October 29, 1923.
The Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury
Everton beat Notts County in the return game at Goodison Park by three clear goals, and the margin did not exaggerate the difference between the sides. Indeed, but for the brilliant display by Iremonger in the County goal, Everton would certainly have recorded a bigger crop of goals. It was the County second defeat and the first registered by a team outside Nottingham. The game abounded in interest, and of the many live incidents that crowded the contest the most remarkable was the goal that gave Everton their second point before the interval.
Kemp, in attempting to clear from a centre by Chedgzoy, kicked the ball against Dinsdale, and it hovered high over the County goal. The wind carried the ball upwards, and Iremonger lost sight of it, and was probably justified in thinking it had been carried over the bar. The ball, however, came down in front of the goal, where it was again caught by the fitful wind, and before Iremonger could recover from the surprise it was carried just under the bar and into the net, the goalkeeper making a futile attempt to reach it. Everton combined clever footwork with deadly shooting and although the County played well they were beaten by a more skilful and better-balanced side. In fairness to Notts it should be stated that an injury to Kemp early on rather disorganised the side for a time, but this had only a minor effect upon the result.


Notts were a sprightly side in the early stages, and Cock was prominent with several smart raids. It would have created no surprise had Notts gained an early lead so incisive was their attack. Everton, however, replied with clever work, and the pace and nippiness displayed by both sides won the enthusiasm of the crowd. It was football of the best type, and Chadwick's goal at the end of twenty minutes was the finish of a clever movement by Chedgzoy, the ball came to Chadwick unexpectedly, for both Cock and Irvine manoceurved for an opening and Cock' judgement in putting the ball across to Chadwick was well conceived.
Everton kept up the pressure and Troup after taking steady aim, sent in a tremendous shot that hit Iremonger, and a moment later a hard drive from point blank range by Chadwick shared a similar fate. There was sufficient excitement to please the most ardent enthusiast, and Everton had neutralised the effect of the County's clever work early on. Iremonger made a capital save when Irvine shot.
The injury to Kemp caused no exchanges of position's between Platts and Kemp, which was reversed just prior to Everton's second goal. The Notts defence had to sustain a deal of hard work and under Everton's relentless pressure the backs were inclined to reckless clearing. Everton had the wind behind them in the second half, and Daly opened the attack with a corner. After Iremonger had saved from Chedgzoy, Fern caught a high ball from Hill. Irvine was the outstanding player in the second half, and his deadly shooting gave Iremonger much concern. He shot from many angles, and Iremonger made many brilliant saves.
Ten minutes from the end, however, Irvine's persistent work was rewarded with a capital goal as the result of a long drive that Iremonger just failed to reach.


The Everton forwards gave their best display of the season. Irvine was a deadly shooter, and he drew the Notts defence with great skill, while Chedgzoy responded with capital runs and judicious centres. Troup and Chadwick worked in perfect harmony, and Cock kept an even balance between the wings. The half-backs played well, and if they did not show up as prominently as usual they offered an effective check to the Notts attack. McDonald and Livingstone were sound, and Fern kept a good goal. Iremonger was the outstanding player on the Notts side. His wonderful reach and sure handling gave him an immense advantage. The backs were good and the half-backs controlled the lively ball with great effect. The forwards splendidly led by Cock made a formidable line, for they combined pace, and understanding with neat touches.
Teams: Everton: - Fern, goal, McDonald, and Livingstone, backs, Brown McBain, and Hart (captain) half-backs, Chedgzoy, Irvine, Cock, Chadwick, and Troup, forwards. Notts County: - Iremonger, goal, Ashurst, and Cope, backs, McPherson, Dinsdale, and Kemp, half-backs, Daly, Cooper, Cock, Hill, and Platts, forwards.