Wayne Cresswell captained the Everton team for season 27-28 captained Everton 36 times in the season, with Hart 5 and O'Donnell 1 captainsing. Everton storm the first division. Everton winning there third championship. However if this is not enough William Dean goes on to score 60 league goals in 39 appearances and only scoring 1 goal from a penalty though he did a miss at home to Bury, he also scored three goals in the FA cup, 3 goals in a practise match against the reserves, 4 goals in friendlies, scoring 4 goals for the football league against the Irish league also scoring 4 goals for the football league against Blackpool in a fund match, Scoring three goals for England against the Rest, then scoring 5 goals for England against the Rest. Then scoring two goals against the scottish league and missing a penalty and also scoring two in each game against France and Belgium for England.

1927-28 Season

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