May 1902

May 1 st 1902. The Daily Post
Last evening the directors signed on for next season John Brearley, who has been playing forward for Middlesbrough during this season. He has scored more goals than an other forward in either division of the League, and assmaterially helped his side to reach the first division honors. Brearley is a Liverpool lad, and is undoubtedly an acquisition to the Everton team. It is creditable to the Everton directors that they have able to secure Brearley as Liverpool, Aston Villa, and others clubs were very keen to engaged him.

May 1, 1902. Dundee Courier
Arbroath 3, Everton 1.
Player Refusals To Leave The Field
Everton concluded their Scottish tour last night, when they met Arbroath on Gayfield Park. The weather was favourable, but a strong wind blew from the west. The English team included Watson, the old Dundee back, and five prominent Glasgow juniors, namely Russell, Williamson, McMeney, Sheridan, and Lang. Mr. McIntyre, Patrick Thistle, was referee, and the teams were; Everton; Kitchen; Balmer and Watson; Clark, Russell, and Williamson; Bowman, McMeney, Proudfoot, Sheridan and Long. Arbroath; McKenzie; Carrie, and Clark; McGlashan, Cargill, and Davidson; Black, Middleton, Hay (Dauntless), Willocks, and McNaughton, (Dundee Edenbank). Owing to Everton having to leave Arbroath for Liverpool early the match was only one of two thirty-fives. Arbroath won the toss, and Everton started play against the breeze. The Marrons had the better of the opening, and McNaughton and Davidson forced a corner between them, but Watson cleared, and Lang and McMeney each tried McKenzie with shots, which the custodian turned aside in fine style. After thirteen minutes' play McNaughton opened the scoring with a lovely shot, and Hay two minutes later took advantage of a weak return by Balmer and scored a second goal. Up to the interval Everton had the greater share of the attack, but just on the sounded of the whistle McNaughton and Middleton almost beat Kitchen with long stinging shots.
Half-time; Arbroath, 2; Everton, 0.
The restart was in favour of Everton, who seemed determined to reduce the leeway, but they found in Arbroath defenders strong opposition, Carrie, Clark, and Cargill being especially prominent. At length Proudfoot got his foot on the ball, and when close to goalmouth he piloted the ball past McKenzie. At this stage a rather unpleasant scene was witnessed. As the referee was returning down the field, Watson, the Everton left-back, used threatening language towards him, whereupon Mr. McIntyre ordered the player off the field. Watson refused to go, and the Everton players threatened that if their back had to leave they would also retire. For a time it looked as if the game would come to a termination, but eventually Watson apologised to the referee, and the game was resumed. Up to the close play was uninteresting, and the final result was:- Arbroath 3, Everton 1.
• Thanks to Douglas Gorman for sending this to the Blue Correspondents.

Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette - Friday 02 May 1902
The rumours that Brearley is leaving the Middlesbrough Club were confirmed yesterday by the announcement that Everton have secured his transfer at a cost of $250. As as inside right or centre-forward he has proved himself a player of first rank, while his shooting powers have contributed in no small measure to the success of the Middleborough club

May 2 1902. The Liverpool Courier
Glasgow Exhibition Cup
Considerable interest was aroused in the meeting at Goodison Park last evening of Everton and Glasgow Rangers. The game had been arranged for the benefit of the Ibrox Park disaster fund, and was one of the ties in which Everton Glasgow Rangers Celtic, and Sunderland are participating for possession of the Glasgow Exhibition Cup. A further inducement for the players top exert themselves was the fact that the Bovril Company offer gold metals to the winners of the cup. There was a good attendance, fully 7,000 spectators watching with keen interest, what proved to be a really fine game. Both sides imparted to their work plenty of determination, with the result that the issue was always in doubt and most attractive from the point of view of the onlookers. In the first half, with Everton facing the sun, the home team had rather more of the play, but the Rangers attacks were probably more incisive. At half time nothing had been scored, and it was not until five minutes from the close of the second half that Hamilton scored for the Rangers as a result of a well-executed movement. A minute before the whistle blew; Young equalized from a beautiful centre from Dilly. The teams in the gathering darkness played an extra ten minutes each way, but neither could score again, and the match ended in a draw of one goal each. Everton played two of their latest recruits-Bearsley (a Liverpool lad, and formerly of Notts County, and Middlesbrough) at inside right, and Dilly (a Scotch junior international from Arbroat) at outside left. Each made a decidedly favorable impression. Dilly's effort which led to the equalising goal being a smart bit of work. The teams were: - Everton: - Kitchen, goal, Eccles and Watson, backs, Wolstenholmes, Blythe, and Abbott, half-backs, Taylor (captain) Brearley, Young, Bell, and Dilly, forwards, Glasgow Rangers: - Dickie, goal, Smith and Drummond, backs, Gibson, Neill, and Stark, half-backs, Graham, Robertson, Hamilton, Miller and Smith (a), forwards.

Dundee Evening Post - Monday 05 May 1902
We are able to state that John Watson, the old and popular Dundee back, and now of Everton signed for Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday. The Southern club is building up a strong team for next season.

Dundee Evening Post - Monday 05 May 1902
The statement published in last Thursday's "Evening Post" that Tom Dilly, the wellknown Arbroath forward, had left with Everton for England the previous evening, caused quite a stir in football circles in this quarter, and especially in Arbroath. It is well known that for several weeks Dilly has been much sought after by First Division Scottish clubs, and by them in particular was his departure regretted, As was seen from our football edition on Saturday, Dilly that afternoon took part in the International League replayed tie Parkhead, Glasgow. It appears that Dilly still a signed player for Arbroath, and was not eligible to play for any other without the committee's permission. conversation with a well-known official, our representative learned that Dilly and the Everton club may be reported in the matter, and that suspension may follow the affair. Dilly arrived home in Arbroath on Saturday evening. It is reported that the matter will be discussed at meeting of the Arbroath club this evening.

MAY 5 1902. THE Liverpool Courier
Glasgow Exhibition Cup
This replayed tie in the Glasgow Exhibition Cup Competition was contested at Cathkin park on Saturday before 6,000 spectators. Neither sides was at full strength. The teams were: - Rangers: - Dickie, goal, Campbell, (Patrick Thistle) and Crawford, backs, Gibson, Neill, and Stark, half-backs, Graham, Walker (Liverpool), Hamilton, Speedie, and Smith, forwards. Everton: - Kitchen, goal, Henderson (Southampton), and Balmer (r), backs, Rankin, Clark, and Abbott, half-backs, Taylor (captain), Brearley, Young, Bell, and Dilly, forwards. The Rangers started with a fine dash and Graham getting offside spoiled a nice combined effort by the right wing. At the other end Campbell nearly checked Dilly; and then a concerted run by the Rangers forwards ended in Speedie opening the scoring with a capital shot, when four minutes only had gone. A long pass by Bell was not taken by Dilly, and again the Rangers got away, only to be stopped by Rankin. Everton's play was tricky at times, but lacked finish, and the defence of the Rangers was too good to allow them to obtain an opening. Brearley was unfortunate with an individual dribble, but following this Rankin gave to Dilly, who had no difficulty in equalling. From the centre the Rangers dashed down on Kitchen, and Kitchen scored what seemed a good goal, but it was disallowed for offside. Rankin played a very attractive game for Everton, and was mainly instrumental in keeping McDougall in check, Brearsley gave Everton the lead with a splendid shot, which Dickie no chance. Half-time Rangers 1; Everton 2.
The second half was keenly contested, and although the Rangers had a decided advantage throughout, it was not until within five minutes of the finish that Hamilton equalized. The closing moments were the most exciting period of the match, the third and winning goal being snatched within the last minute by Walker for the Rangers. Result Rangers 3; Everton 2.

May 5 1902. The Liverpool Courier
On Friday Albert Monks, a member of the Bury Football team, was signed on for Everton. Monk's who is an inside right or centre forward, went to Bury from Staybridge Rovers at the end of last season, and has played several times in the Bury team.

Athletic News - Monday 05 May 1902
By Junius
The game at Goodison Park between Everton and Glasgow Rangers provided a delightful exposition of the dribbling code, and the 7,000 spectators had full value for their money.  The home side included in their ranks two new players, Dilly and Brearley but it is rather significant that Booth and Settle were not representing Everton.  Dilly hails from Arbroath and was I suppose spotted in the final match of the Scotch-Irish tour which was finished off by the Everton reserve players.  Dilly played in this game, and was evidently booked straight away, for he arrived in Liverpool on Thursday morning, and was therefore in an unfavorable state for creating an entirely satisfactory first impression, though it was from his accurate centre that Young equalized.  Brearely who, I believe formerly played for the now defunct Liverpool South End eleven, had been at Nottingham, Millwall, and Middlesbrough and with the latter club rendered excellent service in the season which has just terminated.  The Anfielders were on his track, but failed to come to terms and Everton stepping in, succeeded.  He played inside right to Taylor on Thursday and shaped very well.  It was somewhat of a curiosity to see Robertson, the International half-back, figuring in the Rangers forwards line at inside right, and he had several tussles with Abbott, in which the latter cleverly held his own.  But the fine display of A. Smith on the extreme left was quite the feature of the match, and this scintillating player electrified the crowd with his clever footwork and speedy flashes along touch.  Both sides were fully extended, but though an extra twenty minutes was played, a draw of one goal was the verdict.  These two points were squeezed into the last ten minutes of the customary hour and a half and formed a fitting finale to one of the most enjoyable games seen at Goodison Park this season.  It is football of this quality which makes one wish for a quick return of another campaign, and had the Celts been coming down here on Saturday I feel assured there would have been a tremendous gate.  The proceeds realized about 170 pounds all of which goes to the Disaster Fund.  Everton entertained their visitors at the Exchange Hotel after the match,. A function which proved as successful as the game has been. 

May 5 1902. From Liverpool Courier
At Birmingham on Saturday, England drew with Scotland by two goal all at Villa park. and at length Jimmy Settle headed in from a corner after 65 minutes play in front of 15,000 spectators. This was the first England goal, after being two goals to nil down at half time. A couple of minutes later Wilkes equalised, also from a corner and nothing further was scored.

Dundee Courier 7 th May 1902
Raith Rovers 4, Everton 4
For a week night match at Raith Rovers the crowd at Stark's Park, Kirkcaldy, last night was a large one, the "drawing" power of Everton being sufficient to bring out the local football enthusiasts to witness the display of the runners-up in the English League on a Fife pitch, with Raith Rovers as opposition. The day was a most disagreeable one, but towards evening a fine drying breeze set in, and a blink of sunshine also broke through prior to the teams lining up in the following order;- Everton; Kitchen; Eccles, and Watson; Wolstenholmes, Clarke, and Blyth; Peace, Settle, Proudfoot, Abbott , and Bell. Raith Rovers; -Oswald; Innes and Denholm; Orrock, Morris, and Frierson; J. McDonald, McFarlane, Mackie, Eckford, and Haxton, Referee. Mr. Nisbet. Within the opening minute the Rovers counted through Eckford, the effort being soon followed by a second goal, Mackie beating Kitchen. The visitors' replied smartly, and after smart exchanges, they were successful in beating Oswald from a scrimmage at close quarters. After fast forward play Mackie again raced in and beat Kitchen with a lovely straight drive. Thus were four goals rattled on within a quarter of an hour, and play still ruled very fast and brimful of lively passenges. The home front rank performly grandly. Mackie and his left wing being prominent. A penalty to the Rovers was smartly handled by Kitchen, and after a fast run down Bell scored with a fast shot.
Half-time; Raith Rovers 3, goals; Everton, 2 goals.
On resuming the visitors rushed in on Oswald, and in the scrimmage a penalty was awarded from which Everton scored through Settle. The Englishmen were now forcing the pace, and the centre forward put a fourth goal past Oswald, giving his team a lead. The combination of the Englishmen at this juncture was a feature. A penalty to the Rovers for "attentions" to Mackie was netted amid applause by Eckford, and the teams were "four all." The play of the Everton forwards continued to be remarkably clever, but the locals played gamely, and a draw of four goals resulted, a most creditable performance on the part of Raith Rovers.
• Thanks to Douglas Gorman for sending this to the Blue Correspondents.

West Ham sign Toffees
Luton Times and Advertiser - Friday 09 May 1902
The West Ham club intend to make things hum during the coming season, for in addition to the best of their old team, they have signed on Farrell, of Northamptoin, Eccles and Blythe, of Everton, Barnes, the player who scored the winning goal in the Cup Final, and Bigger, of Sheffield United.
Tottenham have "Signed on" in additions to names already published, Chalmers of Watford, and Watson and Brown, both half-backs for Everton.

Ernest Robson
Western Times - Monday 12 May 1902
The free hitting of Ernest Robson, the popular Somerset professional and old Everton footballer, will give immense satisfaction to his many admirers. he did comparatively little in the battling line last year , though it is well known that he is really a capital batsman when once set. His fault is that he wants to knock the face off the ball immediately he gets in, and rarely gives himself time to settle down. Were he to be steadier at the commencement he would assuredly make many more runs.

Some Good Bats
Western Times - Monday 12 May 1902
The free hitting of Ernest Robson, the popular Somerset professional and old Everton footballer, will give immense satisfaction to his many admirers. He did comparatively little in the batting line last year, though it well known that is really a capital batsman when once set. His fault is that he wants to knock the face off the ball immediately he gets in, and rarely gives himself time to settle down. Were he to steadier at the commencement he would assuredly make many more runs.

Jack Blythe to West Ham
Shields Daily Gazette - Tuesday 20 May 1902
Jack Blythe, the old Blyth crack half-back, who has been three seasons with the Everton League Football Club, has been transfered to the West Ham Club, one of the Southern League group. The change, I understand, is one specially satisfactory to John himself. Blthe is expected here on a week's holiday during the close season.

May 31 1902. The Liverpool Courier
W.Muir appealed against the amount of the £250 at which he was placed on the transfer list by Everton. it was reduced to £100. He had been with the club for five seasons and was not offered another engagement.