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Everton Director in Scotland

Dundee Evening Telegraph -Monday 2 July 1929

English clubs have not got all they want from Dundee apparently. An interested spectator at Dens Park was an official from Everton. His objective is a half-back. Wonder if Jock Thomson caught his eye


Hartlepool Mail-Wednesday 3 July 1929

International Goalkeeper Joins Bury.

Everton yesterday transferred Harry Hardy, their reserve goalkeeper, to Bury. Hardy made his name with Stockport County, and Everton paid a substantial fee for his transfer. While with Stockport Hardy player for England against Belgium and took part in the Football Association tour in Australia. He has played for the English League against the Irish and Scottish Leagues.


Burnley Express-Saturday 6 July 1929

Harry Hardy, the Everton goalkeeper, has been transferred to Bury. Hardy joined Everton four years ago, but has not been regular member of the senior side. A native of Stockport. Hardy the possessor of three international caps against foreign and Colonial sides.


August 1 st 1929. The Liverpool Post and Mercury.

The players of the Everton club report for training today, and services work in preparation for the coming season, will begin after the Bank Holiday. Everton open the season with a visited from Bolton Wanderers, the Cup holders.



August 2 nd 1929. The Liverpool Post and Mercury.

The Everton players reported for duty yesterday morning, and they will soon to be strict training for the coming campaign. Everton have twenty-eight players on the books, Everton newcomers include W. O'Donnell, who like his brother, is a full back, and was last season with Connah's Quay, and Wilkinson the Newcastle forward. The Everton players requested to attend at 10 O'Clock –Dean arrived at 9-15, so that he has scored early, perhaps he wanted to be the first to see the new colour scheme at Goodison Park. I hear the Everton players are to have a new “Fashion” in attire if not in colour, I am told that the Blue shirts will have a V-Shape at the neck, instead of being lacey up, with a White edging and White “Cuffs” on the sleeves, and that there will be a Blue stripe down the side if the White shorts. The new colours should be very effective.


Dundee Evening Telegraph-Friday 2 August 1929

The move of Meston, Everton's rightwinger, to Tranmere is another instance of the popularity of the Third Division clubs ex-Evertonians.


Alex Troup

Dundee Courier-Friday 2, August 1929

Alex. Troup, the erstwhile Dundee favourite, who has been spending his vacation at Forfar, has now returned to Merseyside. Alex, has business interests in Forfar, and consequently when the close season comes along he loses no time in getting back to his native town. He informs me that he had exceedingly good season with the toffee-makers, and that he looking forward hopefully to good many more. "Troopie." who continues to distinguish himself as a goalscorer. a great favourite with the Everton followers.


Joe Smith

Hull Daily Mail-Saturday 3 August 1929

Joe Smith, the former West Bromwich Albion back, who assisted Everton in war-time football, has been appointed player-manager with the Worcester City club.


August 9 th 1929. The Liverpool Post and Mercury

Footballer followers will not be confused by many alterations of rules, during the coming season. The unsatisfactory rules regarding faulty boots has been put right and a player may now return to the field after reporting to the referee. The only other change clearly defines the position in regard to the taking of a penalty kick. In future the players of the team against whom a penalty has been taken may not line up in such a way as to embarrass the kicker. They must be inside the field of play outside the penalty area, and at least ten yards from, where the kick is being taken. This is a decided improvement on the former ruling.



August 10 th 1929. The Daily Courier.


Everton Football club have made the following appointments; - Captain is Hunter Hart, Deput –captain Dixie Dean. Assistant trainer Mr. A.J.Tucker; “A” team coach Mr. Thoe Kelly. The most notable appointment from a “public interest” point of view is that of the famous England centre-forward who, as deputy-captain, will be filling his first “official” post. Dean has, of course, acted as captain of the team before, but only in the way of filling a gap when players were ill or injured. He is certain to be given a great reception when he steps on the field for Everton's first match of the season as a second in command to Hunter Hart, whose appointment will also give a considerable amount of satisfaction. Mr. A.J. Tucker, who becomes assistant trainer, was formerly with Exeter City, Plymouth Argyle and Linfield (Irish League). The position became vacant when Mr. Smith Orrell Wednesday and he succeeds Mr. Kirkwood.



August 14 th 1929. The Daily Courier.


One of the tragedies of Soccer last season was the unaccountable declare of one who was described as the great sharp-shooters in the world. Now one of the most burning questions of the day –and not one merely confined to the Goodison hearten is; “Can Dean com back?” And to that one might add; with Dean in team, can Everton achieve the supremacy gained in the season of 1927-28? Whatever may be the opinion of the man in the crowd, there is no doubt whatever at Goodison that Dean, and consequently Everton, will retrieve whatever prestige was lost last season. The directors, at any rate, and pinning their finish to the team who won the Championship for the coming campaign.


The only new forward signed during the close season is Wilkinson of Newcastle United, who used to deputise for Hughie Gallacher. The only other newcomer is William O'Donnell, brother of Jack O'Donnell. Of the players who were not re-engaged, Hardy has joined Bury, and Meston will be seen on the wing of Tranmere Rovers. Dick Forshaw too, does not appear among the list of players retained. Everton will have their first public practice on Saturday, and the final one on August 21 st . the Following is a list of players engaged for the season; Goal- Davies, Wallasey, height 6ft 1in weight 12st; Sager, Doncaster, 5ft 10ins, 11 st; Backs; Cresswell, South Shields; 5ft 9ins, 11 st 6lbs; Jack O'Donnell Gateshead 5ft 8 and half ins, 12st 6lbs; Kennedy, Belfast, 5ft 10in, 12st; William O'Donnell, Gateshead 5ft 8ins, 10st 12lb. Half-backs; Kelly Hallside, 5ft 11ins, 11 st 8lbs; Griffiths, Wrexham, 6ft 11 st 10lbs; Hart, Glasgow, 5ft 10ins, 11 st 7lbs; Virr, Liverpool, 6ft 12st 8lbs, Bryan Port Sunlight, 5ft 9ins; 10st 11lbs; Rooney, Liverpool, 5ft 8ins; 11 st 7lbs; Lewis, Wolverhampton, 5ft 8 and half ins, 11 st 7lbs; Forwards. Critchley, Stockport, 5ft 8ins; 10st 8lbs; Martin, Bathgate, 5ft 8 and half ins, 11 st 3lbs; Dean, Birkenhead, 5ft 10 and half ins, 12st 8lbs; Weldon, Croy, 5ft 6ins; 11 st ; Troup, Forfar, 5ft 5ins, 10st 7lbs; Ritchie Perth, 5ft 10ins, 12st 3lbs, Wilkinson, Esh Winning, 5ft 6 and half ins, 10st 10lbs, Easton, Blyth, 5ft 7 and half ins, 11 st 7lbs; White, Manchester, 5ft 9ins; 11 st ; Stein, Coatbridge, 5ft 9 ins, 11 st ; Dunn, Glasgow, 5ft 6ins, 10st 7lbs; Webster, Liverpool, 5ft 9ins, 11 st ; Attwood, Wallsall, 5ft 9lbs, 11 st 6lbs.



August 15 th 1929. The Daily Courier.


Virr and Troup, who are suffering from slight injuries, will be absent from Everton's first practice match on Saturday, when the teams will be; Blues; Davies; Cresswell, J. O'Donnell; Kelly, Griffiths, Hart; Ritchie, Dunn, Dean, Weldon, Stein. White; Sager; Common, Kennedy; Robson, White, Rooney; Critchley, Wilkinson, Attwood, Martin, Stein; The kick off will be at 3-15. According to present arrangements the final practice will be held on August 21 st .


Nottingham Evening Post-Saturday 17 August 1929

Richard Forshaw. who had been with the Everton Football for pass two seasons, has been transferred Wolverhampton Wanderers- The fee not disclosed. Forshaw who 31. was trenferred to Everton from Liverpool at a fee of £5.750. He has been signeJ by Wolverhampton Wanderers as an inside forward.


August 17 th 1929. The Daily Courier.

As foreshadowed in the Daily Courier yesterday, Dick Forshaw, the Everton inside forward, has joined Wolverhampton Wanderers. The transfer was completed yesterday at a substantial fee. Forshaw joined Everton from Liverpool in March 1927, when the Blues were fighting to avoid entering the second division, and he was a regular member of the Championship side of 1927-28. Before joining Everton, Forshaw spent eight years at Anfield, where he was one of the star performers. He is a versatile player and has occupied three inside forward positions, as well as the centre and right half berths. Once on Middlesbrough's books, he was snapped up by Liverpool in 1919, when he occupied the inside left position.



August 19 th 1929. The Daily Courier.





Twelve goals scored in Everton's opening practice game at Goodison Park on Saturday, and the fact that six of them were obtained by Dixie Dean is a good augury for the coming season. He obtained four in the first twenty minutes, and he could easily have added to the number. Certainly, without exerting himself to the full, Dean showed a welcome return to his best form, and the impression he created was that he is in tip-top physical conditions, and still possesses all the skill and speed which has made him England's best centre-forward. The Blues were represented by most of last season's League players, and the fact that at half-time they were leading 5-1, and in the end won 9-4, indicates their overwhelming superiority over the second string. A feature of the first half was the sound work of the Blues' intermediate line, with Griffiths outstanding at centre-half, and Hart and Kelly good, effective wing halves. Cresswell, and more particularly O'Donnell, at full back, were equal to all the demands made on them. Ritchie and Dunn were the most effective wing. They worked well together, and Ritchie, besides being an early scorer, provided Dean with many goal-scoring chances.


Weldon did a lot of useful work, but he and Stein did not work as well together as the right wing. The Whites lacking in confidence in the first half, showed up better in the later stages. Their only scorer in the first half was Martin, but afterwards Attwood scored twice and Wilkinson once, Dean adding two more goals for the Blues and Weldon one. Wilkinson, the former deputy for Gallacher in the Newcastle United team, and Attwood, at centre-forward showed strong, forceful football in the later stages, and Martin also played well. Critchley at outside-left for the Whites, worked hard but he had a hard nut to crack in hart and O'Donnell. Of the Whites defenders Common and White were the most effective. Kennedy at left full back was inclined to shirk his responsibilities. Daves for the Blues made several splendid saves, but he had nothing near so much work to do as Sagar, who should have saved at least three of the goals scores against him. The teams were; - Blues; - Davies, goal, Cresswell and O'Donnell, backs; Kelly, Griffiths, and Hart (captain), half-backs; Ritchie, Dunn, Dean, Weldon, and Stein, forwards. Whites: - Sagar, goal; Common and Kennedy, backs; Robson, White, and Rooney, half-backs; Critchley, Wilkinson, Attwood, Martin (Captain), and Lewis, forwards . The attendance was 12, 000 and the gate receipts £395.


Everton second practice match takes place on Wednesday; at 6-45, the teams chosen being; Blues; - Davies; Common, J.O'Donnell; Kelly, Griffiths, Hart; Ritchie, Dunn, Dean, Weldon, Stein. Whites; Whites; - Sager; Kennedy, W.O'Donnell; Bryan, White, Virr; Critchley, Webster, French, Easton, Lewis.



August 22 nd 1929. The Liverpool Post and Mercury.




By “Bees.”

It has often been suggested that trial games in public are only of use for charity's sweet cause and that from a playing point of view they serve no purpose, can hold no real effect, and generally produce a lot of injuries through players being ultra-careful, it being known that the more one studies escapes in trial games the more certain a foot or a blow causes an injury. Already Everton had Troup down through a minor operation; then Wilkinson left the field through cramp this being the Newcastle man's first effort to play in his new colours, and finally, last night some 6,000 spectators saw two calamities. First Virr, the half-back who had been laid up for months with a damaged knee “went” ligament trouble causing him to stop off play in less than a quarter of an hour. This was a blow.


Rooney was brought from the grandstand to take his place, and in a later period Griffiths, the Welsh international was carried off through ligament trouble and his place was filled by hart, Martin being called from the grandstand to take the vacancy that arose in the half-back line, and providing the best shot of the match, as it so happened. Everton are naturally very perturbed about the affair, which has cut into their known best ranks very severely there are no signs that they have quite the right type of men to slot into the first team for League duty on Saturday week, and the outlook has, in one might become quite black. The game was won by the first team against the reserves side by 3-1, and was of an easy-going nature, albeit some of the youngsters of the minor side strove hard, and Webster, the newly made professional, a local from Collegiate Old Boys, refused to be lightly shaken off in his tussels with J.O'Donnell, whose brother was a sturdy back for the losing side, and once used a double foot tackle that might have led to further trouble.


As it was, Hart and Kennedy got into the wars. Ritchie was bang on his shooting, and centring form, and scored two good goals, while Weldon, late on, took the third point, and the Reserves team scored their only point early on through French heading Webster's initiation work to fruition. Davies played his customary sure game, and Sager, this time showed more confidence and concern about his positioning. Sagar indeed did well for the shots sent to him were stiff and the ground and the ball were wet –the ground held the top-spray of rain, so that the footballers found it hard to work accurately. Dunn did many delicious things, but whereas Dean got six out of eight in his first match, he now was content to act the part of pass-maker. Teams : - Blues; - Davies, goal, Common and J. O'Donnell, backs, Kelly, Griffiths, and Hart (captain), half-backs; Ritchie, Dunn, Dean, Weldon, and Stein, forwards. White; - Sagar, goal; Kennedy and W.O'Donnell, backs; Robson, White and Virr, half-backs; Critchley, Webster, French, Easton, and Lewis, forwards.

Davie Raitt's Future

Dundee Courier-Saturday 24 August 1929


I UNDERSTAND that there is possibility that Davie Raitt, Blackburn Rovers' full-back, will to a London Third Division club, who recently have been making inquiries. The non-retention of the former Everton and Dundee player was one of the surprises in the Ewood camp towards the end the season.

SYME, the clever young centre-forward of Dunfermline Athletic, has been attracting the attention of quite number of English clubs, and I am told that Liverpool and Everton are especially keen on securing his services. Syme is very prombing player. He has a splendid knowledge of the centre-forward game and is a crack shot.

Everton directors in scotland

Dundee Courier-Tuesday 27 August 1929

REPRESENTATIVES from Everton were present at the St Johnstone- Rangers league match at Perth. The object of their visit was Imrie, the Saints' stalwart half-back. Last season the Toffee Makers were exceedingly keen to secure the transfer of the Fifer. who is a useful man in any of the half-back positions, but had to return empty-handed. They have again returned to the attack, but whether they will be successful in their quest or not remains to be been.



Burnley Express- Wednesday 28 August 1929

It is announced that Everton, whom entertain Burnley at Turf Moor on Monday next, September 2nd (the first home engagement of the season) will open the season without three of their regular players, Griffiths and Virr, the half-backs, were operated on during the week-end for cartilege trouble, while Troup, who has left the nursing home after operation of another sort, will hardly be fit before October. The half-back problem also looks like causing Everton considerable trouble, the club is not over-strong in reserves. White, who has led the forwards in Dean's absence, and has appeared at half-back, will most likely be called into service left-half against Bolton Wanderers, on Saturday, with the captain, Hunter Hart, moving to centre-half, a position he occupied before the advent of Griffiths from Wrexham.



August 30 th 1929. The Daily Courier.


Seven of the men, who took part in the final match of Everton's last season campaign, appear in the team to meet Bolton wanderers, the Cup holders in the inaugural match of the season at Goodison Park tomorrow. The rear division have left untouched, but owing to injuries, the Everton directors have had to rearrange their middle and forward lines.


The absence of Griffiths, the Welsh International and Virr-both of whom were injured in the trial match is likely to be felt, and an experiment has been made with White, who act as pivot for tomorrow's game. White has deputized for Dean, at centre-forward before. Kelly is brought in at right half, while Hunter Hart crosses to the left half back. While players in the last match last season at Newcastle, where he filled the inside left position with Troup in the outside.


Dunn and Dean are the only forwards of the team beaten 2-0 by the St. James's Park side, on the occasion referred to, who will oppose Bolton tomorrow, when Martin and Stein will company the left wing. Ritchie will partner Dunn on the right. The teams chosen last night will be; - Davies; Cresswell, J'Donnell; Kelly, White, Hart; Ritchie, Dunn, Dean, Martin, Stein, The Reserves team against Burnley, at Burnley (Meet exchange station 9-40) will be; Sagar; Common, W O'Donnell; Robson, Kennedy, Rooney; Critchley, Wilkinson, Attwood, Easton, Lewis.



August 31 st 1929. The Daily Courier.


Everton have already run into misfortune and, as explained yesterday in the Daily Courier, have been compelled to make experiments among the forwards and halves. Whether these will be successful or not has yet to be seen, but with liberal help from their supporters, they may be able to overcome their difficulties1 The absence of Griffiths may mean a lot to the Goodison side, but everyone will wish White, the ex-Southport centre forward the best of luck on his new position as pivot in Blaclmore he had a trustful and energetic leader to watch and the result may well depended in his success. The Everton combination on paper looks strong enough, for anything, but when we bear in mind the players work at last campaign anything many happen. I think the Blues will do well to divide the spoils, but I am afraid that the Trotters will return with the points. The kick-off is timed for 3-15 and the teams are; - Davies; Cresswell, O'Donnell; Kelly, White, Hart; Ritchie, Dunn, Dean, Martin, Stein. Bolton Wanderers; Pym; Howarth, Finney; Kean, Seddon, Nuttall; Butler, McClelland, Blackmore, Gibson, Cook.



August 31 st 1929. The Daily Courier.

Everton yesterday signed in Sydney Chedgzoy, son of the famous Sam Chedgzoy. The boy is a winger, as his father was, but as a school-boy showed promise as a centre-half, and was played there. He played for New Brighton last season, and has been sought for by Exeter City and other clubs.

Ted Sagar

Derby Daily Telegraph -Saturday 31 August 1929

Everton have been associated with the purchase of a first-class goalkeeper for some time now, but as yet the star has not been fixed up. Instead the Goodison officials have contented themselves this summer with the discovery Edward Sager, a. youngster who last season played with very minor club called Moorends at Doncaster. have received a tip that this lad is the real goods in goalkeeping talent and that he will go far.



August 1929