just missed a good opportunity. Nothing further occurring, Everton Reserves won by 6 goals to nil. Geary having a fine game scoring four goals, Edward also played well at centre half.



May 13, 1890. The Liverpool Mercury

This match was played on the Anfield enclosure last evening in the presence of 8,000 spectators. Both teams were well presented. The game throughout was very evenly contested. Everton if anything having most of the play. No goals were scored on either side, the contest consequently ending in a draw. Teams Everton: - Cow, goal, Hammond, and Hannah (Captain), Parry Campbell, and Kirkwood half-backs Latta, Brady, Geary, Chadwick, and Milward, forwards. Burnley: - Kay, goal, Lang and Mraden, backs, McFettridge, spiers,Keenan, half-backs Haresape, , McLardie,. Lambie, Stwart and Bryne forwards.



May 19, 1890. The Liverpool Mercury

Everton had their first visit of the Albion to Anfield road on Saturday, the Liverpool players meeting them the previous week at Sunderland and defeating them by 4 goals to nil. Despite the fact that football is now considered past, the game in Everton seems to be as green as ever, quite 10,000 spectators linning the ground, which was in good condition after the heavily rain. Hannah winning the toss, Weir started for the Albion against the sun and down the slope. Geary was the first to show up, and crossed to Latta but the ball was run over the line. Smith and Sawers made away on the visitors right, but were intercepted by Doyle, and Campbell put a strong shot outside. Campbell, Doyle, and Parry kept the visitors at bay, and Milward forced Thompson to concede a corner, which was so well placed that Witton had the hardest of work to get rid of the leather. The Albion left then got prominent and after Hannah had sent in a lob, Latta screwed across the goalmouth, and the whole of the Wearsides' defence was brought to bear to prevent the homesters from scoring Brady making Whitton use both hands and Campbell hitting the crossbar. Coming again however, Brady gave to Latta who carried the ball to the corner, and with a swift screw shot from that position caused Whitton to fist through his own goal. Young for the strangers was well supported by Thompson, but they could make little headway and Everton seldom left their opponents alone, and had a second corner. Kinnaird, Hannah, and Smith made many fruitless raids on the home quarters, and justed on the interval Geary took the ball from midfield and ran through, scoring with a low swift shot which was cheered by the crowd. Changing over, the visitors had the elements in their favour, Geary restarted the game, and after Latta had headed over, Thompson (Sheffield Wednesday) showed defence, conceding a fruitless corner, to prevent Geary augmenting for a lengthened time nothing but strong attacks on Whitton's charge took place. Hammond missing a likely chance. Considering the hot day, both teams kept up well, and after the Albionites had given the crowd a taste of their defensive qualities Brady tipped to Latta, who stepped through his opponent s, and put one outside the reach of the visiting custodian, which he backed up with a fourth. After Cox had saved cleverly from Hannah, Latta again screwed across neatly and Milward notched the fifth goal. Towards the finish the visitors strove hard, but were overmatched at all points, and before the whistle sounded Milward twice had hard lines with good work, and Geary shot outside. Nothing further taking place, Everton won a pleasant game by goals to nil. Teams Everton: - Cox goal, Hannah (Captain), and Doyle, backs, Parry, Campbell, and Kirkwodd, half-backs, Latta, Brady, Geary, Kirkwood, Milward, forwards. Sunderland Albion: - Whitton, goal, Thompson, and McFarlane backs, Dodds, Young, Stewart, Smith, Sawers, Weir, Kinnaird, and Hannah, forwards.



May 21, 1890. The Liverpool Mercury

This match was played on the Anfied ground last night, in the presence of nearly 3,000 spectators. The weather was very unfavorable, rain pouring down throughout the whole of the game. The Wanderers came with with a full team, while Everton were without Kirkwood-that player being unable to turn out owing to an injury which he received at the Albion match last Saturday. Losing the toss, Geary kicked off, and Jones neatly dispossessing Geary, Milward put the Wanderers on the attack, but Doyle with a well timed kick sent along to Milward, and Chadwick getting hold caused Parkinson to fist out a grand attempt which he did rather luckily. The visitors by the aid of Cassidy had now a fine concerted ran towards Cox, and Barbour getting well down on the right forced a corner from Doyle, which, however, McNee headed over. From the goal kick Geary raced away, and Somerville pulling him up gave to Weir, but Hannah going to the rescue, clear with a hugh punt, which enabled his right wing to sprinted along, and Latta giving to Brady, the latter hanged through, Parkinson failing to catch the ball owing to the attentions of Milward, Everton thus gaining a point 15 minutes, from the start. By the fine play of Holt, Chadwick and Milward. Everton kept in the attack, and had three corners, all of whole were successfully cleared by Jones and Somerville, whose fine defence enabled Parkinson to kept his charge from further disaster, half-time coming with Everton 1 goal Bolton Wanderers nil. Re-starting Milward from a pass by Geary, just missed a good opportunity by sending over the bar, Brady and Latta doing similarly immediately after. From hands against Campbell the visitors got near Cox, and Cassidy caused that custodian to clear in fine style. Geary now fastened on the ball, and dashing along gave Parkinson a scorcher to deal with, the force of which completely turned him round about. Latta now amused the crowd as he cleverly balked the “burly” Bob Roberts, and giving Brady that player just skimmed the upright. Continuing to have the upperhand the homesters rarely allowed their opponents to get over the midfield line, the defence of Holt, Parry, and Campbell being all that could be desired, a fine game thus ending in a victory for Everton by 1 goal to nil. Everton team; Cox goal, Hannah (Captain), and Doyle, backs, Parry, Holt, and Weir, half-backs, Latta, Brady, Campbell, Chadwick, and Milward, forwards.



May 21, 1890. The Daily Post

Friends of the club will be pleased to learn that RE.Smalley, who has been so long and honorably connected with them Everton organistaion at goalkeeping, made arrangements with the committee on Monday evening, whereby his service have been retained for next season.



May 22, 1890. The Daily Post

Played on the Everton ground last night. At half-time each side had scored one each. The home team scored twiced in the second half leaving the final result Everton Reserves 3 Gilborne 1.



May 22, 1890. The Daily Post

In the private capacity the members of the Everton Football Club committee on Tuesday entertained president (Councilor) J.Houlding and the playing members of the club to a dinner in the Bear's paw Lord Street. In the later proceedings Mr. AR Wilson presided, and after the loyal toast had been cordially honored, Mr. Williams Henderson proposed the toast of “The President of the Club” in doing so he said he hoped, before Mr. Houlding retired from his position he would see the club win the championship of the League and the English Cup. The president, in reply, reterred for his early connection with sport, and said he didn't consider any man in the country, worthy of the name of English man, unless he took an interest on outdoor pastimes. He considered professionalism as a secondly consideration, when compared with amateur play, but at the same time, if a man became very expert in althetics he though that man had a claim to be paid for his services. In conclusion, he said that such games as football give that stamins to Britons, which enabled them to take a superior position to other countries. Mr. Houlding as vice pesident of the Liverpool and District football Association, performed the pleasant duty of handing to the members of the team, the handsome gold metals, they have been awarded as holders of the district cup.



May 26, 1890. The Liverpool Courier

The match was played on the Everton ground, before about 6,000 spectators. Geary kicked off, and Everton at once pressed, and on a foul in goal being given against the visitors, Campbell kicked behind. The kick off did not being relief, and after Milward and Geary had tested Hadley. Chadwick beat him with a fast shot. A miss by Hannah gave St George's chance but a futile corner was all they could calm. Chadwick nearly scored a second time, Hadley just fisting out in time. A tricky piece of play by Geary gave Brady a chance of a long shot, which completely beat the “Dragons” custodian. Geary next made a grand run down the centre and had the goal at his mercy but when within a yard of the mouth he missed his kick, and the chance was lost. Play continued on the same line, Everton having all the best of it. At length S. George's broke away, but found the home defence too strong, and they were quickly driven back to the centre. Campbell scoring the third goal from a long mark, half-time arriving with the score three to nil in favour to Everton. After the interval Devey kicked off, and St.George's rushed into the Everton quarters, “hands” spoiling their efforts. The homesters were soon at the “Dragons” end and nearly scored, Brady just missing the goal. The visitors now showed better form, and caused Cox to fist out two shots, one by Devey being a good one. Doyle was also tested his opponents finding him a hard nut to crack. Bailey and Davies giving him the chance to shine. Milward and Chadwick rushed the leather down the field, and passed to Campbell who in turn transferred to Latta, the ball being promptly headed through. Latta well fed by Brady, gave the visitors' defence lots to do, but Kinsey relieved and the “Dragons” cheered on by the spectators made an attack on the home goal, Cox having to save two good shots. The hot sun now made its presence felt, and the game slowing down considerably finally ended with the score:- Everton 4 goals, St.George's nil. Teams Everton: - Cox, goal, Hannah (Captain), and Doyle, backs, Parry, Holt, and Campbell, half-backs, Latta, Brady, Geary, Chadwick, and Milward, forwards. St. George's: - Hadley, goal, Siddons, and Laynes, backs, Castle, Kinsley, and Thorpe, half-backs, Davies, Bailey, Devey, Ellis, and Shaw forwards.



May 27, 1890. The Liverpool Mercury

For the fourth time this season have our local rivals engaged, in friendly rivalry, and four times have big crowds assembled to see the conflict, the number yesterday quite exceeding 10,000. The ground looked splendid, and with the attire of male and female quite a holiday spectacle was shown. Both teams were loudly cheered as they entered the enclosure, Angus (Everton's new goalkeeper) owing in for the lion's share. Mr. Molyneux was present, and was complimented on his convalescence, Jamieson stated 25 minutes late, and kicked down the slope. Soon the play got exciting, both of the home wing being well fed by the half-backs and, after Latta, had called on Jardine. Brady sent in a shot, which hit the crossbar, and bounded over. Bootle for a minute or so, kept on the half-line until Geary got a judicious pass, and he, dashing along, caused Jardine to gain show his prowess by throwing out rather smartly. Morris and Siddeley having gone down and kicked past Angus, Everton front division set to work, and Geary leaving behind him, caused the Bootle custodian to fist away, a claim that the leather had gone through not being entertained. Thanks to the exertions of Jardine, Everton were stalled off until Parry gave to Geary in midfield, and the latter with a long, low shot brought forth tremendous cheering by scoring the initial point of the game for Everton, Latta followed a minute latter with a shot which went a foot wide. Siddeley and Jamieson for Bootle went down smartly towards Angus, but Hannah returned and Latta caused Evans to concede a corner, which before it could be get rid of Chadwick, added a second goal for Everton. Bootle then showed sterling properties, carrying the ball down rather neatly but a fruitless corner only awaited them, and Holt, getting the ball well along, sent to Chadwick, who gave to Milward, and the sphere was sent spinning narrowly over the crossbar. From the race down Bootle got a corner, which Siddeley placed over Angus's head. Brady and Latta trundled along, and the former crossed to Milward who, however, put outside. In a scrimmage in front of Jardine, Frank Woods then with an accidental kick, which delayed the game only for seconds of so, and Jamieson then gave Morris a chance which was not accepted Kilner giving Angus a goal kick. Coming again, the visitors hovered in the home quarters, when Brady relieved, and Chadwick saw a pass of the missing its homeward mark. Half time then arriving with Everton 2 goals, Bootle nil. Re-starting, Geary crossed to Latta, who in turn sent to Chadwick, and Everton's centre forward getting hold from the Blackburn lad, beat Jardine for the third goal. Bootle pulled themselves together, and tried to get way on, but found Hannah and Doyle experts and the spectators were treated with some good passing tactics by the whole of the home front division, Latta winding it up rather cleverly by heading a pass from Milward over the bar. The game now assumed a touch one-sideness, Angus never having to step a yard, and Everton causing Jardine the greatest anxiety. After Brady had a narrow shave of argumenting, Jamieson and Morris made a temporary incursion the ball, however, going over the bar. At length Everton were rewarded with a fourth goal,Doyle sending in the ball to his forwards, which Brady took from Latta and popped through. From this stage of the game Everton shown themselves, and made it uncomfortably hot for Jardine, the latter displaying the best of goalkeeping. Milward then hit the crossbar, and Hannah parted to Latta, who again enabled Geary to added a fifth, a good game thus ending in favour of Everton with the following; Everton 5 goals Bootle nil. Throughout the match Everton kept their opponents on the mettle, and Brady and Latta further enhanced their value by treating the spectators to a fine display of their short passing. Teams. Everton: - Angus, goal, Hannah (Captain), and Doyle, backs, Parry, Holt, and Jones (R), half-backs, Latta, Brady, Geary, Chadwick, and Milward, forwards. Bootle: - Bootle goal, Evans and Woods, backs, Kilner, Hughes, and Dodds, half-backs, Morris, Siddeley, Jamieson (Captain), Howell, and Jones, forwards.


JUNE 1890



June 2, 1890. The Liverpool Mercury

Everton, for their closing match, had West Bromwich Albion as opponents and, judging from the fact that 10,000 spectators assembled, it is certain that if the Anfield club played football all that year round there would be no lack of Supporters. Hannah (who was playing in McColl's benefit at Glasgow), Kirkwood, and Geary were absentees from the home ranks, while Bayliss was short for the visitors. The ground presented a fine appearance. Everton kicked off against sun and wind, and soon Chadwick sent of past Reader. Excitement ran high as the visitors went along the right, and Angus kicked out a shot from Bassett. Chadwick again brushed aside Green kicking to the foot of Brady, who sent over the crossbar. After the homesters and been in front of Reader. Bassett and Nicholl made a grand dibble and Latta then went along but a fruitless corner only awaited him, Holt at the same minutes causing Reader to throw out. So pagnacious had Bassett become that a corner had to be concerted before be could be got rid of. At length Everton put one through, but the referee disallowed the point. The homesters than added a couple of corners, which was followed by Allen (Wolverhampton) being bested by Brady and Milward getting a foul against Horton. An anxious time now awaited Reader, who had lots of good work to stop from Latta, Brady, and Chadwick. The Latter, however, was however, was showing splendid football, and would not be stalled off until he put one beyond the reach of Reader for the first point of the match. Everton than narrowly escaped lowering a second time, when Woodhall got possession and parted to Nicholl, who repassed across and Marshall made the game even with a shot which, was impossible for Angus to save, as there were too many players upon him. Play continued nicely contested the homesters having if anything the best of matters, but nothing better than a couple of well-got corners accured, and half-time arrived with the score- Everton 1 goal, West Bromwich 1 goal. No sooner had the second portion started than Latta took hold, and dribbling the leather to the corner, screwed grandily across the goalmouth, and Reader had cleverly saved four times, before Chadwick gave his side the lead. The ball had hardly left midfield when excitement arose amongst the spectators as the homesters went back to the attack, which culminated in Milward anything, a third goal for Everton. Wilson was now seen striving hard for the visitors and Allen sent in a screw shot from the latter over the crossbar. A few minutes from the finish Turner added a fourth goal for Everton, and a well fought game closed in favour of Everton by 4 goals to 1. Everton season's accomplishments stand thus, Played 72, Won 54, Lost 10, For 310 Against 90.

Teams Everton: - Augis, goal, Doyle, and Roberts, backs, Campbell, Holt, and Parry, half-backs, Latta, Brady, Turner (J), Chadwick, and Milward, forwards. West Bromwich Albion: - Reader, goal, Powell, and Green, backs, Horton, Perry, and Dyer, half-backs, Bassett, Nicholl, Woodhall, Marshall, and Wilson forwards.



June 6, 1890. The Daily Post

The balance sheets of the Everton Football Club for the past season, terminating May 31 1890, has just been issued by the hon. Treasurer Mr. W.Jackson, and will be laid before the members of the annual meeting on Monday next. The statement is a very interesting one as evidently the popularity of football, and shows some remarkable takings. The gate receipts at the Everton ground amounted to £5,188 5s 10d. Members subscription amounted to £272 1s 6d, and amount received for matches playing away £440 6s 7d the total receipts is £5,957 8s 10d. The expenditure includes Players wages £2,059 1s 11d, gratuities £44 amount paid to visiting teams £900, travelling expenses £702 8s 10d. referee's £38 19s 3d Medical expenses £15, Gates expense, Police and commissioners £409 9s 2d. Rent £250, insurance's of players £29 15s, entertaining visiting clubs £19 10s, Lawyers £28 17s 1d, the total expenditure being £5,478 16s 10d. Balance in banks is £424 16s 9d, in treasurers hands £34 18s 9d and cash outstanding £18 11s 6d.



June 7, 1890. Birmingham Daily Post

The balance-sheet of the Everton Football Club which has just been issue shows remarkable results, the gate receipts at the Everton ground amounting to £5,188 5s 10d, and the sums received for matches played away being £4,40 6s 7d.



June 10, 1890. The Daily Post

The Annual meeting of the Everton Football Club was held last evening at the Anfield-road broad school-Mr. Houlding president of the club, in the chair, and there was a very large attendance. Mr. R.Molyneux (Secretary) in his statement said that the season had been a most creditable one, the club having accomplished what no other first class club had done-they had scored 310 goals to 90 scored against them. They had played 72 matches, which was far in excess of any played in one season before. They had won n54 matches, lost 10 matches and draw 8 (applause). Thirty matches had been played away from home he had no hesitation in saying that, though they were not the holders of the English Cup no one could dispute the fact that their record was superior to that of any club in England (applause). The report having been adopted, Mr. W.Jackson, the hon. Treasurer, submitted the annual financial statement, which showed the total receipts to be £5,957 5s 10d, of which the gate receipts was £5,188 5s 10d. The expenditure amounted to £5,478 16s 10d, of which the principal items were £2,059 1s 11d for players wages. £900 paid to visiting clubs and £702 for travelling expenses. There was a balance in the bank of £424 16s 9d and £34 18s 9d in the treasurer's hands. The adoption of the financial statement was moved by the chairman, and seconded by Mr. Barclay in answer to several questions, the chairman said the reason they had paid £900 away to visiting clubs, and received only £440 was that when they played away they did not received so much as they gave in shared gates to writing teams (Hear hear). They somewhat paid as much as £70 or £100, while they did not usually receive more than £40 or £50. In the case of the Cektic club, they received £102, the largest amount, they ever received from a match play away. Mr. Houlding in answer to questions about the item of £90 arrears of rent, which had been paid, said he had invested about £6,000 in the ground of the club, and at the end of last year he received £150. Thinking he should fairly have at lest 4 per on his money he asked for £90, and the committee thought right to give it to him. (Applause). A member present questioned. Mr. Houlding's statement and said he would like to know weather there was £2,000 actual money invested. The chairman-if you like to call at my office, I can show you the deeds to prove the accuracy of my remarks (Loud applause). The chairman having put the motion, it was carried, but subsequently two members at the far end of the room protested that it was “preposterous to pass such a balance sheet as the chairman had tried to pass that evening,” and a scene of considerable excitement continued for some time. The chairman I have not passed it, you have passed it yourselves (Applause). A number of alterations in the rules proposed by Mr. Houlding were than discussed in a very animated manner; but with few amendments, they were carried. The alterations included the appointment of a paid Secretary, the issue of season tickets at £1 1s, admitting to the north reserves stands; and season tickets at 12s 6d for admission to the ground. Also provisions for the increase of the subscription of new members to 15 or annue with an entrance fee of the same amount, and also for giving the committee power to close the ground to members and season tickets holders for not more than six matches for the benefit of players or charity matches. On the motion of Mr. A.Wilson seconded by Mr.J.Dermott, Mr.Houlding was unanimously re-elected president, in acknowledging the compliment; Mr. Houlding expressed regret that the club had not gained any of the Cups this year. He had though that like Alexander, they would have gone in until they had no other worlds to conquer. As it was, however, he was proved of the club (Applause). Mr. W.E.Barclay was elected chairman of committee. Mr. R.Wilson hon. Treasure, and Mr.A.Jackson (last year's hon treasurer) on the motion of the chairman, Mr R.Molyneux was re-elected Secretary with a salary attached to the office. The committee elected was as follows:- Messrs J.Williams R Stockton, Baxter, Brooks, Coates, Currier, Howarth, Fleming, and Clayton. The discussion of after matches was then gone into the proceeding being at a very protracted nature.