September - April 1882-83

September 2 nd 1882
Everton v Bolton Wanderers, at Bolton
Everton v Bolton Wanderers at Stanley Park, (2d teams)
Bolton Wanderers v Everton (2d teams)
September 5 th 1882. The Daily Courier.
The first match of the Liverpool season (under Association rules) was played at Stanley Park on Saturday in very unfavourable weather, and resulted in a victory for the visitors by three goals to nil. The Wanderers captain winning the toss, Everton kicked off against the hill, and for the first 15 minutes the game was evenly contested, when Dawson for the visitors scored the first goal. This was almost immediately converted into a second through some excellent passing on the part of the visitors' forwards, Scowscroft putting the ball beyond the reach of the Everton custodian with a splendidly placed shot, Atherton having been seen to great advantage before centring. These were the only points gained up to half-time, although just on the verge of the change of ends the home custodian (Wilkinson) saved his charge in capital style. Hostilities being renewed, the visitors again assumed the aggressive, and caused the Everton backs and goalkeeper to put forward their best efforts to repulse repeated attacks. Cartwright and Hiles, however, kicked and tackled in grand style, and the home players got well away, but shortly afterwards a good, fast, passing movement' brought the sphere into close quarters, when Sinnott from a miskick put the ball between his own goal posts, giving the third point to the Boltonians. No further score was made, although the play was capital on both sides, especially that of Messrs, Dawson, and Holland on the Wanderers right. Teams; - Bolton Wanderers; - Wilson, goal; Evans, and Parkinson, backs; Heaton, and Parkinson, Half-backs; Holland, Dawson, Atherton, Carter, Scrowcroft, and Scholes, forwards. Everton; - Wilkinson, goal; Walker and Williams, backs; Hiles, Cartwright, and Sinnott, half-backs; Brettell, Holmes, McGill, Richards, and Scott, forwards.

Note in the same papers, St Luke the Evangelist Walton
The new mission church for the district has been opened by the rector of Walton, in Goodison-road, Spellow-lane to supply the needs of the streets, which cover the site of the late “Skirving's Nursery.”
September 30 th 1882. The Daily Courier.
Everton showed such consistent form throughout the whole of last season as to win its way honestly to the very top of the tree in West Lancashire. Whether this proud position will be maintained remains to be seen, for there are now more powerful opponents in the district. The club, however, has a splendid programme, which includes home and home fixtures with Turton, Eagley, Northwich Victoria (Cheshire cupholders), Oswestry (Shropshire cupholders), Crewe, Wrexham, Druids (Welsh cupholders), Bootle, Southport, Birkenhead, Wirrall, and Liverpool Ramblers. On Monday next, at Blackburn, Everton will plays its tie with the Blackburn Rovers in the Lancashire Challenge Cup competition; whilst today at Stanley park, the cup team will play a trial match with Burscough. Although the team has undergone some changes, it is nevertheless an excellent combination, one which its new captain (R. W. Morris) may justly be proud off.

Everton v Burscough.
October 2 nd 1882. The Daily Courier.
These clubs played their first fixture at Stanley-Park on Saturday in wretched weather. During the first half Everton played against the wind, which was blowing uphill. Immediately the ball was started Higgins carried it down to the corner and centred, but nothing came of it. On being kicked off Thoroughgood obtained possession, carried the ball down the field towards the Everton goal, but the timely interference of Marriott placed it out of danger. Higgins then got away and passed to McGill, who being tackled by Stretch was compelled to face his own goal, and while in that position shot the ball over his head through the goal after seven minutes' play. Again Thoroughgood and Bridge worked the ball up to Everton's goal, whose custodian was compelled to use his hands, and after some desultory play half time was called. On the change of ends, Everton, with the wind at their backs, at once assumed the aggressive, Higgins, and the Williamses making runs and centring well. At last D. H. Williams was enabled to make a shot, which being repelled by Darcy the Evertonians shot again, and was rewarded by the reduction of his opponent's stronghold. Soon after this McGill shot another goal, making the third for Everton. For Buscough, Stretch, Bridge, Thoroughgood and Hills played hard and well; and for Everton, Marriott, Higgins, D. H. Williams, and McGill were conspicuous throughout. Teams; - Everton; - Brettell, goal; Marriott, Parry, Welsh, Finlay, Higgins, Edwards, McGill, Richards, W. Williams, and D. H. Williams, Burscough; - Darcy, Stevens, Stretch, Hunter, Hughes, Peet, Thoroughgood, Bridge, Peet, Chance, and Hills.

Blackburn Rovers v Everton
October 3 rd 1882. The Daily Courier.
The holders of the Lancashire Association Challenge cup appeared on their own ground, yesterday afternoon in the presence of 700 spectators, to meet the Everton team in the first round of this season's competition for the trophy. The visitors played a good defensive game, particularly in the first half, but their opponents were much too powerful for them and inflicted a defeat by eight goals to none.

October 3, 1882. The Liverpool Mercury.
Blackburn Rovers v Everton
The holders of the Lancashire Association Cup appeared on their own ground yesterday afternoon in the presence of 700 spectators to meet the Everton team in the first round of this season's competition for the trophy. The visitors played a good defensive game, particularly in the first half, but their opponents were much too powerful for them, and inflicted a defeat by eight goals to none. Teams:- Rovers:- R. Howorth, goal; F. Suter and D.H. Greenwood, backs; R. Blenkhorn and H. McIntyre, half-backs; J. Duckworth, and J. Douglas, right wing; J. Barton, and G. Avery, left wing; T. Stranchan and J. Brown, centre. Everton: - F. Brettell, goal; R. W. Morris and T. Marriott, backs; F. Walsh, and W.H. Parry, half-backs; G. Edwards, and D.H. Williams, right wing; M. Higgins, and W. Richards, left wing; J. McGill, and G. Edwards, centre.

October 7, 1882. The Blackburn Standard.
On Monday the Blackburn Rovers met the Everton team on the Leemington grounds, and in the presence of about of about 600 or 700 spectators contested in the first round of the Lancashire Association tie. With the exception of a shower of rain before the match commenced the weather was fine, and the interest at times was very keen. The Rovers, however, from the first appeared by for the superior team, and as the game progressed it was seen that, although the visitors were exceedingly sharp players they were little too impetrous and very careless with regard to observing their respective positions. For some time getting the ball simply appeared to be the entire object of the endeavours, and it was generally a race between forwards and half-backs as to who should be the first to touch it. The consequence was that when one o f the Rovers succeeded in extricating it and passing it to the wings a good run was made before any of the opposing team could interfere, and had it not been for the splendid back play of the visitors the defeat would have been even greater than it was. The sphere was started about a quarter to three o'clock by the visitors the Rovers playing with the wind. A good start was made by Everton, but Suter and Greenwood averted danger, and Brown made a shot for goal. The ball was stopped on its way through the goal, but a corner kick was given. After about two minutes play Brown again received the sphere, and by a quite, Low shot brought down the visitor's colours for the first time. Some give and take play ensued, and it seemed rather doubtful as to who would be the next to score. At the expiration of eleven minutes, however, all double were put aside. Barton played the ball into the left corner, and then passed to brown, who pass back and Barton again returned when the centre forward, crossed to Douglas, and that player without a moment warming, surprised the goalkeeper by shooting the ball swiftly past him. From the kick off the visitors invaded the Rovers' territory, but they were vigorously repulsed and Brettall the goalkeeper found his hands useful in saving his charge. Not to be thus easily dismayed however the Evertonians pressed back upon their opponents and for some time troubled them a great deal. Ultimately they received a free kick in front of the Rover's goal, and after a little hard fight, a shot was made. Haworth succeed in turning the ball aside and all danger was at the ends. Suter kicked it to Avery, who ran of up the field finally passing to Strachan who added the third goal thirty minutes after commencement. Ten minutes after this play was of a very even character but as neither side appeared to be in earnest the interest was somewhat damped. At the end of that time, the Rovers again faced their opponents, and a series of unsuccessful shots were made towards goal. Brettell played a splendid game, and his efforts were highly appreciated but finding that he was attacked on all sides he was unable to defend his position and allowed the citadel to be captured for the fourth time. During the remaining five minutes before half-time the score was not augmented and ends were changed with the visitors four goals in the minority. The fifth goal was registered 12 minutes after ends had been changed by Brown, who scored it in a surprisingly swift manner, by twisting completely round and shooting it through like an arrow. Shortly after this a brilliantly run was made down the field, and a most exciting scrimmage ensued in front of the visitors goal. Shot after shot was made, and time after time the goalkeeper drove the ball out with his fist until the ball was sent out of danger. Blenkhorn by a powerful kick returned the ball, and Barton passed to Avery, who obtained a corner kick. McIntyre delivery the kick, and Suter headed the ball. As it was descending, Avery headed it again, and it bounded between the post. All the play afterwards was in the visitors' ground and only twice did they succeed in entering the Rovers territory. At the expiration of 25 minutes' a seventh goal was added by Stranchan and shortly before time was called Brown registered the eight goal from a free kick. The game thus ended in a victory for the Rovers by eight goals to nothing. Teams: Blackburn Rovers: - R. Haworth, goal; Backs; F. Suter, and D.H. Greewood, Half-backs; R. Blenkhorn, and H. McIntyre; Left Wing A. Barton and G. Avery; Centre; J. Brown and T. Stranchan; Right Wing; J. Douglas, and J. Duckworth. Umpire W. Duckworth. Everton: - Brettall, goal; Backs; R.W. Morris and F. Marriott; Half-backs; F. Walsh, and W.H. Parry; Right Wing; W. Williams, and D.H. Williams; Centre; J. McGill, and G. Edwards; Left Wing M. Higgins, and W. Richards. Umpire R. Evans, Referee W. Bramham.

Football Notes.

The match on Monday however, against Everton does call for a little comment, because it was not altogether a run-away affair, the eight goals of the Rovers notwithstanding, Strange as it may seem too, it was the defence of Everton which made the game at all interesting, I have no interested a match which had ended as this did where the goals scored by the Rovers had to be so stiffly contested for. Not one of the eight points, were achieved easily or by fluke, but they were the result a brilliant piece of forward play and in saying this I bestow a great amount of praise on the goalkeeper and backs of the Everton. The Rovers forwards displayed most of their old cleverness, and I was particularly glad to see Duckworth playing so well as he did, the result of which, as a brother scribble remarked, was because Douglas partner unlike the others, had no superfluous fat to wear off. Barton filled J. Hargreaves place very creditably on the left wing. Greenwood for the first time this season, donned the war paint and this fact ought to make the Rovers' followers feel more easy, as I believe it is a sign that the famous interactions will again do regular duty alongside his old pals. Howarth also gladdened the hearts of the admired by keeping goal. With these men in the defences together with the evergreen “Mac” and Suter it is no wonder that Everton failed to make an impression on the Blackburn fortress. McGill centre forward, and the Everton left-wing pair played an excellent game while few could have kept goal better then Brettall.

Bootle Wanderers (1 st ) v Everton (2d)
October 10 th 1882. The Daily Courier.
Played on the ground of the former on Saturday, and after a well-contested game resulted in a win for Everton by five goals to one. The Wanderers, for a new club, played a fair game, but the Everton back division were too strong for them, rarely letting them get dangerous. J. Cartwright being the most conspicuous, tackling and kicking in fine style. The forwards also played a good passing game, of whom Finlay, Hayhurst, and Douglas played best. Teams; - Bootle Wanderers; - Taylor, goal; T. Tebay and T. Williams, backs; H. Hughes, and J. Cobbon, half-backs; J. E. Morris, J. Phillips, W. Ashton, J. Barr, J. Tebay, and J. Hormbrooks, forwards. Everton; - J. Griffiths, goal, W. Glover, and J. Almond, backs, backs; J. Sinnott, and J. Cartwright, half-backs; E. Watson, T. Scott, J. Finlay, G. Hayhurst, J. Smith, and J. Douglas (captain), forwards.

October 14 th 1883.
Wirral v Everton, at Shrewsbury Park, Oxton hill.

Everton v Golbourne (2d teams)
October 17 th 1882. The Daily Courier.
These teams met for the first time on Saturday at Stanley Park, and a pleasant and evenly contested game resulted in favour of Everton by four goals to three. Golbourne scored first, Laban, who played remarkable well, making the first goal. This aroused the Evertonians to quicker action, when Taylor after a long run finishing with a good shot, made the score even. The score was shortly afterwards augmented by Sinnott, from a centre by Taylor on the left, who made some splendid runs. Golbourne now scored again, Ridyard putting the ball through. As the fortunes of the game appeared to run in alternate groves, Everton not to be denied, made a rush, and Scott by a kick over his head added another goal to the credit of the home team. On the change of ends the play was remarkably good, the ball being first at one goal and then at the other. Two more goals were scored this half for Everton by Sinnott, and one for Golbourne by Hambrough. The Everton played a good game throughout, as did also Golbourne.

Federation of association clubs

Sir- I have read with pleasure the letter of “Goalkeeper” on the subject of forming a district federation of the Association football clubs in Liverpool. I agree with him on every point, and hope that steps may be at once taken in this matter. I do not see what there is to prevent an association being formed. When Mr. Houlding asked the Everton secretary to arrange two matches in Whit-week for the benefit of the Stanley-Hospital fund, the appeal was promptly respondent to by all the association football clubs in Liverpool. Although this idea of forming a federation or association is not the same, yet the object is identical. Another reason why this idea should be supported by local Associationists is that a series of well-conducted competitions would bring the Association game so prominently before the public, and especially of gentlemen connected with our public institutions, that it would be the very means of doing what all Liverpool Associationists wish –popularize the game, for, as everyone knows, it is yet in its infancy in Liverpool, and needs a further medium for development. If the plan adopted in arranging the Whit-week matches were followed, the scheme would soon assume a tangible shape. The secretary and another members from each club met and discussed the matter. A committee was appointed and the services of an able secretary having been secured, the project was carried out successfully. If such a plan should be thought possible, I shall be most happy to do my share of the work, which, I am sure, is not of a formidable character. Hoping that the suggestion made by “Goalkeeper” will receive further attention, I remain, etc,

F. Brettell, Hon. Sec, Everton F.C., 91, Gregson-street, Oct 16, 1882.
October 21 st 1882. The Daily Courier.
Everton is reported to have beaten Wirrall by a long score, but we are without details

Everton 5, Wirrall 0.
At Stanley Park today Everton will be opposed by the Crewe Alexandra, this being the first visit of the Crewe team to Liverpool.

Everton v Crewe Alexandra
October 24 th 1882. The Daily Courier.
This match was played at Stanley Park on Saturday. Everton kicked off uphill with the wind at their backs, and began to press Crewe at once, H. Williams being very conspicuous on the right. After some desultory play H. D. Williams made an excellent run, and finished up with a splendid shot at goal. Provan intercepted Williams's shot and put it through the posts, thus scoring the first point for Everton. Again Everton assumed the aggressive, and on Marriott placing the ball well to Higgins and Richards, the pair sped up the field in fine style, and Richards centring to Williams, the latter headed the ball through the posts, thus making two points in favour of Everton. On the change of ends Crewe made a series of attacks on Everton's goal, but Marriott and Morris made a good defence, and again Everton assumed the aggressive. From a corner Powell got away on the left, and ultimately Snelson was able to land the first goal for Crewe. At this point the game became very fast, and from a splendid high kick from the right wing Cookson scored the second goal for Crewe, making matters equal, and thus the match was drawn. Teams; - Crewe Alexandra; - Probert, Whycherly (captain), Lyon, Benham, Powell, Taylor, Sneldon, Cookson, Spencer, Ollier, and Garner. Everton; - Bargery, Morris, Marriott, Parry, Walsh, H. Williams, W. Williams, Provan, Finlay, Higgins and Richards.

Haydock v Everton (“A” teams)
The Everton “A” team paid a visit to Haydock on Saturday, and owing to three of their best men not being able to turn up were defeated by four goals to one. Haydock in the first half scored three goals by Wedgwood and Blackie (2). On the change of ends, Williams scored for Everton, as did also Fairhurst for Haydock. Although the score would appear to show that Everton were overmatched, such was not the case, the result being chiefly due to excessive charging on the part of their opponents, by which means the bulk of the visitors were more or less hurt during the progress of the play.

Note, C. Hiles, J. Griffiths, and W. Gibson, played for St Mary's against Liverpool Ramblers at Kirkdale.
October 28 th 1882. The Daily Courier
In Crewe Alexandra the Evertonians found stouter opponents than they dreamt of. Decimated as the Everton front rank his latterly been, the local team played at a considerable disadvantage, although in the end a drawn game was the result, the score being two goals each.
Today's match.
Everton v Turton, at Turton.
Everton v Golbourne, at Stanley Park advocating the advisability of forming an association in this district, and being also of the opinion that the time has now arrived for a formation of such an organisation here (similar to those at Birmingham, and Sheffield), which will not only enable us to put a thoroughly representative team –playing under the Association rules –in the field, but will also in a large measure benefit the local charities, as in the town's already named. It has occurred to me that the time for action has already arrived, and there is now nothing to prevent our forming an association at once, and selecting out committee, so that we may have our first draw for a charity cup competition at the end of the season, and play off all the ties in the months of March and April, similar to the arrangement of the Yorkshire Rugby Union. Towards the end of the season we should be well organised, and in a position to place a good representative team in the field, which should be able to play a well-contested game with some of the best clubs in the country, one or two of which we then could have here to meet our association, the proceeds, of course, to go to the charity fund, as also the proceeds of the final cup tie. It is obvious that the first thing wanted is the charity cup, and I think it only remains for the associations when formed to appeal to a few of the more wealthy and charitable gentlemen to obtain the desired object. To accomplish all this it is therefore evident our first step is to have a meeting on an early date, and I now ask all associations in the district to meet at the Tarleton Hotel, 30, Tarleton street, on Thursday next, at eight o'clock.

November 4 th 1882. The Daily Courier.
Liverpool and District Football Association
A crowded and enthusiastic meeting of the followers of the Association game was held at the Tarleton Hotel, Tarleton-street, on Thursday evening, the purpose of forming' a confederation of the clubs of the district. Twelve local organisations were represented as follows; - Liverpool, Bootle, Everton, Wirrall, Birkenhead, Stanley, St. Peter's, Liverpool Rovers, Anfield, St. Mary's, St. Benedict's, and St. George's. Amongst those present were; - Messrs. R. M. Sloan, W. R. Tetley, T. Evans, R. E. Lythgoe, F. Brettle, E. Berry, W. Brunt, W. M. Wilson, A. Richardson (Birkenhead), Lindsay, W. Gibson, H. H. Howell, J. Geoghegan, W. Richards, Caley, W. H. Jones, J. Rogers, etc., Mr. R. M. Sloan, who presided, having briefly explained the object of the meeting, Mr. E. Berry (captain of the Liverpool club), proposed, and Mr. W. R. Tetley (hon sec. Wirral), seconded the first resolution –“That an association of clubs playing within a radius of six miles be formed, under the title of the “Liverpool and District Football Association.” After a short discussion the resolution was carried unanimously. Mr. Berry then moved, and Mr. Brunt (hon. Sec, Liverpool F.C.) seconded a resolution to the effect that each club represented at the meeting or located in the district, be entitled to nominate two members as a temporary committee, which was also carried without dissentient. On the motion of Mr. T. Evans (Everton), seconded by Mr. J. Rogers (Bootle), Mr. R. E. Lythegoe, of 11, Irwell-street, was elected hon.sec, pro tem. Resolutions were also passed requiring clubs to nominate members of the temporary committee on or before the 10 th inst., and fixing the date for the next meeting for Thursday the 16 th instant. The question of a trophy was mooted, the prevailing opinion being in favour a shield, but the subject, with other details was deferred for the consideration of the committee, who will report to a subsequent general meeting of the association. It is anticipated that a series of competitions will be organised, the matches to be played towards the end of the season. At the close of the meeting, which was marked by great unanimity, cordial votes of thanks were accorded to Mr. Sloan for presiding and to Mr. Lythegoe for the interest he had taken in the movement.

November 11 1882. The Wrexham Advertiser.
This match will be played today (Saturday) on the Rhosddu Recreation Ground, Wrexham kick-off 1t 3 o'clock. The home team is the best that has been placed in the field this season, and as the Everton is the strongest in Liverpool a good game may be expected.

November 11 th 1882
Everton v Bootle at Stanley Park, (2d teams)

November 13, 1882. Liverpool Mercury
This match was played at the Rhosddu Recreation Ground, Wrexham, on Saturday. For the first 20 minutes Everton had all the best of the game, scoring three goals to their opponents' one; but from this period to the end of the match the home team had it nearly all their own way, and the game ended in a win for Wrexham by five goals (and two disputed) to three. Everton:- F. Brettell, goal; F. Marriott, and G. Pickering, backs; A. Walsh, and W. Parry, half-backs; D.H. Williams, and W. Williams right-wing; M. Higgins and J. Richards, left-wing; R. Morris (captain) and C. Linday, centres. The goals for Everton were obtained by Morris, Williams, and Richards.

November 18 1882. The Wrexham Advertiser.
Played on Saturday on the Recreation ground, Rhosddu, Wrexham, in the presence of a small number of spectators, which may be accounted for by the weather and the counter attraction of a Cup-tie in the Racecoure. The visitors won the toss, and the home team kick off against a slight breeze and began to press the Everton, until Marriot with a good kick cleared his goal, and the ball was transferred to the other end of the ground where after some good passing, Morris placed it between the posts about 10 minutes after the start. On re-commencing the home team worked hard, and R. Davies after a good run down the wing made on eof his favourite shots, which Roberts neatly headed through. The visitors now had the best of the game and made some dashing runs up the ground, and out of a slight scrimmage in front of goal, scored a second time. Almost immediately afterwards, Richards, with a ground shot lowered the home teams colours again, the result seeming to take the goalkeeper by surprise. Matters began to look bad for the home team –the rapid scoring of the Everton quite upseting them –but shortly before half-time however, R. Davies with a long shot, effected a downfall of the visitors citadel. On changing ends the home team were one goal to the bad, but they set to work in earnest –the backs and half-backs kicking and tackling in a most determined manner and the visitors' goal was the scene of repeated affairs. Marriott and Welsh cleared their lines more than once, but effectually as Mr. Davies from a good pass of the left wing, scored and directly after Jones added another, but it was disallowed on the ground of offside. The Everton now fell off considerably their previous efforts no doubt telling upon them, and before the call of time, R. Davies, who was in good form scored two more goals for his side. The Wrexham thus won by five goals to three. The following were the teams: - Wrexham: - R. Parry, goal; E. Thomas and W. Moulding backs; T. Burke, and E. Griffiths, half-backs; J. Owen, R. Davies, M. Davies, J. Jones, W. Roberts and J. Trainer, forwards. Everton: - Brettell, goal; Marriott and Pickering, backs; Parry, Welsh, half-backs; D.H. Williams, Williams, Richards, Higgins, Morris, Lindsay, forwards.

November 18 th 1882. The Daily Courier
The visit to Wrexham proved an unsatisfactory outing for Everton. Latterly, owing to the successive retirements of such excellent players as Alex Provan, T. Evans, and McGill, the team has been in a constant state of transition. At length, however, there seems a probability of great fixity in the positions of the players, and by the time of the return of the Wrexhamites the latter will have to look well to their laurels.
Today's matches.
Everton v Eagley, at Stanley Park.
Everton v Bootle (2d) at Bootle Wanderers ground.

Everton v Eagley
November 21 st 1882. The Daily Courier.
The above clubs met for the first time on Saturday last, at Stanley Park, in very infavourable weather. Everton having won the toss, chose to play uphill with a stiff breeze at their backs. Norris kicked off, but Welsh returned, and Everton at once assumed the aggressive (the Everton goalkeeper only kicking off in the first half two or three times), Richards and Higgins, were soon at work, the former centring well. At last Edwards got possession in the centre, and after some very good manipulating made a splendid shot, but the goalkeeper handed the ball out, and nothing resulted; but still the Everton forwards, of whom all played well and hard, kept pressing their opponents, and at last Pickering shot the first goal for Everton. On Morris restarting the ball, Hewitson, on the Eagley left, made a short run, but again Welsh returned and gave Higgins possession, who made a fine run, and centred, but the ball struck one of the Eagley backs, and was played out into touch. Pickering took the corner kick, and although there was such a terrific wind blowing placed the ball right in the mouth of goal, and it was only through the good play of the Eagley goalkeeper that a goal was not scored. On the ball being kicked off, Ratcliffe made a short but futile run. Parry was too good for him, and after relieving Ratcliffe, Parry placed the ball into the mouth of the goal and the forward coming up, grandly pushed the ball, and goalkeeper and backs, through the posts, thus making the second point. As soon as the ball was started D. H. Williams, on the right, was busy, but T. Haslam, who was playing a capital back game, for the visitors, took care that he should not do much harm, and placed the ball to Norris and Ratcliffe. These two then began to make matters look rather unpleasant for the Everton goalkeeper, but Morris was playing in grand form, and would not let them get too near, for he passed the ball to Edwards, who again made, it anything a better shot than before, but again was disappointed in not scoring a goal, but rushing up to follow his shot he put the goalkeeper through the post after he had fisted out, and M. Higgins neatly scored the third goal for Everton. This seemed to rouse up the Eagley men, and they played up a little better, but the Everton backs were now well set, and with such a wind facing the Eagley men could not expect to do much. D. H. Williams on the Everton right now made a rapid run, and while shooting wild fouled the ball, W. Williams took the kick, and so well did he place the ball that Higgins had no difficulty in scoring the fourth goal for Everton. The neatness of this goal caused the spectators much pleasure, and they testified it in the usual manner. Half-time being now called, it was thorough that although Eagley was but poorly represented they would equalise if not beat the score of Everton, for the wind was still blowing as hard as ever. Edwards started the ball, and placing well to Higgins and Richards, the two made a good run, but nothing resulted. Hawison on the right, now was the hero, for while everybody was watching Higgins and Richards, and expecting that they would score, he obtained possession of the ball and made the longest run that had been seen on the Everton ground for some time –he ran nearly the whole length of the field, but in balancing for the centring shot he fell, and the ball rolled out. It was a good thing for Everton that it did, for if he had only centred Eagley was almost sure to score. This piece of play was a warning to the Everton backs, who played after that with a little more caution, and thus kept the Eagley men at bay, and so they were unable to score; and indeed, the latter part of the game was not at all so one sided as one might have expected, for with such a wind as was blowing it seemed impossible that the forwards could get along at all, but on Saturday last the Everton forwards seemed in their element –especially Higgins. After the match at Eagley captain and secretary expressed themselves well pleased with the game and the friendly spirit that was displayed by the Everton men and stated that it was owing to having to play a cup-tie match at Eagley that they were weak. Teams; - Everton; - John Williams, goal; Morris and Marriott, backs; Parry, and Welsh, half-backs; Richards, Edward, D. H. Williams, Higgins, Pickering, and W. Williams forwards. Eagley; - Cooper, goal; Brooks, and T. Haslam, backs; Wild, Whittle, J. Haslam, half-backs; Walmsley, Ratcliffe, Norris, Hewison, and Briggs, forwards.

November 24 th 1882. The Liverpool Courier.
At Stanley Park, Everton received an Eagley team, which, being of an unrepresentative character owing to an important home engagement, was defeated to the extent of four goals to nil. For the victors Higgins played an exceedingly fine game, while Parry, Pickering, and Morris were also a great service to their side.
Today's matches
Birkenhead v Everton, at Birkenhead.
Everton v Birkenhead, (2d teams), at Stanley Park.

Everton v Birkenhead
November 27 th 1882. The Liverpool Courier.
These Association clubs met for the first time this season at Birkenhead on Saturday, a good game resulting in favour of the visitors by five goals to two. Owing to a late start only “thirty-fives,” could be played instead of the unusual hour and half. Everton having won the toss, Crellin kicked off for Birkenhead. Some capital play immediately ensued, and the game was of a very even character for the first twenty minutes. After the visitors' right pair had worked the ball into the home quarters, a capital pass to Higgins on the left enabled the latter, from a swift low shot to score the first goal. No sooner had the ball been kicked off from midfield than Richardson, and Jones by capital passing worked through the Everton backs, and finishing with a good pass to centre, Farqueson rushed the ball through the posts, and equalised the score amidst cheers. This reverse, however, only stimulated the visitors' forwards, and after good play by Higgins, Mellor, and Williams, the latter made a magnificent shot, which all but beat the home custodian, but before he could again reach the ball Edwards rushed it through. After restarting, the globe travelled to and fro with great rapidity, the backs of both teams making few mistakes, especially Joy and Loukes for Birkenhead and Parry and Marriott for Everton. After neat passing by Richards, Higgins and Westland, the sphere again got into dangerous quarters for Birkenhead. Loukes and Hignet, however, were on the alert, and made strenuous efforts to repulse the attack. Parry following well up was tackled, but would not part with the ball until he was protrated, and whilst on the ground a beautiful pass was made to the Everton centres, with the result that the leather was again put through out a hot scrimmage in front of the Birkenhead uprights. Before half-time arrived Everton added another goal, this being the result of a slight misunderstanding in which some of the home team ceased play. Edwards, however, put the ball through the posts, and the fourth goal was added to the score of his side. Half-time now arrived, and the home team, with four goals to one against them strove hard to avert further defeat. The play for some time was very fast, and even, but at length Westland and Williams received possession, and making a combined run three-parts the length of the ground, the latter scored the fifth and last point for Everton. When only a few minutes to the call of time, and as darkness was fast setting in, Parry missed his kick, and Crellin, added the second goal for Birkenhead by this success, Birkenhead again came to the front, led by Richardson, Crellin, and Berry; when the ball being passed from the right wing was put through by Jones, but as the player was palpably off side no score was allowed, and the sphere was restarted by a goal kick. Soon afterwards time was called leaving Everton victors as above stated. Joy played a grand back game for Birkenhead, as did Morris for Everton. Teams; - Everton; - Wilkinson, goal; Morris, and Marriott, backs; Parry and Gibson, half-backs; Williams, Mellor, Edwards, Westland, Richard, and Higgins, forwards. Birkenhead; - Sager, goal; Smith and Joy, backs; Loukes, and Hignet, half-backs; Berry, Farqueson, Crellin, McLaughlin, Richardson, and Jones, forwards.

Everton v Liverpool Ramblers (2d teams)
November 28 th 1882. The Liverpool Courier.
The above match was played at Aigburth on Saturday, and resulted, though the very weak state of Everton and the much improved from of the Ramblers, in a victory for the home team by four goals to nil. Everton, though played two second teams were placed at a disadvantage, they only having eight men at their disposal; while the Ramblers had the assistance's of several 1 st Team players. McGregor started the ball, and Scott made a short but futile run, when Earle getting possession, made a grand run, but was checked when near goal by Williams. When the ball was kicked off, Bateson made a short run and centred, and after ten minutes play. Turner scored for the Ramblers. The Ramblers again pressed Everton, and then Earle made a short but brilliant run, and although pressed hard by Finlay and the other backs managed to score a goal, which was high appreciated by both sides. On changing ends, it was expected Everton, although so weak, would with wind and hill in their favour, be able to improve matters; but although they played up much better, they were unable to score, McGregor being the only one whom got near the Ramblers' goal. Had it not been for the capital back play of Finlay, Everton would have come of much worse. Scott was the only forward who deserves mention. Teams; - Ramblers; - Hornby, goal; Heaton, and Gladstone, backs; P. Wilson, and Jones, half-backs; Turner, Earle, Rodewald, C. Wilson, Bateson, and Rathbone, forwards. Everton; - Jackson, goal; Brettell and Williams, backs; Finlay; half-backs; Douglas, McGregor, Taylor, and Scott, forwards.

Bootle v Everton
December 4 th 1882. The Daily Courier.
These clubs met for the first time this season at Bootle, and a fast game resulted in a win for Bootle by two goals to none. Everton won the toss and Britten for the home team kicked off at 3-45, with a very strong wind blowing in his face. The ball was carried well up by McInnes on the left, but Marriott securing possession, returned to midfield, Edwards and Pickering by combined play keeping it well in front of Bootle goal, but failed to score. Rogers and Owens, however, put in some grand work, and repeatedly prevented the Everton forwards from getting dangerous. Eventually Lythgoe and Britten ran the ball back to midfield, and thence to the Everton goal, and on the former player being tackled at the mouth of the goal he passed to Grayson, who scored a splendid point. The ball was kicked off by Edwards, and at once carried down by the Everton forwards, who having the advantage of the breeze, seemed determined to score, but Jones saved his charge twice, and Rogers, again putting in some excellent work prevented the sphere from going through although Higgins and Pickering were well up. Britten gave prompt relief, and getting possession he, by a fast run, dribbled the ball past Parry and then Marriott, and was just preparing to make his final shot, when Morris charged him heavily, and thus prevented a certain goal from being secured. Nothing further was done up to half-time, the game thus far standing in favour of Bootle. Edwards kicked off for Everton, and by some excellent combined play carried the ball well in front of Bootle goal, Higgins kicking out. Jones took the kick and placed the ball to Allsopp, who passed to Britten. The latter carried it well down the field until tackled by Parry and Morris when he passed to Ashton, who, evading both Welsh and Marriott, added a further goal for Bootle. No further score was made, and a capital game ended as above. For the losers, Welsh, Morris, Pickering, and Higgins, played best; whilst Jones in goal, Rogers, Owens, Allsop, Grayson, Ashton, and Britten played a fine game, and had not been for the excellent back play of Everton, the rushes made by the two latter would have resulted in a heavier score. Teams; - Bootle; - S. W. Jones, goal; W. Williams, and Chas, Allsop, backs; F. Owen, and J. Rodgers (captain), half-backs; Lythgoe, McInnes, Britten, Ashton, Grayson, and A. Allsopp, forwards. Everton; - Brettell, goal; T. Marriott and R. Morris, (captain), backs; W. parry, and Welsh, half-backs; Higgins, Richards, Pickering, Edwards, D. H. Williams, and W. Williams, forwards.

Everton v Bootle (2d teams)
This match was played at Stanley Park on Saturday, and owing to the late start the teams were only able to play 35 minutes. The game was evenly contested for about 10 minutes when the superior strength and better form of the Everton men began to show itself, the forwards especially distinguishing themselves. Westland was the most prominent, he shooting the first and only goal for Everton. From that time till the close of the game the Everton men had pretty much their own way, partly through the weakness of Bootle, they only being able to muster ten men. At the call of time the game stood as above, one goal for Everton to nil. The Everton men throughout played well, and Finlay deserve mention, that player having “hard lines” in shooting for goal. Teams; - Everton; - Wilkinson, Williams, Sinnott, Cartwright, Westland, McGregor, Finlay, Hayhurst, Scott, and Douglas (captain). Bootle; - Skillicorn, Oldfield, Heaketh, D. Wood, English, L. Wood, C. Kerr, R. Betts (captain), Carr, J. Heaketh, and G. Jones.

December 9 th 1882. The Daily Courier
Matches today
Everton v Crewe Alexandra, at Crewe
Everton v Golborne at Golborne (2d team)

Everton v Crewe Alexandra
December 11 st 1882. The Liverpool Courier.
This Association match was played at Crewe on Saturday. Owing to the recent snowstorm the ground was heavy, but it did not prevent a fine, pleasant and evenly contested game. Everton were woefully weak, only five first team men turning up at the station, the vacancies at the last moment being filled by second team men who were on the point of departure for Golbourne. Westland kicked off, and a short run was made by Finlay on the right, but Powell intercepted and kicked out. Again the right wing carried the ball up the field, but Lyons placed the ball in advance among the Crewe forwards. Fenn then obtained possession, and ran down in fine style and secured a corner, which proved abortive. On Morris kicking off Taylor made a run, but was well after Richards, who kicking well to Westland, the player judiciously passed over to the left wing, which ran the ball up to the Crewe goal, where Higgins specially distinguishing himself. Richards centred, and Westland made a shot at goal, which frustrated by Probert, who kicked out. Richards took the corner, and Higgins this time made the shot, but with no result. For some time the Everton forwards made a severe onslaught on the Crewe goal, without result, as Lyons effectively prevented the visitors from scoring. At length Fenn regained possession, and passing Sinnott and Richards centred but the shot was repelled by the Everton goalkeeper (Jackson), who kept goal excellently. Morris kicked out, and Benham returned to Snelson, but that player being off-side, a foul was claimed. The Crewe men now made a determined attack upon the Everton goal, and eventually from a scrimmage Garner scored the first goal for Crewe, a result which was hailed with great cheering. On the ball being restarted by Westland, Whycherly, by a big kick, gave Robinson possession, and before anyone was aware that player had run down the field, and secured the second goal for Crewe. The bewildered look of the Evertonians caused the spectators much amusement. Half-time being called the ball was started by Whycherly, but immediately returned by Richards, who played a safe back game. Higgins and Richards now began a splendid series of runs on the left wing, cheers being continually given for “Mike” (Higgins), whose play was superb. At last from a centres, and short run, Westland was able to score the first and only goal for Everton. Finlay and Brettell both missed chances of scoring, and it took Robert and Lyons all their time to keep the visitors from scoring. When time was called the game stood as above –two goals for Crewe, against one for Everton. The second team players all played well, and Morris and Parry put in their usual good share of work. Teams; - Everton; - Jackson, Richards, Morris, Parry, Sinnott, Cartwright, Brettell, Finlay, Westland, Richards, and Higgins. Crewe; - Probert, Whycherly, Benham, Lyons, Powell, Robinson, Spencer, Snelson, Garner, and Taylor.

December 16 th 1882. The Liverpool Courier.

It was the misfortune of Everton to visit Crewe with a team mainly composed of their reserves, although it must be said for the latter that they not only at the last moment cheerfully scarified an engagement, but played admirably under the trying circumstances in which they were placed. Defeat was inevitable, but escaping with two goals to one against them, the Evertonians were by no means dissatisfied with the result, for after all the play of Higgins was the great feature of the day; whilst Westland who scored the goal for Everton, won a permanent place in the first team of his club. The Crewe men played a really good game, Fenn, Robinson, Probert, and Lyons putting in a lot a serviceable work. As McGill is about to rejoin Everton, the presence of the old captain will have a good effect upon the forward rank, the constant changes in which have placed the club at a great disadvantage.

Everton v Southport.
December 26 th 1882. The Liverpool Courier.
The above match was played at Southport on Saturday in rough weather, which did not allow of very good passing play. Everton was again very poorly represented, having only four recognised first team men, the bulk of the remainder of the team being made up of players who have been inactive during the season. After a pleasant game, in which Everton had the best of play, the match resulted in a draw, each side scoring two goals, Parry and W. Evans being credited with a goal each for Everton. Briggs drew “first blood” for Southport, this being the result of a splendid screw kick from the left wing. The other goal was attributable to indifferent play on the part of the Everton custodian, who it should be stated had never been placed in that position before. Everton team; Flood, goal, T. Marriott and T. Evans; Parry, and Cartwright, half-backs; Richards, Gibson, W. Williams, W. Evans, D. H. Williams, and Asbury forwards.

Everton v Southport (second teams)

The above match was played at Stanley-Park on Saturday, and resulted in an easy win for Everton by seven goals to one. From the commencement the Southport visitors were “not in it” the Everton forward being too much for them. Douglas having got possession sped away down the field, and secured a corner. The kick was entrusted to W. Marriott, and so well did he place the ball to Sinnott that player had no difficulty in scoring a goal for Everton. On restarting Watson became conspicuous and judiciously passing to Scott that player also scored a very neat goal. The third goal was taken by Jackson at half-back. From a long shot Scott obtained the fourth out of a scrimmage, and Watson the fifth, his shot being the best of the game. Douglas, who was playing up well, again centred and Taylor neatly put the globe through the posts, thus making six goals tom the credit of Everton. During the first half of the game the Everton goalkeeper had only to kick out once. On changing ends a tight game was expected, for Southport had now both wind and hill in their favour, Finlay especially distinguishing himself by his sure back play. From another screw shot by Douglas, T. Williams was enabled to add another goal to Everton's score. P. Halliwell now scored the only goal for Southport, but it was objected to, as he was off side, and the two umpires disagreed, but Everton allowed it as a goal. Teams; - Everton; - Brettell, Finlay, Jackson, Marriott, Douglas, Scott, McGregor, Watson, Taylor, and Williams. Southport; - Lawton, Johnson, Crowder, Aughton, Idden, Smalley, Hatch, Mayall, Halliwell, Hatch and Halsall.

December 28 th 1882
Parry, Higgins and D. H. Williams played for Liverpool and District Association against Northwich and District at Northwich on Tuesday in presence of nearly 2,000 spectators, Northwich district winning by three goals to nil.

January 15, 1883. Liverpool Mercury.
Liverpool Association v Everton.
Played at Walton Stiles, and after a one-sided game, resulted in favour of Everton by eight goals to nil. McGill who recently distinguished himself in the matches of the Accrington club, scored three goals, Richards three and Parry and Pickering each one.

January 22, 1883. The Liverpool Mercury
These clubs met for the second time on the ground of the latter and victory again resulted with Bootle by one goal to nil. A goal claimed by Everton was not allowed. The passing on the art of Brodie, Asnton and Grayson for Bootle, and Higgins, Williams and Astbury for Everton was very fine and repeatedly elicited the cheers of spectators. Grayson kicked the goal for the visitors.

January 30 th 1882. The Daily Courier.
Everton was pretty nearly in extremis in reference to its Southport engagement, but eventually a team was got together, the ex-sub-captain of the club (Mr. Evans), who had previously played this season, allowing himself to be pressed into the service rather than abandon the match which, fortunately for the Evertonians, terminated in a draw –two goals each being scored. The second teams met at Stanley Park, but here Everton completely over played their opponents, and gained a decisive victory by seven goals to one, Brettell merely standing sentinel in goal watching the distant fray, during half the game. The goals for Everton were scored by Scott (2), Sinnott, Jackson, Taylor, Watson and Williams; whilst that for Southport was scored by Halliwell.
Today's match.
Everton v Bootle, at Stanley Park
Everton (2) v St benedict's at Stanley Park.

January 6 th 1883
Everton v Halliwell Jubilee, at Bolton
Everton v Halliwell Jubilee at Stanley Park (2d teams)

January 13 th 1883.
Everton v Golbourne at Golbourne
Liverpool and District Challenge Cup competition

Everton v Liverpool
January 16 th 1883. The Liverpool Courier.
This tie in the above competition was played at Walton on Saturday at Walton-Stiles, great interest being taken in the match. McGill kicked off against a strong wind, which was accomplished by rain. Richards getting possession made a run on the left, which Beynon intercepted, and a run by Gregson being stopped by Parry, some give-and-take play ensued, when Pickering gave the ball to Asbury, who by the help of Westland managed a run on the right. The ball was now near the Liverpool goal, the custodian of which was compelled to use his hands pretty freely in parrying the shot sent in by McGill, Westland, and Pickering, but eventually Richards amid great excitement, headed the first goal for Everton. Up to this period of the game both teams had played very evenly; but slowly and surely the superior passing of the Everton forwards began to exert itself, and before long the ball was again at the Liverpool goal. McGill at this juncture made fine but futile shot over his head. The match now was a forgone conclusion for during the remainder of the first half the Everton forwards were pappering away constantly at the Liverpool goal. Half-time being called, Hartley kicked off against the wind, and placing the ball to Gregson, that player at once ran up the right wing and centred, but the shot failed. Higgins now dribbled down on the Everton left and centred, his shot being a splendid one, but he had the misfortune to see it played out. From the corner kick a goal was claimed, but it was found that the ball had not been touched by any player. The only stimulated Everton, and they commenced a series of combined attacks. From the kick off Parry placed the ball to Richards, who scored the second goal for Everton. Immediately after this McGill had a shot, and the ball again put through the posts, Pickering next got possession and dribbling nicely down, shot swiftly at goal, and scored the fourth point. A little later McGill had no difficulty in adding two more goals for Everton's score. From the kick-off Barnes made a run, but when attempting to score, was stopped by Welsh, who, passing to Asbury and Westland, the pair set off at a rattling pace down the field. Parry now scored a goal from half-back. He played the ball in the mouth of goal, and the whole of the forwards, headed by McGill, rushed the backs and goalkeeper through the posts, and thus made way for Parry's shot. Just after Richards scored again, this being the eight and last goal. The game thus ended in a glorious win for Everton by eight goals to nil –Richards (3), McGill (3), and Pickering and Parry each one. Regardling the Everton team, it may be said that they one and all played a capital game. The presence of the old captain seemed to put new life into the forwards, and the two half-backs, Parry, and Welsh, never worked harder. The Liverpool team was undoubtedly a strong one, these deserving special mention being J. Brown (half-back) who was the best on the Liverpool side; Gregson and Beynon, and the goalkeeper Brandreth. Teams; - Everton; - F. Brettell, goal; R. W. Morris, and T. Marriott, backs; W. F. Parry and A. E. Welsh half-backs; J. Richards, J. McGill, H. Westland, M. Higgins, J. Pickering, and J. Asbury, forwards. Liverpool; - W. Brandreth, goal; W. Beynon and R. Keynon, backs; S. Hartley and W. Ellams, half-backs; J. Brown, R. Gregson, A. Guy, R. Griffin, T. Barnes, and J. Roberts, forwards; referee R. E. Lythgoe, umpires, W. Tremlow, and W. Williams.

January 20 th 1883. The Liverpool Courier.
As Liverpool and Everton were brought together in the first round of ties of the Liverpool and District competition, sanguine hopes were entertained of a close and exciting match. The titular club was not nearly so fortunate in its representation as its old rivals, for with McGill back in the centre, the forwards played up with their old dash and accuracy, and as the backs are never found wanting in that respect Everton won a one sided game by eight goals to nil, the points being scored respectively by McGill (3), Richards (3), Parry and Pickering. Liverpool delivered many attacks upon their opponent's citadel, which, as indicated, proved invulnerable.
Today's matches
Everton v Bootle, Stanley-Park.
Bootle v Everton (2d teams), at Bootle.
Bootle v Everton

January 23 rd 1883. The Liverpool Courier.
The return fixture between these rival exponents of the dribbling game took place on Saturday, at Stanley Park, in the presence of about 2,000 spectators, who were well rewarded by witnessing one of the fastest and most exciting games ever played in the district. Both teams played their full strength, the usual Bootle goalkeeper being the only absentee. The Bootle captain winning the toss, elected to play with the slope in his favour, and McGill giving motion to the leather, it was gradually worked back to the home team'' goal, only, however, to be returned by their backs. Then Rogers passed to McInnes, who, in conjunction with Brodie, effected a good run, the shot at goal by the latter going wide. On restarting, McGill, C. Allsopp, Higgins, and Richards put in good play. Ashton, Grayson, and A. Allsop were also prominent, the trio taking the ball right in front of the home goal, which Brettell saved well. A corner kick being got away, Higgins had a fine run up the left, but being tackled by Sloan, the leather was returned, and Ashton executed a nice dodging run. The Bootle goal now became the scene of some lively play. Shortly afterwards a claim for “hands” was allowed in front of goal, but nothing came of it. Good defensive play was shown in midfield by C. Allsop and J. Rogers. Half-time being called, ends were changed, neither side having scored. On restarting a good run was made on the Everton left wing by Higgins and Richards in conjunction with McGill, who were robbed of the ball by Sloan, and the latter passing to Grayson, a very fast combined run was effected with Ashton and Brodle, Brettell again saving his charge. From a goal kick the home forwards now came away in a body, the final shot by McGill being beautifully saved by Wilson. Brodie, Grayson, and Aston now put in some clever work, and after a failure by Ashton, A. Allsopp had little difficulty in sending the ball through, thus scoring for the visitors what proved to be the only goal of the match. Noting further was scored, however, until within four minutes from time. Brodie, for the visitors sent the leather through with a very fast shot, but Everton claimed that it had gone over the bar, and on the referee being appealed to he finally gave it as “no goal.” A well-contested game thus resulted in favour of Bootle by one goal to nil. Besides those already mentioned, Morris, and Parry played well for Everton, and Evans and Owen for Bootle. Teams; - Bootle; - W. Wilson, goal; R. M. Sloan (captain), and C. Evans, backs; F. Owen, C. H. Allsop, and J. Rogers, half-backs; A. A. Allsop, J. Grayson, R. Ashton, J. B. Brodie, and J. McInnes, forwards. Everton; - Brettell, goal; R. Morris (captain), and T. Marriott, backs; A. Welsh, and Parry, half-backs; D. H. Williams, J. Asbury, J. McGill, M. Higgins, and Richards, forwards.

Bootle v Everton (2d)
This match was played on the ground of the former, and resulted in a victory for the home team by three goals to one. Everton having won the toss, Betts kicked off for Bootle. After some give-and-take play W. Carr gained possession, and centring well Everton were enabled to score the first point in the game. Shortly afterwards the Bootle centre obtained a chance of scoring, but the sun caused him to misjudge the kick. The goalkeeper returned the ball, and a good combined rush was made by the Everton forwards, resulting in a corner, but in taking it they kicked out. After change of ends the superiority of Bootle manifested itself, and from a good centre by. Wood, G. Jones and Hesketh equalised matters. Some good runs were made after this by F. Woods, A. Woods, and Betts, and from a good screw kick the latter added a second goal for Bootle. The visitors now exerted themselves, and carried the ball into the home team's territory, where they were assisted by a miskick of the Bootle back. Unfortunately, however, for his team, the centre forward of the visitors played the ball over the bar. Soon afterwards, from a kick off from the Bootle goal, Betts obtained possession and successfully passing the Everton backs, obtained the above result. Teams; - Bootle; - Jackson, goal; W. Oldfield and J. Masheder, backs; R. Lewis, R. Jackson, and J. Hesketh, half-backs; F. Woods, A. Woods, Betts (captain), T. Hesketh, and G. Jones, forwards. Everton; - Jackson, goal; J. Richards, and H. Richards, backs; J. Cartwright, and J. Sinnott, half-backs; W. Carr (sub), W. Williams, J. Douglas (captain), T. Scott, and E. Watson, forwards.

January 27 th 1883. The Liverpool Courier.
Everton v Druids at Buaben (Druids played Bolton in Fa cup replay)
Everton (2) v Bootle Wanderers at Stanley Park.

February 3 rd 1883
Everton v Liverpool Ramlers (2 nd teams), at Aigburth
Everton v Liverpool Rovers, at Stanley Park, the Liverpool and District trophy

Everton v Liverpool Ramblers (2d teams)
February 6 th 1883. The Liverpool Courier.
This match was played at Aigburth on Saturday, and resulted in a win for Everton by 11 goals to nil. A. B. Hull started the ball for the Ramblers, who were playing uphill. Richards returned, and the left wing getting possession, they sped down the field and centred, but without result. Brettell, however, made a shot, which was going wide when D. H. Williams breasted the ball through. Out of a scrimmage shortly afterwards Douglas scored the second goal. As Everton still kept peppering away at the Ramblers' goal, it was impossible to prevent some of the shots taking effect, and at last W. Williams scored the third goal, and later on D. H. Williams scored the fourth. Half-time now being called, it was thought that the Ramblers' would make good their opportunity, but they were overmatched more this half than before, for the Everton forwards, by playing a good passing game completely demoralized the home backs, and had things pretty well their own way, finally winning by eleven goals to nil. Teams; - Everton; - Wilkinson, H. Richards, J. Sinnott, J. Cartwright, J. Richardson, F. Brettell, W. Williams, W. F. Evans, F. Murray, D. H. Williams, and Douglas. Ramblers; - (nine men) F. C. Hornby, J. G. Gladstone, A. B. Hull, Ismay, Brocklehurst, Pattison, Rodewell, J. T. Turning, and C. Wilson.

Everton v Turton
February 12 th 1883 The Liverpool Courier.
This match was played at Turton on Saturday, and resulted in a complete victory for Turton by seven goals to nil. This large score would make it appear as though Turton had matters pretty much their own way, but that was not the case, as during the first half Everton had a decided advantage over their opponents, but invariably failed when in front of goal. Everton won the toss and elected to play with a slight wind in their favour. Howarth kicked off for Turton, and Everton were at once pressed, when by good play Morris relieved and Asbury getting possession at once raced down the field and secured a “corner” which was not productive. Greenhalgh by a hugh goalkick gave Teesdale the globe, and that player made a capital run on the right, and succeeded in passing all the backs and scoring the first point for Turton about five minutes after the start. This was quite unexpected, as Everton had been pressing Turton very hard. At this junction Marriott, one of the Everton backs, was rather severely kicked and had to retire from the field, thus sadly crippling his side. Although the visitors still kept shooting at Turton goal, but owing to good back play and the splendid goal-keeping of its custodian they were not able to gain any points, while Turton who only made occasional raids upon Everton ground managed to score two other goals in the first half. When ends were changed Brettell, who had been playing forward, was placed in goal, and Pickering discharged the duties of back; but the change did not work well. Quickly Hamer scored the fourth goal for Turton after a pretty run by J. Haworth and himself on the left. Asbury and Williams now shone a little by their runs on the Everton right, Asbury especially distinguishing himself by his fine running and plucky play McGill also worked hard, although he was not in very good form. Turton again came down with a splendid run, and succeeded in placing three other goals to their credit, and had it not been for the safe back play of Pickering the score would have been much larger. Teams; - Everton; - Richards, goal, Morris, and Marriott, backs; Pickering, and Welsh, half-backs; Richards, McGill, Asbury, Higgins, Brettell, and Williams, forwards. Turton; - Hulme, goal; Greenhalgh, and W. Trainer, backs; R Trainer, and Tootill, half-backs; Haworth, Halliwell, H. Howarth, J. Hamer, Teasdale, and S. Health, forwards.

Everton (a team) v Burscough
This match was played at Burscough on Saturday, and although the home team had the best of the play, the visitors were declared the winners by two goals to one after a pleasant game.

Everton v Liverpool Rovers
February 20 th 1883. The Liverpool Courier.
The tie in the second round of the Liverpool and District competition was played at Stanley Park on Saturday in the presence of a good muster of spectators. The Rovers won the toss, and elected to play up hill with a stiff breeze in their favour. Shortly after McGill kicked off an accidentent to one of the visitors caused a suspension of play. On resuming an assault was made upon the Rovers goal, and at length Higgins by a long and rather high shot managed to secure the first point for Everton. Whalley and McDonald now tried to get away, but Morris transferring the ball to D. H. Williams made a grand run nearly the length of the field, but being charged when centring, the ball rolled out. On changing ends, the Rovers left made a rapid incursion in the Everton ground. After runs by Higgins Richards and McGill, the former by a low swift shot scored the second point for Everton. On the ball being restarted D. H. Williams and W. Williams were busy, and found Kay and Middleton a lot of work to do. McGill now got the ball again, and made another of the pretty runs he is famous for, and this he was successful in shooting the third goal, the fourth being scored by D. H. Williams shortly afterwards. Not long after this W. Williams scored an additional goal from a centre by Richards. The play, which had been all along upon the Rovers goal, was now more open for Whalley. Grenhagen and McDonald by a very good combined run, brought the ball down to the Everton goal, and as the Everton goalkeeper had left his post at half-time they had a very good chance of scoring, both they missed their chance, and gained a corner which was not productive. Brettell, Richards, and Higgins now each in their turn helped the ball up the field, and Higgins by a good screw kick centred. Just before the call of time Brettell scored the sixth and last goal, leaving Everton winners by six goals to nil. Teams; - Everton; - J. Williams, goal, Pickering, and Morris, backs; Sinnott, and Cartwright, half-backs; D. H. Williams, McGill, Richards, W. Williams, Brettell, and Higgins, forwards. Rovers; - A. Matthews, goal, Kay, and Flinn, backs. Middleton, Georgengan, and Jackson, half-backs; McDonald, Hartford, J. Donelly, T. Donnelly, and Whalley, forwards.

March 3 rd 1883. The Daily Courier
Everton v Bolton Wanderers, at Stanley Park
Everton v Bolton Wanderers at Bolton

Bolton Wanderers v Everton
March 5 th 1883. Bolton Evening News
Association football does not find favour at Liverpool, consequently there are no big “gates” and the arrangements for matches are somewhat primitive. Home and home matches were arranged with Everton, and the latter visited Bolton early in the season, on a drenching day when they were beaten by the large total of 13 to 1; This time the game was not so disastrous, but this was probably owing to the Wanderers arriving short handed. Both Kennedy and Fowler were missing and the game was started with nine men, Hudsmith coming in afterwards, bring, however, but little augmentation of strength. The plot in Stanley Park, on which the match was played, was dry and hard, the grass being worn off, in places, whilst the fact of there being no ropes to protect the touch line caused the players to be very much inconvenienced by the inroads of spectators. A late start was effected at four o'clock, Struther kicking off against the wind. A struggle took place immediately in front of the Everton goal, some good heading being witnessed, and the ball ultimately going over the goal line. Steel made one or two nice runs down, but Howarth unfortunately kicked over from the pass, and a dribble by Struthers and Christie was met by Marriott and Morris, who played very well at back. For the other side McGill, late of Accrington had been busy, though he did not appear so brilliant as formerly. Cartwright passed up the left, Young was passed, and the ball being well centred by Richards, Williams scored an easy goal, Ridgway having run out to save. Howarth looked like equalising matters, but Lindsay kicked behind, and Steel, Struther, and Scholes who were working hard had hard luck in front of the post. At length from some good tackling by Gleaves, Howarth got away and shot in beauty, Lindsay just saved, and then Struthers returned smartly and scored. Thus the score was equal at half-time, though the Wanderers had the best of it, Everton often spoiling their chances by want of combination. On the change of ends with the wind in their favour the game resolved itself into one continued attack on the home goal, and Everton were too much occupied in nursing the posts to act much on the offensive. No2 goal was scored from a shot by Young to the corner where Scholes passed to Steel, and the latter gave Howarth the ball who kicked through. The third soon followed from a run by Howarth, and smart centre. Everton now aided their only other point, Williams putting in a good one which struck the bar, only to returned by Richards just out of Ridgways reach (Courier gives goal to McGill). Kernan landed a pretty one with a drop from behind the scrimmage; Struther added the fifth, Steel a sixth from a throw inn, Scholes the seventh from a pass by Howarth and Gleaves the eight, and the final goal. R. Norris, J. Cartwright, D. H. Williams, Richards and McGill all deserve mention for their plucky play, but the team generally were not speedy enough for the Wanderers, who when once started had matters pretty much their own way. Teams; - Wanderers; - Ridgway, goal; backs, Kernan, J. T. Young; Christie, and Gleaves, half-backs; Steel, Howarth, Hudsmith, Struther, and Scholes, forwards. Everton; -Lindsay, goal; Marriott and Morris, backs; Welsh and Cartwright, half-backs; Williams, Mellor, Higgins, Richards, McGill, and Brettell, forwards. Wanderers umpire, Mr. J. Parkinson, Referee . Gunning.

Bolton Evening News - Monday 05 March 1883
A very few lines will suffice for the match at Stanley Park between Wanderers and Everton.  During the first half, with the wind the home eleven were just able to hold their own, but on change of ends the Wanderers, notwithstanding a disorganized eleven through the absence of two prominent players, just about did as they liked, winning an uninteresting game by eight to two.  It was hard to deal with two opponents, so that the only course was to get the ball well into the centre.  Spectators were very much in the way, at times seeming impressed with a desire to shake hands across the ground, so greatly did they encroach over the line.  Without going into the performance of individual players it may be said that the Wanderers in spite of adverse circumstances were as good as ever, Young and Kernan especially putting in grand defensive work.  What the score would have been had the Wanderers played their full team it is hard to say, but the home club are to be praised for their plucky endeavor to popularize the Association game in a Rugby stronghold. 

Bolton Evening News - Tuesday 06 March 1883
The return match between these teams was played on Saturday on Pike-lane ground, when the Swifts, for the second time this season, lowered their colours to the tune of 12 goals to 2.  The Swifts were assisted by J. Kennedy, who missed the train for Everton.  Dobson winning the choice of ends played down the incline during the first half.  After the kick off the ball was taken to the visitors’ quarters, when Scowcroft kicked the first goal.  Everton again commenced the leather, but their forwards lacked combination, and the Swifts playing nicely together goal fell rapidly to Markland (3), Scowcroft (2), Parkinson, and Dawson (0ne each).  Soon after a neat run by the Everton right wing results in their scoring a goal from a long shot, Rollinson letting the sphere run through his hands.  Half-time was called with the game eight goals to one.  After the change of ends Everton played with renewed energy, and for the next 15 minutes kept the Swifts at bay until a neat run and pass by Hardiner saw the leather in the Everton goal and from a scrimmage out of which Williams kicked the ball through.  The Swifts again menaced the visitors quarters and when three more goals were scored, two from scrimmages and one from a good kick by Holland, time was called, leaving the Swifts easy victors as above stated.  For Everton; Williams, Scott and Richards played best, while all the Swift’s played a good game.  Swifts; Rollinson, goal; J. Kennedy, and G. Dobson (captain), backs; Parkinson, and T. Evans, half-backs; J. Evans, Holland, Hardiker, Scowcroft, Markland, and Dawson, forwards.  Everton; Jackson, goal; H. Richard, and Richardson, backs; Sinnett, and Copeland, half-backs; W. Evans, Rabbitt, Williams, Douglas, Scott, and another forwards. 


Everton v Oswestry
March 12 th 1883. The Liverpool Courier.
nd McGill passed very judiciously, D. H. Williams making an effort to head the ball through, but put it on the wrongside, the game shortly afterwards terminating with the result as above mentioned. Besides those mentioned Messrs. Farmer, Foulkes, and Davies, for Oswestry, and Cartwright, Welsh, and Pickering, for Everton, played well, but the last named would do much better if played the ball more and the men less. Teams; - Oswestry; - C.W. Duncan, goal; J. H. Williams (captain), and A. Roberts, backs; W. Foulkes, and W. J. Evans, half-backs; J. F. Davies, J. Evans, G. Farmer, Roche, T. C. Shaw, and Pierce, forwards. Everton; - T. Marriott goal; R. W. Morris (captain) and J. Pickering, backs; A. F. Welsh, J. Cartwright, half-backs; D. H. Williams, Asbury, J. McGill, W. Williams, M. Higgins, and J. Richards, forwards.

March 17 th 1883. The Liverpool Courier
A concourse of over 1,000 spectators assembled at Stanley Park on the occasion of the match between Everton and Oswestry, in their anxiety to do homage to the visitors, the Evertonians were for a length of time deprived of three of their best players, and a considerable amount of mischief having meanwhile been done, the local men suffered a defeat of two goals.
Today's match
Everton v Eagley, at Eagley
At the Bootle cricket enclosure today, the Liverpool and District Association meet Hallamshire in their first home engagement. R. Morris, M. Higgins, and J. McGill playing for district T. Evans will umpire.

March 24 th 1883
Everton V Halliwell, at Stanley Park

March 26, 1883. The Liverpool Mercury.
Played at Oswestry on Saturday, when the Evertonians were beaten by three goals. The visitors won the toss, and after the leather had been behind the Oswestry lines a determined attempt was made on the visitors citadel and a scuffle ensued right in front of the goal in which Pickering and Marriott showed some good play, and were cheered luckily by the spectators. Shortly afterwards Foulkes sent the ball well up to the Everton goal, and one of the backs in trying to save his goal, headed it through about 15 minutes from the start. A good shot at the Oswestry goal was well stopped by Gouch and shortly afterwards Marriott in defence had to hit the ball over his own bar. Davies made a capital centre for the home team, and Farmer headed it through, scoring the second goal for Oswestry. About two minutes afterwards Farmer passed to J.E. Davies, who made a good shot, and the goal keeper, in attempting to stop it, fail. Some good play by the visitors brought the ball dangerously near the Oswestry goal, and D.H. Williams was realised to head it through, scoring the first goal for his side. At half-time the score stood –Oswestry three, Everton one. Directly after half-time Shaw got away in the centre and scored the fourth goal for Oswestry without much opposition. After two or three shots had been well stopped by the visitors goalkeeper, a good centre was given from the left wing and Shaw getting portion managed to score the fifth goal. Pickering shown some capital defence, and from a long return of the ball was rattled nicely into the Oswestry quarters and put through easily, Gough the goalkeeper, being in the middle of the field. The teams were:- Everton:- T. Marriott, goal; Morris and Pickering, backs; Parry and Welsh, half-backs; Douglas, and Berry, right wong; Higgins, and Richards, left wing; Williams and McGill, centre. Oswestry:- Gough, goal; Evans and Roberts, backs; Foulses, and Sainne, half-backs; Davies, and Evans, right wing; Farmer and Busch, left wing; Pearce and Shaw, centre. Mr. W. H. Gough, Oswestry, acted as Referee.

Bootle v Everton
April 2 nd 1883. The Liverpool Courier
These Association clubs met in their first of the semi-final ties, of the Liverpool and district competition on the College Grounds at fairfield, on Saturday, in the presence of numerous assemblage of visitors. Public interest chiefly centred in the event from the circumstance that the net proceeds arising from the match are to be handed over to the managers of the Hospital Saturday Fund. It may also be stated that this is but the first effort of the disciples of the Association code towards the establishment of a series of annual matches for the same object. The Bootle captain having won the toss, McGill kicked off for Everton at a slight disadvantage as regards the wind. After a short period of play, Grayson was entrusted with a kick at the corner, which failing, the Everton left pair were looking dangerous until Sloan drove the ball back to midfield. Being quickly returned, Higgins centred so accurately that from a resulting shot the Bootle custodian was under the necessity of handling out. By this means Ashton secured possession, who after dribbling rapidly upfield resigned his charge to Britton, the latter of whom beat Brettell, although the point was not allowed owing to infraction of the offside rule. Again Higgins sent in a fine centre from the Everton left, which being fisted away, Brettell had a more favourable opportunity of exhibiting his defensive powers. Then Corrie took up the ball, and Britten's shot being parried, the latter, in conjunction with Ashton, Allsop and Corrie commenced a fierce onslaught to which the Everton goalkeeper succumbed, and fully Britten scored a splendid goal, and after about 20 minutes play. Shortly after restarting, a swift high shot at goal by Ashton was succeeded by some exceedingly clever passing on the part of Allsop and Grayson, which eventually enabled the latter to complete a fine sequence of play by scoring an easy goal, for his side. This success was immediately followed up by the same player, who after a pass by Ashton, again broke through Brettell's defence, and scored the third goal for Bootle, this being the last point up to half-time, although McGill should have placed an easy goal but for a misadventure at the critical moment. Immediately after the change of ends Cartwright scored a lucky goal for Everton, as the ball struck one of the Bootle men and glanced through the posts. This incident led to an improvement in the play of Everton, and strenuous endeavours were made to equalise the score. H. D. Williams had an unsuccessful shy at goal, whilst later, Pickering experienced very “hardlines” indeed. Again Bootle took up the attack, and a threatening raid being checked by Morris, McGill for the first time enjoyed a run of some length; and Asbury gaining possession on the Everton right made a splendid run half the length of the field, finishing with a swift shot, which Jones just succeeded in reaching. Still again Britten was dangerous until Welsh checked the Bootle centre. The play for a time became very animated, the most conspicuous being Asbury, Richards, H. D. Williams, Cartwright, Britten, and Grayson. At this period the Evertonians were playing a much more combined and scientific game, while at the same time the defence of the Bootle backs were admirable, the heading being particularly effective, whilst the ponderous lunges of Sloan and Evans, and the irreproachable goalkeeping of Jones effectually thwarted the Everton attack. In vain Higgins marvellously threaded his way through a maze of opposing players. Then Pickering claimed and obtained a free kick for “hands,” while a little later a shot by McGill just cleared the Bootle crossbar. A moment later Ashton retaliated with a like result; but the Evertonians were not yet quite done with as after a final effort by Pickering and Asbury McGill got the ball beyond Jones. The point, however, was not allowed owing to off-side play, and shortly afterwards the game terminated, leaving the victory with Bootle by three goals to one, and deserve every credit for their victory. The following are the teams; - Bootle; - S. WE. Jones; R. M. Sloan (captain), and C. Evans; F. Owen, C. H. Allsop, and J. Rogers, half-backs; A. Allsop, J. Grayson, F. J. Britten, R. Ashton, and W. Corrie, forwards. Everton; - F. Brettell, goal; R. Morris (captain), and J. Pickering, backs; Cartwright, and J. Welsh, half-backs; J. Richards, M. Higgins, J. McGill, W. Williams, D. H. Williams, and J. Asbury, forwards. Umpires Messrs. Masheder and Lindsay. Referee T. M. Abrahams, Crewe Alexandra F.C.

April 7 Th 1883. The Liverpool Courier.
The meeting of Everton and Bootle in the Semi-Final of the Liverpool and District competition excited a considerable amount of interest in Association circles. For once the suburban club was enabled to place in their field its full strength, and so well did the combination work that it was no easy matter to discern a weak point. Not so, however, the Everton , for not only were Marriott and Parry absentees by reason of casualties in the field, but the centre did not present the same powerful elements as of old. On the contrary, Britten was a host in himself, and being well supported by the wings, 3 goals were placed to the credit of Bolton before halt-time was reached. Upto this period the Evertonians were literally “all at sea” but with the change of ends the gravity of the situation awakened them to a sense of their shortcomings. They worked with a greater degree of cohesion, but were still weak when success seemed fairly within their reach. A lucky goal was scored immediately on refacing, and later on the Bottle custodian –who kept goal admirably, appeared to the driven back beyond the line in his endeavour to save a telling shot, but the decision was adverse to Everton. Had it even been otherwise the main result must have remained unchanged, as undoubtedly the best team won although it should be stated that during the second period of the their was some fine exhibitions on the losing side.
Todays match Everton v Wirrall.

Everton v Wirrall
April 9 th 1883. The Liverpool Courier
The above teams met on Saturday last at Stanley Park, Everton won the toss, and elected to play down hill. Everton at once began to press their opponents, and before half-time had scored three goals. On restarting Everton pressed Wirrall more than ever, and placed five more goals to their credit thus winning by eight goals to nil, Wirrall missed the services of Messers, Bailey, and Marsden who obstained from playing out of respect to the memory of Mr. J. Wilson, late of Birkenhead Park Football Club.

Everton v Turton.
April 16 th 1883. The Liverpool Courier.
The return match between these clubs was played at Stanley Park, Liverpool, on Saturday; in the present of about 800 spectators, and proved one of the best games of the season. Although Everton had somewhat the best of the play, the game resulted in a draw one goal each. Teams; - Turton; - M. Brown, goal; J. Greenhalgh and J. Trainor, backs; C. Tottill and Kay, half-backs; R. J. Bentley, A. Halliwell, J. Hamer, A. Thomson, S. Heath, P. Howarth, forwards. Everton; - Lindsay, goal; T. Marriott and R.W. Morris (captain), backs; Welsh, J. Pickering, and J. Cartwright, half-backs; Richards, M. Higgins, J. McGill, W. Richards, and W. Hayhurst, forwards.

July 12 th 1883 The Liverpool Courier. (Thursday)
Everton Football Club. The general annual meeting was held on Thursday (5 th ), at the Sandon Hotel. Mr. John Houlding was unanimously re-elected president and the vice president were also re-elected Mr. E. Watson 9 Marmonde-street,, was appointed hon.sec.
Everton Football Club 1882-83
President John Houlding; Vice president W. Lowe, Arthur Boylette, J.C. Brooks, R. Wilson,
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer. Frank Brettell, Assistant Sec. E. Watson
Committee members, D. H. Williams, Jim Richards, G. bell, W.H. Jones, F. T. Parry, F. Welsh, Jack McGill, Thomas Evans, Mick Higgins
Captain R. W. Morris, Vice Captain Tom Marriott; second team captain J. Douglas, second captain John Williams.

1883-84 season
President John Houlding; Vice president W. Lowe; R. Wilson; JC Brooks; Arthur Boylett; hon Sec. E. Berry, Treasure E. Watson;
Committee men; Jim Richards; W. Mulcaster; F. brettle, J. Neil; T. Evans; J. Williams; W. Gunning; W. Willis