June 1901

Athletic News - Monday 03 June 1901
Blackburn Rovers are also pleased to receive an old servant in Ball, who was successful last season with Notts County.  Hailing originally from Rock Ferry, Ball, after leaving Blackburn, had a season with Everton.  Though not a brilliant player, he is a man who never gives up.

Peter Paterson
Dundee Evening Telegraph - Tuesday 04 June 1901
Peter Paterson, inside right, Royal Albert, has signed on for Everton.

Annual Meeting.
June 4 1901. The Liverpool Mercury
The annual meeting of the shareholders of the Everton Football Club Company, Limited, was held last evening in the Lecture Hall. Presbyterian School, Royal-Street, Mr.W.R.Clayton presiding. The directors present were Dr. Baxter, and Messrs. B.Kelly, E.A. Bainbridge, J.Davies, D.Kirkwood, and T.A.Coates.
The chairman, in proposing the adoptions of the report and balance-sheets, said he was pleased, the directors were able to present to the shareholders, a financial statement that was of a most encouraging nature, and that the play of the season had been in district advance of the play of the proceeding seasons. They had not been perhaps as fortunate as they might have been, and did not occupy that the position in the League playing that they ought to do. That the directors had worked hard for the attainment of some of the honours of the football world; there was no denying. Their players set out at the beginning of the season with a determination to secure at least one of the great honours; but they had failed. He knew that in some instances they had extremely hard luck both from the referee and in their play, but he was not going to disguise that some of the play had not been worthy of the club or of the men. (Hear hear.) But, still, they could say that they had made a distinct advance upon previous seasons, and if they took their position in the League since its inception they held the second position in the organisation, which he considered was a great honour. He did not think the directors could have done more than they did, and inducements had been given to the players to win matches. Owing to their financial position they had been able to wipe off from the mortgage on the ground £1000, which reduced the total amount to £6500. (Applause.) This was very satisfactory indeed, and they had made a profit on the year of £1000. He hoped that the club would do as well next year from a monetary standpoint, and better from a playing standpoint. (Applause.)
The proposition was seconded by Mr.Coates, and was carried without dissent, after a number of questions had been answered. On the proposition of the chairman, it was unanimously and with applause resolved that a dividend be paid at the rate of 5 per cent, per annum on called up capital. On the motion of the chairman, also Merrs, T.Theodore Rogers, Bowler, and Co. were re-elected auditors of the company. The meeting then proceeded to fill four vacancies on the board of directors, caused by the retirement of Messrs, Baxter, Coates, Kelly, and Taylor, the latter of whom did not seek re-election. Eight candidates were nominated, and the voting resulted in the election of Dr.Baxter (1780 votes), Dr.Whitford (141 votes), Mr.Kelly (131 votes), and Mr. Coates (127 votes).
Mr.R. Molyneux (Secretary) said that the following players had, up to now, signed for the coming season: - Goalkeepers, Muir, and Kitchen, Backs, Balmer, Eccles Watson and Bert Sharp, half-backs Wolstenholmes, Booth, Abbott, Boyle, Blythe, and Clarke, forwards Jack Sharp, Taylor, Proudfoot, Settle, Young Bone, Worthington, A.Chadwick, Roche, and Patterson.
In reply to questions, it was stated that Brown is a Liverpool youth who has played with the Stalybridge Rovers for two seasons, Clarke was a centre half-back from Hamilton Academicals; Young, a centre forward of promise from Falkirk; Bone an inside left, and Patterson an inside right who recently played for Lanarkshire against Ayrshire. They were also negotiation with two other players, whose names it would bot now be-advisable to state.

Athletic News - Monday 10 June 1901
One result of the recent inter-county match at the  Glasgow Exhibition between Lanarkshire and Ayrshire-by the way, the Exhibition was very interesting that day to English managers-is that Charles Clark, the centre-half of Hamilton Academicals, and Peter Paterson, the inside right of Royal Albert, have attached their signatures to professional forms for Everton.